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DURBAN POISON BUDDER is often referred to as whipped wax, the budder’s texture resembles peanut butter and has a yellowish or golden-brown color.  Its hemp-derived THC budder comprises a perfect blend of cannabinoids and is known to offer a premium experience and federally legal.

Most users appreciate DURBAN POISON BUDDER for their strength, potency, and effectiveness. Some people also mentioned that this budder offers a pleasant high without the cloudiness of the mind normally noticed in many THC concentrates.





Our concentrates are made from the purest full spectrum distillate. These powerfully relaxing concentrates are made with 500 mg of concentrated THC. This means for every 1 mL of oil, you’re getting just over 15 mg of pure THC. Very well packaged to maintain freshness. Which further serves as a child proof package with California state compliance labelling. You can be certain that when you buy an EPIC tincture, you are getting the absolute best product available in the world. We take tremendous pride in says as much. After all our brand is EPIC, which means the tincture has to be EPIC.

Everyone of our products start with soil grown, indoor organic hemp flower.  This creates the most potent but also healthy flower from which we can craft our menu.  It is our belief that organic hemp flower is simply the best.

Organically grown flower won’t do much unless it starts with strong genetics.  It takes time and patience to create a genetic line of hemp flower that has great nose, great effects and looks the part.  With a healthy balance of cannabinoids.

We test every product we make throughout the entire product chain.  What we buy from other vendors gets tested and compared to their lab test results.  Purity and safety is something we will never compromise on.  It is the EPIC way.


Hemp effects everyone differently.  A lot depends on tolerance, age, energy level and even mood.  Start with a small dose and go up form there.









Mood Improvement



This is not a medical recommendation.  Please consult a physician if you have any questions before starting any treatment or hemp use.

Sleep Aid


Ache Relief


Reduce Restlessness







Concentrates, also called oils or extracts, is an umbrella term for a beloved form of hemp that offers an experience you can’t get from flower alone. A concentrate, oil, or extract is any product made when hemp flower is processed down into hemp oil, removing all parts of the plant except essential oils and cannabinoids.


We promise to always provide the highest quality products backed by unmatched customer service.  We will take every step necessary to ensure you get the finest five start treatment.  We will always provide transparency and detailed information on all that we manufacture and create.  It is our company ethos to ensure an amazing experience every time you interact with our company.  We may not always succeed but we will always do our very best.   This is our promise to you, this is the EPIC promise our company makes.



Please keep out of reach of children.  While some of our products only contain CBD which is generally safe for children.  A lot contain Delta 8 THC and other cannabinoids.  Do not operate heavy machinery and please do not drive while using our products.  Please consult a physician before starting to use any of our products.  And verify if there are any medication interactions with our products.  While hemp products are generally considered safe, please stop using them if you have any allergic reactions.  Also take time to learn about each product you plan on using before doing so.








EPIC Potency

A very potent blend created to give you the best of both worlds with a strong effect. Loaded with natural THC and a powerful blend of organic cannabinoids (CBD, CBN, etc.). We can guarantee that you will not want to try anything else. Our Epic Potency is not for the new user. 

How much Delta 8 THC is in this product?

Federally legal amount of 0.3%.

Will I get high while consuming Delta 8 THC?

If you consume low to moderate amounts of Delta 8 THC you will not feel any sort of high.

Who should use Delta 8 Concentrates?

Generally speaking concentrates are a more challenging product to use.  They normally require specialised equipment and experience.  If you are new to concentrates we suggest watching some YouTube videos on your concentrate of choice.  Then decide whats best for you.

Do concentrates smell like weed?

Some do have a small hint of weed smell.

I have a question that is not listed here. Where I can get an answer?

Have a look at our FAQ page in the top menu for more questions and answer.  And of course you are more than welcome to contact us directly.

Additional information

Weight 0.016 kg



90% to 95%


5% to 10%



151 reviews for DURBAN POISON


  1. Harley Mann

    A major head high, gives a spacey yet intrigued sense. You will want to ponder life and see new meanings but easily forget where you are and will not care one but because you feel so good.

  2. Giana Barron

    This: An excellent feel-good-all-over-high; it makes me very aware of tactile and physical contact and sensations. I feel both energetic and a little nappy-sleepy, too. I will try Sd next time I have a massage therapy appointment.

