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  400mg THC EDIBLE  

CHOC CHIP COOKIE Edible is a pure hemp derived hemp edible experience that blends flavor and Cannabinoids perfect.  The CHOC CHIP COOKIE is crunchy, chocolatey, and sure to satisfy your cookie needs.  A perfect little snack that you can take with you when you’re on the go. The effects usually take between 30-60 minutes to take hold. Available in both our relaxing CALM POTENCY and our strong blend EPIC POTENCY.

What is the difference between CALM POTENCY and EPIC POTENCY?

Created to give you just the right amount of calm in your life. The perfect blend of THC and other cannabinoids (CBD, CBN, etc.) to give you a relaxing effect without the feeling of being intoxicated. Perfect for relaxing and having a general sense of calm.

A very potent blend created to give you the best of both worlds with a strong effect. Loaded with natural THC and a powerful blend of organic cannabinoids (CBD, CBN, etc.). We can guarantee that you will not want to try anything else. Our Epic Potency is not for the new user.



Our edibles are made from the purest full spectrum distillate. Crafted in a sterile commerical kitchen and made under GMP requirements for food products. Packaged to maintain freshness using an 8 layer patented pouch package with a ziplock mechanism. Which further serves as a child proof package with California state compliance labelling. You can be certain that when you buy an EPIC edible, you are getting the absolute best product available in the world. We take tremendous pride in says as much. After all our brand is EPIC, which means the edible has to be EPIC.

Everyone of our products start with soil grown, indoor organic hemp flower.  This creates the most potent but also healthy flower from which we can craft our menu.  It is our belief that organic hemp flower is simply the best.

Organically grown flower won’t do much unless it starts with strong genetics.  It takes time and patience to create a genetic line of hemp flower that has great nose, great effects and looks the part.  With a healthy balance of cannabinoids.

We test every product we make throughout the entire product chain.  What we buy from other vendors gets tested and compared to their lab test results.  Purity and safety is something we will never compromise on.  It is the EPIC way.


Hemp effects everyone differently.  A lot depends on tolerance, age, energy level and even mood.  Start with a small dose and go up form there.









Mood Improvement



This is not a medical recommendation.  Please consult a physician if you have any questions before starting any treatment or hemp use.

Sleep Aid


Ache Relief


Reduce Restlessness







Each edible is selected and crafted in a professional commercial kitchen.  We take every step to ensure 100% cleanliness.  We operate our kitchen to the highest standard.  Every member of our edible production staff is professional trained and certified.  This ensures that the thing you are putting in your body is not only good for you but safe and clean.

The Edibles we select for our menu are specifically made for the hemp industry.  Easy to eat, easy to carry and can store for longer periods of time without worry of spoilage.  But most importantly they are very delicious.  We want the experience to be amazing with each edible.  Because of course we want each edible you buy from us to be EPIC.


We promise to always provide the highest quality products backed by unmatched customer service.  We will take every step necessary to ensure you get the finest five start treatment.  We will always provide transparency and detailed information on all that we manufacture and create.  It is our company ethos to ensure an amazing experience every time you interact with our company.  We may not always succeed but we will always do our very best.   This is our promise to you, this is the EPIC promise our company makes.



Please keep out of reach of children.  While some of our products only contain CBD which is generally safe for children.  A lot contain Delta 8 THC and other cannabinoids.  Do not operate heavy machinery and please do not drive while using our products.  Please consult a physician before starting to use any of our products.  And verify if there are any medication interactions with our products.  While hemp products are generally considered safe, please stop using them if you have any allergic reactions.  Also take time to learn about each product you plan on using before doing so.







What is the difference between CALM POTENCY and EPIC POTENCY?

CALM Potency

Created to give you just the right amount of calm in your life. The perfect blend of THC and other cannabinoids (CBD, CBN, etc.) to give you a relaxing effect without the feeling of being intoxicated. We like to compare this to a glass of wine and a warm blanket.


