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HARLEQUIN CAVIAR is the synergistic combo of cannabinoids infused with THC distillate. Our premium Caviar is made with organically grown boutique hemp that is specially cured, cut, and blended, packing each fresh and perfect every time. THC may result in a spike in creativity, positivity, and activity.

Due its highly potent nature HARLEQUIN Caviar is  recommended for experienced consumers. You will most likely want to use glassware such as a bong or pipe.  Use a grinder to break up our dense sticky THC Caviar. Put it on top of your favorite flower to help it stay lit and boost your cannabinoid intake. The product is safe to use and federally legal.





Our concentrates are made from the purest full spectrum distillate. These powerfully relaxing concentrates are made with 500 mg of concentrated THC. This means for every 1 mL of oil, you’re getting just over 15 mg of pure THC. Very well packaged to maintain freshness. Which further serves as a child proof package with California state compliance labelling. You can be certain that when you buy an EPIC tincture, you are getting the absolute best product available in the world. We take tremendous pride in says as much. After all our brand is EPIC, which means the tincture has to be EPIC.

Everyone of our products start with soil grown, indoor organic hemp flower.  This creates the most potent but also healthy flower from which we can craft our menu.  It is our belief that organic hemp flower is simply the best.

Organically grown flower won’t do much unless it starts with strong genetics.  It takes time and patience to create a genetic line of hemp flower that has great nose, great effects and looks the part.  With a healthy balance of cannabinoids.

We test every product we make throughout the entire product chain.  What we buy from other vendors gets tested and compared to their lab test results.  Purity and safety is something we will never compromise on.  It is the EPIC way.


Hemp effects everyone differently.  A lot depends on tolerance, age, energy level and even mood.  Start with a small dose and go up form there.









Mood Improvement



This is not a medical recommendation.  Please consult a physician if you have any questions before starting any treatment or hemp use.

Sleep Aid


Ache Relief


Reduce Restlessness







Concentrates, also called oils or extracts, is an umbrella term for a beloved form of hemp that offers an experience you can’t get from flower alone. A concentrate, oil, or extract is any product made when hemp flower is processed down into hemp oil, removing all parts of the plant except essential oils and cannabinoids.


We promise to always provide the highest quality products backed by unmatched customer service.  We will take every step necessary to ensure you get the finest five start treatment.  We will always provide transparency and detailed information on all that we manufacture and create.  It is our company ethos to ensure an amazing experience every time you interact with our company.  We may not always succeed but we will always do our very best.   This is our promise to you, this is the EPIC promise our company makes.



Please keep out of reach of children.  While some of our products only contain CBD which is generally safe for children.  A lot contain Delta 8 THC and other cannabinoids.  Do not operate heavy machinery and please do not drive while using our products.  Please consult a physician before starting to use any of our products.  And verify if there are any medication interactions with our products.  While hemp products are generally considered safe, please stop using them if you have any allergic reactions.  Also take time to learn about each product you plan on using before doing so.








EPIC Potency

A very potent blend created to give you the best of both worlds with a strong effect. Loaded with natural THC and a powerful blend of organic cannabinoids (CBD, CBN, etc.). We can guarantee that you will not want to try anything else. Our Epic Potency is not for the new user. 

How much Delta 8 THC is in this product?

Federally legal amount of 0.3%.

Will I get high while consuming Delta 8 THC?

If you consume low to moderate amounts of Delta 8 THC you will not feel any sort of high.

Who should use Delta 8 Concentrates?

Generally speaking concentrates are a more challenging product to use.  They normally require specialised equipment and experience.  If you are new to concentrates we suggest watching some YouTube videos on your concentrate of choice.  Then decide whats best for you.

Do concentrates smell like weed?

Some do have a small hint of weed smell.

I have a question that is not listed here. Where I can get an answer?

Have a look at our FAQ page in the top menu for more questions and answer.  And of course you are more than welcome to contact us directly.

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134 reviews for HARLEQUIN


  1. Kamora Fleming

    Thishad me bouncing off the walls. I deep cleaned my entire house. I didn’t experience any sort of paranoia. Good product for motivation and getting shit done.

  2. Alexus Stevens

    Powerful and awesome but will not help you with anxiety only will make it worse due to its strong sativa heritage.

