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Handcrafted and curated with specific strain hemp-derived terpenes, ALASKAN THUNDER FUCK WAX delivers everything a hemp user wants from the traditional THC high without the heightened restlessness and psychotic tendencies. WAX is considered the calm sister of regular THC and guarantees a buzzy cerebral experience with a somewhat relaxing physical sensation, whether consumed during the day or night.






Our concentrates are made from the purest full spectrum distillate. These powerfully relaxing concentrates are made with 500 mg of concentrated THC. This means for every 1 mL of oil, you’re getting just over 15 mg of pure THC. Very well packaged to maintain freshness. Which further serves as a child proof package with California state compliance labelling. You can be certain that when you buy an EPIC tincture, you are getting the absolute best product available in the world. We take tremendous pride in says as much. After all our brand is EPIC, which means the tincture has to be EPIC.

Everyone of our products start with soil grown, indoor organic hemp flower.  This creates the most potent but also healthy flower from which we can craft our menu.  It is our belief that organic hemp flower is simply the best.

Organically grown flower won’t do much unless it starts with strong genetics.  It takes time and patience to create a genetic line of hemp flower that has great nose, great effects and looks the part.  With a healthy balance of cannabinoids.

We test every product we make throughout the entire product chain.  What we buy from other vendors gets tested and compared to their lab test results.  Purity and safety is something we will never compromise on.  It is the EPIC way.


Hemp effects everyone differently.  A lot depends on tolerance, age, energy level and even mood.  Start with a small dose and go up form there.









Mood Improvement



This is not a medical recommendation.  Please consult a physician if you have any questions before starting any treatment or hemp use.

Sleep Aid


Ache Relief


Reduce Restlessness







Concentrates, also called oils or extracts, is an umbrella term for a beloved form of hemp that offers an experience you can’t get from flower alone. A concentrate, oil, or extract is any product made when hemp flower is processed down into hemp oil, removing all parts of the plant except essential oils and cannabinoids.


We promise to always provide the highest quality products backed by unmatched customer service.  We will take every step necessary to ensure you get the finest five start treatment.  We will always provide transparency and detailed information on all that we manufacture and create.  It is our company ethos to ensure an amazing experience every time you interact with our company.  We may not always succeed but we will always do our very best.   This is our promise to you, this is the EPIC promise our company makes.



Please keep out of reach of children.  While some of our products only contain CBD which is generally safe for children.  A lot contain Delta 8 THC and other cannabinoids.  Do not operate heavy machinery and please do not drive while using our products.  Please consult a physician before starting to use any of our products.  And verify if there are any medication interactions with our products.  While hemp products are generally considered safe, please stop using them if you have any allergic reactions.  Also take time to learn about each product you plan on using before doing so.








EPIC Potency

A very potent blend created to give you the best of both worlds with a strong effect. Loaded with natural THC and a powerful blend of organic cannabinoids (CBD, CBN, etc.). We can guarantee that you will not want to try anything else. Our Epic Potency is not for the new user. 

How much Delta 8 THC is in this product?

Federally legal amount of 0.3%.

Will I get high while consuming Delta 8 THC?

If you consume low to moderate amounts of Delta 8 THC you will not feel any sort of high.

Who should use Delta 8 Concentrates?

Generally speaking concentrates are a more challenging product to use.  They normally require specialised equipment and experience.  If you are new to concentrates we suggest watching some YouTube videos on your concentrate of choice.  Then decide whats best for you.

Do concentrates smell like weed?

Some do have a small hint of weed smell.

I have a question that is not listed here. Where I can get an answer?

Have a look at our FAQ page in the top menu for more questions and answer.  And of course you are more than welcome to contact us directly.

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90% to 95%


5% to 10%



150 reviews for ALASKAN THUNDER FUCK


  1. Franco Rodgers

    This is my first 10/10 product and I have been enjoying trees for about 7 months. The aroma and flavor come off in that beautiful burnt-rug way, and the way it hits… good god, you will be over the moon in ten minutes no matter how much you have. This is a Sativa, and most [Sd] flower products are at least 80% S hybrid. Don’t let that make you think that you won’t have a full body experience. Having said that, the headiness of the high is the showcase. You feel it in your face and you want nothing more than to lean back and talk with whoever you’re with for the next few hours. Having said that, this is just as good a product for alone-time use, as the creativity that comes out of this bud is unlike anything I’ve ever encountered.

  2. Lilah Hodge

    I just smoked this about a couple hours ago and I found myself cleaning my house without realizing it. Now the house looks amazing and I still have energy to cook me some gourmet food. great strain!

  3. Kiera Luna

    Best sativa dominant product iver iver had. Girl scout cookies, and blueberry cheesecake are almost as strong but Thisis damn near like a trip after smoking 4 or 5 bowls with a friend. I want to try l.s.d. product. It lemon This. But legit Thisis truely in my top 5 all time favs.

