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MAUI WOWIE PREROLL is a hemp derived product. Maui Wowie is a sativa dominant strain, which is mostly found and grown in the Hawaiian Islands. The buds of the strain are covered by wonderful crystals which make it look quite tempting for patients and hemp users. As for the smell, you will note a hint of pine along with citrus and lavender.  The product is safe to use and federally legal.




Our preroll is made through a multi-step infusion process. Step one is to select premium hemp flowers. Once these are selected, it is time to coat them with infused distillate oil. This process often involves multiple coats on the flower to increase psychoactivity and provide an overall frostier look. Packaged to maintain freshness using an 8 layer patented pouch package with a ziplock mechanism. Which further serves as a child proof package with California state compliance labelling. You can be certain that when you buy an EPIC preroll, you are getting the absolute best product available in the world. We take tremendous pride in says as much. After all our brand is EPIC, which means the flower has to be EPIC.

Maui Wowie is a sativa dominant strain, which is mostly found and grown in the Hawaiian Islands. The buds of the strain are covered by wonderful crystals which make it look quite tempting for patients and hemp users. As for the smell, you will note a hint of pine along with citrus and lavender. Furthermore, the strain tastes like fresh hash. The strain offers a high-end euphoria along with pineapple flavors that allow your mind to drift away to creative spaces.

Everyone of our products start with soil grown, indoor organic hemp flower.  This creates the most potent but also healthy flower from which we can craft our menu.  It is our belief that organic hemp flower is simply the best.

Organically grown flower won’t do much unless it starts with strong genetics.  It takes time and patience to create a genetic line of hemp flower that has great nose, great effects and looks the part.  With a healthy balance of cannabinoids.

We test every product we make throughout the entire product chain.  What we buy from other vendors gets tested and compared to their lab test results.  Purity and safety is something we will never compromise on.  It is the EPIC way.


Hemp effects everyone differently.  A lot depends on tolerance, age, energy level and even mood.  Start with a small dose and go up form there.









Mood Improvement



This is not a medical recommendation.  Please consult a physician if you have any questions before starting any treatment or hemp use.

Sleep Aid


Ache Relief


Reduce Restlessness







We grow our flower with the utmost of care.  You will never see us call our hemp weed.  Weeds grow in the wild unloved and uncared for.  Our hemp is a flower, sourced from Amsterdam, and grown seed to flower by our experienced master growers.


We promise to always provide the highest quality products backed by unmatched customer service.  We will take every step necessary to ensure you get the finest five start treatment.  We will always provide transparency and detailed information on all that we manufacture and create.  It is our company ethos to ensure an amazing experience every time you interact with our company.  We may not always succeed but we will always do our very best.   This is our promise to you, this is the EPIC promise our company makes.



Please keep out of reach of children.  While some of our products only contain CBD which is generally safe for children.  A lot contain Delta 8 THC and other cannabinoids.  Do not operate heavy machinery and please do not drive while using our products.  Please consult a physician before starting to use any of our products.  And verify if there are any medication interactions with our products.  While hemp products are generally considered safe, please stop using them if you have any allergic reactions.  Also take time to learn about each product you plan on using before doing so.







What is Delta 8 THC?

Delta 8 THC is a hemp derived cannabinoid. It has become popular because of its similarity to delta-9 THC. Large amounts of THC are found in a majority of hemp strains.

Will I get high while consuming Delta 8 THC?

If you consume low to moderate amounts of Delta 8 THC you will not feel any sort of high.

Who should use Delta 8 Concentrates?

Generally speaking concentrates are a more challenging product to use.  They normally require specialised equipment and experience.  If you are new to concentrates we suggest watching some YouTube videos on your concentrate of choice.  Then decide whats best for you.

Does EPIC flower smell like hemp?

Yes absolutely.  Each strain has its own fragrance, from sweet to skunky, to diesel and gassy, flowery and pungent.

I have a question that is not listed here. Where I can get an answer?

Have a look at our FAQ page in the top menu for more questions and answer.  And of course you are more than welcome to contact us directly.

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150 reviews for MAUI WOWIE


  1. Alessandro Noble

    Total burst of energy and happiness. Almost a little too happy though… I kinda feel stupid dumb. Oh and you will not fall into an awful couch lock. Very posi thoughts will flow through your mind. I had a really hard time typing this.

  2. Alessandro Kramer

    definitely worth a smoke very uplifting personally and really helped with anxiety and my ADHD made me feel like i could overcome ptsd i felt like nothing could go wrong

  3. Dean Lloyd

    Well what can I say, coming from someone who routinely suffers with depression and anxiety and often seeks for energetic stimulation and deep connection, this is probably the best product I have personally tried. I immediately felt euphoric and passionately minded with purposeful fulfillment. I write this aptly after having tried it for the first time. I cannot recommend enough to anyone considering this product and questioning whether the hype is all just but a ruse. Sincerely, leaper

  4. Anna Berger

    “This is definitely one of my favorite and most memorable products. It can be harsh on the throat at times. I’ve smoked it out of an aluminum toker and a hot box (desktop) vaporizer and it still made me cough so be careful. It is definitely a more euphoric high although I’ve had better in that aspect. I think the ‘feeling’ I’m looking for the most with products these days is euphoric, energetic, and happy (laughing, giggly). Those are my favorite. I can only compare this product by telling you what it’s better than and what’s it’s not as good as. It’s BETTER than Bubba Kush and Head Cheese. It’s comparable to Blue Dream in terms of strength (although Blue Dream is more so on the indica side). It’s not as good as Afgoo (Afghani Goo) or Jack Frost. With all that being said, this product is currently in my top 10 at least.”

