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NORTHERN LIGHTS PREROLL is a hemp derived product. Northern Lights, also known as “NL,” is an indica marijuana strain made by crossing Afghani with Thai. Northern Lights produces euphoric effects that settle in firmly throughout the body, relaxing muscles and easing the mind. Consumers say this strain has a pungently sweet and spicy flavor profile that is smooth on the exhale. Northern Lights stands among the most famous strains of all time, a pure indica cherished for its resinous buds, fast flowering, and resilience during growth. The product is safe to use and federally legal.



Our preroll is made through a multi-step infusion process. Step one is to select premium hemp flowers. Once these are selected, it is time to coat them with infused distillate oil. This process often involves multiple coats on the flower to increase psychoactivity and provide an overall frostier look. Packaged to maintain freshness using an 8 layer patented pouch package with a ziplock mechanism. Which further serves as a child proof package with California state compliance labelling. You can be certain that when you buy an EPIC preroll, you are getting the absolute best product available in the world. We take tremendous pride in says as much. After all our brand is EPIC, which means the flower has to be EPIC.

Few strains come with as much widespread renown as Northern Lights, inarguably one of the most popular strains of all time. An inbred descendant of original Afghani landrace strains, Northern Lights is a pure indica. THC levels can reach very high making this one of the most potent strains available on any market. A couple hits is all it takes for most patient’s seeking this strain’s powerful body effects, an upbeat mix of euphoria and physical relaxation.

Everyone of our products start with soil grown, indoor organic hemp flower.  This creates the most potent but also healthy flower from which we can craft our menu.  It is our belief that organic hemp flower is simply the best.

Organically grown flower won’t do much unless it starts with strong genetics.  It takes time and patience to create a genetic line of hemp flower that has great nose, great effects and looks the part.  With a healthy balance of cannabinoids.

We test every product we make throughout the entire product chain.  What we buy from other vendors gets tested and compared to their lab test results.  Purity and safety is something we will never compromise on.  It is the EPIC way.


Hemp effects everyone differently.  A lot depends on tolerance, age, energy level and even mood.  Start with a small dose and go up form there.









Mood Improvement



This is not a medical recommendation.  Please consult a physician if you have any questions before starting any treatment or hemp use.

Sleep Aid


Ache Relief


Reduce Restlessness







We grow our flower with the utmost of care.  You will never see us call our hemp weed.  Weeds grow in the wild unloved and uncared for.  Our hemp is a flower, sourced from Amsterdam, and grown seed to flower by our experienced master growers.


We promise to always provide the highest quality products backed by unmatched customer service.  We will take every step necessary to ensure you get the finest five start treatment.  We will always provide transparency and detailed information on all that we manufacture and create.  It is our company ethos to ensure an amazing experience every time you interact with our company.  We may not always succeed but we will always do our very best.   This is our promise to you, this is the EPIC promise our company makes.



Please keep out of reach of children.  While some of our products only contain CBD which is generally safe for children.  A lot contain Delta 8 THC and other cannabinoids.  Do not operate heavy machinery and please do not drive while using our products.  Please consult a physician before starting to use any of our products.  And verify if there are any medication interactions with our products.  While hemp products are generally considered safe, please stop using them if you have any allergic reactions.  Also take time to learn about each product you plan on using before doing so.







What is Delta 8 THC?

Delta 8 THC is a hemp derived cannabinoid. It has become popular because of its similarity to delta-9 THC. Large amounts of THC are found in a majority of hemp strains.

Will I get high while consuming Delta 8 THC?

If you consume low to moderate amounts of Delta 8 THC you will not feel any sort of high.

Who should use Delta 8 Concentrates?

Generally speaking concentrates are a more challenging product to use.  They normally require specialised equipment and experience.  If you are new to concentrates we suggest watching some YouTube videos on your concentrate of choice.  Then decide whats best for you.

Does EPIC flower smell like hemp?

Yes absolutely.  Each strain has its own fragrance, from sweet to skunky, to diesel and gassy, flowery and pungent.

I have a question that is not listed here. Where I can get an answer?

Have a look at our FAQ page in the top menu for more questions and answer.  And of course you are more than welcome to contact us directly.