  4. Miracle Hampton

    Not my favorite, but certainly a well rounded product. Noticed the buds weren’t very condensed, more airy and light.

  5. Eleanor Conway

    “To be perfectly honest, it is hard for me to “”feel”” this product. I was really only able to notice the effects objectively in the third person. It melts my generalized anxiety disorder away without me ever really realizing it. Particularly effective for social anxiety. I become extremely talkative and energetic for about 45 min then slightly tired for the next hour or so. I feel happy through it all, but it’s a mild, content happiness and not an artificial giggliness. This makes it the most like pharmiceutical medicine of any product I’ve tried. There is a visual effect. Things become softer and a little brighter, but I only notice it when looking at the same things after it’s worn off and mentally compare what it looked like 2 hours prior. Not much of a body high. Makes me talkative, energetic, horny, then sleepy. Majorly dry eyes as it starts to come down. Everyone can tell I’ve smoked by my eyes being so red and droopy. If I smoke too much in a day, it can actually intensify my anxiety and make me withdrawn by evening. Doesn’t provide the creativity I want when I have artist’s block.”

  6. Yuliana Escobar

    Okay guys been reviewing products all night lol at the 2nd secret cup in GR before they took down the medication tent on Saturday boooo bad cops no doughnut anyway great tasting lovely joint huge. .looks like he had an entry also but didn’t get a chance do to the fuzz. ..stopped writing for some prime rib and a top shelf margaritas. full buddy is driving heading back for the awards will update with a better review when more focused lol

  7. Jadiel Boyle

    The Thisis a favorite. The folks at Mobile Meds LLC in Kennewick Wa, have impressively manicured flowers, as well as awesome customer service. Richard and his workers have given me the discretion I desire, and the quality of product and knowledge of its various uses, that truly make a difference. Thanks so very much. Tim.

  8. London Gallegos

    love diesel when its grown right. Grew up on this product in CA. Bring back good memories, uplifting relaxed euphoria. Great for anytime use, pine sol smell…. taste of diesel mmmm. Top 5 Sativa of all time hands down. 5*product..

  9. Eve Dougherty

    This stuff will energize u and get u actin funny. Nuff said itÕs 10/10, all coasts cuts are valid

  10. Luz Wang

    Best sativa I’ve had so far. Definitely one of my favourite products.

  11. Scarlett Riddle

    It has a very distinct and attractive smell and it has me fucking high as fuck haha and itÕs so great lmao world peace _________

  12. Alivia Wilcox

    I got this and actually vaped it instead of traditionally consuming it. the flavor was very unique and enjoyable. despite being a sativa dominant strain, there is still some indica that helps with muscle relaxation and insomnia. getting baked on Thisis definitely something that brightens my day:))

  13. Gideon Mcpherson

    I’ve never laughed so hard in my life than when I smoked this stuff. It’s really uplifting. Great for stressed college kids

  14. Abigayle Watson

    “__Ok so I Brought 14Grams of this Good Diesel,Unfortunately I couldnÕt finish it because the paranoia__ got to me big time,I Almost went To the ER, DonÕt know why I had a big panic Attack_________, I really love the Strong Smell____, I was lucky enough to traded with my partners for an Hybrid GG, Gave him my This, For those whoÕs sensitive to Sativa, Please be careful this Awesome This Will Paranoid You Up__!”

  15. Saniya Rich

    Biggest mind trip I went on, swear I was in a dream for 5 hours.

  16. Lilian Schaefer

    This product is amazing. I Always feel like I need to be doing something after I consume it. The taste is terrible in my opinion. But it gives a nice relief of any chronic pain. 5 stars for sure

  17. Maren Collier

    I like This. Its a good product. Small, compact and packs a punch. I actually compare it to Lemon Haze right now since they both make me goofy and tired and are both good for insomnia and deeper sleep. Its not my favorite strain, but is a good quality sativa product. Warning: it may have strong effects on you if you are a lightweight smoker. It has semi-hallucinogenic effects. Its hard to concentrate on this strain, so imo its not good for doing thinking work or conducting business on. Its more of a high that you should get at night, while watching a movie or having a night in. Its not a party bud, but a personal bud to be smoked at night.

  18. Elianna Cruz

    I’d like to report that SD has a funky Earthy taste that I really dig. However, the initial rush after each vape brings on a wave of Paranoia and then anxiety that lasts about 30+ minutes. Not sure why?

  19. Celia Howell

    i suffer from depression and really bad anxiety – i’m wary of sativa-dominant products because they usually make me really anxious but this helps me focus and helps with depression without making me crazy anxious

  20. Madilyn Gibson

    It made me feel like I had no care in the world it stopped my depression and it made me happy in a way I had never been before

  21. Zackery Compton

    Great product. I cant add to whats already been said about it. A- Love it!

