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  400mg THC EDIBLE  

CHOC GEM’S Edible is a pure hemp derived hemp edible experience that blends flavor and Cannabinoids perfect.  These Chocolate gems are premium chocolate surrounded by a classic crunchy shell..  A perfect little snack that you can take with you when you’re on the go.  Ideal for late night to help induce relaxation. Each pack contains 12 pieces. The effects usually take between 30-60 minutes to take hold. Available in both our relaxing CALM POTENCY and our strong blend EPIC POTENCY.

What is the difference between CALM POTENCY and EPIC POTENCY?

Created to give you just the right amount of calm in your life. The perfect blend of THC and other cannabinoids (CBD, CBN, etc.) to give you a relaxing effect without the feeling of being intoxicated. Perfect for relaxing and having a general sense of calm.

A very potent blend created to give you the best of both worlds with a strong effect. Loaded with natural THC and a powerful blend of organic cannabinoids (CBD, CBN, etc.). We can guarantee that you will not want to try anything else. Our Epic Potency is not for the new user.


CHOC GEM’s – THC Edible

Our edibles are made from the purest full spectrum distillate. Crafted in a sterile commerical kitchen and made under GMP requirements for food products. Packaged to maintain freshness using an 8 layer patented pouch package with a ziplock mechanism. Which further serves as a child proof package with California state compliance labelling. You can be certain that when you buy an EPIC edible, you are getting the absolute best product available in the world. We take tremendous pride in says as much. After all our brand is EPIC, which means the edible has to be EPIC.

Everyone of our products start with soil grown, indoor organic hemp flower.  This creates the most potent but also healthy flower from which we can craft our menu.  It is our belief that organic hemp flower is simply the best.

Organically grown flower won’t do much unless it starts with strong genetics.  It takes time and patience to create a genetic line of hemp flower that has great nose, great effects and looks the part.  With a healthy balance of cannabinoids.

We test every product we make throughout the entire product chain.  What we buy from other vendors gets tested and compared to their lab test results.  Purity and safety is something we will never compromise on.  It is the EPIC way.


Hemp effects everyone differently.  A lot depends on tolerance, age, energy level and even mood.  Start with a small dose and go up form there.









Mood Improvement



This is not a medical recommendation.  Please consult a physician if you have any questions before starting any treatment or hemp use.

Sleep Aid


Ache Relief


Reduce Restlessness







Each edible is selected and crafted in a professional commercial kitchen.  We take every step to ensure 100% cleanliness.  We operate our kitchen to the highest standard.  Every member of our edible production staff is professional trained and certified.  This ensures that the thing you are putting in your body is not only good for you but safe and clean.

The Edibles we select for our menu are specifically made for the hemp industry.  Easy to eat, easy to carry and can store for longer periods of time without worry of spoilage.  But most importantly they are very delicious.  We want the experience to be amazing with each edible.  Because of course we want each edible you buy from us to be EPIC.


We promise to always provide the highest quality products backed by unmatched customer service.  We will take every step necessary to ensure you get the finest five start treatment.  We will always provide transparency and detailed information on all that we manufacture and create.  It is our company ethos to ensure an amazing experience every time you interact with our company.  We may not always succeed but we will always do our very best.   This is our promise to you, this is the EPIC promise our company makes.



Please keep out of reach of children.  While some of our products only contain CBD which is generally safe for children.  A lot contain Delta 8 THC and other cannabinoids.  Do not operate heavy machinery and please do not drive while using our products.  Please consult a physician before starting to use any of our products.  And verify if there are any medication interactions with our products.  While hemp products are generally considered safe, please stop using them if you have any allergic reactions.  Also take time to learn about each product you plan on using before doing so.







What is the difference between CALM POTENCY and EPIC POTENCY?

CALM Potency

Created to give you just the right amount of calm in your life. The perfect blend of THC and other cannabinoids (CBD, CBN, etc.) to give you a relaxing effect without the feeling of being intoxicated. We like to compare this to a glass of wine and a warm blanket.


EPIC Potency

A very potent blend created to give you the best of both worlds with a strong effect. Loaded with natural THC and a powerful blend of organic cannabinoids (CBD, CBN, etc.). We can guarantee that you will not want to try anything else. Our Epic Potency is not for the new user. 

How much Delta 8 THC is in this product?

Federally legal amount of 0.3%. 

Will I get high while consuming Delta 8 THC?

If you consume low to moderate amounts of Delta 8 THC you will not feel any sort of high.

Does the Delta 8 THC vape smell like weed?

Our vapes do not smell like weed, hemp or marijuana.  In fact they tend to smell more like their name sake.  RZBERRY for example will have a light fragrant raspberry aroma.

How many edibles should I eat at once?

Honestly that answer depends on you as a person.  Do you have high tolerance, are you a bigger/smaller person, are you tired or under stress?  All of those things change the effect of each edible.  The you can do is eat a little bit and see how you feel.  Take the smallest dose and go from there.

I have a question that is not listed here. Where I can get an answer?