  3. Roselyn Wheeler

    One of those “I’m getting super baked” products, when the smell of citrus pine and diesel gas hits your nose, it takes you away….. to that time in high school you got so stoned you couldn’t move, while at your friends parents house… in the living room while him and everyone else is playing teken 5 and his mom and dad keep asking you things, while all you can think about is breathing and how baked you are while his dad tells you about when he was in high school.

  4. Nina Yang

    Powerful, long-lasting creeper. Took a while to kick in, but when it did it gave a strong mind & body buzz that made everything better. Still tingling when I woke up the next morning! As long as the creeper doesn’t trick you into overdoing it, SD could be the perfect product for daytime functioning & evening socializing.

  5. Jaylee Ibarra

    Had it in Portland – amazing in nature. Will search to the ends of the earth for this product. THE ENDS OF THE EARTH

  6. Vicente Walsh

    “a classic for a reason.. first had this in growing up in Colo right around high school, haha but I was always high at school anyway the admins of this app want better references than high as a giraffe’s genitalia..so this product had me higher than pikes peak, which was 14,001 ft high when i lived there, but was growing about a 1/4 ft per year so.. idk.. you don’t the math..I literally can’t..I came up with orange..so.. wait..wha..?”

  7. Kaila Kemp

    Great daytime product. I feel like there are to many This variants but they are all pretty similar. I have heard that Thisis the most mimicked product. All I know is that you usually can’t go wrong with Sour desiel if you can trust the people that grow.

  8. Dania Holder

    This is my favorite bud. I’m a bartender and I love smoking this right before work. I’m feeling happy and social without obsessing over everything I say and do. I’m normally extremely anal and obsessed with taking care of everyone and I have little patience for anyone that doesn’t work as hard as I do. After smoking this product I usually make more money because I go with the flow and I’m more relaxed. I’ll sit there and talk to customers instead of being worried that I’m not taking care of them. I also love that it doesn’t give me the munchies. I like smoking Indica here and there because it makes food taste amazing but my waistline couldn’t take it all the time __

  9. Nyasia Carr

    Stuff is great. Happy and mildly energetic on the onset, happily relaxed on the down without being laid out on my ass. A favorite product.

  10. Marlene Wu

    I really love this product. It’s not harsh at all and has great flavor. Medically, it helps me relax and with my pain.

  11. Kieran Mcdowell

    This is a classic being that im from virginia this and afgahni are the only exotics i grew up on… now as a 100% disabled vet who is a colorado citizen my product rainbow has expanded but both sd and “ghani” are still top 5s … comfort smoke i guess

  12. Jermaine Mayer

    Migraine pain comin on; nausea 5 when I medicated round 2030 or so. Takes bout 5 min to start workin. Pain/nausea gone. No anxiety/paranoia (a must for me). Body high spot freakin on; sooo needed that! Head high strong but not overwhelmin. Have to admit to havin crossfade goin on; had a smoothie with rum in it. 😉 Highly recommend for daytime use for pain/nausea. 🙂

  13. Alondra Lamb

    Overall one of the greatest strands you can buy hit you almost immediately would recommend this to anybody

  14. Brycen Andrews

    This product is a very good head high product. Affects are noticeable after the first inhale, causing a great head high with little to no body high. This weed is perfect for watching a funny movie or doing something that requires focus. Very euphoric, talkative, energetic weed without that annoying crash at the end of the high. Perfect weed to be high for an hour or two with, and then being able to continue on with your day.

  15. Dayanara Zhang


  16. Savion Shelton

    Sour D! very popular product so you’ll have to worry about quality control, I’ve had bad and I’ve had good Sour D. nice trippy high!

  17. Meredith Weeks

    18Û/g. helps with a headache a lot.

  18. Tony Brooks

    Tasty and uplifting. Definitely allowed me to stay happy and functioning all day

  19. Marco Brandt

    This is one of the strongest products of weed IÕve ever smoked. I first smoked sd out of a pipe and it was the highest IÕve ever been. The 2nd time I smoked sd, it was out of a bong and I ended up having a seizure. I almost died because of it. This product is no joke for light weights and beginners. