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It is our guiding principle that we as a company, its employees and caretakers of the EPIC brand must first and foremost be socially responsible.

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EPIC was created with a strong belief and desire to change the Vapor Industry. Every aspect has been reimagined from product design to smell and taste. The user experience has been engineered to be EPIC. We didn’t just create a new type of product, EPIC created an entire company with this unique vision across all disciplines. From manufacturing to distribution, product safety and compliance to employee retention. We aim to make a positive impact on the world, in an ethically responsible manner. 

There are eight points in the EPIC Hierarchy of Responsibility. These points were created to guide our company in a responsible manner, as shown in the graphic below.

The EPIC Hierarchy of Responsibility as defined.

  • Ethics – Our company is based on well-founded standards of excellence and behavior, these standards guide every decision made.

  • Sustainability – EPIC Products are created using a lean approach and the practice of reduce, reuse and recycle. 

  • Long Term – We provide the commitment to manage the social, environmental and economic effects of our operations responsibly and in line with public expectations. We support charitable organizations in our community.

  • Goals – We wish to have a positive impact in the community. This is achieved thru a top down leadership approach. Which leads to higher employee morale and our ability to attract top talent in our industry. Thus creating an improved product, customer experience and increased revenue.

  • Resources – EPIC believes they have a responsibility to society beyond their obligations to their stockholders or investors. 

  • Market – As we engage our customers we build strong relationships and create value in order to capture value in return. This is our market strategy. 

  • Sincerity – We genuinely care about our customers and our workforce. After all it’s our people that make us EPIC.

  • Responsibility – Our company is based on well-founded standards of excellence and behavior. We operate in numerous ways designed to enhance society as a whole. 

Understanding EPIC’s Social Responsibility

EPIC’S responsibility means our company has a duty to act in the best interests of our environment, customer base and society as a whole. This responsibility, as it applies to business, is known as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and is a prominent area of focus within our company. This philosophy is present during every critical decision our company makes. It is our GPS or roadmap that we use to navigate responsibly as we conduct business and make decisions. 

EPIC has chosen to create these policies and self governance that promote an ethical balance between the dual mandates of profitability and benefiting society as a whole. There is a moral imperative, as well. Actions, or lack thereof, will affect future generations. EPIC, being socially responsible is just good business. We have taken a voluntarily approach, going above and beyond with self testing, continual R&D and our government reporting. We feel this is simply the right thing to do and aligns with our founders core values. 


In a spirit of respect and responsibility towards our consumers and broader society The EPIC Company Declares the following:

  • The EPIC Company was formed upon the highest ethical standards

  • We respect our employees and they earn a living wage

  • We produce the highest quality products in the industry

  • Safety and product quality are paramount

  • We utilize GMP Manufacturing Standards and Total Quality Management Processes

We PLEDGE to be respectful of children in our advertising and marketing by refraining from selling our products to anyone under 21 years old.

  • We will not promote products or services that are designed to appeal to children

  • We developed a naming convention that abbreviates our flavors making them less desirable to children

  • We use a sophisticated age verification method on our online store

  • We conduct verification audits to ensure our safeguards are operating properly

  • We further pledge to rectify any errors as soon as possible

EPIC has created an Advisory Board of subject matter industry experts to provide governance and ensure we continue to meet our objectives in the most efficient manner. This will allow us to provide the highest quality products to our customers.


The EPIC Premium Vapor Brand is unique as a result of our manufacturing process. Our formulations use the highest quality ingredients. We use science and chemistry to produce a product that is very different then our competitors.

Our terpenes and proprietary ingredients have been carefully selected. We manufacture using GMP Standards. This ensures our products are consistently produced and controlled in accordance to pharmaceutical quality standards.

Once an EPIC flavor has been created it is then stored and aged using our Maceration Process. What is Maceration? Maceration is the most used commonly used method for removing the essential oils found in certain types of flowers which are then used to create our enhanced products. This process happens by soaking flowers in warm fats and removing the oil. Once removed, it is then dissolved in alcohol so the extract of the floral oil can be used in our blends. This process gives us an enhanced flavor and clean fresh scents. 

Just like wine, our Vapors that endure the maceration process need to age in large containers to fulfill their full potential. This is especially true if the blend uses quite a few natural ingredients or rich base notes. Every EPIC flavor needs to be macerated for a period between four to eight weeks. This process utilizes Total Quality Management TQM practices. 

Our cartridges have been carefully selected as ultra premium. Ceramic design which is double the cost of industry standard. We spend a little more to ensure the safety of our customers. 

Our expert trained technicians then process using dedicated machinery to fill each flavor cartridge, there is no chance of cross contamination. 

Once the cartridges have been filled they will undergo a quality control and inspection process. This includes coordination for testing with the National Vape Institute of Health & Safety.

Our processes of careful ingredient selections, manufacturing excellence and cartridge integration are three simple reasons why EPIC provides the Premier Vapor Experience. We describe the EPIC effect as a unique user experience of smooth and yet rich flavor.


EPIC believes consumer safety is the most important aspect of this business. Our products are monitored by “The National Vape Institute of Health & Safety”. This organization conducts testing and catalogs the results. To ensure consumer safety all reviewed products are tested for heavy metals, molds, pesticides and solvents. 

The CEO of EPIC directly reports all these findings to “The SMART Congressional Initiative” for addition to The Congressional Record.

Background on SMART

The Strengthening the Mid-Atlantic Region for Tomorrow (SMART) Caucus is a bi-partisan collaboration among U.S. Congressional Members (8 Senators & 39 Representatives, Federal Executive Branch Leaders (White House and 56 Agencies), State and Local Officials, International Allies and the Mid-Atlantic Regional Technical and Economic Development Community leaders. 


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