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  2200mg THC VAPE 

New Variable 2.2gram vape cartridge! Same great product with a new and improved variable battery.

PCHY Vape Cartridge is a pure hemp derived vaping experience. This head high fades into a relaxing warming body buzz that slowly ebbs throughout your body, leaving you slightly sedated yet relaxed and happy. Available in both our relaxing CALM POTENCY and our strong blend EPIC POTENCY.

What is the difference between CALM POTENCY and EPIC POTENCY?

Created to give you just the right amount of calm in your life. The perfect blend of THC and other cannabinoids (CBD, CBN, etc.) to give you a relaxing effect without the feeling of being intoxicated. Perfect for relaxing and having a general sense of calm.

A very potent blend created to give you the best of both worlds with a strong effect. Loaded with natural THC and a powerful blend of organic cannabinoids (CBD, CBN, etc.). We can guarantee that you will not want to try anything else. Our Epic Potency is not for the new user.


PCHY Vape Disposable

Our vape disposables are made from the purest clear distillate.  Expertly extracted from the strongest organic hemp flower.  Craft using a proprietary blend of hemp derived terpineols.  Packaged in the 100% ceramic high quality vape cartridge.  All inside a child proof tube with California state compliance labelling.  You can be certain that when you buy an EPIC vape, you are getting the absolute best product available in the world.  We take tremendous pride in says as much.  After all our brand is EPIC, which means the vape has to be EPIC.

Everyone of our products start with soil grown, indoor organic hemp flower.  This creates the most potent but also healthy flower from which we can craft our menu.  It is our belief that organic hemp flower is simply the best.

Organically grown flower won’t do much unless it starts with strong genetics.  It takes time and patience to create a genetic line of hemp flower that has great nose, great effects and looks the part.  With a healthy balance of cannabinoids.

We test every product we make throughout the entire product chain.  What we buy from other vendors gets tested and compared to their lab test results.  Purity and safety is something we will never compromise on.  It is the EPIC way.


Hemp effects everyone differently.  A lot depends on tolerance, age, energy level and even mood.  Start with a small dose and go up form there.









Mood Improvement



This is not a medical recommendation.  Please consult a physician if you have any questions before starting any treatment or hemp use.

Sleep Aid


Pain Relief


Anxiety Control







Each vape product has its own unique blend of pure terpineols.   This proprietary formulation is what makes our vapes really stand apart.  Each terpine itself is hand selected from specialised manufacturers that ensure quality and purity with each batch.  The magic of terpineols is to take a normal vaping experience to another level.


We can’t overstate the importance of using a ceramic design cartridge while vaping.  We only use the best, most expensive Variable power disposable cartridges available on the market today.  This protects the user from any harmful chemicals while also providing a high potency vaping experience.

Further still EPIC goes one step above to protect children by utilizing child resistant packaging and child proof a on/off mechanism for the disposable cartridge.  This design is intended to make it nearly impossible for children to utilize.  We are proud to be Child-Resistant Packaging PPPA: Title 16 CFR 1700-1702 compliant.


We promise to always provide the highest quality products backed by unmatched customer service.  We will take every step necessary to ensure you get the finest five start treatment.  We will always provide transparency and detailed information on all that we manufacture and create.  It is our company ethos to ensure an amazing experience every time you interact with our company.  We may not always succeed but we will always do our very best.   This is our promise to you, this is the EPIC promise our company makes.



Please keep out of reach of children.  While some of our products only contain CBD which is generally safe for children.  A lot contain Delta 8 THC and other cannabinoids.  Do not operate heavy machinery and please do not drive while using our products.  Please consult a physician before starting to use any of our products.  And verify if there are any medication interactions with our products.  While hemp products are generally considered safe, please stop using them if you have any allergic reactions.  Also take time to learn about each product you plan on using before doing so.







What is the difference between CALM POTENCY and EPIC POTENCY?

CALM Potency

Created to give you just the right amount of calm in your life. The perfect blend of THC and other cannabinoids (CBD, CBN, etc.) to give you a relaxing effect without the feeling of being intoxicated. We like to compare this to a glass of wine and a warm blanket.