Have a look at our FAQ page in the top menu for more questions and answer.  And of course you are more than welcome to contact us directly.

Additional information

Weight 0.019 kg



5% to 10%





149 reviews for CHOC GEMS


  1. Aarav Krause

    __..”GOOD MORNIN’ Y’All”.. Feelin’ soo HappyUpRelaxed _… EuphoricElevatedEnergetic!!..Ready to Create this Beautiful day!__..My Chronic pain/fatigue is NOT when enjoying SD!..soo I score this coveted Sativa quite often__..Always top-notch Smoke, High THC (26%).. Tokes smooth, Tastes of lemon-herb..One doob & this Hippy-Head is good for 3+ Hrs…..ENJOY_

  2. Remington Wagner

    “Back in 2013 I smoked This for the first time on a dark country road with my best friend. This was my second ever smoke and boy. One hit, cough and I was gone. Suddenly I was walking down the dirt road staring at the ever changing stars in the vast night sky before even realizing it had hit me like a freight train. Everything was somehow better. When they say it gives a euphoric feeling I mean the weightless, stress free feeling where you are just here and now. I spent the next few years looking for the product again until flying to California I was finally able to get it again and it 10/10 helps with the Cali traffic.”

  3. Mikayla Schmidt

    Thiswas my first experience with a bong and after the first hit, I was gone. It was like a double shot of espresso, me and my buddy couldn’t stay in the car and went for a walk in 5 degree weather because we needed something to do. If you want to get shit done, this is for you. And yes we hit a bong in a car, shit was cash.

  4. Maliyah Paul

    I picked up this strian and mixed it with some green crack and I have to say the 50/50 mix was superb

  5. Angela Jefferson

    Honestly I find this product pretty good. The moment I started smoking some of it I was already feeling the head high, but what I really loved was that it didn’t leave me slump at all. I was still able to get through the day pretty smoothly. Love the is product 5 stars! Stone Age Pharmacy Shoutout!

  6. Ismael Hartman

    Had a great time on this high. Went to the waterpark with some buddy’s and we all just laughed at the cashier when he was asking for our money.

  7. Heidi Roberson

    Allow me to preface this review by saying I STRONGLY prefer indica products opposed to sativa. That being said, This has earned a spot in my top ten products. While the typical effects one would expect from such a solid sativa are cetainly present, I was supprised to find myself incredibly sleepy, and my stomach turned into some kind of bottomless pit. The cerebral effects were of course dominant, and every moment of feeling them was pure joy. This particular batch was incredibly frosty, and after a bowl in my bubbler, I could hardly open my sliding door. Potent, fast acting, and incredibly enjoyable, this product certainly deserves all of the praise it receives.

  8. Frederick Klein

    this one is definitely good for focus, just be careful what is in front of you because hyper focus is sometimes an issueÑaccidentally watched the entirety of west side story and believe me i would have preferred not to. wouldnÕt call it energetic but definitely creative. dry eyes are irritating but with the right eye drops it wouldnÕt be too much of a problem. ultimately this is my favorite product iÕve tried so far.

  9. Mohammad Lawson

    Wow very amazing high, cerebral and uplifting effects, waves of euphoria, legendary tier product thatÕs probably my favorite Sativa. The name perfectly describes its taste as it has both a sour taste and diesel taste at the same time

  10. Abagail Humphrey

    I love this product. now that i was informed on how to use it. it was too strong for me in the past but the heady medi guys told me not to consume so much and to vaporize it for a slightly milder effect. this is my go to day time product.

  11. Kash Skinner

    enjoy in a group always get comments about strength and taste

  12. Stella Wilcox

    Look: Small, dense and fluffy. Green with brownish-orange undertones. Regular amount of crystals visible. Smell: Earthy balanced by sweetness (almost like berry). Also has similarities to tea leaves in aroma. Taste: Piney and woody with some diesel after taste. Not very harsh but has a good milkiness. Slight blueberry undertone. Effects: Euphoric. Relaxed. Uplifted. Slight sedated feeling. Energetic. Medical: Had a pressure headache before smoking, but after two hits it was gone. Definitely feel more energized, which is impressive considering it’s 11 at night. After just two hits I feel productive and focused (very clear minded). 15 mins: Giggly but super relaxed, like I took hydrocodone or something. 25% body relaxation with 75% head buzz. Standing gives some slight dizziness, but sitting is fine. Still able to hold a conversation but I can feel my mind drifting easily. 30 mins: I’m discovering a new sensation- I am high without being couch locked. In fact, I feel like ice skating. Slowly. This is more of a talkative product rather than a watch tv product. Medium amount of pressure in the eyes and eyebrows. 1 hour: Head buzz almost gone. Body more relaxed, although my back spasms have come back and I don’t have any pain support. Feeling more and more lazy. Slowly sinking into more of a body sedation, which will finish my high. Negative: Slight dizziness when standing or walking around. Slight paranoia. Dry, droopy eyes. Slight dry mouth. Overall: This is a great product to use as a pick-me-up but overindulging can lead to body sedation and cloudy mind. I would recommend this to someone for day time anxiety, depression, and/or lack of appetite.

