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We employ robust and complete Track and Trace system along with adhering to strict self imposed compliance and regulatory requirements. Read on to learn more about our EPIC SAFE programs.

Table of Contents

Company Policies
Production Procedures
Packaging & Shipping
Online Ordering
Product Tracking
Testing & Reporting

Company Policies

  1. Staff Training – Each new staff member is required to undergo extensive policy and procedure training.  Each staff member is required to learn and test for each policy and procedure.  Each staff member is required to sign off and accept all current company internal policies and procedures.  Each staff member is required to undergo training in the following categories.  Customer privacy, product handling, building security and company privacy.
  2. Company Security – The company has hired an outside 3rd party company to design, implement, monitor and maintain a robust security system which includes alarms, cameras and various sensors.  The data is stored offsite and is monitored 24/7 by a third party.   All security data is stored for a period of 12 months.
  3. Background Checks –  Each staff member is required to undergo and extensive background check at the time of hire.  The background check is repeated every 3 months on an ongoing basis.  We hold our staff to the highest standards and any background check that comes back remotely questionable either invalidates the member from joining our company or is cause for termination.

Production Procedures

  1. Inventory Management – All inventory is stored in a locked and secured area that is inaccessible to staff unless they have the approved clearance and card/code.  All staff members are required to refrain from entering areas that do not pertain to their job and are prevented from doing so by locked secured doors.   All inventory wether it be raw materials, in-production or finished goods is always locked up at the end of the day. All inventory wether it be raw materials, in-production or finished goods is checked in and out of the inventory storage area.
  2. Production Work Area – All production work areas are monitored by several video cameras with all video backed up and stored off site. Each work area is maintained for cleanliness at the end of each shift following an exact cleaning procedure.
  3. Production Tracking –  Each lot of produced in-production or finished goods are lot controlled, and checked into our ERP system.  Each ERP system entry must be verified and approved by an shift manager for production.
  4. Production Safety – All staff are required to at a minimum wear gloves, goggles, hair net and a lab coat.  This is done to ensure the safety of our staff along with the cleanliness of our products.  Edible production requires the additional wearing of shoes covers and a surgical mask cover.
  5. Production Air Management – All production areas are subject to a positive air pressure air flow.  Where all air coming into the production area is cooled/heated as needed and filtered through commercial carbon filters.

Packaging & Shipping

  1. Child Proof Packaging – EPIC packaging is in full compliance with all state and federal laws and regulation as they related to child proofing packaging. Child-Resistant Packaging PPPA: Title 16 CFR 1700-1702 compliance.
  2. Product Labeling – All products come fully labeled with 2 x QR codes for additional information and testing results.   We’ve included all necessary and required information that a consumer may need to easily identify the product, its ingredients and safety statements.
  3. Packaging Quality Control –  Each product undergoes a final inspection to insure that it has been properly labeled and sealed for shipping.
  4. Shipping General – All orders are tracked and transacted through a dedicated ERP system.  All shipping is done through USPS.  All packages are sealed in 2 layers to protect from damage or water.
  5. Shipping Compliance – All orders are shipped with “Adult Signature” requirement.  We do not ship to underage individuals

Online Ordering

  1. EPIC Vapor uses a SSL secured website based on the Woocommerce CMS (Content Management System). All transmissions of cardholder data across open, public networks is fully encrypted.
  2. All data, orders, customer information and transaction histories are stored in an encrypted database with highly controlled and limited access.
  3. Customers are required to create a secure account that is password protected.
  4. Customers are required to confirm initial account creation via automated SMS confirmation.
  5. Customers are required to log into their account for each subsequent ordes.
  6. Customers will not be able to store Credit Card information on the website and are required to enter it each time the place a new order.
  7. Backend CMS access is permission controlled and limited to authorized users.
  8. All data is backup daily onsite, on server and offsite.
  9. Website is hosted on dedicated Linux server at colocation with high grade firewalls to prevent unauthorized access. Letter of certification from collocation provider available upon request.
  10. Website is hosted on dedicated Linux server that has up to date antivirus software.
  11. All computer terminals used to access website have up to date antivirus software.
  12. Rooms containing computer terminals used to access CMS backend is physically protected and limited in access by security card access to authorized employees only.
  13. Quarterly security audit and testing is performed by third party company.
  14. Maintain a customer privacy policy and terms of use policy.

Testing & Reporting

    • EPIC Vapor employs a three (3) round product testing methodology. All raw material goods are sent to testing prior to shipping to our facility. All raw material goods are tested again once arrived at our facility. All finished good are tested a third time prior to going into inventory and being made ready/available for shipping to clients.
    • EPIC Vapor employs a robust Track and Trace system. All finished good products are lot controlled and QC / Test controlled. Each product is given two (2) QR codes by which the end user can find product information as well as applicable test results and certifications.


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