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GELATO PREROLL is a hemp derived product. Gelato, also known as “Larry Bird” and “Gelato #42” is an evenly-balanced hybrid marijuana strain made from a crossing of Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. With its balance of indica & sativa, this strain produces a euphoric high accompanied by strong feelings of relaxation. The product is safe to use and federally legal.



GELATO – THC Preroll

Our preroll is made through a multi-step infusion process. Step one is to select premium hemp flowers. Once these are selected, it is time to coat them with infused distillate oil. This process often involves multiple coats on the flower to increase psychoactivity and provide an overall frostier look. Packaged to maintain freshness using an 8 layer patented pouch package with a ziplock mechanism. Which further serves as a child proof package with California state compliance labelling. You can be certain that when you buy an EPIC preroll, you are getting the absolute best product available in the world. We take tremendous pride in says as much. After all our brand is EPIC, which means the flower has to be EPIC.

Gelato, also known as “Larry Bird” and “Gelato #42” is an evenly-balanced hybrid marijuana strain made from a crossing of Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. With its balance of indica & sativa, this strain produces a euphoric high accompanied by strong feelings of relaxation.

Everyone of our products start with soil grown, indoor organic hemp flower.  This creates the most potent but also healthy flower from which we can craft our menu.  It is our belief that organic hemp flower is simply the best.

Organically grown flower won’t do much unless it starts with strong genetics.  It takes time and patience to create a genetic line of hemp flower that has great nose, great effects and looks the part.  With a healthy balance of cannabinoids.

We test every product we make throughout the entire product chain.  What we buy from other vendors gets tested and compared to their lab test results.  Purity and safety is something we will never compromise on.  It is the EPIC way.


Hemp effects everyone differently.  A lot depends on tolerance, age, energy level and even mood.  Start with a small dose and go up form there.









Mood Improvement



This is not a medical recommendation.  Please consult a physician if you have any questions before starting any treatment or hemp use.

Sleep Aid


Ache Relief


Reduce Restlessness







We grow our flower with the utmost of care.  You will never see us call our hemp weed.  Weeds grow in the wild unloved and uncared for.  Our hemp is a flower, sourced from Amsterdam, and grown seed to flower by our experienced master growers.


We promise to always provide the highest quality products backed by unmatched customer service.  We will take every step necessary to ensure you get the finest five start treatment.  We will always provide transparency and detailed information on all that we manufacture and create.  It is our company ethos to ensure an amazing experience every time you interact with our company.  We may not always succeed but we will always do our very best.   This is our promise to you, this is the EPIC promise our company makes.



Please keep out of reach of children.  While some of our products only contain CBD which is generally safe for children.  A lot contain Delta 8 THC and other cannabinoids.  Do not operate heavy machinery and please do not drive while using our products.  Please consult a physician before starting to use any of our products.  And verify if there are any medication interactions with our products.  While hemp products are generally considered safe, please stop using them if you have any allergic reactions.  Also take time to learn about each product you plan on using before doing so.







What is Delta 8 THC?

Delta 8 THC is a hemp derived cannabinoid. It has become popular because of its similarity to delta-9 THC, the main compound in hemp that gets you high, causing euphoria, happiness, sedation, symptom relief, and much more. Large amounts of THC are found in a majority of hemp strains.

Will I get high while consuming Delta 8 THC?

If you consume low to moderate amounts of Delta 8 THC you will not feel any sort of high.

Who should use Delta 8 Concentrates?

Generally speaking concentrates are a more challenging product to use.  They normally require specialised equipment and experience.  If you are new to concentrates we suggest watching some YouTube videos on your concentrate of choice.  Then decide whats best for you.

Does EPIC flower smell like hemp?

Yes absolutely.  Each strain has its own fragrance, from sweet to skunky, to diesel and gassy, flowery and pungent.

I have a question that is not listed here. Where I can get an answer?

Have a look at our FAQ page in the top menu for more questions and answer.  And of course you are more than welcome to contact us directly.