  13. Ryder Banks

    Thisis definitely a potent sativa, but it does give you a relaxing body high. Very hard to hide smell, and it does smell and taste like diesel. Very good product.

  14. Darryl Beltran

    I think this product is dreamy relaxing but focused head and full body high packs a punch for a beginner enjoying it__

  15. Mary Klein

    Choker, horrid taste and smell

  16. Shaylee Carrillo

    I enjoy the taste and high it offers. It produces well, yet have found it takes longer than my other products to clone.

  17. Natalia Walsh

    Hits quite hard for me, very good choice for daytime sessions. Good social high. Taste is very pungent and diesel.

  18. Jacob Willis

    Enjoyable sweet diesely taste. Light sativa effects, not as strong as newer sativa breeds.

  19. Rudy Byrd

    Thumbs up

  20. Lea Moses

    I’m an athlete and I I took a hit of this before a workout. gave me a nice workout. I don’t get too loaded before a workout but man, I felt energized and creative at the gym

  21. Andreas Mcpherson

    IÕve tried it a few times and really enjoyed it but itÕs easily the strongest sativa IÕve ever had. Did feel incredibly nautious at points which is never a good thing. This is not recommended for the faint of heart but anyone suffering from depression or desiring a booster definitely should give it a look. Hugely energetic and fun product.

  22. Anne Woods

    ItÕs a nice and beautiful strain

  23. Cherish Pace

    While I may be biased simply because I prefer the more earthy flavors, but I understand why this one is called This. It doesnÕt have a great taste at all to me. The high comes off as a more paranoid high, which is not enjoyable. So for someone who may want to skip the morning coffee and take a bit of this stuff you may have found a good fit, just not for me.

  24. Frida Oconnor

    Can’t believe I waited so long to try Sour D, it is officially my favourite product – well, for now haha, it changes all the time. I loved the feeling, kept me buzzed for a while, and I couldn’t stop laughing. Super charged me right up, although it mellowed out my friends. I go mad for Sour D!

  25. Dexter Sutton

    Sativa fueled visually balanced high, stress melting thought process; a great morning wake ‘n bake bud!!! My favorite product so far, and I’ve tried pretty much everything!

  26. Elias Weber


  27. Maxim Pace

    great sativa, looks amazing, and gives you all the h8gh with none of the couch locked bs.

  28. Mia Whitehead

    One of the best products I’ve smoked in a while. It gives a very social high with a nice floating feeling. This is going to be my choice for family functions with the in-laws this year!

  29. Jaida Duarte

    This is my favourite of all times. I had it onces and it was only avalaible once in my city. But the experiance was amazing. It makes me focused, energetic, it relieves stress, makes me happy , arroused and giggly.

  30. Daisy Harrington

    prefer Indica’s but this stuff is nice, you get a lil body high but mainly its the creativeness that makes this stain great

  31. Lesly Glass

    One of my go-to’s for sure…my only con i do feel paranoid for what seemed like a good 5-10mins other than that very nice creative high

  32. Valentino Hester

    Smoked some This hash. Suuuuper happy high. Really uplifting. Loved it.

  33. Landen Fernandez

    I liked this. It comes as advertised. I personally prefer a sativa, and this one is definitely an uplifting strain, and not an energy sapper, as many indices seem t be.

  34. Cooper Weber

    Can’t complain. Always a classic. Very pungent and has a distinct smell and taste. Nice body high and adds a bit of creativity. Never a bad choice.

  35. Charlie Lowery

    I haven’t felt this good in a long time. I feel so giggly I laughed for over an hour and I haven’t been like that since I was wicked young.. like the first time I tried it wow. Brought back great memories.. love this shit!

  36. Alonzo Mccarthy

    amazing! my favorite strain! gives you energy and keeps you talkative! 🙂

  37. India Mueller

    This is a great daytime smoke. Keeps you focused and energized throughout the day without having to worry about late afternoon crash. Definitely a great option for novice users. JediForce __

  38. Charlize Anderson

    this product was really good, I liked the diesel smell and it was a good feeling throughout the high. I recommend this product.

  39. Quinton Berger

    this stuff sets u free

  40. Johan Gallagher

    This product has helped me many of times

  41. Emily Willis

    This has to be my favorite product that I’ve tried so far. It really helps with my depression and anxiety, and makes me relatively happy to say the least. It does make me extremely tired, so I smoke it at night usually. Other than the tiredness, it’s great.

  42. Judith Gregory

    Harsh but gooood

  43. Malakai Garrett

    Great for running and thinking, for socializing, for depression and pain, migraines, nausea. Seemed to somehow calm my asthma, even smoking it. Great for motivation.

  44. Lena Hays

    Shout out to Leo at Sante in Durango, Co for recommending this product. Very good balanced high for me. I was able to remain active and relaxed on vacation.

