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SUPER SILVER HAZE FLOWER is a hemp derived product. The product is safe to use and federally legal. Available in both our relaxing CALM POTENCY and our strong blend EPIC POTENCY.

What is the difference between CALM POTENCY and EPIC POTENCY?

Created to give you just the right amount of calm in your life. The perfect blend of THC and other cannabinoids (CBD, CBN, etc.) to give you a relaxing effect without the feeling of being intoxicated. Perfect for relaxing and having a general sense of calm.

A very potent blend created to give you the best of both worlds with a strong effect. Loaded with natural THC and a powerful blend of organic cannabinoids (CBD, CBN, etc.). We can guarantee that you will not want to try anything else. Our Epic Potency is not for the new user.





Our flower is made through a multi-step infusion process. Step one is to select premium hemp flowers. Once these are selected, it is time to coat them with infused distillate oil. This process often involves multiple coats on the flower to increase psychoactivity and provide an overall frostier look. Packaged to maintain freshness using an 8 layer patented pouch package with a ziplock mechanism. Which further serves as a child proof package with California state compliance labelling. You can be certain that when you buy an EPIC flower, you are getting the absolute best product available in the world. We take tremendous pride in says as much. After all our brand is EPIC, which means the flower has to be EPIC.

Super Silver Haze, also known as “SSH” or “SS Haze,” is a dominant hybrid strain , created through crossing the infamous Skunk X Northern Lights X Haze strains. Known for its super heady high and long-lasting effects, Super Silver Haze is the perfect bud for any hybrid lover who really wants to kick back.

Everyone of our products start with soil grown, indoor organic hemp flower.  This creates the most potent but also healthy flower from which we can craft our menu.  It is our belief that organic hemp flower is simply the best.

Organically grown flower won’t do much unless it starts with strong genetics.  It takes time and patience to create a genetic line of hemp flower that has great nose, great effects and looks the part.  With a healthy balance of cannabinoids.

We test every product we make throughout the entire product chain.  What we buy from other vendors gets tested and compared to their lab test results.  Purity and safety is something we will never compromise on.  It is the EPIC way.


Hemp effects everyone differently.  A lot depends on tolerance, age, energy level and even mood.  Start with a small dose and go up form there.









Mood Improvement



This is not a medical recommendation.  Please consult a physician if you have any questions before starting any treatment or hemp use.

Sleep Aid


Ache Relief


Reduce Restlessness







We grow our flower with the utmost of care.  You will never see us call our hemp weed.  Weeds grow in the wild unloved and uncared for.  Our hemp is a flower, sourced from Amsterdam, and grown seed to flower by our experienced master growers.


We promise to always provide the highest quality products backed by unmatched customer service.  We will take every step necessary to ensure you get the finest five start treatment.  We will always provide transparency and detailed information on all that we manufacture and create.  It is our company ethos to ensure an amazing experience every time you interact with our company.  We may not always succeed but we will always do our very best.   This is our promise to you, this is the EPIC promise our company makes.



Please keep out of reach of children.  While some of our products only contain CBD which is generally safe for children.  A lot contain Delta 8 THC and other cannabinoids.  Do not operate heavy machinery and please do not drive while using our products.  Please consult a physician before starting to use any of our products.  And verify if there are any medication interactions with our products.  While hemp products are generally considered safe, please stop using them if you have any allergic reactions.  Also take time to learn about each product you plan on using before doing so.







What is the difference between CALM POTENCY and EPIC POTENCY?

CALM Potency

Created to give you just the right amount of calm in your life. The perfect blend of THC and other cannabinoids (CBD, CBN, etc.) to give you a relaxing effect without the feeling of being intoxicated. We like to compare this to a glass of wine and a warm blanket.


EPIC Potency

A very potent blend created to give you the best of both worlds with a strong effect. Loaded with natural THC and a powerful blend of organic cannabinoids (CBD, CBN, etc.). We can guarantee that you will not want to try anything else. Our Epic Potency is not for the new user.

How much Delta 8 THC is in this product?

Federally legal amount of 0.3%.

Will I get high while consuming Delta 8 THC?

If you consume low to moderate amounts of Delta 8 THC you will not feel any sort of high.

Who should use Delta 8 Concentrates?

Generally speaking concentrates are a more challenging product to use.  They normally require specialised equipment and experience.  If you are new to concentrates we suggest watching some YouTube videos on your concentrate of choice.  Then decide whats best for you.

Does EPIC flower smell like hemp?

Yes absolutely.  Each strain has its own fragrance, from sweet to skunky, to diesel and gassy, flowery and pungent.

I have a question that is not listed here. Where I can get an answer?

Have a look at our FAQ page in the top menu for more questions and answer.  And of course you are more than welcome to contact us directly.