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133 reviews for GELATO


  1. Kamron Porter

    “This is the first time I’ve gotten the privilege to smoke this bud, and I was not disappointed. This is a sativa dominant product that lives up to it’s praise. Beautiful light green buds covered in trichomes and orange hairs. The smell is very pungent with the smell of diesel and a undertome of lime. The taste mirrors the smells fairly well, and it is enjoyable. The high is simply fantastic. Very cerebral, leaving you feeling uplifted, creative and happy. It’s potency certainly is not lacking, and if This is grown correctly, it’s fantastic. This product is excellent for depression and stress, which are completely forgotten. Simply put, This is the best Sativa I’ve smoked to date. If you have a chance to pick some of this up, do so.”

  2. Carla Gilmore

    Perfect anti-depressant. Great taste and totally functional high.

  3. Kaitlin Huang

    “I’m trying this product right now and it has its perks, I’m enjoying it so far. I’m a very task oriented person. This is a very true sativa strain, Similar to Green Crack. When you smoke this strain, I think it’s pretty dry and can be irritating for the throat. I also wanted to note that I had a headache earlier from a session. It is good for sciatica, back and foot pain. I have energy to think quickly and act. Wake and bake approved. I would recommend it. :)”

  4. Jaron Gould


  5. Lennon Hanson

    One of my favorite sativa products. Very energizing and love to use before a busy day doing chores at home or getting some artwork done.

  6. Sharon Sheppard

    Very strong and euphoric head high gave me a slight headache in the morning but still worth a shot if you never tried it.

  7. Jairo Leblanc

    Good Morning Sunshine!!! This product says ÒHello! Time to start your day.Ó So Loud and delicious. Pairs wonderfully with a cup of fresh coffee. Get ready to start your day right and be productive. Put on some good tunes and do the dishes. Throw a load of laundry in. Tackle any activity with a huge smile inside and out. Your body and mind will thank you for introducing this product into the system. This should be a part of every cannabis lovers diet.

  8. Nylah Ali

    man this grass is the best in west bmore……i like to puff this on wekends and lay back with my girl bent over….lol….also a sexual stimulant i mite adddd

  9. Finn Chung

    Thumbs up

  10. Adeline Rubio

    This distinct product is always a strong, uplifting and energetic high

  11. Tomas Moran

    dude this is some good shit. recommended for use with D&D.

  12. Peyton Oneill

    “Purchased from Med Ex in Scottsdale AZ – $25 1/8th I was looking for a sativa to for the mornings to help with the day. This is a strong sativa, however it did not have the effects I was looking for. The smell of the bud is fantastic, smells almost like a sweet and light citrus flower. However this left with some negatives, there was a strong 30 min of a strong marijuana effect. After that for the next hour or so I felt like I was in a haze with a slight headache. It was not enjoyable and it happened multiple times. This is a quality frosty bud however it does not work well with me.”

  13. Maxim Deleon

    Very good product. Keeps me very focused and relaxed. One of my favorites

  14. Kaylie Walter

    This is my best experiance so far. It’s the most less negative effects weed i’ve tried. I will never change it.

  15. Kevin Hayes

    Probably my favorite sativa right now. This particular batch of Thisis working wonders on my anxiety disorder. Super pumped on that

  16. Brenna Gallegos

    Best product IÕve tried. Super energizing, makes you happier, good for creativity and so much more. Smells really good too and not really like weed imo.

  17. Lilianna Whitaker

    First time enjoying this product. Super impressed. Always heard the name,, saw it at a dispensary over the weekend, and had to try some. Love the buzz it gives me. Great taste and smell. Beautiful buds too. Love this as a go-to wake and baker. I’ll put this in my list of favorites.

  18. Jackson Wilkins

    Very easy and pleasing to smoke. Makes me social and happy. Always a good feeling with this one! Will order again.

  19. Lilliana Richmond

    pretty goo since it came from a factory

  20. Elisha Bishop

    very enjoyable…good relaxer

  21. Lorelei Becker

    Felt very Euphoric and very Happy.