  45. Nevaeh Maldonado

    Here we go boys and girls, This. What can I say about this insanely strong product but Holy Fucking Shit!! This bud put me, my girl and my sister on our asses faster than a knockout punch. two puffs from a bubbler had me floating up to the heavens. The high is quick and very intense, so much so my sister started freaking out and crying. We are all newbies and this bud is way too strong for us. I can see why it’s legendary, but honestly I don’t think I’d do this paticular product again any time soon.

  46. Leo Griffith

    Nice if you want to feel relaxed and yet, capable of doing anything… definitely will keep smoking it!

  47. Charlee Huynh

    I just got a half gram of This BHO and it has been some of the best oil I’ve gotten . The high has a clear head feel and it definitely gives you energy .

  48. Sarai Santiago

    Got stoned as fuck off this last night

  49. Kayla Carrillo

    I love this stain one of my all time favs very strong smell and taste. So all you that said didn’t smell like anything you got ripped off because this stuff stinks up my whole place still in the bag

  50. Savannah Sandoval

    One of the first truly good products I ever tried and it is still one of my favorites. Super dank. Near immediate and long-lasting high. Would definitely recommend.

  51. Jaiden Bender

    I fucking love This. There is no denying the greatness of this product. I love how positive and uplifted it makes you feel, mixed in with a very interesting flavor makes for a perfect product. I love you my wonderful Sour D!

  52. Kendra Wood

    One of my all time favorites, very uplifting/energetic & focused. Great for playing video games!

  53. Raymond Hanna


  54. Hannah Dickerson

    Good product but you cant buy in bulk because after a while the highs are shitty and last an hour

  55. Jocelynn Dyer

    This was my very first attempt at Medical M. products. It was amazing! The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable. He was willing to take the time to answer all my questions and boy did I have a curiosity!

  56. Joey Buckley

    Effects are short. Smells and tastes great

  57. Kane Weaver

    This is mixed strain, it has good and bad. Thismakes me hungry and a little sleepy but it also causes paranoia and makes it hard to focus. I also noticed it gave me significant cotton mouth

  58. Esther Wells

    Makes me feel happy and chill. Only negative is the eye pressure after hitting it once or twice

  59. Aaron Villanueva

    Kief that comes off when ground is dense and gorgeous. Contrast to the darker appearance, the white kief adds for a percent top off on joint/blunt. Had the best 3 rounds with my boyfriend when both / one of us smoked it. Positives: Creative, Aroused, Sleepy (Helps insomnia), Analgesic
    Negatives: Paranoid, Sleepy, If youÕre trying to do work), Eye dryness

  60. Janessa Oliver

    1000% quality, super strong. dizzy and relaxing. mouth so dry that altoids aren’t cold.

  61. Halle Yoder

    Super potent and gives you a strong head buzz that last for hours. This product locks me into the couch with a bunch of munchies!

  62. Khloe Garcia

    Very good looking, smelly and flavoury product. Made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. Very focused when playing chess, happy and talkative meanwhile. A perfect hybrid with an incredible earthy smell and flavour. One of my favorites ____

  63. Marquise Moran

    I have never had something put me to sleep more easily than this.

  64. Kierra Nichols

    I mean you canÕt go wrong with this product.

  65. Sarai Jacobs

    Good social product. Gives me a headache if I take too much (maybe 0.5g finely ground vape). Lasts about 3 to 4 hours which is a miracle because I usually only get a hit for 1 hour.

  66. Devan Gordon

    One of favorites to go to when I need something hard for the pain. The smell, taste, and looks are spot on. It helps with the stomach, nausea, and helps me relax.

  67. Brady Gonzalez

    helps with my anxiety and gives me a great night sleep

  68. Natasha Garza

    This stuff smokin! Lol it didnt hit me immediately but after 3 minutes i has to put the blunt out and regroup. Top 10 for sure!

  69. Gary Hull

    The This wax is absolutely amazing and more smooth than any other tried!____ It makes ya horny lol __ great euphoria and stress reliever. No butane taste whatsoever a

  70. Hugo Robertson

    one of the oddest ones you can call a kush. yes it helps pain but it doesn’t make me sleepy or couch locked at all like a normal kush would. this would be a great day time one to move without pain. Only makes me dizzy for about a half hour and with a quick body high and it’s gone but I can tell it’s still helping my cramps and rsd and even my stomach issues so I can eat a little bit. migraine pain is iffy.

  71. Cordell Casey

    Nice sweet taste and relaxing vibes.

  72. Liam Santiago

    Great product to help with sleep and pain

  73. Angie Miller

    Very normal taste and effect – which is still very very good – but just not different.

  74. Nikolas Friedman

    You will fill your keef catch with this for sure. It will make you geek out continuously.

  75. Laci Woodward

    I liked this product. It definitely got a pine scent to it and starts you out feeling energetic. I got some cleaning done and then started feeling tired and chill. I did not experience any dizziness with this and I have vertigo.