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150 reviews for NORTHERN LIGHTS


  1. Sincere Lewis

    This has been my favorite sativa that I have tried. I’m not a fan of the flavor profile, as it glides past your tongue leaving an artificial vanilla plastic taste. There are hints of diesel that remind me of the old grain trucks from my days farming on the Palouse. Despite my little enthusiasm for the flavor, the benefits of this product are amazing. This product was new to me and I tested it out for an entire week to fully experience it’s effects. Once as a first time try and then to document how it affected me after successive sessions. 1. The other sativas I have tried have done little to combat pain, and mostly just provided some sort of mood elevation to varying degrees. This is the first Sativa I have experienced that really works on your pain and gives you energy and increased joy. I used this at work and all of my clients and coworker were laughing thinking I was the funniest person ever. Let me just say, despite all the stresses and medical issues I have going on in my life right now, this product made it possible for me to fully enjoy an entire week of my life. I was so happy you could tell it was infectious to everyone around me. I played outside with my daughters a lot, I was singing all over the house. I found myself being so happy and grateful for everything I have in my life, and completely content. For the first time in my life I think I know what pure joy felt like. That is how this product made me feel. 2. This product helped me beat back frequent nausea, and daily headaches and migraines. I was able to enjoy outdoor activities, being active, and it completely curbed all depression and stress. 3. The only negative I have for this product is that you are so busy enjoying life that sometimes you can lose track of time. I was having really great conversation with my clients and it was easy to fall behind on appointment times if I wasn’t focusing super hard at running on time. That being said, my work was turning out amazing and everyone left feeling extremely happy. I definitely was able to be very creative under the influence of this medicine. When I have the opportunity I will definitely put more of this product on my shelf.

  2. Barbara Gillespie

    This is my go to product. It never ever everrrrr let’s me down. This product is perfect for just about doing anything from working on a project to watching a good movie. When you’re not sure what to pick give Thisa try. I love the head rush and body vibrations this product gives me. It doesn’t make me feel slow or Stoney. I feel motivated but relaxed and peaceful at the same time. Sour brings out the best in me.

  3. Braden Mercado

    This was my first product I ever smoked. And oh boy…… I’m was jumpy and energetic and very racy. I kept on moving around for no reason. Spinning in circles. At first, it made me a little dizzy and I wasn’t able to stand. But after 15 minutes, I was aroused and uplifted. This is a very string product. Careful with this product first timers! The

  4. Griffin Mack

    This is the answer! Energy, focus, and clarity are promised in this perfect day time sativa. Gave me the mental edge to look my store manager in the eye and not only ask for a raise but more hours as well. Raise is still in question but at least I got those hours (albeit graveyard) and this Thisright led me victoriously through my first 7 day work week. PRAISE ODIN!

  5. Paulina Rivers

    New batch in, incredible is all I have to say. The taste, smell and high all spot on and even the smallest nug reeks up a whole room. Helps tremendously with anxiety, pain, depression, hell even Bi Polar, this stuff helps it all. Very long lasting very enjoyable high! Definitely one of the tops for a reason!

  6. Francisco Larson

    When it’s good, This has a Sour Patch Kid flavor, and feels like it hits your eyes. Great for focus and fatigue.

  7. Kameron Pierce

    Smoked a bowl of this product with my lady before we went bed. Made me feel like I was drifting away on a river for 30mins till I knocked out. And where I live there is a huge snowstorm while I was smoking and my lady and I were so comfortable cuddling and literally made me feel like I was on a cloud while it had a blizzard outside.

  8. Amara Lowe

    One of my faves. Smooth & tasty, with a sunny buzz!!!

  9. Collin Alvarez

    Alright guys, this what you need to know. This is like a classic deep cut heavy metal song that makes you want to make war and love all at the same time. If it was a motorcycle it would be a Harley, if it was a plane it would be a A10 Hog. Just think heavy hitter, like bambino heavy.

  10. Kadin Gay

    I consider myself an expert with thirty years of experince. This is on my NoList of bud to smoke. Puts me a bit on edge. Don’t like the taste or the after effect which makes me tired. I made sure I wrote this one down, so as not to buy it again. I’m giving it one star.

  11. Libby Hernandez

    Vaporizada se obtienen todos los beneficios y da una extra–a sensaci—n de felicidad.

  12. Alexis Chan

    This is an amazing product very productive and definitely worth buying you can get it at az natural selections. Go try it!! I think this product is perfect guys

  13. Allyson Black

    My least fav. product iv had. This is just my opinion i did not like it. To strong for my likening and smells wicked.