EPIC Potency

A very potent blend created to give you the best of both worlds with a strong effect. Loaded with natural THC and a powerful blend of organic cannabinoids (CBD, CBN, etc.). We can guarantee that you will not want to try anything else. Our Epic Potency is not for the new user. 

How much Delta 8 THC is in this product?

Federally legal amount of 0.3%. 

Will I get high while consuming Delta 8 THC?

If you consume low to moderate amounts of Delta 8 THC you will not feel any sort of high.

Does the Delta 8 THC vape smell like weed?

Our vapes do not smell like weed, hemp or marijuana.  In fact they tend to smell more like their name sake.  RZBERRY for example will have a light fragrant raspberry aroma.

How many edibles should I eat at once?

Honestly that answer depends on you as a person.  Do you have high tolerance, are you a bigger/smaller person, are you tired or under stress?  All of those things change the effect of each edible.  The you can do is eat a little bit and see how you feel.  Take the smallest dose and go from there.

I have a question that is not listed here. Where I can get an answer?

Have a look at our FAQ page in the top menu for more questions and answer.  And of course you are more than welcome to contact us directly.

Additional information

Weight 0.035 kg



5% to 10%





133 reviews for CHOC CHIP COOKIE


  1. Kelton Guerra

    Wow! Great cerebral high and good for deep meaningful conversations! My Wife and I solved all the worlds problems, too bad we didn’t take notes so we could remember. This was also quite memorable in the bedroom too folks. This will be a new fav of ours.

  2. Rafael Mcguire

    Delicious and pungent. Keeps you motivated and able to get stuff done throughout the day. Great daytime herb with an all around euphoria that has enough of a head trip to be fun but enough to keep one productive.

  3. Selina Jones

    Strong high. Long lasting. Sticky.

  4. Aditya Watson

    unique taste

  5. Aliana Chapman

    Very strong taste, felt super creative and really happy in general.

  6. Jaquan Hendricks

    This is the kinda product that made me stop smoking in the first place 20 yrs ago. Panic at the Disco, for sure. But during this second round in my life, This is a life saver. If I’m losing steam during the day and need to crank something out; or want to bust out of a funk, this one will send help to the rescue through your veins. For me it needs to be dosed correctly, or I’ll be telling myself – I’m Ok, I’m OK for a bit. I need take small sips of this, and that can bring life back into color. Just me give me a task to do.

  7. Nora Charles

    The Legend itself needs no introduction. This has been my standing #1 favorite since 2006. Many of my peers respectfully disagree (as there are unarguably SO MANY to choose from) but you cant deny the fast jab action of SD’s delivery of long lasting invigorating cerebral effects! It may be more mainstream now, but as someone whos 80’s born90’s raised, I was gifted the window of opportunity to try it while it was a hot new product (^_^) This one will always be my #1!

  8. Marlon Levy

    Finally had a chance to try some of this. Maybe it was because the nug was somewhat old, as I didn’t get the pungent This smell as much as I was hoping. But it’s a good smoke. Due to its age, I didn’t get as much as I was hoping for the high, but I’ll tell you this: it’s a real good high which lasts a long time with a “positive buzz” long after the comedown. It seems to work great with other products, doesn’t amplify them but supports them without overpowering them. 4 stars due to typical dry mouth and age of the nug. If it was fresher, then it could’ve been different in a better way.

  9. Franco Lynn


  10. Yareli Novak

    their sour desiel is definitely one of my go to product! Is always very crystaly and potent. The first thing I do when I get off work everyday. It’s a great buy!

  11. Aileen Mcdowell

    A fan favorite for all the right reasons. The buds are beautiful, the smell is mouthwatering, and that diesel taste really tops it off. The high is perfect for what I want in a Sativa. I would recommend this well rounded product to all smokers.

  12. Zion Trujillo

    Very nice. It seems like everyone loves Thisright now so I picked some up because its been a while. Lets just say I couldnt even wrap xmas presents aftet smoking hahaha

  13. Quintin Wilkins

    Honestly, everything was so beautiful. Me and some bros went out at midnight and smoked some This and stared into the night sky in sheer amazement. These past few days since have even been better, I’m patient, relaxed, and ordinary things are just that much better. Needless to say, I’ll be having his again. Soon.