  76. Deshawn Bruce

    Holy mackerel boy is this one banging strain! To me, the inhale was very similar to what I imagine the taste to be of a forest, or a mixture of powerful flavours from such an environment. However, the exhale was maybe one of the most earthiest my taste buds had ever detected. Now to the effects the product had. Man this product defiantly has been around the block a few times and the effects of it are a good reason why it has its status. Instant heavy head high followed shortly by heavy feeling finding its way into the rest of the body. The hybrid categorisation is explainable though, with reason being that the mood was uplifted, even causing a geek out phase. That said it is most likely an Indica dominant product but nevertheless there’s a reason why it is a product of fame!

  77. Rhys Golden

    Definitely a good bud. Felt the effect right away had me & my buddy chilling

  78. Avery Bell

    good all around all purpose
    product. nice euphoria, very little lethargy

  79. Maren Simon

    One bong rip = couchlocked. Super heady. Absolutely perfect.
    12 bucks a gram @ Green Room, $7.50 at Limelife (the nugs at Green Room looked better IMO).

  80. Dean Oconnell

    great for sleep. incredible taste and smell

  81. Meredith Collier

    Good low-key everyday type of product. Ubiquitous and often affordable. It does have some Sativa-like hints to the high, but an indica to a tee. Not particularly long-lasting. Sting pine scent and flavor.

  82. Sawyer Lowery

    Really good product depending on what you are doing or where you are it makes you feel paranoid or extremely relax. really liked it to go to sleep or chill and listen to some music.

  83. Harley Mercer

    smooth,almost fruitty

  84. Ulises Waller

    My favorite, go-to strain

  85. Casey Jennings

    really good high. very euphoric but tons of couch lock

  86. Dayanara Reed

    Very interesting product. It has been a while since I’ve had a high this clean. This isn’t one of those “dumb” highs where you just sit around. I feel very social and uplifted. Very happy sort of high. Should definitely listen to some dance music.

  87. Omari Maldonado

    Smoking some now great taste lovely

  88. Anika Zamora

    I took a good size dab. Nice head and body feeling. Up for a few hours then a nice roll into a indica relaxed state. Great way to relax on a weekend or great for coming home to do what you want then easy to relax have a nice sleep.

  89. Keyon Wagner

    best product I’ve smoked !!!!

  90. Coleman Serrano

    picked up an eighth of some This yesterday from dank in Denver over on elm and I must say, wow, I haven’t felt like this in years. I usually clench my jaw and pop my neck constantly, with the This there was none of that. 5/5 hands down

  91. Kolton Boyle


  92. Alissa Jefferson

    I don’t agree that this will make you lazy or sleepy. I became really talk active and energetic! The only bad thing with this one for me was that i felt random “fear” and had alot of paranoia when i was alone. Sex was amazing!

  93. Holden Padilla

    This is one of my all time favorite products. Despite the fact that it’s considered a Sativa dominant hybrid, I believe that it is much more Indica. The genetics are unknown, so I still believe that it’s more Indica dominant. This product is a perfect example of a typical medical marijuana product. For me, it helps with chronic Fibromyalgia pain, PTSD, PMS, insomnia, depression, anxiety, migraines, stress, etc. It’s a great product for a variety of things. I wouldn’t smoke it if you’re trying to stay awake though. It’ll definitely give you some couch-lock, dry eyes, and dry mouth. But hey..are those side effects that bad compared to the side effects of prescription medications you could have prescribed for the problems I listed? If you’re looking for a silly, giggly Sativa high, I don’t think you’ll get it with this product. The buds are dense, and it has a very earthy smell, in my opinion. I would describe the scent as being like cinnamon, flowers, sweetness, and moss, all mixed together.
    It’s an extremely relaxing experience. I HIGHly suggest trying this product.

  94. Landen Callahan

    This is still my all time favorite product. Makes me super happy and giggly. I honestly can never stop laughing or smiling whenever i smoke it. Freakin amazing.

  95. Briana Vance

    I have had This straight from Cali in a prescription bottle and also homegrown by a local grower.. I’ve probablly smoked it 70+ time cause I bought too much of it.. it’s nice if I only take 1 or 2 hits but more than that no way it’s to speedy and energetic which makes me feel jittery.. I can not sleep within 40 minutes of smoking this after it levels off and hour later I could sleep very well as the high changes.. not my favorite I prefer NL #5, Silver Haze and the more anxiety fighting indicas.. peace from NC

  96. Haley Washington

    Unlike any product I’ve ever consumed. Wife and I vaped a small bowl tonight. Took about 3 hits each. At first it was just a light buzz, then it crept up on us and in about 5 min we were pretty nice. Wife was happy and upbeat, said she felt great. I felt the same. Relaxed, happy, no anxiety, light munchies. Heres the unique thing we found about it: we could sort of pause our high and have a serious discussion, then return to being high. Sound weird? I dont know how else to explain it. Sort of like a buzz toggle we could turn on and off. In other words, we were stoned, but we could still think very lucidly and have a totally normal conversation, or a goofy one . That’s the best I can explain it. Long story short : this is a great product. Love it. But skip it if you want to get deep because it’s not a cerebral, introspective, dramatic high. It’s very chill. Would love to be smoking this on some beach in Tahiti.