  22. Colt Aguilar

    OG original , when fresh strong hit long lasting high, bs when dried out lost its flavor

  23. Selina Harmon

    Honestly, one pick up was a terrible experience, very harsh. not flushed/cured properly.

  24. Madalyn Clay

    powerful expansion with great high

  25. Juliet Mckee

    Really nice, coming down I get very sleepy!

  26. Bridget May

    gives me a numbing feeling and lost in my own world 🙂 rated #1 product for RPG Games!!!

  27. Miracle Sheppard

    this product is by far the best i have tried. Ever since i tried This, I havenÕt smoked anything else. It makes me feel so great! It deserves all 5 stars, and even more!

  28. Laurel Merritt

    A classic Sativa. Not the perfect strain, but pretty good!

  29. Lydia Compton


  30. Marissa Waters

    Resa eccellente. Ottima tipo

  31. Emma Cordova

    Another timeless class. Such a fast buzz of cerebral energy. Almost no time to instantly feel better about being me! Focused and energized ready for anything. A must have for daytime festivities.

  32. Victor Thornton

    lemony diesel smell as well as taste very smooth very stoney

  33. Eden Lynch

    Definitely a NYC classic gas product.. nice heavy head high classic 90’s sour fire-718G

  34. Dakota Lucas

    I tried a one gram sample of this product. Nice, focused, upbeat high when vaped at 385 degrees. This made me go outside and enjoy the midsummer late afternoon. I will look to purchase more of this product to keep around for when I need a daytime lift.

  35. Corinne Griffith

    Sativa usually makes me pretty sleepy instead of indica. Thisis one of my favs to relax and wind down for a good night’s sleep.

  36. Danna Alexander

    Oh my gawd, this shit will make you wanna twist your nipples – DB3, aka Daniel Blackburne III

  37. Damaris Chan

    Favorite __ Keeps me energetic, uplifted, happy and at peace. Want to feel this way on the regular!

  38. Zackery Gibbs

    I’m a newbie at things – I’ve only been vaping for 3 – 4 months, but I thought I’d give this product a try after reading about it here on Leafly. I had heard it was good for bipolar disorder, so I used it for that. I tried it while I was feeling dangerously depressed and was delighted when it lifted me up from that and made the terrible feelings go away. This is now my favorite strain, though I’ve only ever tried one other one. It made me feel uplifted and took my depression away. 🙂

  39. Judah Gutierrez

    I definitely respect this product as a great product for hash. Potent sativa as I am sure you are aware at this point, well; This is also just a good breeding product with plenty of different, and some excellent crosses out there. Usually. It can be very positive but can border on being seriously strong with the pull of the sativa whirlpool on this thing. It’s fun and like I said great hash to add to a joint to get it extra smackin’, so overall It’s a pretty warped out, bad-ass, mean-ass product.

  40. Lauren Holt

    Best high I’ve ever had. I took a few hits and was starting to feel it, but then I took a hit and it was incredible. I was down for the count.

  41. Beau Barber

    A classic, very potent product best left to evenings and time alone.

  42. Lincoln Quinn

    To treat depression

  43. Alexis Levy

    strong head high; always diesel like smell to this product. amazing sativa

  44. Jazlene Sandoval

    This shit is just fucking great Feels like your living a dream and everythin just feels perfect & u got no worries! 10+ great high

  45. Camden Mckinney

    definitely out of this world, very peaceful, earthy like high. tastes like the earth too. (not my fav smell either)

  46. Charlee Miller

    i love this product so much

  47. Alisson Frye

    ItÕs an excellent alternative, to taking ADERALL (amphetamine, Dexxtroamohtemine). Definitely a daily product. If prescribed by the Right medical doctor.

  48. Alexia Preston

    It’s great , flavor, fun and functionality. The three F’s!!

  49. Nyla Goodman

    It’s fast acting and alright. if you’re smoking for the first time it’s the perfect strain

  50. Addison Trujillo

    In my top 3 products. Makes me feel like I can do whatever I set my mind to. Me and my bro just took turns raping people at COD…XD Kind of difficult to be discrete with this shit though, as it makes the whole house wreak, and we have a two story house! Some DANKITY DANK DANK shit!

  51. Madeline Duncan

    Mixed with a little mystery dank and a little purple kandy kush for the most euphoric high I’ve had in a very long time. Tastes skunky but is great for big hits, a jam session and a big mac attack.

  52. Immanuel Fernandez

    Wow! I vaped some SD awhile ago and now I’m getting all my shit done. Normally, I avoid housework like a Trump rally, but I just spent an hour cleaning my kitchen. I’m enjoying a pleasant little buzz while thinking very clearly and feeling very energized and ambitious. I feel a little bit spacey, which I realize is the opposite of focused; it’s hard to explain, but definitely a head high. The downside is some serious dry mouth, but I’ll deal with it. This stuff might be the cure to my ADD.