Additional information

Weight 0.012 kg

3.5 Grams




25% to 30%



149 reviews for SUPER SILVER HAZE


  1. Hayden Wall

    Probably one of my favorite products. I mostly only smoke sativa, and this is a clear reason why. It makes me focused, energized, super happy, and motivated. It helps relax my muscles to ease my chronic back pain, eases my headaches, and helps significantly with my severe social anxiety. I don’t feel high when I use This, just feel good.

  2. Addison Trujillo

    Energetic. Long lasting. Cerebral. Creative. Good stuff!

  3. Arabella Vasquez

    A little bit provides a very clear headed, relaxed, not overwhelming high. The more smoked, the most relaxed euphoric and tingly you become and is almost narcotic like. Any type of music is amazing when paired, and will leave you trailing beats and rhythms in your head until it slowly fades away towards the end, awaiting just one after another to relax and chill out to. A+++ one of the very best

  4. Alejandro Love

    Racy and spacey. You will be bright, happy, buzzing with energy, full of thoughts and ideas. At some point, that buzz will float you up as the high gets ethereal and spacey. A proper full-blooded sativa to take off with!

  5. Melvin Chase

    100% always suggest this product to any new smoker . helped so much with my depression and anxiety . 10/10 recommended

  6. Liliana Collins

    Favorite product. Love it. 90% sativa. It’s a great smell and great tasting flower. Smoked and vaporized. I would definitely vaporize more though.

  7. Chaya Arnold

    I feel like the top of my head’s gone. I’m floating away. Here come the aliens.

  8. Krish Lara

    “Never disappoints. Feel like this is an NYC classic – always have had it since IÕve been here. Great daytime weed – can smoke it all day while walking, hiking, biking, or chilling watching the tube.”

  9. Justus Henry

    In pen form, the high was great but left me feeling burnt out and sleepy when it wore off :/

  10. Nasir Miles

    Get ready for a diesel fueled night!! Absolutely dank and completely bong rippable! One of my top 5 to be quite honest. Mix this with U.K. Cheese and get the crayons ready!

  11. Londyn Manning

    Awesome product. One of my personal favorites. Makes me feel like the energizer bunny while being on cloud nine

  12. Laura Carson

    My all time favorite when its done right. I can’t even beleive its a sativa too me its more like a perfect hybrid feeling, potent and very flavorful.

  13. Jorden Lowery

    Very uplifting, euphoric high. I probably laugh more on This than I do most products. You know you’re getting dank Thiswhen the nugs actually smell like gas. My house always smelt like a truck stop when I had it lol.

  14. Mara Cantu

    I fell off a roof 25 ft landed on my neck and This helps me with my pain yet gives me uplifting feeling takes away depression anxiety hopefully this is all I need I give This a five-star and totally recommended

  15. Katie Sutton

    “Sour Deisel, a cup of coffee, and Sam and Dave playing in the background. Toke up, drink it hot, and play it loud. 100% smile guarantee*. … on simple terms. *100% smile guarantee only applicable to those with soul.”

  16. Yusuf Small

    y’ll i wanna recommend the Smithpharmstore for have carefully deliver my stuff of This to my address. I was a little frik at first for sending them the money and later i gather up courage to have money wire to them and in which i was surprise to receive order exactly as i wanted. I really happy dealing them as they got branch in NC, asheville and also in DC. Sorry can’t place be because i finish stuff before trying to place this form now. I just lost contact with them now do any body heard of them. I really need to maintain using them since i have so much trust in them and i have place countless of order with them. Pliz hit if any idea

  17. Christian Koch

    This. This was a really good strain, I stayed Medicated for a long time, in the beginning I got caught off guard, but about 30 minutes into it, I felt so peaceful, no pain, no stress. Its really good if you have any pain in your body, or stress. If you compare this, to an Advil, or a Tylenol, you would kick those pills to the curb. The only part about this product that I don’t like, is that you get really bad dry mouth. You definitely need a good amount of water when you use this, and when I was coming down from it, the only thing I had was a small headache, but i’m not positive if it was from the strain, or something else. Overall this is a good strain, and I would recommend it.

  18. Hadassah Proctor

    just had my first half gram dabs of This from dama and it was one of the best highs I’ve ever had. It was an amazing sativa that made me talkative, euphoric, and relaxed all at the same time. Plus, it’s one of the most popular buds among women as well : )

  19. Terry Clay

    I bought some dry, last chance shelf so I wasn’t expecting much despite the high THC. Smoking it wasn’t too fun but about 20 minutes after it started to kick in. Wonderful product. High levels of euphoria and a real stress fighter. Long lines, difficult drivers, and traffic all seemed like no big deal and great waves of happiness. Highly recommend for depression. This stuff is great even when it’s dried up.