  14. Ruben Pace

    When I first opened my package, I was immediately blown away by the super loud smell – it was so strong.. A sour smell filled the room within minutes. No more than 5 minutes after I ground up a half gram and loaded my Da Buddah, I was sailing. /r/Trees has never been more fun. Taste: Sour, has as taste of chemicals, but not in a bad way (where do you think the name ‘diesel’ came from?). Very strong flavor that really peaks on exhale. The high is extremely cerebral and I was instantly opening my sketchbook to just, draw. I was extremely uplifted and happy after just a little. As an every day / multiple times a day user – I recommend.

  15. Frank Melendez

    This was a great bud, again. Potent, if not terribly long in duration

  16. Reagan Morales

    good weed man what else? very happy

  17. Annalise Chandler

    A good friend recommended this product and usually she is right. However for me this product wasnÕt what I was expecting. The taste is not very pleasant tried smoking it with my Bong, and a blunt but both had similar results. It got the job done but it was not up to my standards.

  18. River Cline

    Most likely 75% sure this was the first product I ever had! Took 4 hits off a geeb. Took about ten minutes to kick in mind it was my first time I thought that I wasnt taking enough so I took more and all of a sudden it literally hit me like a freighttrain out of nowhere. Smelled very skunky you could smell this shit from a mile away! Sent me into literally outer space! Zoned out so hard thought there were fireworks in my head and forgot that I was human at points XDD. It had me running around the house like a madman and making really offensive yet brutally honest jokes about everyone that was there It got me dancing and yelling super good product for parties extremely trippy felt like I was tripping of acid XDD.

  19. Kinsley Barajas

    I love it

  20. Britney Dickerson

    Out of my 15 years of smoking only 10 products hit the 5 star mark and this is my number one as long as it’s actually Thissome places like about their products which have no resemblances…

  21. Lily Terrell

    This is a killer product that I got from The Green Room. The Smell and taste is potent and chemical and unique with a hint of fuel. Also fruity in a tropical way. The high is out of this world. Classic high with laughs, munchies and a great body high that keeps on kicking. Only got a gram this time but it was enough for 3 killer blunts.

  22. Melina Dickerson


  23. Konner Webb

    Good product , great for sex and helps with pain for sure

  24. Kali Davila

    Tryed this stuff for the first time and man did it ever reeeeeek. I had a Q of it in 3 bags and a jar and my parents could still smelll it. Awesome smoke though, hits real fast and leaves u with a longer lasting high than most sativas .

  25. Marlee Stevens

    This product tastes quite delicious. The high kicks in about 20 minutes after you smoke a blunt. The kick is a 7/10. The smell is also a negative. Smells like ÒDiesel.Ó You canÕt hide this shit from a cat down the street. I would invest in a shit-ton of febreze before smoking.

  26. Elisa Scott


  27. Yoselin Hendrix

    This product gives a good body high in my opinion. Also it smells so good and pungent.

  28. Caroline Jensen

    Good sativa. Strong head high.

  29. Jaylyn Donaldson

    I love this product because it gives me a “no care in the world” feel. I particularly trip extremely hard on this strain, but I love every minute of it.

  30. Lyric Acevedo

    real chill product that makes you feel good, all worries disapear, you always happy and you get some munchies, it also gives a nice head buzz..

  31. Jade Moon

    tried this product the other day, very good, love the smell, got a little droopy feeling, would prefer more energy, still one of my favs, if you are looking for a daily smoker, this is a good one

  32. Kiersten Mann

    Very good, one of the best i have ever tired.

  33. Kian Maxwell

    Very nice happy high. Good for when you don’t want to be bogged down. This is one of the products in which I can be active, happy, and focused at the same time while enjoying the functional yet fun high. A favorite for sure!

  34. Julius Gibson

    Hits you like a truck if smoked out of a bong. Great, euphoric high.