  14. Isaac Suarez

    one of my favorite day time products. this works wonders for my adhd and really makes me a happy person. we could end wars with this one.

  15. Iyana Murillo

    Made me crazy paranoid, and I did really dumb things as a result of my paranoia. Looking back though, I actually had fun being paranoid.

  16. Malachi Strong

    This is a good relatively relaxing product. I’ll smoke again

  17. Bryant Schneider

    Mmmmhmmm. Diesel. The taste isn’t too potent, and it’s good for smoking in groups. I’m only giving it three stars because there are plenty of other better choices. Plus, I’m also used to weed where one hitter fucks you up.

  18. Regan Blackburn

    fast hitting, uplifting, energetic high, long lasting Sour D!

  19. Kevin Glover

    it was alright. i was extremely hungry and thirsty, it made me very loud and annoying. it made my eyes and mouth dry and smelled and tasted very much like diesel and very earthy. it made me pretty happy, i wouldnÕt say i felt euphoric.

  20. Nasir Butler

    Help me head up! Fucking amazing product with dope effect!!

  21. Leon Liu

    great sativa product if you need to be high energy and on the go. Can have a little jitteriness to it but as long as you ignore it you’ll be powering through the day! Great for: WORKOUTS, STRENUOUS ACTIVITY WORKDAYS, GOING OUT

  22. Shiloh Sawyer

    It’s just alright. Nothing to crazy or special about it. Just feels like a good time though.

  23. Trinity Collier

    Bomb ass shit, smells lemony

  24. Marcel Bridges

    My Second Strain

  25. Marshall Rios

    I found this to be quite strong, but did not cause any paranoia, which can sometimes happen to me with a strong sativa. And the folks at Kind Heart are really customer service oriented.

  26. Remington Hendrix

    Real life stimutax

  27. Elizabeth Chang

    muy buena para mis dolores, me ayuda a trabajar bien.

  28. Sydney Nunez

    You know the deal with This- “shiny happy people everywhere” REM on rewind… dope asf.

  29. Victoria Hayden

    Very solid Sativa. Great unique taste and aroma. I found the high to be calm yet stimulating which lent itself to an evening of deep conversation and laughter with friends. I want to try more at different times to get a better feel for how this compares to other products on its own as we added a bit of hash too boost the THC.

  30. Marvin Calderon

    Without a doubt one the finer buds I’ve smoked! Real body high like a rush of energy!!! A*******

  31. Deja Villanueva

    This product is one of my favorites! It’s my go-to when I can’t decide what to purchase. It always leaves me with a euphoric happy buzz that allows me to still keep my focus during tasks

  32. Noelle Bush

    This was the first weed I’d ever smoked and it’s damn good to start with.

  33. Amina Mcfarland


  34. Judith Pittman

    Great tasting

  35. Ralph Fletcher

    best. stuff. ever. i love the initial buzz, and the resulting high. i was so ripped after a few hits of this and it lasted for hours. it put my girlfriend on her ass. but i enjoyed it and played some knee hockey and then eventually went out and smoked more. this is such a great product and it’s so worth it.

  36. Casey Salas

    Easily one of my favorite products. Enjoy the pungent smell, the head rush, and the generally active high I get from it. Usually like to smoke it when I’m getting things done around the house or doing a little studying.

  37. Laura Olson

    A Sativa that lasts longer than you’d think-in waves Great High. Dumb as hell if too much

  38. Karson Chapman

    I tried this product with a friend of mine last week and it was a lot of fun to smoke, very surreal atmosphere very euphoric and we got Taco Bell after we were coming down from the long lasting high. Definitely worth it 🙂

  39. Haiden Adams

    Thisis available at rocky road in eagle-vail. Very good and potent product.

  40. Gunner Herman

    Smoked this the other weekend and it was amazing. It was like a total mind melt!! It hit all at once and made everything amazing.

  41. Alanna Villanueva

    Heavy on the pungent side, after a quick smell you’ll realize it’s dankness. Break open a nug and see for yourself the density and the smell you were held back on. The smoke itself is heavy, and certainly earthy. A good aftertaste, sets it apart. Enjoy with a nice wine and a seafood dinner. helps relieve pain, stress, and anxiety. Highly recommended.

  42. Darnell Calderon

    Love it as much as I love my GSC–formerly GirlScoutCookies. Freakin AWESOME!!