EPIC Potency

A very potent blend created to give you the best of both worlds with a strong effect. Loaded with natural THC and a powerful blend of organic cannabinoids (CBD, CBN, etc.). We can guarantee that you will not want to try anything else. Our Epic Potency is not for the new user. 

How much Delta 8 THC is in this product?

Federally legal amount of 0.3%.

Will I get high while consuming Delta 8 THC?

If you consume low to moderate amounts of Delta 8 THC you will not feel any sort of high.

Does the Delta 8 THC vape smell like weed?

Our vapes do not smell like weed, hemp or marijuana.  In fact they tend to smell more like their name sake.  RZBERRY for example will have a light fragrant raspberry aroma.

I have a question that is not listed here. Where I can get an answer?

Have a look at our FAQ page in the top menu for more questions and answer.  And of course you are more than welcome to contact us directly.

Additional information

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5% to 10%



151 reviews for PCHY


  1. Lucas Conner

    This is a great product.

  2. Louis Pittman

    “For all you fitness fans out there, Thisis a must try before a workout. Staying active is a big part of my life. However, itÕs difficult dealing with previous professional sports injuries, soreness from workouts, plus life…shiiiitttt. Thisnot only gets rid of pain it allows you to FOCUS and FEEL the correct muscle activation. While slowly moving through the complete range of motion, this product allows you to engage smaller muscle groups to regain stability and control of your motor skills. Recommend some slower tempo music* Here to help. Enjoy __”

  3. Melvin Duncan

    this product had me in a positive hazy mind state yet I also felt very focused and am able to smoke this stuff all day if I could! @Leafly #Leafly #MyLeaf #sour

  4. Carl Case

    This is definitely one of my favorite products. It is perfect for daytime pain relief. I can use it all day and IÕm upbeat and never sleepy. Love the taste.

  5. Bryan Davila

    “Not the best looking buds in my opinion, but I’m in love with dense buds like PE. Strong smell that is very difficult to mask. This product is a staple in a smokers bucket list. Definitely something to try atleast once. It’s fairly strong and has it’s uniqe attributes, but still just an average topshelf smoke.”

  6. Lainey Montes

    This is my new favorite product to smoke. Not only does it make me think and uplift me but it can also relax you when you want to be relaxed__ I like it

  7. Nina Hubbard

    Fat, dense, fragrant buds…..three words I LIKE to hear…..and this product did not disappoint… my particular flower was grown and sold by Green Goddess remedies and frankly that’s the only place I will be getting it from now on….this is a great day time smoke especially if you are seeking some creative inspiration…coughing Ê(coughy ) chillum 3/10…one hitter 3/10…bubbler 2/10…bong 1/10…

  8. Freddy Ortiz

    Great taste, a. Always returning Great place for all your med needs. Great prices and specials. THA BOMB!! MEDS!!!! I enjoyed a “warm” body feel with a easy, calm buzz. on’t feel it right away, and this tastes super sweet, so it will sneak up on you can get you to a high that can be dizzy

  9. Gina Strong

    ItÕs a great strain, good high. The only thing is it isnÕt as long a high as youÕd like.

  10. Roberto Charles

    I love the smell. I had a euphoric and sensative high. sex please!

  11. Rigoberto Stuart

    Todo muy bien con esta hierba, el œnico problema es que se quema demasiado r‡pido y constantemente hay que estar cargando el vaporizador; pero fuera de ese peque–o inconveniente es bastante recomendada.

  12. Savanah Bryant

    Great for that chill day when all ya want is to sit back relax and enjoy some sour d.

  13. Edward Hansen

    I love this product because it doesn’t make me stupid high i can actually function on it and preform everyday tasks and be happy and hungry at the same time. 10/10

  14. Laci Randolph

    When properly grown, this product makes my migraines melt away within’ a few puffs. As a chronic migraine suffer that means a lot! I always try to have some put away, just in case I have a really bad one break through!

  15. Gilbert Peterson

    love it, but it will make u fuck a hole in the bed.