  20. Karissa Stephenson

    This is a very happy and euphoric high, although it can make you a bit jittery if you get too anxious on it. I use SD in the morning and day, and 9LB Hammer Indica at night. But whatever works best for you, know what I mean?

  21. Reese Henry

    Good flavor, low to moderate high.

  22. Elijah Mckenzie

    One of my all time favorites never gets old always get the job done.

  23. Derrick Pittman

    Got this off a street dude on Haite street. Super sticky total diesel smell. Wouldnt break up with my fingers so had to grind. Wonderful flavor and smell. Best Thisversion I ever had.

  24. Memphis Rojas

    Definitely a top pick for me

  25. Dexter Rollins

    I am pleased to still find the original buzz from this product that I originally sought out it out for back in the day.

  26. Gabriela Montes

    Clears my mind whan im anxious and leaves calm all day.

  27. Lily Cross

    Nice sativa, gasoline scent, uplifting and energizing product. No couchlock experienced.

  28. Mina Rhodes

    I met the love of my life while smoking this weed.

  29. Kale Shaffer

    One of my favorites. My friend grew some out in the woods with my other friends who one of which is now deceased. So what left I have is going to be for a very special occasion.

  30. Holden Hernandez

    This is an extremely strong smelling product but it has a unique smell than can be considered sour. The nuggs are pretty and average sized. Personally i found this product pretty harsh when smoked and it has an interesting taste that is a bit sour and a very light gas like taste. All around a good product.

  31. Scarlet Greer

    I love this product so much I love the happy feel it gives

  32. Aaliyah Hughes

    It has a very marked uplifted effect and makes you feel really euphoric and happy. On the otherside talking about the negatives it leaves you with a very dry mouth and eyes, absolutely no paranoid for me. Very good and tasty strain

  33. Sheldon Berger

    I am using SD in a vape cartridge and it was Trulieve’s “Sativa” product at the moment. It provides a bit of a heady high and can crush a headache, calm anxiety (at the right doses). It ushers in some creativity but also can turn to nap time on a dime if you let it. Like a soft blanket covering my head and making things feel fuzzy. I definitely wouldn’t want to drive while navigating the effects of this product. Much less of a pain reliever (unless a headache) than it is a way to calm fears and anxiety. Pretty mellow but I feel most of it above the neck which for me, is only part of the issues. I definitely favor Indicas that make my arms and legs buzz and kills body pain. This is a heady product. I like the vape oil cartridge delivery – easy and effective.

  34. Marcos Caldwell

    The best product that I’ve ever smoked. It gives you a high functioning high where you don’t feel like passing out after a few minutes. Perfect for smoking before work or before exercising.

  35. Aditya Tapia

    Im not mush of a satavia fan.However,I love real Thisproducts..the taste,the smell,and the high are awesome..

  36. Dakota Crosby

    One of my favorite things I’ve ever smoked

  37. Alberto Washington

    Smoked the Dama version of this product. I prefer This flower more but still a good daytime concentrate. Great for going out with friends, concerts, etc. Felt very happy and smiley.

  38. Kamryn Jacobs

    it’s OK while I’m smoking it, but I lose my high quickly and get a head ache

  39. Broderick Vaughn

    TBH, this product disappointed me (several times). I dont like the way it tastes, or the type of high I get when I smoke it!

  40. Krish Trujillo

    I was excited to try this product out but the product wasnt as good as i expected. This could be grower specific, but i found i got way to much airy popcorn buds, great for oil, but not what i was hoping for. The taste of the buds were pretty good with smooth diesel flavors. Good rush in the first seconds after exhale and a decent uplifting high a few minutes after. I would like to try this product grown indoors to see the difference.

  41. Magdalena Schwartz

    I like This for many reasons. I like the smell and flavor so much. it make me feel so much lighter and depressed feelings fade away. I get hungry and I finally eat more than 1 time a day. nerve pain dont fade too much but a little. Good for energy, relaxation, work, energy, appetite, sleep and many more. 4/5* __

  42. Heather Khan

    This is one of the strongest products of weed IÕve ever smoked. I first smoked sd out of a pipe and it was the highest IÕve ever been. The 2nd time I smoked sd, it was out of a bong and I ended up having a seizure. I almost died because of it. This product is no joke for light weights and beginners. Sd should only be smoked by people with high tolerance and veterans only. Stay safe and stay high

  43. Mallory Weeks

    My favorite product with blue dream close behind.

  44. Damion Mcclain

    This is a very interesting product. I enjoyed the uplifting feeling and the flavor is outstanding when using a vaporizer. I do not like the smell when smoked with paper.

  45. Lily Matthews

    This is my go to strain, it never lets me down! That Diesel aroma is pungent as hell and that sour aftertaste is the best. Functional daytime strain, but like any product if enough is consumed it can be lights out!

  46. Justine Blevins

    Very floaty vibrational high.