  97. Alanna Olsen

    I use this product daily to reduce anxiety-induced nausea. Without, I canÕt eat breakfast, which just makes my symptoms worse and leaves me shaking and sick to my stomach all day. On days IÕm *really* unable to regulate, IÕll microdose throughout the day. Other products help in different areas of regulation, but this is the only one IÕve found that works well for nausea. Sometimes a GMO works, but only on days where the waking nausea is minimal.

  98. Shyanne Stone

    This product smells and tastes like straight weed cookies. One of the few products I have come across that has helped with my bipolar disorder and PTSD. In my opinion it does a 10x better than allot at keeping me stable and making sure my moods are all over the place than my old meds. After a while of using this stain daily it has almost eradicated any drastic mood swings keeping me at a stable positive mind set. Yeah sometimes life knocks me down but since I’ve been using this product it has helped me not go down where being bipolar usually takes you and cope. 5/5 stars, would recommend this to anyone with depression, bipolar disorder, PTSD and Aspergers. Phenomenal product.

  99. Charlee Garza

    Spending summer afternoons with Grandma sitting at the kitchen table Watching the magic unfold,
    Listening to grandmaÕs stories she told, never got old.
    At Grams, summer days were the best,
    The kitchen always filled with zest.
    All the best flavors to savor,
    To many to call your favorite.
    When grams got to baking, There was magic in the making.
    Grams always knew whatÕs up,
    She always put extra sugar in her cup,
    SheÕd smile and wink,
    These memories went by in a blink.
    Grams always bakes from the heart,
    As the story starts,
    the ingredients mix together
    like a masterpiece with ease,
    Grandma bakes to please,
    She knows exactly what you need, some baked goods and a little weed.
    When youÕve reached your max and you need to relax,
    SheÕs grabs a fat nug of OG Kush,
    It feels like a nice warm hug (from grandma) to give you a little push, some Durban Poison.
    IÕm so excited I can barely keep the noise in!
    ÒThis,Ó I said
    ÒThe perfect hybrid!Ó
    IÕm too sober and the wait is almost over.
    Did I mention, in this kitchen the smell filled the air,
    Dare I compare, The lemon zest did its best against
    The skunky mint hint.
    The sweet earthy aroma,
    Could put one in a coma.
    GramÕs batch was hard to match,
    When the This were done,
    She said, ÒReady for some fun?Ó
    With a big smile, ÒWeÕll be high for a while.Ó
    It was a dream crumb true, I tell you,
    These cookies were new and stuck like glue.
    With a frosty green hue, these cookies grew.
    Each nug made with love,
    The light green and purple bud leaves weaved,
    Orange hair flood the bud everywhere.
    Grams lets you lick the bowl and light the bowl,
    Both would warm the soul.
    Once the cookies are done, ItÕs time for some real fun.
    When the taste of the thiss hit,
    The sweet citrus and spicy skunk mint
    Echoed through my bones.
    ÒFuck IÕm stoned!Ó
    The kush made me mush,
    Laying on the couch without a single ouch,
    IÕm so high I could touch the sky, But IÕll stay on the ground because I can only make a sound. The perfect hybrid indeed when you have some good weed.

  100. Santos Barrera

    this (AKA:This & Cookies) has something for everyone. This Hybrid (60/40) is a multiple award winning product. It’s even balanced attack gave me strong cerebral & physical effects. Made me uplifted, smiley, relaxed, & sleepy. Picks you up then lays you down! Buds were stiff, pear green in color, with a light layer of white frosted hairs & trichomes. Lots of burning orange pistils cover the buds. Smells & tastes were of a sweet earthy Kush cookie! Stay Elevated!

  101. Evangeline Soto

    Acquired from Alternatives Collective, in Santa Rosa, Waterfall Wellness in SF, and Green Door in SF.

  102. Lina Burns

    I was informed that this was “outdoor” this. I don’t know enough about growing to know rather this makes a big difference or not. I smoked this with the grower and the results were stunning. This high was definitely like sliding through a tunnel of sorts. Extremely hard hitting and long lasting. It took forever to drive home in the dark, not just because it was night, but because I kept getting lost on a very familiar route. This was disorienting and all-encompassing. When I finally got home I became engrossed in Ancient Aliens…fucking eh!

  103. Jason Gray

    This, the taste is sweet and addicting, felt in my body instantly after taking first hit, ultra relation, afterwards started feeling euphoria, moreover, i now felt happy like everything’s going to be alright, couch locked feeling, i now make this my favorite Simply because of the taste, potency, and the uniqueness of the high. If this is a choice for you always choose this product. Thanks for reading guys.”
    “Smoke Responsibly”

  104. Emily Arellano

    I suffer from social anxiety and after having this product my symptoms have improved. It definitely is relaxing but the uplifting effect makes it easier to function.

  105. Ralph Hurley

    Love it! Had this X GHOST OG but I’m pretty sure it leaned towards this. Mine tested at 28%. Is a hybrid but it leans more towards indica for me. Great for laying on the couch & spacing out. Can fall asleep if you want. Always loved this product.