  5. Lilliana Tate

    “The This smell is very pungent; aromas of citrus and chemical overwhelm the room once the nug jug is opened. The buds are not that dense, a typical aspect of sativa, with longer leaves and buds. On the inhale, a harsh expansion is presented to you. Be careful of taking really fat bong hits, this one will burn as the smoke rushes into your lungs. It has little spice to the taste, but a very sweet one,nonetheless. Smoking this ÒchronicallyÓ would get tiring after awhile because of the taste. The exhale of smoke seems to dry out the mouth, leading to an extreme case of cotton. Make sure to have water or a drink handy because this product can get you dehydrated, leading to headaches and migraines. The high is perfect for those who want to escape from stress, no matter the type. Usually Indicas get the job done but this Sativa melts away stress and pain.”

  6. Charles Eaton

    So I don’t leave many reviews unless the bud changes my life. So here I am high as hell telling you fine folks that this bud is the titts! A glorious high that gets your engines running. A go to for Netflix & chillin (wink~wink). You and your babe won’t regret it!

  7. Isis Hobbs

    “Picked up a qtr. of Thisat a dispensary the other day. Outstanding bag appeal, sweet, citrus/lemon smell, lime green, dense and very sticky nuggets. Hitting this product in my pipe, I immediately notice that it burns extremely smooth with no cough or irritation at all. The taste was very lemon (like sour, lemon candy) and stayed on my lips & toungue for a while. VERY tasty weed! Makes me want to keep on smoking it just for the taste. But, the high it produces is not very strong, IMO. VERY sativa-dominant effect with some giggles and an a happy feeling that ddn’t last that long. Can make you talkative as well. Great socializing bud! No yawn, no burnout but you get a fairly short, dreamy high from a very sticky, sweet(lemon)-smelling, smooth-burning smoke with great bag appeal for sure! Just not an intense, or long enough high for me.”

  8. Payten Fuentes

    One of my all time favorites! Cerebral, relaxed, happy. What more could you ask for?

  9. Edward Waters

    This product had a very sour piney smell. Also had an amazing taste to it. The high was somewhat short to other products but i still liked it alot. I would recommend this bud to anybody with who wants a nice relaxing bud.

  10. Yandel Stevens

    A friend gave me a 1 gram sample of This that he just got in from a new connection. It made for an awesome ” go out and enjoy the mid summer day ” kind of high. Was very focused and upbeat when vaped at 390 degrees. I like it and I’m going back to see said friend for a larger quantity.

  11. Janiyah Herman

    One of my favorites. Had to get it when my plug was selling it. So many of my favorite rappers talk about this product so I had to try it. Definitely a top 2 favorite product. Would recommend to anyone.

  12. Kolton Haynes

    Smell and taste are very distinct. Some enjoy the taste, but some do not. Personally, I enjoy both the vaporized and smoked taste. The high is very cerebral, but don’t expect it to make you the life of the party. Most of you is partying inside your head on the come up – once you hit the peak you’ll be able to interact and then you will become energized. On the come down, you do become sleepy.

  13. Payton Walter

    dark, redish shadder glass. hard to manipulate, but heady, good high.

  14. Kael Cooley

    “method: tasting note: bright pine like taste that reminds me of sour metallic candy. very enjoyable and interesting. feels: very active, chatty, silly and active. lowered my anxiety instantly”

  15. Cierra Vaughan

    This has been my staple for almost 8 months at this time. Nothing else gives such a rush to the head without being debilitating. Perfect for taking the edge off (and putting a new edge in), whether listening to music or in social situations, but be warned: this product is extremely potent. High doses can result in (not necessarily unpleasant) serious couch lock/nausea in users with low tolerance. At the other end of the spectrum, This can produce the most incredibly euphoric highs. No other product I’ve tried serves as a better anxiolytic, and to me Thisis THE benzo equivalent bud. Great pick-me-up for depressive episodes and panic attacks. As an aside, Blue Dream provides a more mellow, longer high (think of it as being “stretched”), and NYC Diesel seems to be more mellow and have less of a cerebral rush in comparison.