  16. Braeden Mcmillan


  17. Will Mercado

    Tried this brilliant bud at the nod of brilliant Leafly reviewer Dinoc1983. I’m still a novice to herbal meds and I’ve already found my One True Bud: Dino’s Bud. Alas, I didn’t know how to find it – or Dino. I got it thru a friend who said it’s Dino’s own blend, he didn’t want to expand his circle, etc… I didn’t know how I’d find Dino’s Bud again by myself. I’ve been trying to find a bud that gives the same Full Body High, and sweet, giddy, spiritual, philosophical cerebral high as Dino’s Bud. So I go w/ my gut, take a little leap: I ‘follow’ a Dino on Leafly… (I know: logical?) This This bud that Dinoc1983 recommended is very close… But closer to what I hope: I think Brilliant Dino found me on Leafly.

  18. Ralph Boyer

    One of the best products out there.

  19. Ronin Russell

    Pretty good product got me pretty fried

  20. Penelope Fischer

    Que experiђncia Incr’vel!

  21. Emmalee Salazar

    Altitude on Evans, Denver.. the best service and great sativas

  22. Reyna Bowen

    All I can say is this product has officially cancelled my depression… LOVE IT

  23. Terry Bautista

    Very energizing!

  24. Araceli Shea

    Pretty great! I’ve had mostly cerebral experiences with it, and it heightens my tactile and aural senses. Really helpful for meditation.

  25. Quinn Mcintyre

    My #1 all time favorite.this is the station that for me to appreciate what stains even are.smell is super citrus. and taste is lemon overtone with diesel undertones.high is amazing really energetic and creative.this is my high by the beach stain

  26. Rudy Petty

    I am on it right now and let me tell u I feell wonderful with the oil hit u harder good product ,one of my favorites…5 __ buzz@relax ____

  27. Carly Escobar

    Cultivar– Green Leaf Medical LLC. Nutrients used– General Hydroponics Dispensary– RISE Silver Pring Best This I’ve ever had. Great, strong, Sativa head-rush and energy boost. Has a positive uplifting effect. I would say this definately would help someone with Clinical Depression.

  28. Mireya Spence

    the best!! I’ve smoked it, worked with it as well and many different products. To me this is the best smell ever, strong buds that hold together, life energy kick ever. What more can I say? It will stick to the wall.

  29. Caylee Escobar

    got me high as fuck and energetic

  30. Fletcher Mayer

    Great bud!

  31. Julianne Lang

    all time fave. I always go back to sour D

  32. Mario Rasmussen

    Very helpful for epilepsy.

  33. Kristian Calderon

    Strong petrochemical aroma when put through the grinder. Fast relief when vaped. Vapour has beautiful flavour. Peppery with undertones of sandalwood, cloves and opium. Definitely will buy again.

  34. Regina Jenkins

    Gives a nice gradual high that is strong but not overpowering. My pain issues seemed to take a back seat which is very nice. Not too cerebral but more of a “I need to be productive right now” high. One of my favorite products

  35. Casey Pittman

    I thought this product was pretty good. Not as strong as I expected at first but then I forgot where I was and if I’d been home or not ! Later on after grinding another bowl I really ripped it and got the full diesel effect full body high just tingling and relaxed .. Sooo laid back. I do like its parent chemdog a bit better but it is still pretty good

  36. Teresa Gutierrez

    Heavyweight. Strong physical high for a Sativa.

  37. Jabari Arellano

    my precious!!!!!! favorite product of all time

  38. Mylee Padilla

    This product is mostly grown at Shashamane Province in Ethopia… Words can’t express rlthe beauty and High of this product. Awesome!

  39. Mercedes Hays

    Definitely one of my favorite products

  40. Christian Cordova

    I loved this and I’m so glad i was able to find the connect to get it. I was having a very stressful day and had a huge head ache and this stuff solved it all!

  41. Austin Robles

    Probably one of the best products I’ve ever had!

  42. Alijah Higgins

    Always an old favorite.never disappoints.

  43. Jameson Andersen

    mental stimulator

  44. Ulises Mullen

    This strand makes you really happy and enhances everything you do.