  47. Janessa Bartlett

    Good head high. Coupled with a cup of black percolated coffee it gave me motivation to do something physical, like rearrange my room.

  48. Quinn Robbins

    This is one of my favs from parc

  49. Braedon Macdonald

    This is one of my favorites products. it is great for parties and for just chilling. it makes me feel really warm and num so just beware of that. It’s doesn’t smell to bad just mainly sour.

  50. Gauge Golden

    This is very good. By far one of the best products received. Very yummy helps with the pain.

  51. Izabella Collier

    With sativas, I find that they mostly work when in the morning or when I haven’t medicated much that day. Thisgave me a clear headed feeling.

  52. Madalyn Calhoun

    This is a good product if I need to be on the go or working on homework. I can stay energized and be clear enough to read when smoking SD. The high does not last too long, and my tolerance builds moderately to it.

  53. Kaiya Richardson

    smells like pine trees,,really green bud.. no couch lock for me..spacey high instead

  54. Turner Hunt

    This was some This shake. Though still potent flavor and aroma. although the high leaves will make you a little taller 😉 , tis best when mixed with another product…

  55. Ashton Davila

    got an 8th from San Francisco SPARC today, their lab has this current inventory rated @ 27%THC! tiny nugs, which are no problem imo. and yes the musty,earthiness of a DANK is eminently present . anyway 2/3rds into a standard roll, the body effects washed over me like a genteel immersion into a warm bath. Great for pain: fantastic. Down to the roach now & the cerebral energy is a 9 out of 10. i am inspired to practice my music or maybe vacuum the house…what the hell i’m loving it: would be good for depression. i have smoked since 1963 and every day for most of that. Back in the day, before all the names of products, when you ran into weed like this, you bought as much as you could find and afford cause it did not appear all that often. That i can know drive cross-town & score in such a sweet environment will never cease to blow me away.

  56. Dahlia Blair

    I love sour. I haven’t had the chance to try many, but for me its the best so far. Crazy intense head high. Great to just chill at home and watch TV. Wouldn’t really advice anyone to go out really baked on sour d.

  57. Charlie Weber

    “great product for chilling doesn’t hit harsh tastes good feels good”

  58. Nathan Dominguez

    My eyes feel like theyÕre closing shut and if I move/look too quickly I get a little dizzy. IÕm a little forgetful and slow. Definitely feel high. A little irritable and notttt talkative. Good for sitting on couch and reading things on your phone. Coughed a lot, felt like a tickle. Smells lingers

  59. Dayton Garner

    Love it! Just purchased from dispo near me.

  60. Kaydence Hamilton

    This is definitely one of my favorite products. Great taste, and a really nice calming effect on the body and mind.

  61. Aliyah Reynolds

    I love this product.

  62. Rohan Daniel

    This is a decent product but not a favorite. It does a good job tending to hunger and sleep, but it personally has a rather mild effect. It doesn’t make you particularly tired in the moment, rather it’ll cause you to sleep for more hours than anticipated.

  63. Sanaa Mckinney

    Vaped concentrate from a cartridge. Very piney, lemony flavor. Smooth vape. Nice spacey head stone.

  64. Skyla Holden

    Mellowed out, relaxed, classic high – less couch-lock and more euphoric than Afghan Kush

  65. Kaliyah Doyle

    5mg and IÕm evenly balanced out of my pain, but with little euphoria. ItÕs the perfect balance of living pain free and getting work done.

  66. Jordan Hamilton

    I feel good with this one, all the pain, stress, over thinking go away.

  67. Sterling Travis

    This stuff makes me dance, it’ll give you an incredibly flexible high. I can stay occupied endlessly and when I decide to sleep I do instantly. It’s pretty high on my top ten favorites.

  68. Leon Rowe

    I had some with my cousin two days ago. I started off all cool, talking to him, laughing, and generally actjng how a high person acts. Then, I got quiet. I started swaying a lot and twitching. We were in the garage, and I felt so bad that I took myself inside and laid on the couch, then started to panic prety hard. I felt like the cops were watching me (my eyes were closed) and i kept moving because I felt weird. Then I eventually started gaging, but eventually passed out. My cousin said he had to check and see if I wasnt dead for how peacefully I was sleeping. I dont smoke often, so maybe that has something to do with it, but this was the second worst high/panic attack I’ve had with this product.

  69. Aubrey Hebert

    Amazing smell great high!

  70. Essence Baxter

    Just tried some This Live Resin. I also have the flower which I enjoy as well. The Live Resin is a real kick. 2 bubbler Hits and I was baked. After about 1/2 hr the buzz began drifting down my neck to where I was wondering if my spine had somehow become disconnected. Wow…long lasting too!

  71. Jaden Bell

    Wonderful, relaxing product. Im on my third documentary and my 4th bowl pack. Takes the edge off its very relaxing, no cottonmouth, always a go to

  72. Talia Becker

    Best strain, gets me on this little happy place but it gives dry mouth and I only drink water so it kinda sucks but the feeling is worth it.

  73. Aldo Lutz

    Tried this multiple times, definitely one of my favorites. In my opinion it make you feel really chill and stress free, and won’t leave you too high or cause anxiety. One of my favorites

  74. Callie Hart

    Forever Phoenix Kush Leaf Shatter
    70% THC 1.5D
    Got this on a promo currently running at Treemo. Worked out to $20 per g. A little more sappy than usual, but at this price I can hardly complain. Very strong Kush flavour. I have to say I really don’t mind leaf shatters. They are far more cost effective than many other THC sources (works out to under $25 per gram of THC), and really make effective use of what once qualified as ‘waste’ material.

  75. George Stephenson

    My friend introduced me to this awesome product. This never disappoints. The trichomes on this baby are like tiny little diamonds. It gets me super high, and sometimes knocks me out. Great for muscle relaxation, pain/stress relief, and insomnia.

  76. Jessie Kelly

    This has a sour aroma and a good powerful high.
    Because it comes on fast and is skunky I really love This.
    Everything is better after a hit of this.

  77. Yadira Mahoney

    I have tried this in shatter form and I will say it is a very happy uplifting feeling and is very potent. I would recommend to anyone who favors sativa dominant hybrids who is looking for a very happy and euphoric feeling

  78. Mayra Higgins

    it’s marvellous product & I would love to have it the most 😉

  79. Skyler Greene

    This weed is top of the line, all the way. It has a very unique taste, scent, look, feel and high. When properly grown and dried, its leaves are nearly neon green and are just a treat to look at.
    This remains as one of the most in-demand products of medicinal cannabis. Rock stars, movie stars and every day hippies all enjoy it’s sticky feel, aromatic sent, crystal-covered buds and way-stoney high.
    It’s one of the best marijuana products available on the planet in you.

  80. Mary Zimmerman

    it’s fucking awesome! !!!

  81. Curtis Humphrey

    really good sativa high. great for day time use and if you need an energy boost or need to concentrate more. great for pain relief as well.

  82. Luciana Mercer

    Very good product. Love the relaxing feel. Get munchies very hard.

  83. Blake Cobb

    Amazing strain, gets me just the right amount of high to just be so chill and especially relaxed! Best one yet. Definitely worth its price, its like a spiritual massage.

  84. Virginia Lamb

    Excellent daytime product but may make sleep difficult.

  85. Elena Hobbs

    This….I guess the best way I can describe it is it’s one of those times in life where something has a lot of hype and it deserves it. In my opinion, it has the best balance (cerebral and physical), of any product I’ve ever tried. Highly recommended for the taste and especially the way it fucks you up. Why dispensaries don’t keep this one in stock is beyond me.

  86. Jayleen Braun

    Pretty stellar product. Gets you super high

  87. Lorena Tran

    Pretty well as day time use, the This become really better smoked at high quantity so you see the disappear in a short lapse of time, but in the facts, This is a great product.

  88. Marcel Wood

    “Sativa-like effects”. . . . . not in most OG’s. And let’s be honest you really have no clue what kind of genetics of the new This (_insert cool name_) Kush you just bought, especially if you’re here in Cali where the Kush craze is literally a joke at this point. This may as well just be a synonym for good weed, like Chronic or Skunk, other products that just became synonymous with “good weed” via rap and media. This is essentially a product with hundreds of different phenotypes and sub-crosses that all act a bit differently. (Tahoe OG,Alien OG,Yoda OG,SFV OG,Ferrari OG,Bentley OG,Fire OG,Cherry OG, and on and on and on) And the only people who really know the genetics are the people who have been holding mother plants since the early 90’s. OG’s are constantly falsely labeled, because they all smell so similar and people can get away with mis-labeling products or just plain making names up. For me? They put my ass to sleep. Pretty much all of them, unless they’re crossed with a proper Sativa. But it’s great potent weed when you need something to put you to sleep. I don’t know how people smoke kush all day.