  53. Lilliana Tate

    Has a strong smell

  54. Reagan Vance

    The most pungent smell of cannabis! Can lack proper THC if not correctly cured, which seems harder than normal to cure. Regardless, the smell is amazing!

  55. Bryan Gray

    Amazing taste. I can’t say enough good about this strain! It’s on my top list of Diesel’s for sure. For not being much of a Sativa person I am amazed at just how much I like this product. I’m still relaxed but I’m focused as well! I picked mine up from Shango on Harold so very glad I did!

  56. Leon Jackson

    I’m sorry to say I was very disappointed with this. Hearing all the hype from the NYC as the Sour Nation I was expecting nothing but the best. I would rate this experience as a 3.6. I will also say that the quality from the AZ dispensaries are lower than what I could get off the street. Of course I only go to the dispensaries but man I wish they could keep up. I guess I need to try some Sour from Cali to know for sure if I like it or not. I so wish the quality was more consistent across the country.

  57. Miya Church


  58. Brielle Carson

    Sour D, Is a very good product for people who suffer from Stress, And restlessness it helps with the PTSD, MDD, Servere SAD, BPDO, and along with my daily pain It gives me the relief to actually feel good enough to actually move and do things that I don’t normally do, Though Due to my Conditions This product really does it’s job!

  59. Londyn Manning

    Great THC heavy sativa

  60. Karley Parrish

    Personally it took a while to kick in but once it did I was very relaxed, focused, hungry and tingly. This is great for a calm night and it supplies a full body relaxed feeling

  61. Jaden Carey

    great hybrid little strong on the comedown. mixes well with CBD

  62. Kael Cooley


  63. Maximus Jimenez

    Use in moderation. Uplifting giggly euphoria but can quickly become a fridge raid and couch lock if taken too much

  64. Kathy Figueroa

    It’s great for it’s price. Taste is pretty rough sadly, but the high is enjoyable even if not intense. Got 1oz for around 120 and it did last 3 weeks or so. Smoking it everyday straight, I know this can make you a little anxious but not all the time. Smoking it 3 or more times a day could cause headache from the down.

  65. Grayson Randolph

    This is fantastic for sleeping. Only downside is… you better be ready to sleep. IÕm very small and a light weight. After smoking two bowls of this I blacked out. If youÕre like me.. take it easy.

  66. Malaki Griffith

    The highest of highs!! One minute IÕm finishing a box of cereal in under a minute to laughing about the news anchor giving the weather with their corny jokes!!! If youÕre hungry this is the product for you my friend. Your body will be a wonderland #FloatOnBro

  67. Nathaly Stephenson

    This: I’ll start this review off with telling you what I’m looking for in a strain: I want it to fight my depression, anxiety, stress, and insomnia. I took two hits and I feel in a more relaxed but clear minded, clouds spread open type of way. After 10 minutes passed I took another 2 hits. Now I feel it coming __ hitting me slightly in my eyes and forehead like when a whale spanks its tail fin on the water __ I feel creative lol. I’m smoking out of a vape pen I got in San Diego, Ocean Grown Kush aka This is a west coast product more familiar to the San Diego Area whereas I’m from the Bay. I had to pick it up given its from that area and I was visiting. The effects make me feel more confident, happy, uplifted, and focused when taken in small dosages throughout the day like only 4 hits. I’m starting to feel more tired and lazy but I could still get up and do stuff if it weren’t 11 at night. This product is so versatile, smoke a little throughout the day for elevated mood/a bit more focused, or smoke more and get a good nights sleep. This product is definitely for someone with the same symptoms as me. This is grade A cannabis, I’ll relate the effects to a bit calmer, more relaxed Girl Scout Cookies, another one of my favs. Pick this up if you can!! I’m no doctor but if you suffer from anything that I do, I’ll name some products that personally helped me: GSC, This, Sour Diesel, and Gorilla Glue #4. All those are amazing, I highly suggest trying all of them!! Best of luck! Stay high ___

  68. Karissa Stephenson

    A trench of This will set any daily toker right with the world or vice versa. Crushes anxiety and keeps you operational. I’m just fine with my existential dread. Did laundry and got the groceries too.

  69. Nasir Waller

    Good old This! It’s a heavy, body-stoning, happy little plant. I find it highly effective for pain, muscle spasms, PMS and anxiety. It’s also more of a night time product for me, as it makes me sleepy (in a good way).

  70. Devin Hull

    it’s my favourite product. it’s a clear stoned, sometimes when I smoke it in social it makes me happy as God :3. Perfect for good night sleep.
    my favourite Strain!

  71. Rigoberto Watkins

    Fantastic for stress and anxiety. Completely erases my mind and replaces it with happiness and well being. A lot of short term memory loss with this one if consumed in large quantities. Not anyways a bad thing for us medical patients

  72. Keegan Allison

    Just a low key, enjoyable high. Not good right before bed – my brain doesn’t stop and I’m unable to get to sleep. Great for being up and about.