  35. Kelly French

    I can easily get too messed up on this stuff. But I did enjoy it. I will try it again because I have a greater tolerance now. But it was my first Sativa ever and it made me realize I’m a Sativa girl.

  36. Caroline Alvarado

    Good sativa product that hits pretty hard. It doesn’t leave me very focused.

  37. Penelope Gillespie

    It’s definitely a Sativa but the life of the high seems to be pretty short. I was able to do some chores around the house while on it but had to smoke it a few times throughout the day. No couch lock but you can feel pretty mellow.

  38. Jackson Keith

    Felt thick and heavy and I went to 7/11 to buy soooo much junk food. Ate till I might explode. Enjoyed some chill music with it but I won’t buy this one again.

  39. Priscilla Larson

    the best there is in my opinion!

  40. Quintin Gay

    Love the sativas. Fucked in the head but no couchlock.

  41. Taniyah Rivers


  42. Scarlett Hardin

    Love it!! But I always get way too high to function after haha

  43. Joseph Kadinger

    This has always been a classic and a must try for any smoker, gives you an energetic head high of total euphoria and bliss

  44. Dominique Fowler

    very good high uplifting great taste

  45. Emilee Walsh

    Great day time lifter

  46. Jaycee Romero

    I couldn’t even smoke a bowl by myself. Kicks in instantly and gives you the munchies like no other

  47. Allie Lyons

    I rolled a normal joint of some Thisfor my wake and bake this morning… I got soooooooo high! All day, these babies have been keeping me up in the air 🙂 Loving it!

  48. Jadiel Boyle

    One of the best batches Ive had in awhile. Sour smell. It smells so bad it smells good.

  49. Desiree Tucker

    LOVE this product. Had about a 1/4 of it and smoked very little of it in a bowl morning and evening. Great way to start off the day with a care-free personality and have the happiness of your life. At night it helps you relax and i listened to music after i smoked it and it was very pleasant. Overall beautiful strong smelling and strong marijuana product. Reccommend it to EVERYONE.

  50. Jermaine Pacheco

    People Fuel…!!

  51. Nyla Barrett

    only had pre-roll. but love hard candy great staff cant wait for the coffee

  52. Giada Kerr

    “This is such a classic product in south florida and is straight gas. Always happy, energetic and laughing on this one. No couch lock or in your head thoughts.”

  53. Sariah Richard

    this is the best tasting product I’ve grown yet. only Jack herer holds a candle to it. chemdawg and gelato 41 get a close second but This is the go-to when you need to relax and concentrate on something like paperwork or a tedious job. Takes 8-10 weeks to finish. Plant flowers took on a dark purple-green color in the last few weeks, letting me know it was ready.

  54. Brice Bullock

    What everyone opinion on carts or greens in general

  55. Theodore Miranda

    Head high that doesnÕt last too long
    Really good body high

  56. Lilian Schaefer

    does the job

  57. Zander Ruiz

    This is a very mellow high… I think I could function all day on this as well as go to bed if I wanted to. Pretty functioning product and I am really craving a Klondike bar. This would be a good substitute for drinking alcohol after a hard day at the office. This may not be as good for wake and bake but hey, maybe on an off morning where you are watching the price is right or something. Good product perhaps for Thanksgiving or when you have to deal with annoying relatives during the holidays.

  58. Annalise Grant


  59. Madison Trujillo

    Instant classic. Creative and uplifting. Good mental state without paranoia. Light and easy. If you’re non-experienced it’s a good product to start with. As for me, I find it too simple, they are plenty of other products much more interesting than This

  60. Silas Figueroa

    I found this to be a little more on the relaxed indica side, there is an Initial burst of feeling the social high but it quickly fades in to a Stoney stone. Still a recommended smoke.