  43. Shayna Ritter

    ItÕs an extremely clear-headed sativa and that makes it great for work and concentration activities, but for socializing and non medical use, itÕs not cerebral or chatty enough.

  44. Arielle Hudson

    I smoked this out of my tiny bong when i first got my card and it was pretty amazing, but it is not the kind of weed that you can smoke half a bowl and some back later because the sour part will taste kinda funny to me. But out of a pipe when your on the job or out with your friends. I smoked about 2 bowls before i went Airsofting and it was one of the best days I have had in a long time. I truly recommend this to all pot smokers new or old.

  45. Tessa Escobar

    I left the house without my pants… I think we can leave it at that

  46. Ross Villanueva

    good all day product puff little bit keeps ya goin. my SD was more like a hybrid, hit me with the sativa head blast then shortly later chilled out body relaxation. tasted OK not great. I was expecting more from this very popular weed but it just came up average. it is good though and let’s u function while being baked as shit. europhic is great word for this weed. you can even go into couchlock if you want,very versatile. night or day whatever it’s very solid stuff.

  47. Kara Cameron

    One of my faves. Can’t believe I have no journal for this, I rated it a few times already. Bomb stuff, but if you have it too often it becomes way less potent. Nonetheless, still pretty bomb. 707 area is full of it.

  48. Charlotte Cobb

    My daytime med. No doubt This is one for the medicine cabinet. Used daily to get my day started off right. One or two hits and I get a positive attitude. The difference is night and day without it. A flower sure to keep a smile on your face.

  49. Jamie Wilkerson

    personally this has and will most likely be one of my all time favorite products. the versatility and power of This has never left me disappointed, and thats coming from someone whos tried about 150 products or so.

  50. Meghan Mclean

    fuckin great bud!

  51. Claudia Mcpherson

    I Like

  52. Blaine Dodson

    I love this strain! It helped with my depression and anxiety. It really helps when I get migraines (I suffer from chronic migraines). It also helps me relax, fall asleep and stay asleep. The only thing that da be annoying is the dry mouth and eyes.

  53. Alena Stout

    This product is really nice. Just picked it up at Ermont in Quincy, Massachusetts. Total body buzz and my head and face feel light and tingly. I am alert and attending, I feel clear minded with this product. A very lovely high.

  54. Keyon Petersen

    This is arguably the most popular product in the Northeast and lower New England because of its’ potent cerebral effects. It’s brings on a powerful but balanced high that you can notice in a slight distortion of vision. Although it is listed as a Sativa I still personally find no problems in enjoying it at nighttime. Best served by bong.

  55. Madden Lawson

    The moment you take that first hit you realise this is your new favourite

  56. Crystal Knight

    wonderful head high made me very happy and I felt pretty creative, but this also helped me relax a bit and help with my back pain. amazing strain, but a killer to inhale

  57. Alonso Bonilla

    A uplifting dreamy high but without the euphoric/happy effects I get from a good Haze product. Ok if you are out of your good weed but not my first choice by a long shot.

  58. Trace Shepherd

    Great, relaxing and euphoric.

  59. Glenn Kaiser

    one of the best sativasÕ i have ever had; and iÕm more of an indica girl myself. great flavor, aroma and of course a great high.

  60. Jude Dudley

    In da couch
    Indica to the max. I actually loved it. It was a super mellow high but not too heavy. It was nice to just melt

  61. Jacquelyn Werner

    I this product a lot, it doesnÕt make me sleepy like some do and I like how it makes me feel. I donÕt get to high with this strain, I feel like itÕs not that strong.

  62. Kaila Benson

    Very good. Strong euphoric high. Makes me very talkative,happy,chill and easy to make me laugh. Great fun.

  63. Wyatt Hull

    Fruity and balanced

  64. Zachary Woodard

    Solid buzz, but nothing special.

  65. Caitlin Larson

    Great product. One of my favorites

  66. Jude Flores

    It’s OK. I like heavy hitters that put you to sleep, like a Bubba Kush, but tried this per a suggestion. It didn’t knock me out, but if I were laying down already and wanted to go to sleep I could. Def a functional high. A review I read on here said something about they can workout after smoking or play their PlayStation, I agree. It’s kinda like, that. I’d get it again as my social product. Affects…left me starving! I feel like I lose the remote more smoking this strain, but that might not be the weed…lol

  67. Baron Aguilar

    Had a half oz last me forever. Love the OGK. Noticed if I smoked too much it made my heart beat real fast and got me really stoned. If I smoked to much it made me think about the adult shit I donÕt like to think about lol. All in all a great product but enjoy in small doses if possible.