  16. Cailyn Mcpherson

    Very popular strain, love the high at first, it’s great, you feel good but it gets old quick, I only continue to use it to help me sleep but caution gives very bad cotton mouth

  17. Adrien Bautista

    I suffer from chronic pain – especially from my back. Just recived my medical marijuana certificate and I’m ready to start some sampling! From the dispensary I bought something called SDX – a product of This… The first time I tried it, I used it at night with a vaporizer ( Vapir NO2 – LOOOOOVE this thing!!!!) I was up for about two hours then went to bed. Slept wonderfully – there was no moving around trying to find that comfy spot we are always looking for!! I was up at 5am for 30mins or so, went back to sleep and finally woke up at 2-2:30pm!!! Saying I slept like a rock doesn’t even cover it, lol!! The next night I vaporized the SDX again – results were different… I woke up at 10am (almost totally pain-free I might add) and that was that – slept very soundly. Today I tried my SDX during the daytime, to see what the results would be… I did not vapor the night before, and only took my prescribed pain killers (morphine and other things). At first it seemed to me that it was taking far more hits to make pain recede than it did at night. And I plan on puffing again in a little while 🙂 I felt a little high – but not much. My overall opinion – very good night time smoke! If your in pain, this works very nicely – I am happy with the results. It doesn’t totally take the pain AWAY – but it moves it to the back of your mind where you don’t think about it 🙂

  18. Cassie Shah

    in my top 10

  19. Madalyn Andrade

    Good taste, good high,

  20. Gretchen Heath

    This product is good for when you just want to relax and smoke one with a friend, or if you want to get some work done like clean your room or clean your car and be high without being to sedated, then this is the one for you.

  21. Jaslyn Hull

    Puts me to sleep for hours __

  22. Haiden Middleton

    Really good

  23. Rigoberto Watkins

    One of my favorite sativa!!! Fast acting heady high that keeps me going.I love This for work situations,and just getting shit done.The palate and nose are straight diesel fuel,with earthy and pungent notes.

  24. Clarence Paul

    It’s great I had it once from a old friend but I would love to try to find it again

  25. Steve Forbes

    Probably my most favorite product I’ve ever tried. When I lay on my back, It’s as if the world is my backpack, and I’m carrying it through space. Been medicated all day from a few heavy sessions. If you like to chill out hardcore, if you like to trip out to some tunes, if you like to eat but not too much, pick up some This guys.

  26. Jonathan Lambert

    This products makes you feel so happy and laid back

  27. Lorena Ibarra

    This particular product is one of my favorites. The light-green color always is consistant with the light aroma of green citrus. This provides a light smoke and great exhale, with my tongue tasting caramel and numbing sensations. Intake if you need to really do things in the next couple of hours. The breakup is excellent, either with the fingers or with assistance from a grinder.

  28. Elyse Bender

    One of the best to relax you, take away pains or cramps, brings your mood up, and helps you be happier

  29. Ana Paul

    extremely crazy weed ! last a bit too long but it makes you so happy!

  30. Alexia Weber

    Pretty decent. Kept me alert and aware all the while maintaining and feeling my high. But I didn’t feel that high everyone else spoke about in regards to this product. I will try it again to be sure.

  31. Ashly Howard

    “I love this strain, one of my favorites, but if youre going to smoke it, it might be a good idea to smoke only a small amount. Youll get a high and be energetic and happy, but… I trip absolute dicks when I smoke this heavy. I can’t look at my screen without it looking like its bubbling and dripping around. I go out to the kitchen and the bench looks bumpy but its not fluffy stuff like the inside of a hoodie will turn geometric and you close your eyes and it does it inside your eyes so you cant shut it off. It’s fucking intense.”

  32. Aryanna Mckinney

    very fun to smoke, has a nice head high, works quick. my favorite thing about this product is, is leaves you in an amazing mood. the only negative is uber cotton mouth

  33. Lina Giles

    very uplifting

  34. Reginald Mcdowell

    Just all around GREAT, its the main product my dealer sells and I buy it almost every time. Its social, and you can still go in public afterwards. GREAT smell, way better then normal weed. Made me happy and gave me energy.

  35. Yusuf Rasmussen

    A good, well rounded strain, one of the best.

  36. Kaelyn Pineda

    Definitely one of my go-to products for something to smoke that won’t make me tired, this product isn’t in my top 5 but is still very good. The head is excellent, and potency can be good to very good but I’ve personally never seen it much over 20 percent. Not a good product for pain relief for me personally and it does produce some dry mouth. I would rate it 3.8-3.9 but it only goes in half stars.

  37. Kennedi Greene

    This product was the first product I ever smoked. I buy it whenever I can get my hands on it and by far it is my favorite. The smell, the feel, the after taste. It’s perfect. Definitely the one to go to for a dope relaxed cool chill day.

  38. Muhammad Diaz

    I have a lot of anxiey and it doesn’t take much for some products to cause paranoia, but Thiseliminates my anxiety and helps with my insomnia. Definitely one of my favorite products (along with Skywalker)

  39. Cadence Archer

    Overrated but one of the most common products. Smells like “loud”, but smells awful in my opinion. My first strain, and would sort of recommend for first timers.

  40. Harrison Moses

    Good Strong Gasoline Exhale And Inhale . Couch lock strong pugent smell .