  22. Quinn Riddle

    You can never go wrong with Green Crack. It’s an original that you can’t forget

  23. Maryjane Heath

    Smoked half that joint over the course of one hourÉ Tongue and mouth were a little numb from the pre-roll. Kind of like an analgesic in my mouth. Mostly head feelingÑkind of trippy with very little euphoria. Inspiring for creativity and playfulness. Time slowed waaaaay down more than other kinds of weed. 30 minutes felt like 90. I did get the paranoia indicated on the Leafly app. Probably good for sativa lovers, but too much paranoia for the rest of it to be worth it to me.

  24. Brenna Blankenship

    Shit burns so much better in a bong with a perk instead of a big fatty blunt or j.

  25. Amira Henry

    this the product with lots of demon ease your pain.

  26. Ava Robertson

    Top shelf.dont care where u at.One of my favs.Smell is so loud its down right offensive to some people.Love it all around,smell taste and appearance.Cant go wrong wit the D

  27. Nikolas Pennington

    I really like this strain! It is quite cerebral but is also fairly effective for management of moderate pain. It makes you feel very uplifted and happy, so it is probably a very good product to use for depression or anxiety since it’s a mood enhancer.

  28. Asher Raymond

    with out a doubt one of my most favorite sativa products ever!very good for my neck acting, and great aroma. ..

  29. Justice Mays

    Classic daytime product to be creative and energetic while not feeling couch locked.

  30. Kailey Mathews

    Very strong. Great every time. I love how giggly I get after smoking this product.

  31. Skye Garza

    Nice Strain, One of the best to have in the morning to get your day started & very uplifted feeling however Paranoia can kick in when you have at Night.

  32. Lydia Fleming

    Everything I dreamed of and more. Now to stop cleaning my house and stop hiding behind the blinds.

  33. Emmett Cochran


  34. Kierra Leach

    Let’s see…bred from three indicas…and this is a sativa? Uh, no, it’s not. For Sativa-only guys, like me, this is just another couchlocking downer.

  35. Harold Whitaker

    My favorite daytime product. I’m in the best mood, have energy, and actually stay awake during my classes.

  36. Roselyn Arroyo

    My absolute favorite zone! SourDiesel leaves me feeling relaxed and loose but also still have energy to stay up and moving. I like to smoke and walk trails with my dogs and this is my (kept on deck) kind! CanÕt pass it up!

  37. Ace House

    This stuff owns. Helps massively with nausea and quiets the anxious mind. I think itÕs way more relaxing than stated here too – IÕve used it multiple times as a sleep aid – but it doesnÕt make you sleepy unless thatÕs one of your goals. Lovely tingly body high.

  38. Ashanti Grimes

    I’m pretty sure everyone’s tried Sour D. It’s a great SFW product. I recommend it for wake n’ bake before work. It gives me a very clear-headed, energetic, pain-free high. It’s undoubtedly one of the most accessible medicinal products around, and I recommend it for anyone needing a good daytime product.

  39. Keegan Knox

    This bud is AWESOME! Nice taste and a nice citrus smell (grapefruity).

  40. Lyric Atkinson

    just wonderful

  41. Craig Lozano

    This one has a strong and pungent smell and taste to it. It’s a very good sativa that gives you a nice creative boost and makes your brain alive. Nice for stress relief, I pick this one up fairly often as I am consistently happy with the results

  42. Terrell Sandoval

    A very sour tasting bud, made my body very chilled out and stopped all stress. made me some what paranoid but it is a mind high

  43. Jamar Cannon

    This product is the absolute best sativa I’ve ever smoked. It gives great pain relief and an awesome head high. Every smoker should smoke this product atleast once!

  44. Janiah Walters

    Excellent quality and quantity. Great value. Makes me feel happy and increased work productivity.

  45. Jasper Rich

    This product totally rocked my world. Love this tangy awesomeness

  46. Justine Briggs

    This is one of my favorites Potent smoke with an almost fruity/chemmy, palatable signature flavor. This works fantastic if I am stressed out, anxious or just want to put myself into an even better mood. I enjoy the euphoric high from this sativa, it’s a popular product for a reason.

  47. Davin Bonilla

    Maybe it was this particular crop, but I didn’t get the potency I’d hoped for. Nonetheless, I still enjoyed the This’s energizing effects and the way it opened me to some creativity, both artistically and in problem-solving mode.