  45. Cassius Guzman

    really relaxed, some pain relief, just an over all good high! I’ve had 5 back surgeries and suffer from ptsd so any vet looking for something for daytime, this is great!

  46. Jimmy Huber

    One of the classics. Beautiful color combination with a delicious sour aftertaste. Great head high nice and relaxed without the stuck on the couch body feeling. Definitely two thumbs up. ________

  47. Martin Cline

    Great stuff, smoke can be a bit rough, taste not my favorite, but the high is still my #1 favorite. Can’t wait to get my hands on it again.

  48. Hayden Kelley

    I’ve been smoking Thisfor a couple of weeks now, and I would usually feel really relaxed, my senses would be amplified, everything felt more enjoyable, and I would think about the most random shit. However last night I smoked a little but more than I usually do and it led to a reeeeeally bad trip. BE CAREFUL WITH THIS STRAIN! At first I started to get the usual effects, but then everything started getting more intense. It looked like I was looking through a fish-eye lens for a while and when I tried to talk I would spurt out some gibberish. I sat down and I felt like I was transported to another reality and it freaked me the hell out. I had a really bad panic attack and was convinced that nothing was real anymore and that my entire past was fake. I thought I was dead. The trip eventually ended 2 hours later and I was so glad that it did. AGAIN – BE CAREFUL WITH THIS STRAIN!

  49. Hillary Knox

    i didnt like this. it looked good and seemed pretty fresh but it wasnt fragrant and it didnt get me high.. i ended up smoking something else and rolling the rest of the Thisin a blunt cuz thats the only way i could get high off it

  50. Kaylie Becker

    It’s a fast hitting product that has a strong presence in your eyes in the first couple hits. The ThisI picked up tasted and smelled chemical-like. There was a strong sense of euphoria that lasted about an hour and a half!

  51. Sydnee Schmidt

    Feel awake, focused, stimulated.

  52. Antonio Villanueva

    i am still on 2 bowls and couple hits from a bong. you csn just have one bowl to get you a pretty good high. and 2 to get destroyed. it is a very smooth stran. it smells horable but it is a very amazing strand. will buy a bunch more in the future

  53. Michael Hays

    When i smoked it out of a bubbler, i had a very relaxed high. It made Kid Cudi sound amazing and it kept me very focused. Definetly a product i would smoke again.

  54. Jazlyn Lucas

    Pretty good mood lifter. Pleasing scent and a nice flavor. Effects came on quick, but were not over-bearing.

  55. Kael Pugh

    One of my favorite products. Good for anytime. Great body high

  56. Mohammad Lawson

    “It’s the core of my medications. This product relieves so much for me the review would be long winded! This product in a concentrate on top of another product like Charlie Sheen or Khola makes for a great date night. No stress, anxiety, or PAIN. Nothing left but the fun! Enjoy Safely!!!”

  57. Marcos Arias

    This one is rough going in for me but the effects are phenomenal. Great head and body lift. My number one pick so far.

  58. Jessie Graham

    Heaven on earth

  59. Emma Bell

    High for hours

  60. Aniyah Mosley

    the warlord of mommy or daddy products.
    by itself its brilliant, in a hybrid it makes everything better.
    it is a hybridish indica that slams me like gorilla glue or chemdawg .
    these three are the triumvirate to most killer hybrids.
    definitely for pain relief and sleep. superb for anxiety imo too. a long stressful day can rake your nervous system, this helps quiet things down and make life manageable, although take too much and you will be useless.

  61. Talon Kramer

    This product is a legend for a reason. It has everything you could want in Kush/Indica. Very potent.

  62. Kamryn Saunders

    My absolute favorite. I LOVE the taste of this weed.

  63. Jeffrey Dawson

    I loved this product both flower form and concentrate. The smell is really pleasing, with sweet and subtle smell of pine. The high made me feel really happy, really kicked my medical symptoms, and gave me an overall wonderful body and head buzz. Whats unique about this product too is that it accommodates the time of the day! Either you need a great wake up call with energy or help falling asleep.I would highly recommend this product to people who suffer depression, anxiety, chronic pain, who just want to make their day really awesome and happy, and/or just keep tossing and turning in bed at night.