  68. Nigel Wu

    Wow, what a head rush. Smoked a joint, tasted like cap and didn’t really feel anything when I was done. About 10 minutes later Wham! Great euphoric high!
    First time trying this legend. Smoking for over 20 years, and really can’t say for sure if I’d had this before, never really concerned myself with product types when buying from dealers. Recently got this from a dispensary that’s opened near me. Great stuff.

  69. Tanya Bennett

    this is hands down one of the best products ive ever had… to Fire OG

  70. Arnav Johns

    Just good sativa, not enough for doing things, but still ok for positive vibration

  71. Killian Mccarthy

    dugtrio in sun looks weird

  72. Brady Mccormick

    Kind of hard to break up, but has an amazing taste and smell. Thick texture to the smoke and slightly harsh on the lungs, but very potent. Some occasional paranoia may occur for newer users. Great for pain/stress relief and for playing video games (lol).

  73. Alisa Wyatt

    this was the first product that I ever had, and I still live it! after smoking enough it eventually gets my sense of touch all messed up, and my taste explodes, and let’s now forget the hours of giggles it causes. it’s wonderful

  74. Makayla Fox

    God tier product in my opinion. Great pungent aroma and beautiful characteristics. This product is like the king herb of the west coast. Personal favorite and would highly recommend this for any medicinal need.

  75. Michaela Sandoval

    Really lovely high. __

  76. Shamar Boyd

    My least favorite product to date. I don’t like anything about. Stay clear.

  77. Fatima Hardin

    very dank smell. made me giggly and stress-free. all hail This

  78. Rodolfo Fischer

    Smelled really good. Got me really baked.

  79. Oliver Yoder

    Excellent potent hybrid! Love this product. Good for my social anxiety. I can add this bud to my all time fave top ten.

  80. Janet Deleon

    This is one of my favorites. I recently woke up with a migraine that lasted all day long. I started smoking this and my crappy day turned into a great one. Every time it wore off, my headache started to come back, but I just smoked a little more, and it kept it away. Not only is it great for headaches, it’s fantastic for stress/anxiety. I have a lot of work stress and social anxiety. But I’ve been able to tackle work problems with a smile and go out and talk to people with this stuff. It’s awesome. It provides a very chilled out, lightened-up attitude, without affecting my ability to think and focus. It’s also a good energy boost. I like going for walks with this. Very floaty and storybook. It makes you feel just weird enough, without feeling too spacey. Great stuff.

  81. Ruben Swanson

    Best euphoria when it’s grown optimally ! Great for pain relief , starts strong in the head but not racey and mellows into a heavy body buzz. Oddly , I have had versions which tended to be more sativa but these were clearance deals .

  82. Viviana Bowman

    Very Nice. Thank you Graeful Meds Springfield. This product has a dark flavor but such a nice pleasant high. If your looking for that melt in the couch high this is it.

  83. Sage Foley

    this product is very strong smelling and has a amazing smoke to it!

  84. Yahir Randall

    decent run of mill hybrid

  85. Libby Perez

    It’s a good earthy high I’m on it right now and my body has that good relaxed feeling but it dumbed me out for a second I was studdering slurring words and shit

  86. Camryn Hartman

    best high I ever got 4 hits I was high for 4 hours great high relaxed but wide awake great to do with friends

  87. Danny Gray


  88. Darwin Pratt

    Good bud gets me through the day well, keeps me feeling lifted when I feel down. Smells scrumptious, currently smoking this herb, definitely one of my favorites..

  89. Lexie Dawson

    KevKush , Cali, & I got so faded off This. dankity dank dank strain! This deserves a high knuck _____

  90. Francisco Nguyen

    First off I need to put out there how quickly this shit hit me. A couple hits and I was already feeling something. This product certainly isn’t one to smoke before you go to sleep, I had tingles all over my skin. The effects for me were definitely of the sativa variety. Great strain, highly recommend.