  3. Lennon Orozco

    “This: Easily in my top five favorite products. After picking up a few 1/8th, I head home late in the afternoon, and try out the Gas (as it’s nearly ubiquitously referenced as in hip-hop). As I grind the bud, the pungent profile pierces my sinuses, before I even take a sniff. I load my pax with a light bowl, and set it to flavor mode, at 360 degrees. Wow. Another, thicker wave of the Gas reaches my nostrils, and I could almost taste it already. The first hit is something akin to a piney, whiff of diesel. Go figure. I take another couple draws, and suddenly I lose track of my puffs, and I’m launched into an intense, cerebral high. I’m hypersensitive to everything around me; the drums in “”Time”” feel as though the rhythmic pounding comes from the base of my skull. I walk inside to grab water, and before I realize it I’m dancing around my house, to tunes I’m thinking of in my head. After getting restless I even started doing sporadic sets of push-ups! After some time of layer weeding in my backyard, it wore off, without sluggishness or and damper on my mood. Honestly, I can’t get enough of this product. When I have this strain, I often like to smoke it at parties or social outings, which is a huge plus because there are only a select few products I like to smoke at parties.”

  4. Izabella Collier

    I love this product. Enough said! I can smoke this right before work and be focused, energized. It also really helped with my lower back pain as well. Definetly pick this product up when ever I can find it!

  5. Madalyn Calhoun

    Nothing touches this LEGENDARY product. I’ve tried sooo many damn products but through my journey with cannabis I could never find one that topped This. Not to mention it was the first product I ever smoked and has continued to deliver till this very day with it’s euphoria that has you stepping into a wonderland of Joy, Peace, and Tranquility. If this one is in your shop or dispensary it is perfect for ADD or any kind of STRESS dissorders or problems. ONE LOVE let us come together and not fight with our brother’s and sister’s.

  6. Daniella Flynn

    One of the best original types of exotics from back then til present time! You can never get enough! Sour or Dour will always be a choice!

  7. Jaron Hooper

    “LOVE IT!!!!! Keep me up and doing my thing!”

  8. Cynthia Levine

    Really high quality Sativa! I was afraid after I ran out of Moby Dick, the next product I tried would be underwhelming but I am very glad to say that is not the case! This is right up there with the big boys of Sativas, giving off a super pungent chemically, forest smell, like dew on a frosty morning. A couple tokes of this and youÕll be cruisinÕ!

  9. Kellen Pace

    Buen sabor, unas de mis favoritas

  10. Kyle Harris

    This has been my favorite product for awhile now. Oddly i have anxiety every time i smoke but this takes the ease off plus gives me a euphoric and happy vibe. If people are looking to control further anxiety i would first recommend this strain, plus a nice hot cup of Chamomile Tea (many benefits, flower power) to sip on so you can really enjoy each vibe this plant gives you. Be warned just like any other person who does have anxiety, don’t smoke a full bowl right away. Take two small sips, save the bowl and see how you feel, after half an hour and you’re comfortable then take two more hits and coast my friend. 🙂 This is the product that gets complimented for being an original classic and it should, i’m always smiling. 🙂

  11. Scarlett Santos

    This batch was really showing off its’ Suoer skunk genes.Really grabbed the lungs,best cornered in a bowl for enhanced terpage.Super for my trigger finger,migraines,and chronic insomnia.If you suffer like I do from these things I recomend Thisin any form.

  12. Marianna Acosta

    Great product to smoke in the morning very relaxing and uplifting head high!

  13. Kaydence Hamilton

    At 17% THC this is still an ass kicking smoke. It doesn’t have that diesel fuel taste or smell that other diesel products that I’ve tried. I won’t drive or use machinery while using this product from Mr. Doobees in Raymond, WA. The cannabinoids at 18% is enough to make my arthritis bearable. I would buy this product again.

  14. Aliyah Reynolds

    “This is another one of those pantry flower staples that every patient has or has tried. It stinks with a wonderful pungent aroma that can get you in trouble and it tastes like gas! I love it! This product is perfect when you’ve got errands to run and can’t afford to be couch locked. I liked it when I had school, especially calculus. I aced every test__”

  15. Rayne Guerrero

    “Love it, from the pine/lemony/gassy smell to that delicious after-taste hit. A must try for every toker.”

  16. Karli Preston

    Love this one, just a classic! So beautiful when done right, and smokes just as good. Sticky and dense at time, but still smokes perfect. Almost wet looking. Great sativa and one of the GREATS…Overall A

  17. Mark Cummings

    Pungent, earthy. This is one relaxing product. Very euphoric too.

  18. Yaretzi Flowers

    This Sativa strand makes this indica lover happy. It’s super stony, super cerebral and will knock you on your ass without the couch lock or jelly brain. As a pain reliever it’s amazing. The only drawback and the reason I didn’t give full stars are the munchies. This would be great for patients with appetite problems but I found the insatiable hunger annoying. I literally could not stop eating.