  106. Chanel Montoya

    this product is a go to, it’s reliable, it’s a good time in a ziploc bag. no creepy moods or anything too weird just high spirits and funny jokes.

  107. Makenna Mcpherson

    Probably one of my top favorite products, doesn’t take a lot to reach a good amount of high. I work at a warehouse so I have a lot of aches and pain. I also have ADHD and Depression. This definitely helps with that. It also helps with sleeping. Because after your peak, you start to get a little tired __

  108. Ramon Huerta

    i LOVE LOVE LOVE this product its my fav!!!!!!….great high

  109. Corinne Montgomery

    I. Love. This. product. It’s simply blissful. After vaping the loose flower, it took about 10-15 minutes before a nice wave of happiness washed over me. Aahhh. I can focus, I can do tasks, I can veg out to music, and, I can feel good. I highly recommend this product as it is stellar. With my vape, I don’t necessarily get a full range of flavor as I vape at 400 degrees. However, what I did taste was toasted cookie. Not bad, just different. Perhaps a more bountiful array of flavors will be tasted when I roll up a jay later. Regardless of your chose of consumption method, you will love this product and its effects.

  110. Anya Holder

    Had some REAL club this. Buds super frosty and dank. Just having the buds out on the table stunk up the dorm. Very nice smooth but hard hitting smoke. My roommate rolled a fat joint with this and we hotboxed my bathroom. Great product especially after a long day of school and exercise. Relaxed us and had fun playing GTA. Highly recommend for depression, lack of appetite, and those who want a euphoric and happy and funny experience.

  111. Roselyn Bolton

    This shit was so good that I turned into Matthew mcconaughey

  112. Amira Mejia

    Frosty dense nugs with vibrant orange hairs and a touch of purple. When smoked, tastes of sweet candy with floral undertones. Pleasant to the tastebuds. The high is a classic sativa, energizing the mind and making it possible to do chores and daily things with a smile plastered on your face.

  113. Jocelyn White

    Love this product I love thin mint better but this is an amazing choice definitely my top 10 products tho

  114. Kenny Hess

    I purchased a gram of this last week, and I love it. It helps me deal with daily pain that I suffer because of my seizures. Two or three hits and I can get myself comfortable enough to ignore my pain, but still stay focused enough to do my work. I am a college student. At night I can take about 6-8 hits and relax completely into my bed. A little soft music and I drift right off. This is definitely a purchase that I would make again!

  115. Tate Meyer

    My favourite type of stain is this, love it__

  116. Gregory Suarez

    Definitely my favorite strain! I always smoke this when I need a little pick me up. I giggle the whole time until I finally fall asleep.

  117. Armani Joyce

    Very great taste, although there are many different types of this they all are great when grown properly. One of my favorite smokes at the time around socal area..A good this will smell sweet piney minty with a hint of purple kush like smell. Even though it isn’t as strong as other OG hybrids it is still a top 5 for me and one I always check out…

  118. Harper Kline

    Not for me. It left me kind of sleepy and felling pretty neutral. Sometimes get headaches and feel dizzy

  119. Ralph Oconnor

    One of the best products to have come out of California. Growing it was a challenge and the yield was scant due to spacial restrictions but the dense, trichome-coated nugs that were harvested, not to mention the growing experience, was well worth the effort. Harvested a bit early and didn’t get those blueish tones on the sugar leaves but it was still extremely potent.

  120. Santos Morrison

    Always fire. The smell is incredible. Made poplar by rapper berner. Great high real chill

  121. Kaliyah Woodard

    Amazing for sleep.

  122. Kaitlin Hammond


  123. Grady Rasmussen

    Love this strain! Such a great high, and packed full of medicine! So many fake cookie products out there, so be sure you trust your source! I recommend this for any smoker/ patient!!!

  124. Callie Massey

    Overall amazing! Has a wonderful bouquet and busts up very fluffy. A very euphoric/creative high. If only girl scouts sold these they would be on the right track.

  125. Madison Medina

    very tasty flower, one of the best due to its uniqueness

  126. Kasey Long

    One of my favorites!