  41. Viviana Reynolds

    I’m a farmer of this strain, I love the aroma and it’s closest to skunk no.1, I can find,if anyone can get skunk no.1 please follow me.back to the SD. at hand , been growing for 3 seasons now and this year was the best outcome and the high seems to be euphoric and energetic and much more than last season.this product makes me want to eat,have sex, I sleep better.

  42. Joselyn Duke

    small amounts- i get happy, energy, euphoric and creative. large amounts- i get lethargic, hungry, heavy eyes and passout seriously it just became my favorite sativa over GC. it’s so versatile as well that i can use it at all times and not be dreading my choice. love love love!

  43. Dante Levine

    i’m smoked a spliff of This about and hour ago. And due to the tobacco i may not be able to get the full Thisexpirience. But from what i’ve smoked, the high seems to be incredibly uplifting. Everything is fucking great. I’m just playing fifa with my friend. Very creative almost spiritually arousing effect. Basicly just euphoria and feeling connected to everything. This one makes me feel one with the universe and everything inside it. Almost making me close to god. Very spiritual but not spiritually high if that makes any sense. It’s a hard concept to grasp but once you feel it you grasp it. put some tobacco, mix it with this product… and you feel gggreaat!

  44. Cullen Howe

    great product smooth like air extremely uplifting completely functional and fun

  45. Jayda Russo

    I love this product. My favorite whenevery I can find it which is almost always. The first time I tried this I had an artistic epiphany. I love drawing and I feel this product has a very hyper type of head stone. Makes you feel incredibly euphoric.

  46. Camryn Burgess

    Wonderful, uplifting flower.

  47. Jasmin Newton

    Personally I don’t really like sativas but this one is one of a kind its smell is sexy it looks fantastic and the high is amazing I walked round the shop in my underwear because I really didn’t care ! 9/10 !

  48. Reagan Vega

    I thought the taste was good lemony and tart, however this stuff knocked me out cold. One minute I’m walking the train tracks, the next I’m waking up feeling refreshed and ready to go to church

  49. Cordell Simpson

    I had probably one of the top 3 highs in my life with this product. Instant level 10 mind and body high, with a feeling of fascination and wonder for everything. Amazing euphoria. Probably one of my favorite products ever

  50. Trey Stark

    Out of Strawberry Koff, Strawberry Dream, and This; This is by far my favorite. It almost shoots you into your body and makes your mind explore new “(insert word).” Best elation from any product. Libra.

  51. Kian Kerr

    Very nice daytime buzz really smooth dabbing, long lasting and soothing burn.

  52. Hadassah Rangel

    Heard many great things about this strain, and wow is it a very good high. Many head rushes and focused on figuring this out, but it put me into couch lock like no other product. I sat and passed out, very good med. Would recommend 🙂

  53. Dario Donaldson

    Sour D. great daytime high super uplifting clear headed high. It has strong smell to it. will definitely come back to sour d

  54. Mikayla Erickson

    A very distinct strong piney smell. Piney, Earthy taste. Pretty smooth smoking, not too harsh. A very uplifting clear high.

  55. Sharon Sheppard

    This product is perfect for feeling good especially when your upset. This cannabis is one of my favorite products. HIGHLY RECOMMEND this product.

  56. Cale Jordan

    Very euphoric. It’s almost like a trance state.

  57. Dalton Clayton

    Legendary, one of the first product I smoked and the hybrids of this strain

  58. Regina Vega

    I’m usually an Indica person, but damn this product made me focused and I finished all my projects and folded my laundry.

  59. Trey Leon

    love it

  60. Jada Horton

    It’s a really good hybrid. Great for my Fibromyalgia+cptsd combination. Soothes the body aches while stimulating the mind. Perfect time: afternoon + evening. Oh, and Get ready to munch….

  61. Bernard Collier

    This hits with crazy uplifting and euphoric effects that can cause an amazing psychedelic effect. Puts you right in the party mood while keeping your mind calm and relaxed. Has a very strong herbal taste/smell and has very potent effect.

  62. Tony Shaw

    Classic product that will blow anyone away great flavor, burns slow and sticky enough to stick it to the wall.

  63. Deven Russell

    Exhale of Green Mint Tea. __
    Absolute energy juice. My brain chemistry reacted to this with almost total excitement. Focused, happy, social and in no way sleepy. I would definitely recommended for daytime use only. __

  64. Kaylie Walter

    ItÕs all good with me

  65. Jonah Maxwell

    Chill product for people that like indica

  66. Reagan Joseph

    I just smoked This and It is goooooooood
    I feel a good body and head high, my head feels kinda heavy tho, like there’s a rock in my brain. But love it Love love loooooove it

  67. Duncan Levy

    Best in small doses for activities and very best in larger doses after work. nice relaxed body high combined with a creative and floaty mind. really good to listen music to and in this case on festivals also good in large quantities. walks in the Forrest in autumn are almost psychedelic. my all together favorite!