  91. Dayana Short

    Love it. I’m getting so horny of this… I’m a stoner girl and I definitely would like to find my stoner guy__

  92. Giada Barton

    This product has popcorn buds of a very dank, resinous and deep skunk type aroma. It is a very good smoke for relaxation, insomnia, or just “chilling out.” It also has a strong pain relief index, compared to a heavy body high. Not recommended for those with anxiety/depression in my opinion since I suffer from both and received no relief in these areas. Not much paranoia, but there is definitely some. A good smoke and aroma, best smoked in a water pipe because it is strong and harsh.

  93. Kasen Butler

    The product I received was called ‘Max OG’, and the told me it was just pure This. Looks wise the buds are decent. Bright green, dense with crystals at the base and interior of the bud, each popcorn sized. Smell is classic OG: floral with a hint of citrus. Taste when smoked is very light and smooth on the tongue. When vaped the floral/citrus taste really comes out. First experience with it was a fat ass J, and had me sooooo ripped that I drove past my turns and destination multiple times, given that my brain was on auto-pilot. Second was a wake and bake through the vape before a long bath/southpark. Forgot I was even baked I was so relaxed. Nice classic strain, given that I’m not that big of a hybrid fan. 7/10

  94. Donavan Shepard

    Very good srain, very dank. No so much sweet as most. Good kine buds but very piney and rich flavor. Great for my back pain and no paranoia, I am actually still able to go on with me day and socialize while enjoying my buzz. It is my 3rd favorite product myy 2nd being sour diesel and my 1st being purple diesel. DON’T PASS UP TH OG! Its a great strain

  95. Gracie Villanueva

    It’s hard to tell, where I’m from, when you’re buying This, whether it’s actually This or not. A lot of providers here tell you anything to get a mediocre batch out. But I’m pretty sure this shit was for real. It matched the description to the letter pretty much. Tasted great with the exception of the faint hint of a soapy taste. The high was good, but I was groggy afterwards. Munchies are a for sure, so be prepared. One of my favorites, I think.

  96. Alec Rodriguez

    Great stuff. Very mellow, spacey high. Hits the head and body equally. A near perfect hybrid.

  97. Sydnee Mckinney

    This makes me happy like a box of shortbread. I’m very happy as I type this. It’s not harsh on the throat at all, I could keep toking till the j was faced. I suggest smoking while watching Amazing World of Gumball.

  98. Louis Clay

    dis shit got me fuckedddd upppp mah lord

  99. Raymond Reid

    I can’t figure out why I get so wasted on this. I replenished my stock again at StarBuds and am getting lots of buttered popcorn. It just effs me up so bad. All Dp experts should luv this. ns

  100. Jaden Henry

    Some of the best looking bud I’ve experienced. I got it from my Caregiver who had grown this beautiful plant. The high is great very nice Indica-y feeling last a good time and relieves all pain including racing thoughts and anxiety.

  101. Miah Glass

    Ok I can tell this just by the smell. I swear thatÕs exactly what I smell when IÕm sniffing this product lol. I also think growers around here are improving because the quality of the this flower this time is better compared to the last batch of this they had. I originally wanted more White Widow but the dispensaryÕs daily sale did the job & alas, they sold out. I inquired what product was similar & still within my price-range & they suggested the this (& said the quality is even better this time). It looked really good, pretty sticky & pungent. The color was good & it had such a great smell. Smoking it was an adventure. They nailed it as being very similar to their White Widow. The effects were wonderful & stuck around for a decent amount of time. I was dealing with issues I didnÕt know had been bothering me…This high had me feeling like I had went on a spiritual & emotional journey lol like an awakening of sorts. I wasnÕt breaking down balling like a baby or anything like that but it had me thinking, focused, & open minded. That part snuck up on me lol. But I felt relaxed, happy, & even sleepy when I smoked more. ItÕs a head high & a body high. Not quite as much of a body high as the White Widow is but really close. IÕm pretty fond of this product.

  102. Sidney Cohen

    After smoking this, I felt a great and unique head high with a mellow body high as well. Smells amazing, tastes amazing and it yields a lot of kief. Best product I’ve ever had

  103. Jaiden Donaldson

    From the moment I lit this up and tasted it I knew it was one of my top 5 products; aromatic, and a sort of a spicy essence to it. The nugs are perfect size and stickiness for rolling, and as I’m typing this the full effects are hitting and I spaced out for about 3 minutes. Heady, with heavy body high, and euphoria. I can see why it’s recommended to medical patients. 9.5/10
    (This product will leave you with slight cottonmouth/dry eyes) Cheers!