  73. Jadiel Cooke

    One of the best throw back. Has me extra melted tho. Sometimes that is good and not.

  74. Ada Noble

    This product gives me and uplifted but calm and relaxed feeling. Definitely worth it’s weight and value in even a gram. I smoked one bowl and was able to mellow out within 20-30. Definitely an intensely pungent smell of pine and lemon. Great Bud __

  75. Crystal House

    King of the Kush Jungle & Prince of all Indicas.. Lookin for some well needed Rest after work & melt away on the Couch if so then this Buds definitely for you..

  76. Lauryn Leon

    I love it. I have loss of appetite this helps me get hungry only one draw back you crave strange combinations of food types sweet then sour and spicy you’ll luv it

  77. Kale Shaffer

    just your normal ol good bud..
    smooth strong and a NICE buzz.

  78. Semaj Malone

    Best product out! Great taste great high great feeling. Idk why but my batch tasted like maple syrup and smelled like it when burned ____

  79. Rubi Brady

    great tasting This cut from chr

  80. Aryanna Mckinney

    I was fucked up

  81. Elsa Kelly

    Hits pretty quick, it’s a fun ride. Makes me a little stupid though, definitely use later in the day.

  82. Linda Mathews

    One bowl fucked me up __

  83. Stella Vance

    I had it ground. small amounts in my bubbler. the taste was as pine/ wood flavored as the description suggests. it was very smooth, and clean with that, “Kush” flavor. it set in quick, and got me feeling positive very quickly, but unlike other hybrid/ sativa leaning products I’ve had it didn’t spike the energy too much, giving it the ability to help me efficiently manage all of my many mental ailments. Also, it managed my arthritis, back, and all other general tension. for those who deal with adhd, bipolarity, anxiety, insomnia, depression, arthritis, and things in that criteria, should try this product. I hope the review helps. 🙂

  84. Griffin Adams

    Great strain, smoked one bowl yesterday and ended up playing my bass guitar for over an hour. The creativity it sparked in me was euphoric. I would recommend it to anyone, and also clean out your pipe before lighting this stuff up. When it hits you it’s like magic

  85. Jorden Osborn


  86. Kamryn Jacobs

    As you grind this very earthy bud up it’s impossible not to notice its dark orange hairs and its heavy coat of tri-chomes. The first few puffs will give you a velvety, earthy flavor. The beginning of this high gives a very subtle uplifted and relaxed feeling as your worries seem less problematic and daily anxeities slip away. This bud also provides a very focused high, and may not be the best product for the bed-time smoker. Overall this bud provides a happy, energizing sativa high with just the right amount of relaxed and laid-back high from the indica.

  87. Madilyn Booker

    I felt like i was melting it was crazzy man i would recommend this stuff to anyone who likes that feeling

  88. Ashton Hartman

    very uplifting and energetic

  89. Viviana Reynolds

    Most definitely a night time product. One bowl put me in a very sedated stage and put me right out. My favorite product. Average smokers beware of this killa 🙂 smoke it only when you have free time

  90. Nickolas Stephens

    This shit fucked me up good lol. Got some dank ass shit and it’s awesome. This took me like fuckn 20 minutes to write. Gives a great mix between body buzz and head high. Euphoric happy feeling as with some tingling.

  91. Ashton Walter

    Great product if you are trying to relax. It alleviates stress and anxiety and overall I was in a good mood. Would definitely recommend to others. Newer users should take it slow as this is a pretty potent strain; I could feel the effects after only a few hits.
    Music also sounds great 🙂

  92. Jayden Murphy

    Riverside Wellness 1/8th of This and it was the best Indica to date. Love this high, great strength from the Dark Sticky Side of the Menu.

  93. Roderick Bennett

    good solid kush..pretty good taste (sour This tastes better tho)’s a creeper with a punch, so it’s best to take a few hits & let it settle in for ~10mins or so & then smoke again when you’re ready..just be careful cause it can totally knock you on your ass & keep you glued to the couch (or make you flat-out pass out if you smoke too much too quickly)..definitely in my Top15

  94. Jamya Mccarty

    This is such a great strain, allowing the heavy latent body effect while still keeping a hazy recollection of thought, language and brain activity in general. I thoroughly enjoy the versatility offered by this product.

  95. Janessa Bartlett

    truly one of the greats Teamkush*

  96. Gavyn Wiggins

    From Medithrive in SF CA (the “Tahoe” cut)
    A very, very good example of the This style. While perhaps not “one hit wonder”, it’s damn close (as in two hits is a lot). Tasty, smooth, potent and effective. For those with chronic pain issues this is a must-have.