  19. Aron Bond

    This product smells sufficiently pungeant that I knew it had to be good. And whew-eeeeeee. Three to four puffs baked me in a very enjoyable way. A good body high. This product loosened up my prostrate nicely and gave me an extra good flow. Definitely no couch lock, although I relaxed on a couch and enjoyed myself for the whole high. And a nice, intense cerebral experience. Not everything became funny. Although I couldnÕt analyze complex ideas in reading material all that well, I retained the ability and willingness to study reading material half seriously. At the same time, a variety of situations struck me as laughably silly that I wouldnÕt have noticed the humor in otherwise. Time passed quickly. I was with my wife who smoked some too. I was too buzzed to interact appropriately with non-participants. But, I started coming down in a Òeasy does itÑback to normalÓ fashion after a fast-moving couple of hours. Excellent material for a quick, positive, head and body high in the middle of the day.

  20. Jaslyn Bruce

    Best tasting oil cartridge I have ever tasted. One of my top 5 favorite product.

  21. Esmeralda Austin

    I love This it was the bomb it got me high asf but I was more focused and relaxed and I was chill great weed.

  22. Aubrey Hebert

    This is a great one if u really need to sleep puts u in a deep sleep. Gave me a heavy feeling and it does make u feel dizzy

  23. Essence Baxter

    I tried to start a fight with myself on here and it ate all of my comments.

  24. Yurem Donovan

    This is an amazing product. So far it is my favorite I feel uplifted and euphoric. Definitely a head high right behind the eyes. The high lasts for a good 3 hours. I definitely recommend this product to anyone who is stressed or has depression.

  25. Dane Burns

    Honestly, I’m tired of This. It brands itself as “New York’s finest,” but just like the cops, we all know it ain’t. As always, would buy again, but I never say no. Ever. Seriously, it’s a problem.

  26. Dayton Gibson

    I love this for the day time. Although the taste is foul, I really do enjoy smell, it reminds me of driving a tractor. I enjoy how I want to do stuff and be busy. It’s nice to come home from work and smoke because then I actually do things that I need to do instead of crashing. It also allows me to do things because I don’t have as much pain. A++

  27. Maia Herring

    it was alright. i was extremely hungry and thirsty, it made me very loud and annoying. it made my eyes and mouth dry and smelled and tasted very much like diesel and very earthy. it made me pretty happy, i wouldnÕt say i felt euphoric.

  28. Lucas Pace

    Holy shit, this stuff is a doozy! First time I tried it, I got so high while watching the Golden Girls that I started hallucinating and thought they were moving off the screen. The second time I had it out of a Hello Kitty bong and sat outside for thirty minutes watching the leaves move on the trees. And the third time, I passed out while standing up (seriously) while smoking from a small bong. This stuff is no joke! It’s a very euphoric and happy high but it’ll getcha if you’re not careful.

  29. Brent Mayer

    ITS VERY TASTYÉ.but it made my throat dryÉBUT ITS YUM

  30. Lucia Love

    “Very intense, kinda not expecting it to be as potent as it was? As someone else said, it really does hit like a truck. It kinda knocked out the pain I have (intercostal neuralgia, or severe nerve damage), but by kinda knocking me out of my own head. Not a super fan of the taste, very harsh. I’m unsure whether it’s my diet this morning or the product itself, but feeling pretty nauseated, bit of a headache. The effect has lasted about 3 hours. If you’re looking to get knocked on your ass, this is it. So like I said, too harsh, too intense, may try one more time when maybe my stomach would be more settled, but I may just give away what I have left.”

  31. Mayra Higgins

    “smokin on some Thisright now and i love this shit. very euphoric and i can still get shit done, no couch lock, but beware of the abnormal munchies u may get from this product lol”

  32. Skyler Greene

    This is my favorite product takes away pain smells and looks amazing 10/10

  33. Deven Armstrong

    Nice, relaxing dreamy high, great earthy taste. Id recommend to any new comers!

  34. Nadia Booth

    Love the immediacy of stress relief! Muscles relax and pain lessons….. In the daytime to get stuff done!

  35. Vincent Washington

    one of my favorite all time favorites, you cant ever go wrong with some sour D. It is such a welcoming comfortable high.

  36. Theodore Meadows

    leaves you uplifted and stressless, euphoric melodies all over your head…Yeah this is a really good product to smoke to a active morning. left in a dreamy state that distracts any pain.

  37. Emma Robertson

    it was a good mellow high with a nice earthy taste

  38. Kaliyah Griffith

    Hands down my favorite of all time, any state.

  39. Elsa Carson

    Very potent and gets the job done quick. Tastes great when smoked through papers.

  40. Lorena Tran

    Great taste. turbo charge. go

  41. Marcel Wood

    Great sativa strain

  42. Addisyn Barrett

    This product is amazing. One of my favorites ever. Definitely a very active daytime strain, I donÕt recommend smoking it before bed though because it gets me pretty wired. This product helped me wean myself off of antidepressants, and is just generally great. No wonder itÕs so popular!