  89. Selena Shepherd

    I feel great , all my physical and mental aches and pains are gone. “I feel so good that it is tripping out my other fucking organs” – Smoking buddy
    I feel like a bubble

  90. Leanna Bauer

    ego has great sevice and This buds

  91. Nicholas Burke

    So for awhile my buddy was getting this really cheap & decent pot that we have at least been smoking for a month. After smoking this dryer, and all around less dank pot my friends and I were all fairly sick of it. The other night the same friend found an awesome deal for the This. After smoking a single, simple bowl I must say… I was Kushed. Upon smoking more of this purple covered This I realized the world around me felt very bright. I was happy and energized, and nice change from the groggy and “Stupid” high the marijuana I was previously smoking gave. The smell is strong and potent and helped to give my often cluttered mind a break and helped me clear my thoughts causing me to become creative as well as talkative. Furthermore; on a personal level this isn’t the best marijuana I’ve smoked, though it is very nice. Regardless, it is a great high for being with others and it looks very presentable. The stuff I got was trimmed well, smelled great and the purple made it look even better 😀

  92. Aliya Horton

    I have only sampled shatter and bubble hash of This. Both of these concentrates have been among the most potent thc products I’ve ever smoked. The high is pretty thoughtful and carefree. Relaxing with an excellent body buzz, seemingly enhancing the senses. It’s the kind of high where I love to stretch all my limbs. Does very well as a pain management for me and aids a healthy appetite. My only complaint is I get extremely dry eyes with this one. And I’m finding it’s a little too thought provoking to be considered a nighttime bud.. Difficult to sleep.

  93. Marianna Delacruz

    Nice clean taste with that familiar energetic stone.

  94. Ramiro Deleon

    great smoke. high lasted long. great dense buds. awesome smoke for a nice evening at home.

  95. Sullivan Reilly

    Ok so I took my first hit very recently and one of the guys that was there got excited and said, “great, now you can say you smoked This the first time you ever smoked.” It was so great. That night I nearly passed out watching tv. But the next day, we smoke again and when I stood up I got really tired and dizzy so I laid down on the ground and like feel asleep for a few seconds. Besides that it was awesome

  96. Lilliana Warren

    Super stoked to have this again, I’ve been smoking on this off and on for around a month now. It’s definitely got that ‘bang for your buck’ factor to it, it has that truly unique stank to it that lets you know it’s the real This. Taste is great, a skunky-kushy taste that sticks around for up to 30 minutes which really surprised me. The high is super long lasting and it takes little to nothing to get you lifted. The buds are glittery with trichomes and have a very nice light green-dark green pattern to them [almost. maybe if you squint.] This is an all around great smoke, I prefer the heavier indicas to most strains, this is right up my alley, so to speak.

  97. Aracely Graves

    You want to base your review on how stinky your this is. Yes, stinky because Durban is like wet socks. In a good way. Penetrating high. bs

  98. Alessandra Gregory

    This particular product transported me to an alternate universe filled with the glories of temptation and drive. I labelled this universe shangri-la for every surrounding was calmly euphoric on my epic journey through this exotic utopia.

  99. Mary Orr

    Very solid weed, lovely taste and some of the most beautiful nugs I have ever seen. Unfortunately didn’t smoke much, but started out energetic and then shifted into relaxation. Smoked mid day and did some swimming. Was awesome!!

  100. Rayne Wilkerson

    I am new to smoking so i decided to try a new product that was different then others i was smoking and this was a very different experience. I have tried 5 other products several times but this gave me the overall ÒWOWÓ for the experience and the money. Compared to the other quality brands i tried this one really packed a great punch. Ive had Pineapple Express, King Louis IV, og kush and blue cheese but this really gave me more. My first hit i coughed and choked and it wasnt even a big hit and about 30mins later after a few more hits i fealt the head rush and headband take affect, an hour later i was eating chick fil-a and it was incredible. I was on my couch with cold chills and giant blanket and a good movie on and it just kept going and didnt seem to let up which was great. Went to bed about 3 hours after first hit, woke up the next morning and fealt fantastic. I slept like a rock and i can honestly say im in such a great mood i cant believe it. After getting to work today i could feel somewhat of a body high/tingle curcle back around with some foggyness to my thoughts but its not an alarming feeling its a great, uplifting feeling that doesnt mess with your function. This is some great stuff i will keep trying it for sure, right now itÕs my favorite product.

  101. Sierra Henson

    Beautiful head high with a wonderful taste. Done both through bubbler and wand tastes like a cookie to me for sure. Dry mouth is definite but otherwise a beautiful experience very good strain

  102. Vaughn Terry

    This product SAVED my honeymoon in vegas. On the first morning of my 4 day honeymoon in Vegas (we arrived late night and went to bed) i woke up with the worst sinus infection of my life. So bad i had blood clots coming out of my sinus’s when i blew my nose. Thought i was effed and gonna be miserable.
    I got some this and within a minute of a couple good rips of this amazingly pungent flower i felt awesome. I spent 4 days in vegas and drank no alcohol, but smoked about every 3-5 hrs to stay medicated on the this. I went 16 hrs a day no problem. The only side effect was zero paranoia, zero anxiety, zero pain. To the creator of this product : Well done!! And thank you!!!