  97. Isabell Peterson

    This product will definitely knock you off you’re ass! Great high but for non smokers don’t have this be you’re first product to smoke if you are not a avid smoker. This one will get ya __

  98. Trey Stark

    __..She makes me Feel like that SILLY Girl Scout again!..I am soo Young, Yippee!!..I’ve earned my LIFE Badge, Now I’m earning my HERB__ Badge!!..this definitely builds my Confidence, Courage & Character..I’m soo stoned, typing is a trip. I feel Good & Young, Hopful, in Grace, Joy & Gratitude! this provides an Amazing Positive Energy Space where I “go within”..I’m Up, Happy & Giggly when enjoying this this, No worries, No Stress, Just FUN!!!.. “Am I running for ?”..Oh, that was a Dream when I drifted off just now.. Space Queen BADGE as well! She gets me singing in the morn, dancing in the afternoon, Purrring in the eve & even takes me by the hand into Dreamtime__..Nice in the bedroom, too, How could I Not recommend one of my Top 5 products?.. I ALWAYS buy this when the grow is right, Reminicent of the Tucson days..Thank you, Arizona for Leagal Medical MJ, NOW may we please LEGALIZE come November?!?.. your Vote Does Count, my fellow Zoni Canna Friends!!!..Be well, Stay High.._ & JAH__….

  99. Abbie Chen

    The best I have ever had. I’m so chill and happy right now.

  100. Danika Bryant

    slip into a world of bliss. great product I suffer from chronic pain and Gasto problems def was a sense of relief

  101. Maverick Arellano

    Holy shit this is awesome. This product is awesome because I feel good. I like the head high after three hits IÕm feeling good. And whenever the pain comes back I will take another few hits. Because it is that good. Period 🙂

  102. Demetrius Blake

    Definitely will have you craving like the cookies would.

  103. Barrett Cummings

    One of the best hybrid product around these days.
    The cookies will both stimulate the mind while fully relaxing the body. A very peaceful state. Great for anxiety, depression and chronic pain. Daily use of of this leaves my muscles in a chronic state of relaxation.
    The taste through a vaporizer is a distinct sweet lime flavor, very delicious!

  104. Dahlia Blair

    This is a great product. I stepped on a push pin while on this and had no idea it was in my foot until my wife pointed it out. Exceptional pain relief and incredibly relaxing. Definitely a good hybrid starter stain. There is a reason I call it “the smoke-a-cola of the cannabis world.” It’s a classic!

  105. Elise Mayo

    harsh on the exhale but very nice after taste and smell

  106. Ellen Paul

    Overall one of my favourite Sativa dominant hybrids! Nugs were were small and very dense. Truly smells like thin mint cookies, but not that pungent. Nice cookie sweet vapour with a hint of mint. Very mood elevating while keeping you in a calm and relaxed state. Personally made me very giggly, which is great for watching Netflix etc.
    this will be my staple Hybrid from now on!

  107. Trey Leon

    Nice high!! Has a relaxation body high with a floating sensation!!!

  108. Mitchell Alvarado

    Wow. Talk about a beautiful flower. I took one look at this product and my jaw dropped. It’s so green! Tiny little orange hairs pepper the surface of these gorgeous, sticky, green nugs. Me and two other friends packed one bowl and passed it around for a few minutes, marveling at the lovely, fruity taste. Within minutes we were immersed in a high that reminded me a lot of Blue Dream (one of my all-time favorite products). I felt energetic and creative, and ready to take on the world. We didn’t even finish the bowl. This is now one of my favorite products, and I am so thankful for the opportunity to have experienced such a wonderfully euphoric high.

  109. Kyla Willis

    It was a wonderful high. First time I’ve ever smoked a product that was actually nameable by my dealer.

  110. Kaitlynn Dillon

    Holy sweet fuck, hold on to your god damn pants, pipes and bongs. this is kicking down the door, hurtling you through euphoria. If youÕve ever wanted to fly to the moon and back, this will get you there. Also tastes delicious, and smokes slow. Enjoy!

  111. Kason Pham

    it’s a product to relax. supper awesome

  112. Cherish Gould

    My absolute favorite product of all time, such a fun and active high. Always puts me in a great mood, everything I do becomes 10x more interesting and fun.
    This product is great for being social, and daytime use. I would recommend that everyone tries it.
    this has a very distinct look and smell, the nugs should be dense and look like popcorn, and the smell should be sweet and minty.
    Which is how it got the name This. Small and sweet just like thin mints.
    Whenever I know someone has this I make sure get myself some.

  113. Kaliyah Doyle

    4 fat grams and we was gone ________

  114. Billy Avila

    I would have to say this was one of the worst products for me. Not saying it canÕt be bomb for someone else though. The smoke is harsh hits the back of the throat immediately. The taste wasnÕt great but it wasnÕt the worst. Personally I found this product did a lot more on the negative side for me. It didnÕt calm my anxiety, it didnÕt help with pain, and quite frankly I found it made me a bit angry and super paranoid. The high for me wasnÕt that intense but the feelings were. Weirdly.