  48. Cameron Bryan


  49. Kymani Harrison

    One of the best products I’ve had so far. It hit me unexpectedly, but by the time I took my last hits I was really, really high. I sat on the couch for a while and just laughed at any and everything. Great, really great.

  50. Stacy Chang


  51. Finley Griffin

    One of my favorite Sativa’s. Absolutely amazing. Taste is stong, Pungent sweet but earthy.

  52. Felix Ayers

    This is a great product for being creative! I smoked and spent hours on my art pieces!

  53. Lilyana Randall

    Vaporized this product and was very powerful. Made me stoned, with very heavy and red eyes but also very euphoric and in my own world. Pretty intense overall, definitely gave me a severe case of the munchies.

  54. Robert Lozano

    Instant relief when you hit this strain, very soothing, chill high. Makes you focus better, and calms your thoughts.

  55. Renee Boyd

    VidaCann Daytona Beach carries this product in vaps, concentrates, & more…….Even in today’s thriving medical marijuana scene there’s a good reason why this 20+ year old product is still going strong. Availability is high & prices are low.

  56. Lea Hendricks

    This is the best product for keeping the voices in my head effectively silenced and the past where it belongs , in the past. 5 minutes after the 5 sec draw a warm purple veil arrives to blanket your brain in a 2 to 3 hour hug. Plus the sweet citrus flavor of the product is a delight.

  57. Sherlyn Walls

    This is definitely a better tasting product. Little hazy but not uncontrollable. I remember getting hungry.

  58. Marianna Brennan

    I really like this strain, it makes some of the darker days alot better

  59. Glenn Hancock

    The taste is one of a kind. very strong aroma and taste. To me it tastes like a cross between lemon skunk, chemdThis and sour diesel. i absolutely love to smoke this throughout the day as it makes me euforic and energetic. Its a strong taste with a strong long lasting buzz.

  60. Carson Merritt

    Amazing high, but i would definitely consider this an indica, whenever i smoke it during the day, i fall asleep by 10pm

  61. Roger Barker

    great product perfect for pain relief

  62. Jack Brewer

    I’ve smoked a good amount recently and still have a lot more to smoke. In my opinion its definetly not something to smoke during the day. I find my self dozing off within 30-45 minutes of smoking. But during the time that i am “conscious” it seems as if it puts me deep in thought, sometimes triggering a sort of “manic” thought pattern. But maybe that’s just me, idk. tastes great, feels great physically, and great for sleep. Rated it 3 stars for me personally but that doesn’t mean its not a 5 star product to someone else.

  63. Yazmin Stephenson

    Is a creeper. WasnÕt really noticing it for a few mins, then bam! Your head is in a completely different place. Most noticeably impacts head and mental state. Feels like my brainÕs been wiped, but thereÕs serenity in the absence. Difficult to concentrate and accomplish things. Strong mental euphoric calm thatÕs extremely comfortable and at peace with oneÕs self. ItÕs tranquil and considerably pleasurable. But, just as food needs a bitter/sour component for nuance and depth, here the physical high is tingling and racy. An edginess thatÕs almost in equal strength as the euphoria. Creates a diametrically complex experience. Not for the inexperienced. Solid, confident head space which is rare and nice.

  64. Demarcus Pace

    Very relaxing high

  65. Kamron Chaney

    old school favourite

  66. Randy Williamson

    This is my favorite everyday product. It is relaxing without making me sleepy, soothes nausea and crushes migraines. I find with this product I can knock my symptoms away and still be functional to get work done

  67. Luca Meza

    This is a great product. in my opinion, based on what I’ve had, it’s second only to Maui Waui. But what I love about this product is how it starts as a great head high but creeps all the way to your toes after an hour or so. it’ll leave you baked all night and give you the best nights sleep you’ll ever have

  68. Essence Fitzgerald

    Super relaxing

  69. Cael Beard

    Where do I begin? This is potent and its effects are almost instantly. Two pulls in from my vaporizer and I was on cloud 9. The taste was amazing and I highly recommend it for anyone feeling down or in pain.

  70. Kamari Ayers

    A real favorite… I realize it’s all to taste but to me this is a gold standard for products … This gives you SO much of the good thinks about smokin’ bud… You can’t go wrong here.