  61. Mara Gaines

    Ahh the famous This, this is definitely no doubt one of my favorite products ever. Honestly anything out of the Kush family is all I ever look forward to burning. Very floatation dreamy type high, laid back & happy but still able to function. I’m a heavy smoker, like straight up pot head but this one always gets me stoned from a few strong hits from the bong. I’m smoking on this now & high as finuck

  62. Brodie Schultz

    Can help or hurt. Typically strong with widely varying phenotypes. Not usually the best product for beginners, especially in large amounts. Blood pressure lowers in the extremities, pulse rises, mydriasis sets in making things vibrant and fish-eye, blood rushes to the brain… then tension headaches, vertigo, nausea can all set in with.
    Ill-advised to combine with other blood pressure lowering drugs like alcohol, beta blockers, or ACE inhibitors. Can interact poorly with other anti-cholinergic drugs like antihistamines, which may lead to an unpleasant, dilirious state.

  63. Raphael Hodges

    Just smoked a half gram of High Altitude’s This. The joint was rolled with ultra thin zig zags. The This smelled lemony and piney. When smoked, the taste was subtle and almost appealing – tasted like lemon pepper. This provides the high I’m always searching for. It hits after about ten minutes and has lasted 90 minutes so far. Its definitely a head high so far, but I can feel a lot of pain relief in my joints after smoking this. Makes me talkative, feel creative, and feel chill. Great weed for the experienced smoker looking to chill out after a long day.

  64. Juliet Mckee

    Had a great pre roll from my fav place to get meds The REAL This is bomb

  65. Jaidyn Moore

    Almost immediatley felt relaxing effects throughout my body after a bong hit and the effects lasted for nearly 3 hours. It was a very clear headed high and I felt very energetic. Had some more at night with both a bong and a vaporizer. After this I got very sleepy instead. Vaporized and smoked very nicely, was pretty smooth and tasted above average.

  66. Ashlyn Villanueva

    lower than giraffe balls. spacing to neptuuuuune

  67. Kaley Mann

    This is one of my ‘go-to’ products. I have PTSD and pills have not helped my night terrors. This product really relaxes my stress level and helps me get in a relaxed and sleepy mood, It helps the night time flashbacks more then the pills I have tried.

  68. Lilah Randall

    OMG, it was hard to smoke. It tasted like pine mixed with tar and dirt. It gave me a caugh lock and made me feel realy unhappy.

  69. Vance Monroe

    Sneaky high, hits you about 5 minutes after you start smoking. Love it. Solid 9/10.

  70. Brett Valencia

    I tried this in Ampsterdam. It was 15 euro a gram so on the very pricey end but I thought I might as well give it a shot as it’s so well regarded. This was a good choice, after rolling a gram cone of it pure and smoking it in 2 sessions (one by the canals and one in the coffeeshop) I just had a really relaxing but still adventurous high 😀

  71. Davian Wilkerson

    One or two hits and your troubles are gone. Very pine and woody taste.

  72. Dakota Lucas

    Nice hybrid Not exactly what I was expecting but i will get some more.

  73. Enzo Dennis

    Awesome dank

  74. Adelyn Schmitt

    A very temporary high, and not too intense. Just makes you feel lethargic.

  75. Oscar Tran

    This bud is a very relaxing high. Great for melting away stress at night. Fun product to smoke with someone lets u guys get into some great conversations.

  76. Davin Mann

    Don’t know what the big fuss is all about, this we did not get me high at all.

  77. Baron Werner

    An amazing strain, it deals with pain and depression very well, as well as helping with loss of appetite. I wish there was more background info available though.

  78. Samson Vargas

    giving it 3 out of 5 because the flower i got was grown outside. i would like to try it when it was grown indoors.

  79. Jaron Austin

    Super hard dank ass weed. NOT FOR.BEGINNERS!!!

  80. Alexis Levy

    great high took all my pain away

  81. Dereon Gray

    Very good for stress and insomnia has a great pungy smell i was very happy with OG!

  82. Desmond Acosta

    This product is still king of buds for me. I say that as it is my go to pain and sleep aid. By far This fits me an my needs perfectly. With that said I would recommend this product only with caution as I also fill its a bit much for some.