  115. Kiley Sheppard

    AKA Hilarum from Medreleaf. Great buds with a sweet and earthy smell, cookies…not so much but it will have you coming back for more and maybe with a glass of milk.

  116. Naima Osborn

    This is for sure my favorite product. Makes me horney, relaxed, and help my sleep.. work well for my leg pains..

  117. Noah Chandler

    The best one IÕve smoked!

  118. Josh Solomon

    a new favorite! not neccesarily high in thc or cbd but tastes great and feels even better. great hybrid

  119. Amiyah Crane

    This one has never really lived up to the hype for me. I tried a cartridge of vaped concentrate periodically over months, and it was always just ok. I do mean it’s ok, not bad– it doesn’t give me paranoia, and it does gently help depression and pain, but it’s not the pillowy good-mood hammer for me that other products like Chemdawg #4 and Candyland are. Maybe I react differently to it than most do, or maybe I’ve just never had a really good batch. I would certainly try it again from a different company or as flower to find out, but I also won’t go out of my way to look for it. If a genie appeared with bud in both closed hands and asked me to choose between this or something else I’m interested in trying, I would almost certainly try the new thing instead.

  120. Angelique King

    Definetly great for back pain and insomnia, always the best this’s around. Theres much hype and I see why, cures a rally of ailments, great stress reliever too.

  121. Kaliyah Reyes

    higher leaf toke tour: honey creek grown. dense sticky shimmery nugs. smell great… sweet and fruity. tastes great in the bong, a clean sweet pine taste with tropical undertones. marked 26% thc and 2.o6% cbd.

  122. Callie Hart

    Good weed

  123. Brooklyn Byrd

    recommended very sweet smooth taste in raw papers

  124. Valeria Novak

    Happy and very laughy__

  125. Jaylin Gordon

    I luv this shit!_]

  126. Shirley Lawson

    I love this product smells like heaven and it had my brain fried off 2hits lol

  127. Arnav Casey

    EVB This is legit the best this I have ever smoked. It is dark and beautiful, leaving a relaxed and creative high. This product is great to smoke before writing or completing tasks. This is a special treat, that also relieved pain and gave me significant munchies.

  128. Destiney House

    This is nice and dank. Instantly made me happy as hell after a day’s work and super easy to relax with its slight body buzz. Very “high-tenned” sense of appreciation for music. The batch I got from Clear Choice and packaged by Alis Group actually smells quite flowery and sweet. As far as hybrid percentages go, this falls exactly in the middle for me, 50% sativa and 50% indica. Either way, this product is absolutely wonderful! I’ll have to buy some more.

  129. Adeline Decker

    By far one of my favorite products. Helps a ton with bipolar. Would recommend to anyone looking for something to take them out of a depressive state.

  130. Kamden Hutchinson

    Very relaxing, creative euphoria, zoning out, smoked a ripper off the bong, definitely one of my favorite strands because it’s keeps you up! My brain feels heavy from the potency! Thank you God for this awesome strand!

  131. Blake Cobb

    A very deep, but focused head buzz. Strong but you can still get light work done. It is a little trippy, so dont play with any machines! Cheers!

  132. Lilah Petersen

    Wonderfully sticky tricombs on all the orange-haired buds. Nice smooth flavor. Didn’t make me giggly but I felt nice and spacey and slightly sedated. Works great for pain with me.

  133. Kayley Mcfarland

    Okay so I’m gonna document this high for ya. I was coming down from a high caused by a product I don’t know the name of, so that’s one potential factor of interest. Anyway I had just about come down from the other high when they came back and brought some this. A good high that I would say began 5-6 minutes after my first couple hits. I am tiny. Five foot, hundred pound college freshman & I’m super lightweight. First thing to snap me into reality to realize that I was suddenly high, was when the person who brought it pointed out that he was high from weed. (Mind you, we had been doing dabs for a good while beforehand.) I snap back into reality & realize I’m high, then I somehow come up with the idea of documenting it here on Leafly. To begin with, it is definitely a relaxing high. Very interesting cerebral effects, including heightened senses, especially sound (for me at least. Hearing impaired but even worse senses of taste and smell) and touch. A bit of dry which is listed as a negative, but I also have naturally dry eyes myself (I have a medical condition so yeah, not the most average participant / smoker of this I assume lol). Also, dizziness realized and acknowledged and strongly disliked, is now ensuing. I f***ing hate it. A few sensory based headaches and a lot more dizziness follows me. So many sensory headaches. Very sensitive senses. Every time I snap back into reality I desire sleep but I keep going for the sake of this review. Very dry eyes and dry mouth. Guys and their videogames and PC games. Kinda hate this recording of things cause it makes my head hurt again when I start focusing on it. More dry eyes and dry mouth. I forgot what else I was gonna put for this paragraph. . They’re talking about plans for leaving or whatever so it will be a little short / cut off anyway sorry guys. So it’s after about an hour since I believe I started this entry, and everyone gone their separate ways. Me and my girl friend went to bed, the two guys left to go somewhere. In sort, nice my most favorite high. I do believe the high amount of dizziness and intensities of all my effects have to do with my being lightweight in both pounds and thc tolerance, definitely contribute to my experience. Anyway bedtime I have to pull a twelve hour shift tomorrow. Nighty night. ______
    (Btw this may seem like a quick and simple sounding review that didn’t last an entire hour, but I was texting it to myself and copying and pasting into here. So like, this is over the extension of an hour. I feel like time definitely warps / slows down a bit when you’re high. At least for me.) Thanks for reading this lame ass review. In summary I would rate 4 for overall because when you consider factors like my weight and tolerance then it’s a pretty great high for the average person but it’s a bit too intense for my likings. Always here, Bracee ____