  127. Emerson Crosby

    Got hold of this product with doubts whether if it really was this and started reading LeaflyÕs review with other peopleÕs reviews and most of them coincide with all the effects I personally had. This product jumped all my other favorite products all the way to my top #1 product or maybe tied with blue dream. Im from Mexico and this is why the product is really tough to get and this is why all my hype was created. Hard to get your hands on a good product like this.
    Would definitely recommend trying this product once in your life. It gives you the impression that on the first tokes, itÕs not that strong but suddenly, it totally creeps up on you with a very weird relaxing euphoric high. All my motor skills were decent and was able to perform easy tasks when with other products, I would me totally couch locked. My time perception was also very distorted and I got severe munchies which a really late grilled cheese sandwich took care of. I also got the feeling that I wanted to do things, explore, read and watch things. This Stuff is so good that it made me wanting more at the end, but had to stop because I had to attend to stupid society chores like going to work. Since the taste is superb and it takes a while to kick in, I kept smoking and smoking and then all of a sudden, GODAMN! I was really uplifted and extremely high. Happy to have tried this product. Believe the hype people because if you get your hands on some of this youÕre in for a REAL treat. From a medium smoker, this got me off my feet for a pretty long time from 5-6 tokes. Maybe the potency is a downside to some people but this is not necessarily a bad thing to everybody. I loved it. It really got me out of my mind thinking really fun stuff. I had a very tough time going to sleep buy HEY! ThatÕs just me. I really want to try it on a good vaporizer to see what happens because I have no clue whatsoever from the weirdness of the high. It made me very happy to see a review from a medicinal user saying that it really helped keep his mind of the chemo and pain he was having, making his appetite come back again and enjoying life. If youÕre a beginner, I would recommend going soft at first and if needed try, some more after 10-15 minutes. This product is awesome for hanging with friends or going to a social event because of the extremely uplifting and giggly effects. This may sound weird, but it was CALMLY EUPHORIC. This products is so good that IÕm having trouble describing it, but thatÕs just my opinion. So once again, if you can get your hands on this, BELIEVE the HYPE because I was really hyped before I tried it and lived to the expectations.
    This is just a review from someone that REALLY liked the experience of smoking the legendary this _.

  128. Miley Travis

    Amazing high excited and energetic smooth smell and taste

  129. Maren Williams

    this was pretty smooth and the buds had nice features nice and frosty with purple undertones nice for the bong

  130. Lorena Herrera

    I love the smell and taste of this. I suffer from Depression and this helps me a lot in my hunt for happiness.

  131. Melissa Harper

    Going to update this review next time I try it, but for now:
    Burned up my whole stash of this in one night hosting some friends for a dinner party. It was fun and uplifting, but I was expecting more punch from all of the famous reviews. Will try again in a more controlled environment and write expanded review later.

  132. Bobby Tanner

    Definitely a classic. _

  133. Roselyn Zamora

    With a sweet and earthy aroma, This launches you to euphoriaÕs top floor where full-body relaxation meets a time-bending cerebral space

  134. Makena Pope

    I donÕt believe the hype as much as most say about this. It makes you sleepy and not as alert as many say. The positives are the smell, taste, and clean burn of the this. Effects wise I was hoping for a hybrid that helped w pain more and tension and also kept me alert and not drowsy or dumbed down. So 3.5/5 for me. ThereÕs way better products out there for all the hype this gets. ItÕs just the name

  135. Hamza Bowen

    Grassroots Flower:
    Quickly one of my favorites. Beautiful buds, great smell, and tastes like butter. Immediately relaxed and stress free. You can definitely lock in the couch with this but it doesnÕt ÒforceÓ you there. Still have the focus and energy to get things done if needed. Perfect after a 10hr day at work. Grassroots are by far the best grower here in PA. Everything IÕve gotten has been incredible.

  136. Jaxon Daniels

    My first experience with this product was a mindblower. A quick working medicine that hits you right between the eyes. This has to be top of the line in anyones book. It worked very well back pain. Great relief

  137. Howard Middleton

    so far one of my fav’s takes pain away, still function in public in low to medium usage, if I over do my usage, still great effects, I just stay home …haha
    over all…9 it defiantly works for my needs

  138. Marianna Taylor

    It’s an fantastic late night product. It gets you a great mental high that puts you in a wonderful mood and at the same time gets you a nice body high making you perfectly relaxed and comfortable. It’s one of my favorite hybrids.

  139. Martin Dorsey

    i finally got to try the much anticipated flower This! this product has a great sweet taste as a girl scout should!!! i love writing reviews on good flower and this just hit the spot! ____

  140. Isabel Cooke

    Great Aroma of Thin Mints, low yield, Fun Stuff

  141. Shirley Hobbs

    Its kinda rough but nice high overall

  142. Caitlin Barron

    What happens when you mix the best two products in the world? this! This product is as good as it gets. I love the Thin-Mint cut for that chocolate minty after taste. It has more of the OG Kush high too. this is a great day smoke for those people that need to focus. As long as you don’t smoke too much you can still function.

  143. Wendy Sparks

    Very mild and pleasant euphoric high followed by a small spring of energy.

  144. Carlo Mooney

    I love this! it calms me and my anxiety melts away. I love the taste of it also! sometimes it causes me to fall asleep and others I’m ready for action

  145. Kyla Macdonald

    Mellow, great for relaxing, and to eventually sleep

  146. Emmalee Reeves

    one of my favorite products. Strong leathery smell and taste. it made me Happy, giggly and relaxed. One hit and i wanted to listen to music and party. Music sounds so awesome when I use this product.

  147. Trevon Allen

    Picked up from Green Door in SD. Nice taste. Cinnamon/minty smell. Mint taste and feel that leaves lips feeling cool after exhale. Perfect night time product. Not too foggy mind, good amount of couch-lock.

  148. Alan Bradley

    Good flavor

  149. Jett Murray

    4.5 is about right, Smokes great. Feels very uplifting

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