  68. Naima Osborn

    Really smooth clear high, would recommend for going about daily stuffs

  69. Landyn Wolf

    This is an awesome product. One of my top 5. This is awesome for ptsd. My husband finds great relief from this product. #420 sweepstake’s

  70. Simeon Hammond

    This is a wonderful strain, that has a wonderful earthy, woody smell. The smoke is pretty harsh at first. I find, but well worth the coughing. Leaving you with an intense euphoria and a very relaxed, and slightly sleepy feeling.

  71. Jabari Ortiz

    Vintage product and father of a host of popular products out today. This is a classic cross with a storied history and represents California’s cannabis equivalent of France’s Bordeaux wine. Heavy but not overwhelming indica-induced body relaxer and mildly mind-numbing. Great for general pain, migraines and stress relief.

  72. Selina Rivers

    great body stone but nice cerebral effects as well… It’s This after all.. true 50/50 in my opinion.. favorite strain

  73. Quinn Riddle

    Smoked 4 blunts of this last night. Shit is straight fire. ______

  74. Octavio Pennington

    I made cannabis oil out of this and it was awesome a good laid back high. Currently testing potency 1.3ml got me feeling good. Trying to treat ADHD and this seems to help!

  75. Johnathan Vega

    Gives me lots of energy. Can sometimes make me feel sluggish but usually feel like going out or something.

  76. Adelaide Mason

    Makes me happy

  77. Jaylin Gordon

    simple hybrid

  78. Arnav Long

    Absolutely love this product. mixed .8g with 1.6ml of Vapeur Extract. Wow this is some extremely flavorful concentrate. The high is a real balance of indica and sativa. 3 8 second rips out of the Nautilus Mini and my face and hands get a little tingly. I have turned 3 products (Girlscout Cookie, Strawberry Diesel, and Boyscout Cookie) into ejuice and this is the only “tingler”. I feel it might be the 1.4_ CBD. The concentrate is the amber color shatter in shards.

  79. Ashton Cordova

    Really good Kush that I will be buying again. It may even make it too my grow list.

  80. Alisha Riddle

    Strong, long lasting pain relief. I felt it before the bowl was half vaped. I got over 2 hours out of it. Creative but distractible, good for chilling to music and sleepy toward the end.

  81. Rodney Benton

    Great strain, made me really happy and energetic. Would definitely recommend

  82. Kailey Mathews

    It’s a hybrid guys!!! It clearly says that up top.

  83. Edgar Thomas

    Got a promo bud from my local dispensary! Awesome flower. Perfect for pain, stress, insomnia, pretty much everything. Dense with a sour smell.

  84. Jaylen Perkins

    Top Shelf where MAMA hides the cookies!!!!!!!!
    Seriously this is litterally the King of any other cannabis product on our planet, This is #1. there is no debating this.

  85. Melina Burton

    ( I wrote the review wail using this for the first time.) My review is what I said below. ———————————————————–
    ITS NOT A 5/5 (but so fucking is) I’m to FUcking high right now to give a great discription of how fucking AWSOme this bud is bro, BUTTTT LETTTT MEEEE TELLLL YOUUUU im so fucking high I would love to ride a grasshopper into the outer(FUCKIG)space that are your mindddddddd. Beacuse bro, try this weeedddd….
    I got high. ________________
    #sonnet #poettt
    {ps}: please note that I only rate it 4/5 due to the fact that i will never stop trying to find a better bud or a better high. Beacuse of that, I only say 4/5.!!! Beacuse I don’t know what a 5/5 is and if it is a 5/5 how does one determin if a 5/5 would qualified as a 5/5. What’s the qualifications bro???!? But yah. So you can’t say one thing is subject to a nother thing wich is bad or good depending on how you look at it I mean but they as the duckinf dickponf of iD not. Yah know what I mean Alan? Ok cool. Cool. I am so highhh. ———————————————————–
    Please note I wrote that when I was high. Take what you will. Make your own decision if this is good or not. I fucking loved it.

  86. Franco Martinez

    Five star strain! Leaves you with nothing but good times ahead, and no red eyes whatsoever! I rate this bud 5/5. It has a wonderful earthy flavor and leaves you feeling over all relaxed, euphoric, happy, and giggly. One of my favorite strains!

  87. Armani Orr

    Always better the second time
    Got me real trippy music is nice
    But a little paranoia and when too people were around I got annoyed

  88. Leonidas Dickson

    I had some really really dank This from cali, so frosty you could barely handle it. The high is very intricate a full bodied. it seems like the balance between sativa and indica is so fine that it melds more into one effect to where its difficult to point out the “sativa effects” vs the “indica effects”. The high manages to be intense yet subtle at the same time….almost like you’ve slipped into a completely different reality “tone” wise. For me personally. I didn’t like it that much, it made me feel de-attached. Not sure how much it had to do with where I was at in my life then but everytime I would smoke it I got an undertone of anxiety just from it making me feel seperate from other things. Not a bad product just not for me. I do though enjoy some This crosses, I will have to give it another shot someday.

  89. Jose Thompson

    Great bud structure, dank smell very strong very sugar coated with thc crystals. You feel the body high but more of a cerebral high. Good for night time or after a stressful day or after work or activities. Only negative the dry mouth or (cotton mouth) but all good

  90. Franco Mahoney

    The was just the thing i needed after a hard day at work. I had an uplift before hunger set in, then I relaxed and was easily able to sleep. It was fresh and refreshing and very high quality.