  71. Weston Reyes

    One of the classics, the top shelf nug run oil will knock your socks off.

  72. Katie Strong

    go to for any time of day. love the aroma and flavor

  73. Janet Butler

    one of the classics can never go wrong with This nice greasy flower yo wash aswell makes for good joints

  74. Bobby Moss

    The fixed point of the weed world. Half a joint and I was swimming. Smelled of oranges and other delicious citrus fruits.

  75. Frederick Benson


  76. Jose Gibson

    leaves you relaxed and focused after a couple packs great for anything you need to do. slower but more focused thoughts help you stay productive all day

  77. Gaige Pollard

    Nice Bud, really dank and heavy hitting original gangsta kush is always a great throw back to put you back into some nice couch lock.

  78. Kendra Jensen

    its a strong product and definitely not a daytime smoke to this will fuck you up be careful if u do too much ur gone for the day

  79. Donna Macias

    Wow! Could this be my all-time favorite strain? I feel as if this is quite simply the classic stoner-weed. It’s perfect if you need a few hours of sleep, or if you need to get through a few hours of work. This is probably a good go-to product for anyone, no matter if they are recreational smokers, or strictly medicinal smokers. Love this product. I would highly recommend you picking yourself up at least a half OZ if you roll up on some.

  80. Maria Mendoza

    Broke Down Real Easy , Nice & Sticky Orange Hairs .. Tasted A Bit Like Wood But Definitely Had Me On Cloud 9 For Damn Near 4 Hours . In My Top 3 .

  81. Zachariah Mason

    one of my favorites great for whatever

  82. Braylon Zhang

    Very Distinct looking buds. This product is very strong smelling and very hard hitting. True This is very relaxing and very slow onset. Recommend to those who like a smooth buzz

  83. Angelo Dougherty

    Really mellow clear headed high. My friend and I talked for hours while playing random games on our phones and talking about why stuff is the way it and just thinking about the shit there is yet to be discovered.

  84. Joanna Hensley

    this shit lasts for a whil but all around really good bud

  85. Mckenna Gilbert

    Just picked this up from the caregiver, fell in love just looking at the bag. Great smell, fruity earthy, lots of purple throughout and darker green with lots of pistols. Great strain!

  86. Dillon Franco

    I vaped the lemon This early in the morning for the first time, and boy let me tell ya. i had the biggest laughing fit in five universes, and had mini laughing fits at virtually anything after that. there was this crazy cerebral thing going on that was like tv static in my head, probably due to the vaporizer, and had a good lethargic body feeling going too. i felt super happy and mellow and felt like I had ascended to nirvana or some shit. highly recommend.

  87. Louis Roach

    Very pungent. dense buds covered in orange and green with subtle hints of purple. smoked better than it looks. this is one of my current go-to products. Gets the job done.

  88. Reid Palmer

    Amazing body and head high, I can’t explain how amazing it is. It’s great for sleep, relaxing and getting high af. Hope y’all enjoy this product it was great for me I wish the same for you.

  89. Carissa Rodriguez

    This product is AMAZING. EVERY OUNCE OF ANXIETY DISSAPEARS. All that is left is an overwhelming sense of happiness and good vibes. Everything feels amazing. Life is perfect. I smoked this yesterday and I still feel EXTREMELY HAPPY halfway thru today. This product literally makes me enjoy every boring aspect of life I would normally dread. ________

  90. Leilani Harrington

    Migraine pain 6-7; nausea 4-5 when I medicated round 1900. Milder taste & smooth smoke. Bout 5 min for this product to start kicking you in the @$$! Very strong head & body buzz. Maybe strongest head buzz to date. Didn’t note any paranoia/anxiety which is essential. Can’t figure out why; I couldn’t shake the feeling that I didn’t like this product. Already stressed out maybe. Gonna hafta try this one again to decide weather I like it or not.

  91. Kendra Mueller

    this is, in my opinion, the utility player of the weed game. Good for any occasion.