  83. Sherlyn Richards

    stoned. tastes bomb, really unique taste. overall great product for body and head, good for chillen with friends

  84. Bria Grimes

    Went to a local dispensary as a first time patient and one of the kickbacks you can choose from as a new patient is straight up tightly rolled joints of This. I had never tried it before and who could pass up the opportunity to smoke a nice convenient j?
    The first thing that hit me was the flavor…obviously j’s give you a much cleaner smoke than pipe smoking but this was definitely above and beyond. It tasted amazing like citrus fruit! The high came on super mellow. I was able to function but was very relaxed and in good spirits. I did get some pretty decent munchies about an hour in but it was all good. It let me down easy at the end and I think my next 8 track purchase will be some good ol’ fashioned OG!

  85. Kyler Delgado

    This product is really strong and it will hit you within seconds. God, This relaxes me like no other. I have bad anxiety and it really helps. With Girl Scout I also have very deep thoughts and I get creative. The only negative I can think of is that I find it hard to remember things when I smoke this. Lol amazing strain, would buy again

  86. Jaelyn Chase

    Wow this stuff is amazing. 1 J and felt on top of the world. Great if you have activities that you need to get done. Absolutely 5 stars, top shelf, two thumbs up. ____ cheers!

  87. Jillian Pearson

    IÕve been using this for the past couple weeks in both flower and cartridge consumption methods. Cartridge relieves pain and has a calming effect. Flower is a sub product of this (French Cookies) and it gives me good energy and pain relief. Taste of the product is a minty style (both types I named) but French cookies has a small earthy taste. I would definitely recommend this product if you need to get work done and not be too high.

  88. Immanuel Fernandez

    I’ve been trying to get into smoking for years. I’ve got terrible anxiety and most times when I smoke it feels as if I’m having or going to have a panic attack. This is the first product I found that reduces my anxiety and I can function worry free. Alittle bit goes along way for me. I try to keep it on hand as much as it’s available.

  89. Diana Lane

    This is the best product I have ever tried for anxiety. I used to use hybrids and indicas for my anxiety, but they always left me really tired. The wax I have is rated at 4.4 percent CBG, so that probably accounts for the energy I am feeling. As you can probably tell though, my mind is all over the place. This would be a great product for artists or other people who create things.
    The taste and smell is very earthy and sweet. The phenotype I got also seems to have a slight diesel flavor.
    In conclusion, this is great for anxiety, giving you a clear head and energy. It can make you act a bit “silly” though.

  90. Isaiah Pineda

    this seems to be seattle’s most popular product. I’m not seattle. Few this I like, most dont agree with me.
    I don’t like Durban poison it gives me anxiety really bad. Most this will be sativa dominate and it makes me stay away. Emerald green nugs hold dark orange hairs with moderate trich. Smells like skunky citrus with a hint of chocolate. Taste gives way to more skunk and citrus. Relaxed, happy, and more anxious than a hooker in church. Feel it mostly in my head and in my nerves.
    this are over rated and not for me.

  91. Tamara Morrison

    I vaped .1 ( mflb trench) sitting down on the rocks by the river. One of my new favorites. Indescribable smell. Very strong and complex. Very sticky and pretty looking. Made me contemplative, extremely focused and meditative, in touch with nature and observant of the world of life that i am not apart from. I was bobbing my head to the music of some band playing in the distance. It made me very happy, Relaxed, anxiety free and finally motivated and excited like a child to finish my 4 hour bike trip. My muscles felt completely healed and refreshed and felt good to exert energy on my bike. Very long lasting im going to pack another trench now finally its 6 hours later and its just wearing down. I just woke up from an hour weed nap. Get this strain!!! You wont regret it

  92. Madelynn Jarvis

    Hands down my favorite Strain! The effects it has in both the relaxation and mood altering departments can’t be beat! I’m someone who often looks to products that help with helping me just relax but also stay productive. This one does the trick! Its also fairly easy to find as well so I never have to wait long if one supplier doesn’t have it