  91. Ashanti Grimes

    just got a quarter of this This, Ive found my new favourite smoke.

  92. Adelaide Sharp

    not bad…flavor great….worked on my RA pretty well…will use again

  93. Nikolai Hogan

    Smoked a bowl of this to make me hungry for breakfast. I’ve tried This before before but always mixed with some other product. This stuff hits immediately with both a head and body high. Nicely balanced between indica and sativa. Nausea was gone in a couple of minutes and I didn’t notice my chronic back pain. There was definitely an intense spacey quality about this high. Listening to music was very intense and enjoyable as was playing video games. I wouldn’t recommend this product if you need to get something done in the next few hours. The high lasted about two hours and left me sleepy and content. Would be good for insomnia. Definitely on my top 10 list.

  94. Kole Wagner

    Loved the tired and euphoric effects but the dry mouth takes this rating down considerably.

  95. Brooklynn Huerta

    Just smoked 3 bowls from a hookah refitted as a bong. The first bowl got me feeling pretty high and the second bowl was awesome… But the third bowl was no doubt the best 🙂 This is so smooth and tastes amazing. Very pungent smell. Covered in trichs This has me crazy stoned 🙂

  96. Eliezer Larsen

    This is the most beautiful experience I have ever had. I don’t feel worthy of the amazing journey this product has afforded me. I’ve tried so many products trying to find a feeling of happiness and this is it. This is heaven. This is life. I just feel so much love for the world. My entire body vibrates. I turned off the oven and decided not to binge eat so that I could meditate instead. Purity and comfort. Beautiful plant.

  97. Braedon Good

    Very potent with a strong cerebral high and a good body high without couch-lock. Buds are dark with bright orange hairs and super dense, seriously compact and sticky.

  98. Antoine Moon

    wow, smells great, taste sweet and you feel even the lowest amount

  99. Dante Travis

    Highly recommended product for nausea, loss of appetite, and overall discomfort. I had the opportunity to sample the true product straight from the source. That said, it definitely blows the majority of what I get out of the water; two mild sized hits and I was completely in outer space (coming from a guy with a fair tolerance).

  100. Justine Briggs

    Classification: Indica-dominant
    Parents: Albert Walker x Tahoe Alien
    Growing Environment: Indoor/Outdoor
    Garden Skills: Intermediate
    Flowering Time: 8 – 9 weeks
    Height: Medium
    Yield: Massive
    Medical Uses: Insomnia, pain relief, anorexia, chemotherapy, anxiety
    Breeder: Alien Genetics
    EWOK has flavors and an aroma that are out of this world. With flavors of fuel, tangerine and Kush, coupled with an aroma of fermented oranges, spice, hash, Kush and diesel most smokers will be pleasantly surprised with what they find EWOK provides. Plus the effect is phenomenal – if you can stay awake long enough to enjoy it. EWOK is a serious powerhouse that we would not be surprised to see win a Cannabis Cup or other top prize one day. No need to vegetate these ladies for any more than a month. The yield EWOK puts out is absolutely massive. In a 5-gallon pot indoors, the average yield most growers seem to get back is 1/4 pound per plant with 12 ounces not being unheard of in the same grow setup. Outdoors these ladies regularly put out a half-pound per plant and can get up to 6 feet tall. EWOK will flower for 8 to 9 weeks and start to turn shades of barely visible lavender around week 7 or 8. Clones take root very easily, usually ready after 7 days in a high humidity environment.

  101. Averi Conway

    If I could give it a 10I would! My house smells like a dispensary! I may have to bury his bag in the yard! Sweet tasting, quick hitting with another burst to follow and you will be up and moving! One thing though! Very important! Take notes on why you got up to go! Because you will soon forget! This one rivals Blue Dream And OG Kush! But for me it may be my go to! Day or night! Thank you for creating this delightful strain! I just donated $25.00 to the Girl Scouts of America!

  102. Ezra Wilkins

    Third batch as of late and this time the buds have more purple throughout. The smell this time is amazing it’s just like candy. The buds are crispy and caked with crystal. I also have green crack and they are both strong but the this hits me way faster after consumption making it an almost instant stress reliever!

  103. Krish Lara

    1 of the best by far started smoking this This __ product 5 years ago and i will always get often

  104. Jade Forbes

    The best product hands down. Have not found anything that gives such an instant euphoric yet body relaxing high!

  105. Gavyn Jackson

    One of the best products ever! We here at Masterpeace Gardens LLC. love this!!! The Platinum & Thin Mints are amazing, however the Forum Phenotype has undesirable flower structure. I find this has a fruity floral taste. The blissful effects are felt almost immediately which is nice if you need to gauge your intake. I have troubles eating in the mornings as a side effect of years of forced ADHD pills:( I find this calms my stomach and gives me an epic appetite! I also have severe pain & anxiety which this product does wonders for!! We highly recommend this beautiful and delicious strain! follow us @mastercanna

  106. Jonathon Zimmerman

    G.S.C is the best when its made into a concentrate in my opinion. haha kinda strange for one to say, but there are a few products iv’e tried that I prefer to be a concentrate over the actual flower.
    Phyto has a really nice G.S.C that they sell for $35.00 usually, and so does the dispensary – They sell theirs for $30.00 a G which isnt bad.