  104. Walter Hayes

    my #1 strain, along with platinum this! feel amazing, with limited anxiety!

  105. Anabel Gilmore

    I got the San Diego this product from Bloom and this is nice…
    Flavor: sweet, earthy, woodsy
    Effects: Body is very relaxed but not couch locked. I have a free/safe calm and relaxed mood right now. No anxiety or paranoia. My head is in a good space. The head high is nice and not foggy. I feel like I could function at home on this. Not sure about work… This is perfect for cloud watching or enjoying while watching life around you at the park. I would buy this again for sure.

  106. Rodrigo Noble

    This is hands down my favorite of all time product. Taste is AMAZING and if your an indica smoker the high is off the charts, get ready to put your dick in the dirt and get couch locked. Although I’ve been finding it harder to actually get the same stuff I fell in love with as I keep seeing other phenotypes.

  107. Korbin Douglas

    Wow!! now that I have tried this again on its own, Im loving the euphoric effect, as well I have cleaned and organized more in my basement than I have done the last 2 years. Excellent product if you have a lot to complete.

  108. Keyon Holder

    One of my favorite like the taste in the smell

  109. Athena Macdonald

    One of my Favorites. It’s fun and gets you there…lol

  110. Kyler Fernandez

    I LOVE this strain! ItÕs got an almost ÔmintyÕ aftertaste.

  111. Logan Wallace

    Definitely my favorite hybrid. I was so extremely happy! It give you a nice up and at ’em feeling for a while then slowly lowers you into a nice relaxed state.

  112. Kinley Rubio

    Didn’t make me munch out as much as expected, great for nausea.

  113. Payton Elliott

    Awesome strain, super potent, and very very smelly. Stank up my whole house!! Overall awesome product.

  114. Jon Coffey

    Top tier high. Never had a product that gives me more consistent highs.

  115. Aydin Buckley

    This product is wonderful, gives me a nice calm high, but doesn’t give me couch lock or any of the side effects common with indica or indica dominant products. Has enough sativa qualities but not too much to where I have anxiety.

  116. Kaylee Sosa

    Unfortunately for me this product triggers my anxiety every time but my husband loves it!

  117. Simeon Livingston

    Usually when using a dab pen, it takes me a few big hits to feel half as high as smoking flower. BUT one bit of this product and iÕm feeling amazing, and definitely high. So euphoric almost immediately, very relaxed body, and awesome focus. So so excited to have this product in my stash. amazing!

  118. Piper Rogers

    A buttery smooth first drag accumulates harshness like the subtle build of spice in a two on the Thai restaurant spiciness scale. This product is fairly strong, and will leave you with an energetic yet fairly suggestive high.

  119. Noah Parker

    Beautifully grown,taste is amazing!

  120. Tyrell Middleton

    Amazing sweet pungent smell, hits you with its first impression! A nice citrus flavor. There is a nice mellow buzz, lucid high with mild body relaxation. A thinking mans high, this is a very light stone.

  121. Brendan Sims

    So, I love this product a lot — on my good days. I find with this strain, I have to already be in a good mood to have a good high with it. If I’m not, I get really, REALLLLYYYYY bad paranoia.

  122. Reid Pitts

    Very good taste and great when you need to get physical!

  123. Alexus Frank

    Very nice strain, felt very relaxed and giggly. Probably the best product I’ve tried so far

  124. Liliana Ayala

    Ambitiously Awesome

  125. Jase Silva

    I really enjoyed this. If ya wanna be stoned and have the joy of being calm but energetic, smoke this. You won’t regret it.

  126. Kamron Andersen

    this product is awesome. tastes sweet and earthy. my second fav product next to green crack.

  127. Paloma Alvarado

    Tried it for the first time and was so excited but it ended up being one of the worst products I ever tried. My guy is reputable but I think he got a bad batch and it was horrible. Gave me a headache. I will try again to be fair.

  128. Cade Rivera

    I love this product I love the way it helped out with my back pain and helped me get my appetite Straight to the head and then …slowly u feel relaxed all over it creeps up slowly but surely… blazed is the way of the walk

  129. Ansley Harris

    awsome strain

  130. Yaritza Graham

    Dank and delicious! Never had this cross before and I really enjoy it. Great for the day and cannot be beat for breakfast!