  43. Kason Benson

    Good stuff! Definite a go to when stressed, and if you are in need of an up-lifting mood.

  44. Valery Hughes

    This is a personal favorite. Nice smell, not to skunk, easy on the eyes (light green with light orange hairs). Weed giggles are a guarantee and munchies are minimal. The high consists of quick black-outs (that waking up from a dream feeling every 3 seconds), constant positivity, and great mobility.

  45. Pamela Day

    Really nice strain, makes me feel very creative, hence why I’m writing this review while smoking my bubbler. Hits smoothly and has a nice earthy taste to it. I like it a lot.

  46. Jamie Hutchinson

    Best sativa

  47. Makena Acevedo

    Good overall taste n effect very happy

  48. Cynthia Sandoval

    Invigorating and tasty, too! Like it alot. ( :

  49. Lilliana Warren

    Very common product in my neighborhood (NYC) a great day time product. makes all your day to day activities just a bit more enjoyable.

  50. Aracely Graves


  51. Elianna Nolan

    Immediately felt the high and oh man is it right about the euphoria. Felt very confident and able to push forward with my project management work as well as a few other projects I had to get done under my belt. Had a bit of dry mouth and my thoughts are a bit everywhere within the first 30 minutes. But things slowed down and I was fine after. For now though i can definitely recommend this product if you want something with that extra kick. I had this in wax form so keep in mind your tolerance as well. All in all 5 stars

  52. Selina Jones

    There’s a reason why this product is so legendary. The high and flavor profile are unmatched. Hitting sour is pure bliss.

  53. Jazlyn Gallegos

    100% weed

  54. Andreas Douglas

    Extremely Good product. The high is very level, and doesn’t give the “couch-lock” effect. The ThisI picked up is from a renown dispensary, strong pungent smell, grown indoor, has a white crystally look to it. Smokes evenly, and isn’t too harsh on the lungs. Thishits quick, and lasts long. I’ve read different reviews on this same strain, and some people experience paranoia, others experience passing out. Tolerance may be a factor, but if you’re using for medicine then this product is one of the best pain-killers, and mood-elevators out there. The taste is absolutely amazing. I search for taste more then anything else. Taste is number 1 to me and if it is to you then this is a great product. If grown well.

  55. Augustus Koch


  56. Giovanni George

    Gave my friend and I paranoia. For the most part, it was a negative effects. I did want to take the risk of whatever it was we were paranoid about, it gave a slight adrenaline rush.

  57. Orlando Moon

    Great before bed and relieves all stress and pain

  58. Troy Salas

    ThinkinÕ clearly and vigilantly. My sampled prod. was sticky w/ peelable sour mini-bouquets of nugs. Each little rip was a geeb or two like a fine cup of coffee. This clearly does the job in calming behavior and stimulating mind while adding flavor to the experience with dank notes of cherry, pine and pepper.

  59. Danna Clark

    Happy. Interested. Motivated. Creative. I like it, but it tastes and smells pretty awful. Even by way of vape.

  60. Aaden Wise

    The crowd pleaser, Top 5 for this head.

  61. Aileen Mcdowell

    The one and only. Classic product and still a go-to for tokers around the globe. You can’t go wrong ma guys.

  62. Kaylyn Mckee

    Good for sleepy time.

  63. Jabari Briggs

    Completely relaxing. Gave me major munchies then put me out to bed. Great product for insomnia.

  64. Alberto Myers

    super free spirited, calmed my anxiety. Also has such a beautiful Pine flavor

  65. Jacey Bennett

    Helped a wide range of issues for me. Beautiful product. Ethereal.

  66. Davin Christian

    This is my all time favorite Indica product. Always has been. It’s sweet flavor mixed with it’s sweet tingly feeling, makes me wanna go.
    Great pick me up, allows for total body and mind relaxation. Just make sure you have something to do…

  67. Paola Horne

    This is my Favorite KUSH,OGK. I like to spend my birthdays with this monster product. What is there not to say about it? This product is the polar opposite of the earths core! I’m talking out of this world from the looks, taste and feel. OGK is a mind altering and body stimulating mood enhancer. Happy, euphoric, giggly, inspiring and interestingly mellow feelings all at the same time come over you. Kisses your lips and colors your eyes as you happily intake the smooth full bodied product. Always vape for full flavor and full effects,IMO. It’s a strong product which tends to effect ones state of mind and body quickly. Beginners should start S L O W. This is on my top five list of best kush products I ever tried. It will have you wanting more, so pick up a small reserve for a rainy day. This is not a sleepy product. It’s truly one of the best KUSH products ever. Guaranteed to please EVERYTIME!

  68. Gaven Townsend

    one of my favourite products really nice high.