  107. Aarav Wall

    I have fibromyalgia, degenerative disc disease in my lower back, IBS, anxiety, and depression. this works wonderfully for everything above. It is absolutely my favorite newer strain! It is always reliable and I can count on it to work every time. Quality, consistency and price are my 3 main grading criteria, and It meets all 3 every time. *****

  108. Amiyah Perez

    Wickedly powerful, long stone, definitely a couch-locker for sure. Sweet, but very earthy with a lung-expanding slightly harsh smoke. Didn’t taste anything like cookies to me, but it sure made me want some. Not an easily grown plant, a little tricky. Buds are nice and dense, with resin all over them. Orange hairs everywhere across the dark green leaves. Cali grown, and a beautiful specimine. Will look forward to the next time I get ahold of these sweet buds. Made me sleepy too. Great on a camping trip.

  109. Robert Lozano

    this was the second product i ever tried. after smoking i went to the restaurant i work at to get some food. while i was looking at the menu i reached my peak. i started hearing people around me calling my name when really it was just my friend. it was the most intense/favorite high i’ve ever had.

  110. Emily Guerra


  111. Jaylon Buck

    I love this product. but leafly needs to stop posting pics of nasty bud. this is top shelf, the real one.

  112. Christian Koch

    Initial high was similar to an adrenaline rush that comes on unexpectedly from a near-miss experience that made my anxiety level go through the roof. It made me feel like I was lit up on speed and no body relaxation at all. Not a bad product for some of my mixed company, but for me it wasn’t my cup of tea.
    I do have PTSD so I have to be careful with hybrids and Indica products in general because some work and some have adverse effects.

  113. Bailey Richmond

    I woke up this morning interrupted by most intense pressure in my back, as though it had to crack all over so I tried a few stretches that I usually do to help but nothing was working. What usually follows this feat is depression due to the fact that the pain is so intense that I get so little sleep anymore and so little relief. I had a joint that I rolled last night before bed of this so I decided to do a little research on the product and it turned out that it is commonly used for pain relief and depression- what a win! So I proceded to go outside and smoke the joint which is a regular routine in the morning for my anyways. The product I smoke tends to lean towards something targeted for nausea from my local dispensary. Today I decided to cater to my pain as it was more severe than the nausea. I smoked the whole joint to myself and I am feeling absolutely no pain with an amazing full body relaxation accompanied by extreme euphoria and happiness along with increased creativity and motivation. By far one of the best products I’ve smoked by far and I’m a seasoned smoker of 10 years. Very wonderful I would definitely recommend this product to anyone with severe pain, depression, and high tolerance as I’m super stoned and it’s wonderful !!

  114. Irene Adkins

    Pretty great bud, strong buzz, best part is the sweet smooth taste

  115. Eddie Duke

    I smoked this with a close friend last year, and although I don’t remember much, I do remember that I absolutely loved it. My friend and I were frequent smokers then, too, so we had a high tolerance, but this completely took us by surprise. Our high lasted five hours. We jammed to music, danced around and ate good food. I have PPD (Paranoid Personality Disorder) and severe GAD, but for those hours, I was calmer and my brain was quieter. (Those moments are very rare for me, so they’re difficult to forget.) In short, my friend and I had an easy and carefree time, and we’ll still reminisce about it.
    I would recommend this to anyone who wants to experience that stoner movie moment.

  116. Laila Benton

    I would rate this five stars but I don’t really care for how it hits on a bong. I feel it hits better through a joint or a even a blunt. But then again, I also think that some products work better on a bong but for me this is a product that works better in a joint of blunt. I do like the rich and strong flavor it gives though, it makes this really stand out.

  117. Eugene Larson

    I love it for chronic migraine relief.

  118. Jack Brewer

    I loved this one! Such a happy high made doing the dishes bearable and Dr who Mesmerizing. At the very least made me entirely forget about my knee pain. This is my new hybrid staple

  119. Fletcher Avila

    One of my favorite all time products. The smell and taste is unbeatable.

  120. Lia Clarke

    I love this strain, its by far my favorite of all time. It gave me a permismile, i felt really giggly and tingly. I defiantly felt really happy and very uplifted. It also helped me get a great night sleep which is hard to get since i have bad insomnia. Fursure a 5 stars in my opinion. really dope strain, highly recommend.

  121. Gabriela Montes

    I love this product. It is one of the best products to help my fiance with her pain,anxiety and stress.

  122. Zachary Thornton

    I tried it a few times just to make sure I don’t like it. I definitely don’t like it. So weird because I’ve smoked weed with equal or higher THC and there is just something about this one that brings out some weird dark depressing and anxious thoughts no matter how happy, comfortable, and content I am before smoking it. The high is pretty much only okay if I’m drunk first before I smoke it up. I had a little over a quarter of it and just gave it away to a friend.

