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As part of our effort towards full transparency we are providing detailed information on how our products are manufactured.

You may have noticed that all of our products have the exact same % Delta 8 THC and % Delta 9 THC. Along with other cannabinoids like CBD. This is because all of our products are manufactured using a single source batch of D8 THC distillate.


What is D8 THC distillate?

Distillate is a very viscous substance that resembles very thick clear honey. It is a hemp derived oil that is very potent and concentrated. Hence the name distillate, as it is made by distilling the THC while removing other unwanted parts of the oil.


How do you use D8 THC distillate?

The distillate is used in the production of all of our products. One great and easy example to understand is that our vape products use a combination of D8 THC distillate and terpineols. Whereby the terpineols give the vape its unique fragrance and flavor profile.

For edibles we dilute the D8 THC distillate using grain alcohol, and using a in-house developed system surface spray the edibles. The edibles are then set to rest further allowing the grain alcohol to evaporate leaving a measured layer of D8 THC distillate on the surface.  This is not infusion, but instead surface application of oil.

This method is applied to the CBD flower as well. We spray it, let it rest thus leaving only D8 THC distillate on the surface.

As for our concentrates, they are made from the same D8 THC distillate but using various methods to further dry up the oil using industrial grade heated vacuum ovens.

Prerolls are made from CBD flower sprayed with D8 THC distillate and ground down to a fine consistency to fit into the preroll cones.

And finally our tinctures are made from D8 THC distillate and grain alcohol with terpineols.


What does the manufacturing facility look like?

We have a very sterile environment with dedicated sections for each product line production. The edibles are made in a food safe clean environment with employees trained for food handling. All staff are required to wear a full lab coat, gloves, mask and hair net. All are required to follow strict SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures). And all staff are required to clean up before and after all production. To ensure all procedures are followed and each production area is monitored by CCTV cameras which are regularly reviewed.

We take safety very seriously at EPIC Vapor because is the right thing to do, because we care about our clients and because we also use all of our products.

EPIC VAPOR is a Sonique Inc. brand.


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EPIC VAPOR is a Sonique Inc. brand.

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