  69. Ava Murphy

    Nice high, but felt body heavy. Very relaxed. Great for sleeping.

  70. Kinsley Barajas

    This!!!!!! Enough Said __ Colorado ______ Keeps Us So High!!!!!!!

  71. Trevor Duncan

    I now understand why this is one of the Holy Grail of old school products. As soon as I take one hit, everything is super trippy and colorful, and clear. My body feels soooooo good. I make cannaoil, and I’m looking forward to using this product for my next batch. One of my favorites so far!

  72. Luciano Ward

    It has a very mellow high, would definitely do it again.

  73. Alaina Hampton

    Great psychedelic high while totally being aware and able to have a conversation. Great for stomach pain. No anxiety, no throbbing head, just a relaxed sedation. Overall excellent product for body and head high, and great at relieving nausea.

  74. Marques Espinoza

    Amazing product for any cannabis user. Very delicious lemony/pine aroma. Best smelling product I have ever come across. First effect you will feel is a slow creep of complete pain relief and body relaxation. The cerebral head high kicks in and you then become very euphoric, happy, and I became extremely giggly. Very good product for parties, hangouts with friends, and before bed. 9/10 overall.

  75. Kaylee Anthony

    Love this product. Helps me sleep, chills me out, takes away pain. Sides effects= eat to many donuts __

  76. Jayden Stout

    Definitely helps with my ADD. I can get a lot of shit down when I hit this product or straight up chill with nothing in mind at all.

  77. Alexandria Walsh

    This is honestly one of the best highs I have got so far.. Love the chill & relax feeling.

  78. Elisabeth Castillo

    Great taste and affect. The color and densatie is extremely descent.

  79. Yoselin Hendrix

    smoked just a joint and I was fine, all I needed was a bag of doritos and a red Bull lol

  80. Davin Cordova

    Good if you want an indica euphoria without getting super sleepy. This would be great for watching tv or settling in before bedtime.

  81. Philip Gallagher


  82. Brennen Mcmillan

    Solid go to when I can’t decide. It lives up to its status sending u straight up but completely relaxin you on the ride. Feeling content and above it all. Covered in crystals.

  83. Katie Madden

    A pretty good product. Nothin super about it really. Taste is pretty good and the effects are long lasting. This product is like name brand clothing. You are payin for the name not the better quality.

  84. Violet Rivers

    not bad but overrated for sure

  85. Luke Sheppard

    Cant focus at all but other than that its fun and relaxing!

  86. Alison Obrien

    Good bud gets you really high an it’s hits Ya later

  87. Jacob Jones

    A very powerful product. I really liked the taste and got really stoned very quickly. Made my body heavy but mind very active and creative. Definitely a good one to try but it also made me really tired and lethargic for a longer period of time than usual

  88. Kelly French

    Wow. This type is extremely potent, as in, I’ve just been talking to myself and gone on a mystical journey through my mindÑalone… in my room… over the course of 5 minutes.

  89. Lauren Conner

    earth pine scent, nice body and mind high

  90. Janiyah Kim

    The classic This such a tremendous strain! if you are getting medicated and happen to wanna watch a movie or play games for a few hours then This may be for you!

  91. Paxton Humphrey

    Dang, man. Great high. A lot less heavy than other highs. I feel like I’m flying, and my body is electric and tingling. The high lasted a reaaaally long time, and I got stupid. I could hardly form sentences I was so high, and I didn’t even smoke that much! Definitely don’t smoke if you have any plans – you’ll definitely be spotted as a stoner! That’s not to say you can’t function on this weed though – much more active than most indicas.

  92. Cristina Wilkinson

    Second day of continuous smoking

  93. Mark Mcneil

    I’m focused and what to study for some strange reason after smoking this bud!

  94. Maia Porter

    One of the best I’ve smoked and an absolute fav!

  95. Shyla Frye

    This flower delivered as promised. Vapor Rooms stuff is always high quality and this was no exception. The taste was very “kushy” with it’s earth like flavor.
    The flowers were cured nicely and it wasn’t too sticky. The buzz itself was very body calming and relaxing. My brain wasn’t too spaced out, but it was just enough to wipe out a bad day at work. This is the perfect med to smoke when you want to decompress from a stressful day.

  96. Gregory Bowman

    This is a quiet striker. Even when you’re baked, you don’t really realize it. Had a great day out with the boys today, I suggested we smoke two bong bowls and a spliff then go out on the town and eventually to the beach.
    Had a blast, played frisbee in the sand, dipped our toes in the Lake, bought a ton of great stuff as well as delicious drinks and ice cream.
    Although This does make you sleepy and lazy, if you can counterbalance those effects with caffeine, you can have a really fun, eventful day. You should definitely give This a try – it’s a total summertime product.