  64. Dayana Marks

    Have to agree with retnolsmiff this is one of the few products that pushes all the right buttons for me. I smoked red bud Columbian primarily from the 70’s through early 80’s by choice. It’s narcotizing properties soothed physical and mental pain. A top tier adaptogen with a sweet pungent smell and taste. It would expand in your lungs and the oils would build up as joint burned. So since then I keep chasing that high and This is one of the few that give total satisfaction. I believe the at least one of the unknown origins of heredity for Ogk is Columbian. P.S. Columbian was the first herb called gangster. And as the years went on C Bo became the nickname for Columbian later short end to just Bo. This to me was the original gangster and makes me think that is where the This comes from. Free your mind and your ass will follow!

  65. Jacob Willis

    Nice strain, always makes me super sleepy.

  66. Brock Henry

    Yep. Same as most reviews here; all time favourite. ItÕs a hybrid and it reacts to your mood depending on what you ask of it. Energetic and social? Sure. Night at home and a deep sleep? No problem. 100% the best product ever for me due to this consistently reliable level of versatility. If I were stranded on a desert island with only one product for the rest of my days, this is it.

  67. Sonia Atkinson

    Smoked this with a friend suffering from depression, happiest I’d seen her in ages! The taste was earthy, lemony, kinda skunky, with a overall smell that I think of as “weed”. The first few minutes of this product had me numb, placid, and tingly. It felt like time had slowed down, and that anything was possible. A great medication. Don’t expect to be motivated, I felt like a hot mess, but a really sexy hot mess. product 9 of 100.

  68. Karla Bennett

    You can’t really go wrong with this strain, I guess the name says it all, it’s what your craving for and what you think of when you think of that bomb kush, the Og. Nice tight packed fat ass buds, piney and earthy, sweet on the exhale, it’s a good smoke all the time.

  69. Madilynn Gonzalez

    Para m’ esta es el prototipo de una ’ndica. Es potente, narcotica, relajante. Si lo permites te deja en el sofa, especialmente porque el efecto sativa es psicodisleptico lo cual da lugar a la perfecta definici—n de Stoned. El efecto sativa se siente minutos despuŽs del fuerte efecto sedante y es una desconexi—n con el mundo en el buen sentido de la palabra: relajado, feliz, sin ansiedad ni paranoia. Ideal para estar acostado meditando en cama. Definitivamente no la considero una variedad para el d’a. Debe usarse por la noche, cuando ya hayas terminado todas tus actividades y con la seguridad de que tienes algo en el refrigerador para comer porque vaya que da apetito. No la considero una variedad medicinal, excepto para el sue–o y el apetito, por eso solo le pongo 3 estrellas. Pero de que te dar‡ un buen viaje, eso seguro. Eso s’, de respeto porque aunque no lo aparente, puede tener un efecto sativa fuerte.

  70. Layla Schmitt

    Awesome euphoric high with a nice social buzz kicking in after a while. Definitely one of my favorite strains

  71. John Carson

    Nice smoke, great taste and gives a real happy high!

  72. Ishaan Arellano

    This is my number one favorite.only issue is some of it is very stemmy.but great for pain,stress,and sleep.

  73. Justin Branch

    One of the best products I’ve smoked. Great for chilling, music, sleep. Okay for when you have to be productive, as long as you don’t smoke too much.

  74. Maxim Pace

    If you want something that makes you feel completely relaxed and high, this is the product for you. It’s one of the more potent products out there. Great for panic attacks.

  75. Izabelle Keller

    Very nice head high. Nice strong smell.

  76. Micheal Hensley

    one of my all time favorites if not my top favorite. Great for unwinding and relaxing at end of work day n just let all the days bs just melt away and get back in happy goodtime mode. I call it Dr. Feel Good cause it does just that; takes away achiness in swore muscles and joints due to fatigue. stress level becomes non existent and can chill and munch out. very earthy piney in flavor which I particularly like very smooth in light to medium inhale, but when ripped it rippes back and will choke your ass out but after effect is worth it.