  93. Rayna Zhang

    Amazing strain!!!! One of my top 5 easy! IÕm on a mission to smoke every product of cannabis grown. My batch smells like a butter cookie is the best way I can describe it. You smell a little lemon, sweet smell that I canÕt really pen point other than a cookie, and little bit of the OG in it also. Full body high, still able to function so a 50/50 head and body high, helps my creativity, also vibing to music while writing this,definitely donÕt plan on doing anything but vibing when you smoke this strain, hunger, and just chill. If you havenÕt smoked this product I highly recommend it if youÕre able to get your hands on it. -A.C.E.
    Check out ÒThe PonderosaÓ podcast on Spotify

  94. Penelope Chaney

    This look at what they can do!
    This pick the one for you!!
    OH So yummy I was so excited when Dr.roman told me about this stain which has helped me a lot throughout my life! thank you See this product right here is great for energy!

  95. Damari Bolton

    I still remember the very first time i ever experienced this, from that day on it has been on my highly sought after products, we have a combo of Durban Poison crossed with the oh so strong OG Kush, with the power of both products behind it is going to provided, what i would describe as the ultimate euphoria, mixed with a nice uplifting vibe to this strain, i find this very useful in my day to day operations for help with depression, anxiety and pain…

  96. Jaden Carey

    More than what I was expecting with this very exceptional bud!
    Lime green, mid-sized flowers with a very sweet and spicy aroma. Although not pungent like many OG crosses I’ve had lately This is the epitome of a pleasant but potent product. The intake is smooth and leaves a fresh earthy taste on the tongue. Definitely incorporate into your decompress from the day or a booster before going out as this makes a nice social smoke. REALLY…ins recommend this to just about anyone!

  97. Esperanza Faulkner

    Wonderful crystal encrusted goodness!@! Taste is to die for and has wonderfully pleasant effects.

  98. Nicolas Sexton

    Awesome product. might be my new favorite. white widow and LA confidential are my currents. had half of a pre roll after lunch. was lifted after a couple of hits. different kind of smell and taste, but not a bad thing at all. would highly recommend to a fan of sativa or indica. assisted with anxiety and helped with lower back

  99. Arnav Reeves

    This made me feel weightless, and my shoulders lifted above my head, I also got very goofy and energized.

  100. Justice Little

    best in da game to me

  101. Andy Garza

    Awesome head high, great muscle/stress relaxer. Nice stoned sensation with couch lock. Mild appetite boost. Perfect for movie marathons or listening to music all night.

  102. Kasey Hardy

    My first experience with cannabis came as a senior in high school when a few of my buddies and I decided to make some brownies. We used a zip of this for the batch. We stayed up all night for the entire 12 hr process, and the next day we got to reap the rewards. Up until this point, I had never been high in my life and decided to finally give it a try. Around noon the next day we popped one each. About 45 minutes later, I started to feel a little light headed, and over the next 15 minutes I slowly felt my mind losing all control. By the time an hour had elapsed, there was a gallon of milk spilled all over the carpet, friends rolling on the floor laughing for several minutes, and a kitchen turned ghost town. After about 3.5 hours of eating and laughing I suddenly felt like my body was shutting down, so I slowly crawled my way to my bed and slept for the next 9 hours. Hell of a day

  103. Victor Collier

    For the veteran? No, this is a sweet candy/baked taste lighter and more forgiving than most. Leaves you wanting more but definitely a ‘got to try!’ A big game changer for the ‘new era’ school of bud but can’t keep up with the ‘new school’ faction

  104. Devin Hull

    I tried to turn the volume on my tv up by pressing the volume buttons on my phone, it did not work, overall, amazing strain, had me on my ass for 4 hours

  105. Miya Mcneil

    love it!!!!! im medicated !!!!

  106. Mina Vaughan

    This product is amazing. Great body high, and the smell of it is just insane. One of my favorite products right now and the high is a creeper and lasts forever.