  103. Harold Ayers

    I’m a senior and I’ve been vaping for about a year following a 40 year unintentional tolerance break due to religion. I’m now a daily user and I’ve tried about 30 products over the past year. I’m an sativia fan because I want to be cheerful so Durban Poison is one of my favorites. This provided the euphoria and chattiness of Durban Poison but the OG Kush seemed to dominate and made it a “heavier” more stoned experience… fun but not ideal if you are around straight people. I used my PAX 1 and 1/3 gram this and it hit hard and fast and lasted about 3 hours. I vaped the remnant at the three hour mark and went to a level 8 again for another three hours. This is quite powerful compared to other products I have tried. It did give me the munchies, so it won’t be a go-to product for me in the future. I use weed products that help me control my appetite rather than those that increase it. this also left me lethargic the next morning which is opposite of the eurphoria remnant hangover I typically get from sativa dominants.

  104. Dean Bright

    this and afgan products are fantastic for both indoor and outdoor setups with the right conditions. I only smoke “hydro” grown buds but just to mention, I’ve smoked outdoor grow This before and it was just as good as the same product grown under lights. I dont see results that good under similar conditions with other products so maybe this is the right type of weed for you if you want an outdoor plant, it’s still high maintenance by the way.
    Here in Australia the product does exceptionally well both woth indoor and outdoor setups.
    If I smoke too much too quick, I get way too dizzy and get the sweats. Its great stuff and highly recommended for any connoisseur. It really creeps up on you, dont over do it too quick haha

  105. Troy Salas

    Very good product. Those Girl Scouts never let me down.

  106. Danna Clark

    I have always been a big fan of this. just picked it up in a solventless concentrate. Very potent and excellent flavor. Really enjoying this product right now.

  107. Jayce Bradshaw

    so my reviews run long. here is the one for my new lady Skunky Cookies. She’s sweet kind and like all lady’s and men she lies her analysis are way higher than she said. I thought she was a one night stand. Then that first hit let me know she would not let me down. That she would be there when I’m low and high. I made a mistake last week I passed on her sweet ass for some vanilla kush what a fuckaroo that was. Alex Cody next time you suggest a med and I say I will pass smack me in the face. Skunky Cookies taste as good as your first time with a lady. She makes you feel like a king and then you open your jar and it hits you. Your new lover brought her lady’s with her. Cookie likes to share.

  108. Reece Dudley

    Only takes a little bit to get you high.

  109. Brogan Sullivan

    Nice all around high that lets you still function outside.

  110. Alec Bruce

    Amazing strain, super strong shit.
    Worth getting every time you can.

  111. Marlon Collins

    I always enjoy the toke of This. It’s got that earthy flavor that really develops quiet nicely on the taste buds.

  112. Mckinley Parsons

    Picked up a gram of the Forum Cut this from the top shelf at The Jazz Club in Detroit. The buds were beautiful in the jar there, and the smell was dank and wet. Incredibly sense and sticky, with a taste and effect that reflect the obviously high THC content. One of the best products I’ve had in a while. Remember, this review is for the so-called Forum Cut. I’ve had this before but never of this quality. This is one that will knock you out.

  113. Ainsley Evans

    I’ve tried tons of different products and nothing tickles my pickle better than this. Something about the full body and head high combined just rubs me the right way. Cookies was actually the very first product I had tried and still to this day nothing competes with it.

  114. Paola Horne

    This product has been in my top 3 favorite products for years. In bud form, itÕs crunchy, super kiefy and tastes/smells delicious. ItÕs a smooth smoke as well. IÕm currently vaping it right now and it has the same effects. Mellow, giggly, not a care in the world. It feels like the weight of the world is uplifted from my shoulders (even though I just woke up from an incredibly long nap) and when all is said and done, IÕll be too tired for anything to really bother me and IÕll cruise back into my bed for another great nap.

  115. Gaven Townsend

    I’ve had this product a while back. It will uplift your mood and make you more talkative. I remember I couldn’t stop laughing.

  116. Alexzander Soto

    I give it two stars because itÕs not working for me anymore. This is the first product I tried for my anxiety and at first it seemed to help. Not a whole lot but a little bit, it gave me my appetite back which I was really happy about. After a few weeks it didnÕt seem to help much and it made my anxiety a little worse so IÕve stopped using it. Maybe in the future IÕll try it again and see if somethings changed

  117. Leilani Woods

    Great for depression, nausea and daytime use. Does not help with my anxiety however

  118. Ivy Maxwell

    Euphoric effects are great, it gets you in a comfortable relaxing state

  119. Keagan Hurst

    Good sativa; strong, but not especially tasty. Knocks me out.

  120. Logan Rivas

    Great if your hanging out with friends or looking to go to a party. Pleasurable high and gives you a big appetite!