  77. Pablo Evans

    Great strain, was expecting it to act like a stativa but monged out pretty quick, great if your needing to sleep and/or relax

  78. Lina Villegas

    Nice body high with a nice pine smell def one of my favorites

  79. Makhi Simon

    I see a lot of This phenotypes where I’m from. Always can count on this great hybrid! Sweet and Earthy! love the structure and aromas.

  80. Gael Vega

    top notch. Hempire does it right,
    cbd stats were 11.2 helped my migraine and pain. earthy and peppery

  81. Finnegan Payne

    its so smooth in a bong

  82. Martha Black

    Laughed my ass off for hours, highly recommended.

  83. Alonzo Mccarthy

    Great Donation for This! Very potent and tasty! Crystalized!

  84. Elliott Austin

    The taste is great but the high doesn’t last very long

  85. Gemma Castillo

    Very intense high, pungent aroma. Only thing I would say is a downside is that it dumbs me down a bit. I enjoy this product.

  86. Louis Walters

    I use to be a reggitarian but I am on my way to be a cannnabist all because of you This! High for hours and way relaxed. I am a beginner smoker so it hit me hard. Only took a 1/4 of a blunt for it to reveal its properties.

  87. Gianna Spence

    This is nice. I really enjoyed it’s taste. Definately a Sativa dominant Hybrid. I personally prefer a product that is Indica dominant, but this was an alert, focused, euphoric head high. Left me feeling upbeat and happy. Didn’t do much in the way of pain relief for my tendonitis though.

  88. Viviana Hoover


  89. Immanuel Fletcher

    smoked in Amsterdam last year O.G Kush has to be my favourite product that iv tried so far. I felt like I had full body relaxation but I was feeling creative and a little bit energetic. everything felt comfortable.

  90. Paisley Lloyd

    I suffer from extreme migraines to the point where I can’t function on little tasks. This product has eased them back to the point where I hardly feel them

  91. Harley Dawson

    This is quite the product of choice in my book. It has a sweet pine smell/ taste with a strong aroma to make you drool. I love the many products of This! -Had many kinds of This and Green Light Alternatives had some incredible Lost Coast OG!-

  92. Nevaeh Maldonado

    smelled and tasted like a car tire. I took 2 hits off the vaporizor and then waited 10 min. Took 2 more and waited another 10. On the third hit, I felt a slight lift. Starting to feel a heavier stone at 15 minutes in.

  93. Steve Singleton

    Immersed me into a deep, creative, happy dream state. I just got off of a tolerance break and feel utterly stoned out of my mind. Great for art museums or making art. I experienced synthesia at the Chicago Art Museum.

  94. Skyla Griffith

    This is the Best kush

  95. Nikolai Little

    This is my very favorite product. I always make sure to keep some around, and while I (of ) smoke other strains, I always find myself coming back.

  96. Kate Gray

    Not much experience with the o.g. kush but i was expecting more from a product with such a reputation. The aroma was a sweet musty piney earthy scent which was nice but not all that pungent. The flavour though was were it really fell flat …. This is known for being a flavour product but this batch just wasn’t up to par for what should be top shelf bud. The effects are a creeper with a buzz all around the head and shoulders, blood shot eyes and a nice strong even buzz. The effects really saved this one from getting a lower rating. Overall, I’d say this was probably just a sub par batch and the product should be looked at for further review 🙂

  97. Joey Riggs


  98. Giovanni Hanna

    ____ This are even better than the actual cookies. It’s no wonder the west coast won’t touch anything but cookies these days. This hybrid is amazing. It will get you completely stoned, physically and mentally. I love this product for social settings, especially concerts and festivals. Everybody has a good time with this. It’s great for just about everything from pain to boredom! It will give you some mean munchies though, be forewarned. I am looking forward to seeing where this product ends up in the future!

  99. Parker Holden

    To this day, this is my favorite product. This makes me feel like superman. I will accomplish anything, and everything on this product.