  134. Franco Martinez

    One of the best products I’ve had yet!

  135. Makenzie Freeman

    Was very excited to give this a try as this is a popular product. The smell was fantastic and just opening the container filled my living room. However, I gave this product 2 tries and both times made me feel tingly all over like my veins were vibrating. Both times the sensation brought on anxiety and triggered some panic feelings. Over all different products work different or everyone and this just wasnÕt for me.

  136. Anika Cordova

    Something of a cannabis novice, however of all the products that I’ve tried, this is a “go to” when thinking about options. it’s pretty much perfect for getting home after a long day and delivering that extra kick that dents you into a total state of bliss.

  137. Alice Osborne

    This stuff was fantastic. Felt a little paranoid, but the effects itself were great. I’d recommend this to anyone, the taste, aroma, and impact were just brilliant. I have to say, my eyes did get very red and stayed that way for a long time, I ended up saying I had pollen allergies (even though I’ve never had them in my life) and had to fake sniffling and sneezing for the next 2 days as a result. But I guess that’s kind of my fault, anyways this is definitely one of my favorites yet.

  138. Cynthia Wong

    love it. one of my new faves

  139. Lily Mcpherson

    Lovely flavor profile and very relaxing. It works well for uplifting my mood and relieving symptoms of depression.

  140. Aliya Horton

    This is one I always share with my best buds. It’s a fun energetic high and has a mellow haze on it.

  141. Aubree Randall

    favorite product ever nothings beats this product have your ears warms have you high high high can never get burnt out on this strain

  142. Yurem Herman

    beautiful. starts energetic, ends with a good night’s sleep

  143. Brooklynn Huerta

    Honestly I don’t like this strand for some reason. Around the time when I just started smoking, I tried this product and it didn’t give me the best high. I don’t know how to explain it but I felt like it was pretty low grade compared to other products I have tried over the years. Just felt like it was a waste of money because it didn’t deliver that great of an experience so I never tried it again after that first time with it. I try to stay away from this strain, but that’s not hard to do since it’s pretty hard for me to find it anyways. I could be totally wrong about this weed, but that’s just how I feel about it.

  144. Yurem Kidd

    this has become one of my favorite products out there! not only are the nugs beautiful and smell sweet, but i have always thought this one was overrated (because my first batch wasn’t all that great). when i came across another, oh man, the blast of super euphoria came to play. it was like watching an imax movie and someone turned the 3d function to the max! i was on a trip, quite similar to a low-dose psychadelic. the immensely happy and ongoing high was flooded with joy and relief of any type of stress and pain. i am a veteran smoker. as i smoke, i wont stop until there is no going further. i love to achieve the highest potential to each smoke….. but this here had me calling it quits real quick. greatly appreciated and new favorite! looking forward to run across this again

  145. Turner Webb

    This is some of the most divine stuff a human can smoke. You’ve got all types of sweetness and fruitiness emanating from the herb leaving you with a sugary inhalation. The smoke is more earthy but still with a touch of that sweetness. Lot’s of mango smell and taste here. No sourness or skunkiness here. The high was blissful beyond belief and really got my mind more imaginative and my observations more vivid. I think as a hybrid, this bud really bridges the gap between the mind and the body. Hard to explain, but end result was lots of creativity and mellowness. No paranoia or anxiety at all, and really warming to the body. Great stuff for a cold, sick day or a dope evening with the homies. Great social weed.

  146. Savanah Cannon

    whatnot so . IDR… what

  147. Luka Dudley

    I shat myself when i tried this product. Love it to death. Its definitely worth whatever price you find it for. lol.

  148. Rodrigo Patterson

    this really is like the little sister to Platinum this. this is not quite as pretty or as popular, or as tasty and potent as her big sister, but you can still feel the family genes. I really like the relaxed yet not couch locked feeling I get with this. Makes me more social and just makes me happy. Yep, this is going in my top picks.

  149. Sierra Henson

    Sticky strain, smells great! The taste is so good and the high is A+

  150. Crystal Sullivan

    Great reviews = Great product. Nuff needed

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