  121. Angie Solomon

    Fantastic! This product knocks nausea on it’s ass! I appreciate ALL of the cookies products for nausea and stress this one is the original and defiantly has that mint taste on the exhale, my only complaint is that the comedown on ANY of the cookie products is depression so stay medicated to avoid that also it defiantly has that appetite sup present so those with eating disorders and/or nausea from “re-feeding syndrome” will appreciate this. Great product got me REALLY stoned if I smoke a whole joint of this but my tolerance is moderate to low. I would put this one in your medicine cabinet a great choice with some purple urkel for pain.

  122. Mila Gardner

    very relaxed!

  123. Jayden Stout

    i think my favorite

  124. Alexandria Walsh

    great stuff. perfect for music festivals. great fuzzy high :DD

  125. Alison Mcneil

    It’s good, not great for me. Straight this has since been replaced by Platinum Cookies and other products that have this crossed with something else, but this is still good.. Giggly, relaxed high with mood elevation.

  126. Caleb Pugh

    omgggg i love this !

  127. Kyson Ryan


  128. Joel Flores

    easily my new favorite.product.

  129. Kimora Duran

    Very sticky, and also a throat burner… I love the taste and high it gives me. Makes me feel happy worth its money

  130. Athena Mckenzie

    Im Billy Madison Dancing on the Staircase right now!

  131. Luke Sheppard

    Powerful high. Shoulders / knees tingly. Nervous energy. Head swimming. sweet notes in taste. Easy to smoke too much.

  132. Alison Obrien

    Wow! Believe the hype. This is by far the best product I’ve had. Recently had one of the parent products, Durban Poison, of this hybrid. While the Durbin is quite good, it doesn’t compare to this. This is extremely smooth and the high is long lasting. A true hybrid. Experience the best of sativa and indica with this tasty delight. Outstanding.

  133. Conrad Fitzgerald

    It was awesome!!!

  134. Cortez Bray

    Amazing product must try. balanced cerebral and body high. not too strong

  135. Arthur Campos

    Very good product. Liked smoking it with my wife and some friends of ours. Very reliable go to product. Does the job great.

  136. Conner Fox

    this is a sick ass niggler right here, i just smoked her and it feels like a lion ship is attacking my house… i’m happy, but i was deppresed before….but not in this state of mind! it relaxes me and with quite the best side effects EVA!!!! Sincerely,
    Reuben Altamirano
    (poop ca ca)

  137. Abbigail Krueger

    I smoked this product with a couple of close friends, one of the best highs I’ve had, the flavor is sweet and delicious and it makes you relaxed more than anything great product must try honestly.

  138. Mckenzie Giles

    3.5 Decent __

  139. Michael Howe

    Probably one of my favorite products. . I’m typically a sativa dom hybrid girl…

  140. Maia Porter

    I would give it a 5 but yield is small unless you SOG. It’s taste is fruit tropical sweet like a candy cane when you smoke occasion. It smells like some kind of sweet trop]ical fruit that god forgot to make. It’s great the effects mostly indica, Real hungry off this one and Euporia , Happpy and Giggly. Its worth the smaller yield it.

  141. Shyla Frye

    This is definitely one of the best stains I’ve smoked, certainly top 5. The effects are almost immediate but become increasingly intense over time. The taste is the most defining part of this strain, as well as the smell. Very fruity, with a minty taste on the exhale.
    The high after the first good hit relaxes your entire body, and you feel almost weightless. It makes almost everything you do a great experience. Over time though you’ll start to feel like your head is 100 lbs, it’s interesting though. And you’ll want to sit on the couch watching Family Guy with a bag of chips for the rest of the night till you pass out. You’ll get really hungry.
    Even the next day when you wake up you’ll be extremely hungry, which isn’t something I normally experience. This is an excellent product and by far one of my favorites. Taste, high, smell, look, it’s all there in it’s crystal-y glory.

  142. Baylee Gordon

    Enjoyable, not my first choice on top shelf, but a good ride.

  143. Warren Collier

    Very strong

  144. Jay Davenport

    pretty trippy and fun to play video games on

  145. Brielle Mahoney

    Strong all-around, very nice.

  146. Josh Schwartz

    This product just never disappoints! Made a cannabis tincture for infused drinks and the end product was a very heavy and long high. On of the best products and always super potent

  147. Dominique Hines

    deff my top 5 of all time….not writing everything I did in my 1st review I only did another because I forgot to rate it…N when I did grow it I did so in organic soil mix with the whole line of foxfarm nutrients with superthrive additive and unsulfured black strap molasses from weeks 2 of flower on to flush and go easy on the nutes with this one she burns easy

  148. Dahlia Wiley

    picked up a ounce at MHS in Durango. been trying to smoke as slowly as possible. not because it’s to strong, which it is very strong. but because it such a tastsy smoke that I want it to last forever. MHS knows what they are doing. try some from them and you’ll be very happy.

  149. Bryanna Tyler

    very good strain! for a decent price!

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