  97. Joseph Kadinger

    What can I say other than, ocean grown is great! From that chem dawg coffee taste to the smooth exceptionally flavorful exhale. A staple in any good stash. King size this ish, no filter!!! I love cali! Im a 80’s babie cali kid. Oh, I thought u thought…

  98. Caiden Hardin

    #ZuluOGStoner,it’s one of my favorites products in the #thisFamily. 1.) #SunsetSherbert 2.) #CookiesMonster 3.) #ThinMint 4.) #AnimalCrackers 5.) #GirlScoutCookies

  99. Elian Porter

    ItÕs famous for a reason, this is an incredible strain!
    Need to clean the house? Want to go swimming? Or maybe just wanna relax on the couch playing smash bros faded out of your mind this product does it ALL. The taste is pretty next level too and I never got tired of it. Nice flowery pine notes, paired with an almost earthy baked good taste itÕs delicious to say the least. The effects come on fast and strong too with almost overwhelming but extremely pleasant head high before sending you coasting through the day! Creative, uplifting and giggly head high combined with top notch relaxation make this product a powerhouse. Great for getting things done and for enjoying a day off this is a classic that has a special place in my heart. ____

  100. Christine Parker

    my absolute favourite, i always love how sweet and potent it is

  101. Chaz Blackwell

    Is there really any comparison? Girl Scot Cookies is the tippy top of the top notch products. Smooooth Sativa effects, extremely euphoric with a v chill body high. The last taste on the back of your tongue is identical to Thin Mint This. I dare you to smoke some of this and remain in a bad mood. You CANT!

  102. Izayah Duarte

    Easy 5 stars. Probably my favorite product of all time. _______________

  103. Bryanna Tyler

    Location: L’Eagle Services THC: 21.2%
    CBD: 0.00%
    Additional Notes: While I do enjoy this strain, I personally feel it is a tad hyped up. Appearance Rating: 5.00
    Appearance Description: Most pieces are on the smaller side and are very compact. The colors of the flower are a beautiful green and purple with almost goldish hues. They have a nice amount of red hairs and are totally covered in trichones.
    Taste Rating: 4.00
    Taste Description: The taste is very difficult for me to describe. It isn’t one of my favorite flavors though. It is slightly earthy but also kind of woodsy. Sometimes I find it is very enjoyable while on other occasions it feels more like take it or leave it. Effects Rating: 5.00
    Effects Description: I love the effects on this product. Regardless of the cannabinoid percentages, this product always seems to get the job done – and quickly! I find this a great hybrid for when I want to relax a bit and still need to be productive. Overall Rating: 4.67 (Rounds to 5.00)
    Overall Summary: While this one isn’t my favorite products, it is certainly very enjoyable. I am really big on taste so that is a little disappointing for me. However, I enjoy the effects so much that it still makes this product worth smoking. I’m Keith Von Fraichen … You Keep On Fraiching

  104. Myles Marquez

    Gives you enough energy to make any mundane task interesting, and then gives you a nice drowsiness perfect for a nap

  105. Ralph Ibarra

    Some dank ass bud.

  106. Nyla Barrett

    My go to product when IÕm in need of a smooth, relaxing, creative high. Great for going through that last hour of work on Friday. Perfect for gaming

  107. Drew Love

    pretty decent hybrid. it glues me to the couch which I don’t usually like, but it got my mind in a creative zone so I was able to write some music, which I haven’t done in over 8 years

  108. Donovan Fitzgerald

    Still one of the best products floating around…. F1Durban x OG Kush….. My favorite right now…. very complex sweet taste… Smoke out of a RAW paper or plain swisher… the high slaps you in the face with a thick heavy smoke… a creative burst ensues… social anxiety? this is the product to open you up. depression, anxiety, and stress seem to melt away as your mind races with brilliance. Happy Smoking

  109. Clare Green

    great high. very good but almost instant appetite increase. great for people with medium pain and low appetite. probably won’t get again.

  110. Zain Herring

    Might sound silly but, I could never quite bring myself to buy this particular product because of the name. Now that it’s known as this it’s fair game on my #420bucket list! Having a hard time putting the flavour into words. No burning on the back of the throat, but no cooling either. The after taste is really pleasant…it leaves a sweetness in my mouth. When I walked back into the room a few minutes after smoking, there was a kind of sweet almost vanilla scent in the air. Not sure if it’s my mind playing tricks on me (because of the old name) but, cookies did come to mind.
    I found the effects to be mild but pleasant. They didn’t last as long as I would have liked – half hour maybe. I became relaxed and my mind felt clearer. Great product to keep on hand for those high stress days when I need to unwind a little without getting too stoned.
    this is an ideal cannabis product for somebody just starting out.