  100. Sasha Golden

    I bought a gram of this an eighth of Orange Kush the other day because the hype intrigued me. So did it live up?
    Well, first of all let me say yes, it does actually taste like thin mint This. It provides a good, relaxed body stone. Quite enjoyable. However, it’s really not *exceptional*. It’s solid, and you’ll enjoy it, but it’s really not the amazing wonder bud you’ve been told it is. The fact is, I’m enjoying the Orange Kush better than the this. My suggestion…. give it a try, but not at an inflated price. Take the hype with a grain of salt. And enjoy…. it’s really a good strain, once you strip the stratospheric expectations that the hype might inspire.

  101. Raymond Hanna

    Fantastic strain! Great smell and flavor. And gets me pretty baked. Medicine of choice.

  102. Vivian Pope

    I find this product great for relieving muscle tension and managing pain.

  103. Milton Fleming

    Easily a 5 star product. A good hybrid that is on the sativa side. Looks and smells amazing. This bud is a whole spectrum of colors and shades, from purple to light green. Leaves you feeling stranded on an alien ship while wondering whats for lunch. It is also enjoyable to play video games after smoking this bud, but be carefull because if you play Call of Duty, you’re gonna be running into a shit ton of walls.

  104. Kristopher Phillips

    This is THE product that everyone needs to try in their lifetime. Was raised on this bud. I’m never unhappy with Cookies.
    What else to say? It packs a fucking punch man. Instant stone. Unmovable body, squinted eyes, and you’re good for the day.

  105. Eden Fuller

    This is definitely become one of my fast favorites a daily user I’m not usually satisfied this potent product definitely has the right combination definitely most potent and best in my opinion at least on the east coast is Grassroots product and is the concentrate is unbelievable thanks to the breeder of this Wonderful plant

  106. Morgan Shepard

    I love this product. It makes me feel great and helps with my anxiety so much.

  107. Johnny Erickson

    this it tastes great! Better than lots of other stuff very good. I fall asleep like a hour into it.very good if you just wanna relax eat and sleep

  108. Amir Hurst

    Kind of a creeper weed. But once it hits its there.

  109. Alonzo Powers

    smoked 3 grams of 28.8% thc…honestly I think all the hype ruined it for me…because I just didn’t feel too much from it. mild cerebral euphoria but nothing like a good sativa. didn’t do much for my back pain…..gonna wait a few months before I try it again.

  110. Khloe Garcia

    I smoked this then lost my phone… But I’m typing this right now. Found it

  111. James Pratt

    I’ve been using marijuana for the better part of 24 years. It takes something special to impress me as far as cannabis is concerned. I’m impressed with the taste. I understand how it got its name. I’m very happy with the effects. I’m very happy, relaxed and content. Well done Girl Scouts.

  112. Seth Raymond

    I copped 2 oz of this and it is intense, def one of my favorite products, highly recommended

  113. Jaqueline Parks

    Favorite product ever by far

  114. Ireland Golden

    Very fun and cerebral

  115. Janelle Estrada

    I smoked half a joint and was giggly and thought anything I did incorrectly was hilarious and very relaxed and a lil paranoid thinking was very intense and concentrated great product I love it @thc_tyster

  116. Crystal Peters

    I love this product. definitely one of my top five fave.

  117. Bridger Soto

    Not the pleasant smoke I was told it was, had a chemical aftertaste to me. Easy smokin on my lungs though, need to try it in a vaporizer

  118. Sanaa Hendrix

    I was looking forward to getting my hands on this product for a while after reading all the reviews. As well, when Snoop calls it one of his all time favourites products you put it on the list. Lived up to the hype; feel like you could smoke this all night and just chill over some good tunes.

  119. Cordell Casey

    Love this…..favorite product right now

  120. Howard Blanchard

    I just bought a cartridge of this, to be honest I was nervous at first after hearing it had so much thc, but then I started feeling more awake and giddy. I smoked this right before I took my dog for a walk and it was the most euphoric and warm experience. It didn’t make me paranoid or dizzy, just more aware, you can feel it relaxing your body. My new favorite.