  107. Lawrence Mcbride

    Pinche llerba esta bien buena cabron te ase quitarte el sombrero y gritar AHUA

  108. Bailee Booker

    This takes a LONG time to mature, try 19-20 weeks!
    Low yield. Looks like its dusted with powdered sugar just dripping with trikes..I’m gonna let it go a bit longer, my personal belief is that this product really needs a much longer time to mature than anything else I’ve ever seen, the Poison Sativa influence perhaps, but the first time I tried this product from my local dispensary I was completely unimpressed. Then I got some real deal clones and I am looking at 20 weeks so far and still immature, 10-15 percent withered orange pistils, the rest bright white and the lower parts trying to hermie out, which I’m not buggin about thanks to the advice.Many thanks to the eloquent previous poster, he gave me peace of mind ,now I’m gonna let the whole mess go another two weeks, damn the torpedoes..

  109. Alani Ingram

    By far, one of my favorite products of all time. The smell is just beautiful, and the smoke is so smooth and it hits just right. i packed a bowl of this, and it looked amazing. love this. cures my nausea ____

  110. Tommy Montgomery

    One of my favorite products so far. I have a high tolerance and one nice bowl will at least get me high. Very mellow high and when vaped its amazing x100

  111. Mckenna Escobar

    Dense, hairy bud but grinds up into a nice fluffy bowl. More of a head high then body. Gets me out of the couch and over all a happy high _

  112. Rubi Brady

    pungent Og Smell , smooth fruity exhale

  113. Grayson Todd

    Super great high was scadoodled after the first hit and was very relaxed and happy!!!!!

  114. Dawson Fletcher

    Great feeling of euphoria this product has changed my life!

  115. Gordon Ellis

    very very yummy

  116. Jeffrey Gross

    Awesome bud. Point blank very happy head high an decent lasting, overall pretty good and smokeable throughout the day with friends.

  117. Allison Briggs

    Absolutely outstanding morning bud

  118. Camren Shaffer

    I loved it! It completely relaxed my mind and body and I didn’t have alot of munchie effect. I got to enjoy the total euphoria of this awesome product.

  119. Lindsey Salas

    For around 3 hours it felt like what was happening at that time was just me remembering it was a dream in the future.

  120. Ashton Hartman

    One of my personal favorites. The perfect hybrid for day time or night time.

  121. Alisa Casey

    This product gives me a very good high it is the best product IÕve had by far.

  122. Hugh Wolfe

    Holy shit….

  123. Darian Anthony

    Great taste and smooth to smoke. Real mellow high keeps you awake and eases the pain.

  124. Keon Taylor

    Definitely got happy and euphoric feeling from this. Helped me with my depression when I was at a low point and helped calm down my bipolar fits. Got me to be creative and draw more, but when I layed down or didnt do anything I was rooted, other than when I tried to sleep. It kept me up, so I don’t reccomend if you’re trying to sleep. Keeps you up. Other than that, LOVE for a day to day high, and before work or going out.

  125. Jessie Shaw

    Just tried some this for the first time and goddamn son. The high was euphoric and long lasting. Perfect for chilling with friends. I picked it up from The Novel Tree and the batch is pretty potent.

  126. Dakota Johnson

    Very strong aroma of cookies. A very mental high with very little side effects.

  127. Ryann Francis

    Finally picked up some this from the dispensary and I have to say all the hype is well deserved.. Very good strain

  128. Isabell Peterson

    My favorite so far 🙂 🙂

  129. Jayson Wong

    This product has some serious power behind it, puts you in a very happy place. Just don’t expect to be fully functional when medicated, definitely an evening and weekend kinda product. Doesn’t make me tired just gets you plain ripped.

  130. Zachery Mclean

    seems like a winner to me

  131. Kenna Maddox

    This is a nice high. I feel mellowed out and somewhat giggly. This product made me feel more sexual haha. Then after a few hours it puts you into a really nice deep sleep. It’s a nice product to have around ____

  132. Jackson Mora

    Great Taste. This product puts me into a focused state of mind. I will smoke some and hop on COD drop 60+ a game. I like to think of it as a Esports performance enhancement. At times i do feel like im floating, this is a must try!

  133. Niko Brennan

    10/10 top shelf bud. was listening to perfect timing by nav and literally felt like i was on a roller coaster. pairs perfectly with an irish fusion dutch.

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