  111. Abril Cruz

    Tried this from two different dispensaries in Colorado. The first time (from Faragosi Farms in Durango) it was heavy but fun. I liked it a lot at first but after a few times, knew I wanted to see if I could find a better bang for my buck. The second time (from The Greenery in Durango) it was thick and sucked all my energy out. it was so different than the first, that other than the off chance something was labeled wrong, I lost faith in the product. I want something I can count on, and that second high consistently remained a totally downer.

  112. Jasiah Hooper

    probably my favorite products, i thought the flavor was kind of minty and sweet. i didnt feel any negative side effects, i felt very relaxed and intellectually stimulated after only taking a couple of drags.. highly reccomended worth the price

  113. Shyanne Avery

    this is a great high. But you better have a TON of munchies around. Very strong appetite stimulation. You’ll eat until you cannot eat any more.
    Cerebral, relaxing, but you cannot sleep because you will eat for hours and freaking hours.

  114. Kiersten Davis

    Pretty damn good indica. Pleasant and smooth going down into the lungs. Smells wonderful too. Full body high and for me a kind of intense come up that last about half an hour. After which its smooth sailing into full euphoria and everything was hilarious. Only bad side is the dry mouth was kind of severe for the first hour or two.

  115. Madison Trujillo

    For me, this is a very well balanced product. I can get relaxed and I can get into some kind of euphoric tingly zone. I don’t really get the munchies very much, but I can tear into some grub with gusto. I can just sit there, or go out for a short walk. It hits almost all the basic stoned feelings without any particular one dominating, but one hit too many will soon put you in a sketchy zone where I am just barely keeping my shit together, or just barely not.
    I can fall asleep on this pretty easily when it’s time for bed and I don’t have any anxiety problems with it. A good public and private product. this also made me feel empathetic towards my borderline psychotic sister, which has never happened on any other products.

  116. Ronin Stark

    It’s honestly a really good product. Good taste. Nice effects. Appealing smell. On the flipside, I feel it’s a tad over rated. Seems as if the name is more desired than the product itsself.

  117. Gracie Osborn

    Amazing smell — somewhat to me like dank chips ahoy cookies, Good quality buds, lots of trichs and red hairs!! Effects are well rounded, smooth flavour and quick kick in. More of a heavy body high accompanied by a nice warming sensation which I enjoy a lot. The effects aren’t quite what I look for, but they’re def pretty good.

  118. Destiny Blanchard

    good and unique

  119. Benjamin Figueroa

    Ive had tgis product several times and its given me joy everytime. It hits you hard then fades away without the fatigue of regular weed. Very potent, sweet smelling and earthy taste. I smoke it and my music creativity voes through the roof. Again, when the high is over, its over, but you do stay lifted for ahwile. Some of my friends dislike it due to the facing high. I love weed and all, but I dont want to stay high. 4 of 5 _

  120. Mary Bonilla

    not a bad hybrid at all! the taste and smell make it a pleasure to smoke. very enjoyable and balanced high.
    these were super dense buds, put some into a grinder and watch it explode lol

  121. Cason Downs

    My all time favorite when its available.

  122. Sasha Duffy

    Very intense high, make sure you have time for this one. I took one hit before going into work on my day off to do some ordering… Suffice to say the day ended up feeling like a personal journey. I enjoyed myself fully but would not have smoked so cavalierly if I’d known it would be so intense. I would not recommend this to an inexperienced smoker.

  123. Averie Anthony

    Happy, relaxed and fun

  124. Kaley Mann

    excellent taste perfect buds plus one bowl goes a long way I love it!!!

  125. Aubrie Williams

    Very good.

  126. Sanaa Holland

    Yum Yum give me sum! Very incredible product. Smells great, looks great, and tastes great. Awesome for anxiety and depression.

  127. Kenna Mckay

    this Forum cut is the best Weed ever

  128. Livia Eaton

    I enjoy this strain, from how it can be a Sativa. Especially from time to time if you feel lazy, just smoke this and you feel like Batman! My energy lasts for the whole day.

  129. Shayna Lowery

    This seasonal product is one I always look out for because it is a very good effect. One of my personal favorites.

  130. Kristopher Khan

    Very good product ! Looks good and the high is pretty heavy, I recommend it

  131. Lacey Velazquez

    My new favorite product. Very positive and uplifting. Can meld into music and all sensations enhanced in a very positive way. Very sticky bud even more than Gorilla Glue. Can function well and sleep well. Great balance between sativa and indica. Perfect for me.

  132. Genevieve Palmer

    When I smoked my first bowl of this product I thought I was dying. Like my vision was fucked up, my heart felt really hot and I was going deaf but it quickly went away. After that I just did stupid shit with my friend. One of the best products I’ve smoked, and one of the best highs I’ve ever had.