  123. Collin Walls

    all time favorite.

  124. Melody Byrd

    very mellow, not overly strong

  125. Kayden Marsh

    You know when you find that one product you’ll always go back to, cause you love it so much? this is that product for me, wonderful body high with a stimulating cerebral high, can’t get enough of it.

  126. Cindy Cochran

    Just a pleasant experience

  127. Kamari Ayers

    Great strain, I love it in it’s Pie forms (Cherry or Blueberry) as well. It was great from Hi Cascade in Eugene, and they had other different kinds of This.

  128. Jimmy Goodman

    One of the most mellow, clean highs I have experienced. Very happy, relaxed, and stress free, but not at all lazy or sleepy. I love this product to get me through my stress-filled days.Subtle sweet and earthy notes on flavor with a hint of coffee. Absolutely gorgeous, deep-green, frosted buds with purple leaves. Popular product on the shelves right now with many crosses and hybrids, but I think I like the original this best.

  129. Arthur Yates

    Dank as shit shared a blunt with 4 people with high tolerances and was zoned.

  130. Aditya Tapia

    this is a great hybrid u get the best of both worlds with the Durban poison and og kush parents. this product is potent and will give u couchlock

  131. Kellen Howell

    Enjoyable, fun, happy high.

  132. Jesse Terry

    I’ve tried this a few times now and it’s just not for me. I don’t feel relaxed, or energetic. Just hazy and apathetic, despite trying different things (Netflix, yoga, with friends, alone). I prefer Blue Dream or Pineapple Express for hybrids.

  133. Xzavier Moss

    It popin yo it off da chain

  134. Nathaniel Pratt

    This product is pretty bomb and is good for just about anything you want to do. It won’t slow you down and make you insanely tired, so you call still get shit done. Although, it’s still great to smoke after a long day when you just wana chill. Also great for pain relief. I smoked some this and started a work out afterwards and I was able to push my limits because of it. Overall a great product.

  135. Karly Hicks

    Super fun product. I smoke this through a vape and find that it is always what I need at the end of the day to take the edge off! Body and mind feel great.

  136. Kendra Jensen

    When they were around, they had the best this I ever had.

  137. Jacob Burton

    full mind/body high.

  138. Fabian Pineda


  139. Damion Mcclain

    I love the smell and taste! Unfortunately I get nausea and the spins, every time 🙁 I only use it at bedtime because that’s literally all I can do. I don’t want to waste what I got from Tilray. I primarily use cannabis for chronic pain, and while this does help with that somewhat, the other effects are not so great. I really wish I tolerated it better!

  140. Marlie Stewart

    One of my favorite hybrids! Gives you that perfect split between Indica body numb and sativa brain racing.

  141. Daphne Brady

    Love the this product – and several of those descended from this amazing plant. Wonderful high! The only real problem with it is it’s so hard to find, and that’s such a sad thing. Wish there was more of this one out there!

  142. Gabriella Li

    Not your grandma’s cookies for sure…

  143. Craig Mueller

    Pine like, coffee like, fresh earthy hint of sweet … Oh God it’s just a pure medicinal gift from the creator. Only down side is the buds are always small heavy and dense not fluffy and big. Other than that this is an all around great flower.

  144. Aliana Torres

    not my favorite, but gives you a decent high. gave me dry mouth but super happy and sleepy.

  145. Dillon Franco

    A lot of fakes and watered down versions of this yummy product. If your gunna buy then look for these traits, rock hard tight dense buds, very dark green (sometimes a bit of purple) with light orange hairs and a very floral, slightly piney, slightly woody, slightly coffeeish smell and usually coated with a sugary white trichomes. A bit of that nostalgic taste hits you right away if you’ve been smoking cannabis since at least 2000.

  146. Kiera Luna

    Tasted like sweaty gym socks smell when vaporized. When I smoked it, it had a earthy flavor. It was a strong flower for pain.

  147. Bryan Davila

    Great for appetite stimulation
    A fluid, slightly stoopid high with a nice flavor and fragrance

  148. Kaiya Richardson

    Smoked a blunt of this nd I think I found my new favorite product. It’s smooth nd has a great taste not to harsh nd leaves you with a nice mellow high ________

  149. Rogelio Sawyer

    The highs from this product were deep and divine for me, but the taste of this product was a little disappointing given the name. I got some high quality flower of this strain, and I would describe my product’s taste as about 70% wood, 20% cheese and only 10% like anything sweet or bready. Overall, this product ranks among my least delicious tasting, but with highs that are unmatched in their sunken, relaxing quality.

  150. Juan Vaughn

    Bought this product for the third week in a row ahha I think that shows how good it is ahha I have ADHD, depression, insomnia , bipolar, and panic disorder. Let me start by telling you this product has given me life ! I can focus , relax , laugh , socialize , sleep , and EAT BIG MEALS __. It wonÕt have you couch locked soooo you can def function perfectly fine.

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