  121. Amaris Hall

    with that combo of durb and og this shit ofc just goes crazy. great for pain relief

  122. Coleman Santana

    Tasted like mint w bitter aftertaste.

  123. Marie Wilkerson

    This est l’une des sortes qui m’a le plus assommЋ, aprЏs plusieurs hit de bong de Girl scout jettais tellement Ћclater cettait incroyable j’ai ЋtЋ bien Stone pendant un bon 2 heure

  124. Sonny Richard

    This is a standard staple for me in my collection. This one is good for mid-day hits or after dinner/late focus. This one has a strong hit then tapers off slow and low for the long haul.

  125. Skye Arellano

    Loved it. It made me laugh, made me hungry & had a nice taste.

  126. Jaxon Holmes

    its a pretty good strain

  127. Annika Figueroa

    Loud, delicious and good energy high

  128. Dean Oconnell

    Hits SO FAST. Good balance of head and body.

  129. Kianna Diaz

    Just picked this product up the other day. Great smoke for sure

  130. Rocco Thomas

    Feels like the first time you bite into a Girl Scout Cookie samoan…..PURE BLISS!

  131. Jacqueline Cain

    This is my favorite. That is all.

  132. Yair Ferguson

    one of my favorite products from cali very lovely body high and mind bending euphoria

  133. Conor Montgomery

    Some of the best stuff I’ve ever had, lasts forever and is a nice relaxing high!! Will be picking up again, and again

  134. Armani Pugh

    Good body high, last a while. Hard core munchie is in store afterwards. Good taste and potent smell before/after.

  135. Rex Werner

    This is truly one of the best products i’ve ever used. For me it’s effects are quite strong, intense and generally pleasant.Great head high, boost confidence, sociable and in high spirits. Got quite a nice batch while in san diego at legalweeddispensary, definitely recommend. Totally amazing strain!!!.

  136. Yuliana Ward

    Tried this product many times and I have to say it is one hell of a product. It smells from miles away and it is so dank, it almost smells like chocolate. And the taste is unbelievably good, it’s like no other product I have tried. You have to try it to know what I mean. It’s a killer product and also one of my favorite products.

  137. Keyon Wagner

    i was stucc in a trance of happiness and was focused on the movie i was watching at the moment, i felt a lil fuzzy in myind but nothing too serious. overall it was a great high and i can’t wait to smoke the rest of my cookies stash lol

  138. Chaya Hinton

    Almost the perfect product. Lovely balance between mental energy and body relaxation.

  139. Elaina Alexander

    The BOMB!

  140. Macy Walter

    I didn’t even realize how smacked I was till I got to the store n screwed up ordering my food 3 different times lol. I felt like I was going to pass out from dehydration but otha than that it was excellent

  141. Kai Herrera

    smells insainly awesome

  142. Jazmyn Clay

    Probably one of the best products I’ve ever haf, gives you a real nice head and body high, and it just puts you in a good mood and makes you want to have a fun time.

  143. Zayden Fowler

    This product is one of our flag ship nuggs and I think we’ve got some of the best in town. Come on down and try and some off Union and Brundage in Bakersfield.

  144. Julissa Cisneros

    This is some pressure______

  145. Ashlee Delacruz

    The best I had by far….

  146. Shyanne Stone

    Tiny nugs that smell like the floor of the rainforest. Underwhelming stone, maybe because this product is hyped and also because I didn’t roll my jammie properly. But a satisfying, deep sleep was had.

  147. Anna Berger

    it tastes good and its fairly potent

  148. Barbara White

    Just picked up a THC-A product of 23%, this is pretty high for this, I’ll always love this one! nice and manageable for daytime and never shifty.. just relaxing..

  149. Cara Dixon

    This product is fabulous and in my opinion the best product at AZ Natural and i’m a regular and have tried most of their products.

  150. Jaeden Hicks

    Great terpene profile with sweetness at the front and a crisp almost minty exhale. Recommend to anyone. The concentrate was a honey wax consistency and was very smooth with the exhale being unexpected.

  151. Izaiah Austin

    Easily in my top 5 favorite products. Amazing spacey high. Both in flower and concentrate

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