  133. Oscar Tran

    This is my favorite product of all time. I have had it several times now and it has never doubted me once. The high last for hours and overall it is just a great product.

  134. Ernest Barajas

    holy snoop Dogg god of all things dank. I’m going through this dope ass waves of intensity rn. fave product for sure, even better than fuckin sour diesel tbh. crazy cerebral high, hella dope body high also, 10 stars for this marijuana drug product. tis quite nooice

  135. Adolfo Padilla

    ItÕs taste and smell is exotic and creative high one of my all time favorites

  136. Dalia Frost

    I am really enjoying Pono Life Maui’s This. The “Maui Cookies” has everything that’s expected from high quality cookie products, big and very dense nugs, pungent smell, and a flavor that’s nostalgic and soothing. Another solid product from Pono Life Maui.

  137. Zara Pruitt

    Is so perfect for flares when the pain is really bad

  138. Kyleigh Bradford

    Euphoric. Ideal product for a sexy date night – lots of tingles/amazing body high. Leaves you feeling relaxed, not sedated. Iconic Girl Scout Thin Mint cookie taste, so itÕs pleasurable to smoke. Would be a nice compliment to spa treatments. Experienced a band of tightness across my eyes and cheeks; would want to hide behind sunglasses if blazing in public. Highly recommend this product.

  139. Rory Summers

    Very smooth and nice flavour. Limonene is apparent in the odour…which I really like. Initial high mellows after an hour or so then I am able to focus on work or socialize. Helps my depression without causing jitters.

  140. Trevor Baxter

    One of my favorite products of all time. A couple of years ago, after a job-induced 10 month sabbatical, I celebrated achieving some professional registrations by breaking the fast with a little bit of this from a local provider. Not being familiar with his products, I took the tight shimmery nugs with the cool name. Light and dark green stripes with dull purple undertones wrapped around yellow and orange threads, earthy sweet and a little hashy, loved it from the first pull. Great potency, solid pain relief, outstanding indica properties courtesy of a solid kush backbone, but plenty of sativa offset to prevent couchlock. Workable for the experienced, this is a daily product for me.
    Stats here are from NETA batch 667 with 26.3 TAC/24.8 THC-A/0.2 D9THC, a great representation. Tight nugs, deliciously coated and resinous, sticky grind, loved it.

  141. Aurora Stephens

    All I can say is great high. I feel so relaxed and can’t stop smiling. Makes my brain literally feed good, great bud

  142. Sherlyn Richards

    Most definitely within my top 3. Great taste,nice and sweet,smooth smoke. Smoked a bowl and I feel like I am extremely happy,no anxiety,gave me some tingles which I enjoyed. Everything is clear,you can focus happily but yet relax comfortably. Right now I feel very little pain. which is wonderful. It’s parents are great and their daughter this is a fantastic offspring. only downfall for me is dry mouth. But I’ll take the dry mouth for its great qualities. A must have on hand at all times.

  143. Itzel Juarez

    Could not enjoy this extremely potent product at all. Purchased an ounce and every time I smoked a bowl I would get dizzy and nauseous. The whole experience was unsettling and uncomfortable. Even when cutting back the dosage, I had the same effects. I’ll just have to keep searching for the right indica for my nightly relaxation. Gorilla Glue has been doing the trick without the unpleasant side effects of this.

  144. Shayna Guzman

    This product will have you relaxed and happy as fucc. It makes me a little sleepy though. _______

  145. Kenley Manning

    Very very stick and dense, however easy on the lungs and a lot of fun to smoke

  146. Mikayla Schmidt

    Probably one of my fav products to this day. My friend recommended it and it knocked me on my butt! But it got me to sleep. Definitely worth the money!!

  147. Kristian Carpenter

    I have a CBD version and honestly it’s a weird high. Gives me small headaches but I feel really relaxed and giggly.

  148. Finn Perez

    lets start by saying this product has a unique high that comes with it different than any other product it hits you after your first bowl/bong rip which makes you feel almost as you left your body and it gives you and nice relax tingling feel i havent smoked for a week and i picked 3 grams of this stuff up and it did some damage lol

  149. Avery Brooks

    The buds are very colorful. Majority of mine were covered in crystals. It was a beauty to look at. This was a pure body high that made me wanna lay down to relax. This would be perfect to have a few bowls before you get some sleep. I usually love indicas but this one left me feeling a little unmotivated.

  150. Lexie Ponce

    Nothing much to say about this strain, its extremely popular for a reason. This product can be enjoyed by a novice or a connoisseur because it has a potent og feeling while still being smooth and soothing.

  151. Tamara Morrison

    this is a well rounded hybrid that doesnÕt put me to sleep. Pretty easy going strain, though I found it a bit boring in effects. Recommend for a semi-lazy days with mixed activity levels.

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