  92. Case Porter

    Have you ever met someone and fell in love at first site. You go out for a while and the more you know them the more you fall in love. Well that is this in a nutshell. Can’t say enough about this product. You can go over all the flavour profile and smell and colour of the weed but at the end what does it do for you. As someone who chronic pain from injury and arthritis as well as stress and insomnia (you can put that all together) I needed a product that can help with pain, relax me and help me sleep. I found it. I’ve tried several types of this product from several suppliers and almost all are good but the original is the best. What more could I say.

  93. Mathias Ball

    I don’t know what everyone is talking about. This product doesn’t make you creative. Short buzz, eventually leaves you feeling mellow and tired.

  94. Abril Bradley

    I give it five stars . i have a torn disk in my back from a car wreck and literally can not walk with out weed I’ve tried this strand several times it helps an incredible amount with pain very quickly it only took me five minutes to be able to move around when I wake and bake . If u need pain relief I highly recommended this strand

  95. Xander Larson

    the wonderful and famous this when this came out the whole California was going crazy for this bud. it’s a great flower and very happy that this flower was created. alot of flowers has a lot of similarities to them but when it comes to This you know you’re smoking this. in my opinion one of a kind bud

  96. Kamden Clay

    The this product in general has a very uplifting feeling. I have really enjoyed the variety, my favorite is definitely the Platinum this and the DOUBLE Platinum this!!! This product is very potent, dense, sticky and effective. I stumbled upon the dispensary on Xmas when everyone else was closed….Couldn’t find anyone on Leafly near me…so I went on Weedmaps and found Finest Kind Health #11 =D They are open when most aren’t and are available later hours….but the best part has been the MEDS and the SERVICE =)…oh and the MiniD’s (Dare you to smoke in one sitting lol)

  97. Branden Poole

    A very nice bud, you feel full of life and thinking creatively… until you hit a couch then I personally get very tried and comfy. Atleast for me, I get very bad munchies every time I vape this strain

  98. Alec Meyer

    Not my favorite strain, but it got the job done. I was very giggly for a good 30 minutes and had a pretty good body high. Definitely worth trying at the end of the day.

  99. Corey Fowler

    One of my top 3 fave products. Currently smoking some as well.
    Earthy and sweet. Beautiful nugs. Using a liberty 503 pipe.
    It has a very clean smooth taste when inhaling.
    I haven’t hit the point of couch-lock. Really just makes me feel happy, helps with my anxiety and gets me eating more .. (high metabolism so I struggle with gaining weight) It’s why I like this product so much. Just happy , no care in the world feelings but still help to do your adult duties .

  100. Kadin Butler

    Perfect product when relaxing. Its Complete head high, physcially you look fine and function like you never took the strand, but mentally your tripping out like a motherfucker. Everything feels nicer and food tastes heavenly, positive vibes everywhere. Just stay away from using this on days where you have actual responsibilities like work or school to attend to. Takes quite a # of hits to get the high, but effects make it a easy 5/5

  101. Alannah Bowers

    Purple This Strain: Very stanky, like a sweaty European’s gym socks. A tad harsh in the throat, with a slight chlorophyl after taste. Not my thing.
    Except. Wait one minute….
    10 minutes in, I am very tingly in the nether regions. Holy shit, this product is making me horny! Well, ok then. Maybe I’ll bump up my rating one more star! But first…I gotta go take care of something…

  102. Deanna Miranda

    this is a very good product if a buzzy head high is what you’re looking for. The body effects were slim though. My thoughts were racing a mile a minute from one thing to the next but not in a bad way, just very mentally stimulating. After the initial high wore off I was left floating around in a cloud for the next few hours without the ability to give a fuck about about anything. It was a very welcome change from my overly anxious, OCD self. So yeah, I recommend this if you want something mentally stimulating but you’d do better looking somewhere else if a strong body stoned feeling is what you’re after.

  103. Veronica Garcia

    Great high. Gets us super ripped.

  104. Logan Castillo

    Nice high to wind down with at the end of a day. No paranoia or other ill side effects that I have noticed. Also helps my chronic hypertension. Not an energizing product in my opinion, prepare to relax and chill.

  105. Justice Boyle

    tastes amazing & great strain

  106. Alonso Frost

    Made me talkative and social. I was able to do shores around the house without feeling demotivated. Head was very thoughtful. More of an early morning product for me.