  131. Tristian Campbell

    good smell good taste good burn

  132. Demarion Nunez

    Full cerebral elevation. Ears tingling, colors vibrant, good company and giggles galore. If you’re looking for a great way to find the strength to pull through a bad day, or enjoy a day off after a rough week, look no further than this cookie.

  133. Charlize Zavala

    This particular ” peanut butter ” is made by : The CannaVative Group THC total : 75.46 % CBD total : 0.66 %
    Very nice – as long as it’s a daytime dab – make the mistake of doing it at night & I was up til sunrise ______ my budtender said it would make me sleep __ – NOT EVEN ! It’s decent , but I prefer their Afghan Haze honeycomb, personally . I’ve noticed that doing dabs gives me the munchies MUCH MORE than just smoking flower . ____ especially this this . I don’t be wanting the munchies – so I won’t be buying anymore of this – although it is quality medicine .

  134. Elvis Cameron

    This is one of my favorites, it gives a very cerebral high, it makes you pro-active. The buds have a very nice look, it has rich yellows and purples, tons of crystals. The smell is phenomenal and the taste is even better. Everybody I’ve made try this strain, love it. It’s great for sex. 5/5.

  135. Miya Hahn

    Didn’t get the euphoric I was looking for but really unlocks the creative.

  136. Kadence Gomez

    Love this stuff, oh my gosh! it is great, like.. roll around on your carpet great. I do a lot of action and sports stuff in my spare time, and this stuff is probably not the best for that. it makes you high.

  137. Braxton Avery

    Tastes and smells sweet. The intensity of the high for me was determined by what mood I was in. Had heavily increased appetite.

  138. Dominick Wells

    I’ve been looking for This for several weeks now after reading the reviews here, on Leafly. I randomly stopped at this amazing dispensary in Garden Grove, Ca called Best Holistic Care I had never seen before. Just before that I left a different dispensary without purchasing anything because I specifically was looking for this. Anyway….
    I got home & immediately upon opening the container noticed the sweet smell of my new medicine. When smoked it still maintained a bit of that sweetness but, when exhaled tasted similar (a bit piney) to a strong pure Afghani.
    After a super quick clean-up of my downstem to my Roor glass bong I packed a big bowl. Even though the buds are pretty dense they run on the small side & weigh light so, I was kinda worried it would burn fast. To my surprise this product not only burns slow but, produces a nice thick smoke without too much expansion. By the second hit I felt all the tension in my body release & realized that “life is good” 🙂 3rd hit made my forehead tingly & by the 4th I was taking clothes off.
    Definitely happy with my 1-ounce purchase & will be getting more again!

  139. Jacey Cervantes

    One of the best highs I have ever experienced. Nothing overwhelming it was just perfect . Great wake and bake shit

  140. Richard Cummings

    heavily euphoric, energy boost is a plus.

  141. Quinn Conner

    Awsome strain

  142. Aydin Wells

    just had this for the 1st time last night,really energetic, buzzy type feeling,good daytime can still get shit done..

  143. Christine Ibarra

    Very uplifting indica

  144. Stephany Anderson

    This product is top shelf. It can make anything better, makes you happy and feel relaxed. Good to count on when stressed out. __

  145. Zachary Wilkerson

    This product is perfect for my ADHD symptoms – it makes me highly motivated to complete tasks (by my standards) and it reduces my anxiety at the same time. Using a small amount I find I can focus on important work pretty well. When using a stronger dose, I can actually enjoy dancing/yoga/housework/other less complicated work again and my body doesn’t feel so wound up constantly. At a higher dose it does make me a little rambly when interacting with others but I have noticed no ill physical side effects with this product at all – I guess it makes my mouth a tiny bit dry. I am also on Vyvanse, in case this info helps anyone out.

  146. Malia Khan

    these cookies are the best

  147. Destinee Weaver

    Not very heavy & goes away quick.

  148. Mckenzie Ortega

    Its good but it gets me so hungry well what weed doesn’t do that lol but this product is diffidently one of my top tenz and I’m very particular with my stains.

  149. Yuliana Escobar

    Super good taste when smoked with bong and mixed with coconut juice drink!!! Try that and I promise it’ll taste just like a berry cookie is in your mouth. Amazing head high. Made me super talkative but the come down made me sleepy. Great smoke.

  150. Arnav Adams

    My first legal weed experience was with this, and like an old friend it’s there when you need it, makes for good memories, and will never let you down. It’s versatile, strong, and a workhorse.

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