  107. Savion Solis

    Although I am more of a recreational user, I do have high anxiety to which this also helps with. I love this! One of my favs for sure allows me to stay productive.

  108. Jazlynn Rivera

    My favorite product by far! Never disappoints. ThereÕs nothing better than taking a joint of this to the dome and relaxing and having good vibes all around. Enjoy!

  109. Mason Finley

    One of my favorites..LOVE IT!

  110. Macy Stuart

    If there ever was an accurate description of side effects, “Cotton Mouth” is it. I’ve eaten my share of girls scout cookies and none have ever given me the Mojave desert mouth like this product. Having said all of that, the buzz was fantastic and I would do it all over again! this is an awesome way to be boxed.

  111. Marcos Rosales

    Not a motivated high, but not exactly couch-locked. Unproductive but still feeling uplifted and alert…ish. Probably would be good for pain/illness. Flowers were very dense.

  112. Joselyn Ray

    The “platinum” batch of this being served at Brothers on 11/16/15 is some truly great bud. Nice big chunky nugs that are beautiful to look at, have awesome smell and flavor, and potency that hits hard and fast. This is truly top shelf marijuana.

  113. Olive Bolton

    This is a perfect hybrid. Had me a clear head high, but at the same time, my body had its own world. it’s like my body and my head are their own world, both functioning it’s as if my mind is focused, and from that focus certain parts of my body may be doing something, but the rest are restful. whoa. I’m high, but that makes sense right? Left.

  114. Joselyn Osborne


  115. Jovanni Sellers

    This – can I come inside your vortex? What other praises does this product need? It’s one of the exceptional gems that comes around and lives up to the hype. I was EXTREMELY pleased with the balance of this medicine. Helped pain melt away but didn’t have me stuck to the furniture. Enough energy to bang out creative work but and still be able to enjoy company.

  116. Esteban Saunders

    really like this. normally use alot of Indica for sleep and pain but wanted something a little different; more of a euphoric feeling. I definitely got it with this. I felt swooshy and nice and didn’t think about pain a bit! I was surprised. vaped on a higher heat and we really quite lovely. Buds are heavy and dense.

  117. Zion Holland

    Favorite product. Best if you don’t have much to do because it will put you on your ass for a while. Really relaxes you while keeping you still alert. Will always recommend.

  118. Naomi Cuevas

    Crazy high you feel the energy hot you w every puff very happy high will buy again

  119. Edgar Fuller

    This was personally one of the best products I’ve ever tasted and experienced. Hits good and quickly.

  120. Savanah Marshall

    ItÕs freaked!

  121. Johnathan Juarez

    Yummy and amazing! Also makes you feel yummy….and amazing!! :’)

  122. Aubrie Guerrero

    fire all day one of my faves hands down

  123. Saige Carey

    very uplifting and chill mode sweet and powerful uprising taste
    great for any depression form great product by far again this year

  124. Clark Warner

    one of my first choices. a nearly perfect feeling for the body. very deep

  125. Perla Hinton

    I really enjoy this product. Has quite a heavy couch lock effect on me tho. It’s nice with a cup of coffee if I need to be a bit more alert and focus. I have anxiety and fibromyalgia and this works great for both. Love it!

  126. Marissa Fischer

    Delicious smoke…wow! Nice sticky buds, and the high was very strong at first, then lingered a fair amount of time. Definitely an instant favorite.

  127. Summer Juarez

    Amazing product. Great if you need a pick-me-up. Goes great with being creatively active.

  128. Arely Whitaker

    LOVE IT!!! Nice product will try again. Great for relaxing after a long days work

  129. Mariah Myers

    absolutely Amazing!!

  130. Krish Booth

    I have had this product about 5 times now. The flavor and aroma is always pleasant but I find the buzz to be weak.

  131. Dayton Cross

    Awesome for veterans with PTSD.

  132. Ian Higgins

    Very euphoric, buzzing type of high. Dry mouth tho

  133. Dakota Gill

    not the most tasty, and very harsh smoke, however it is very strong and will hit u like a train, 4/5

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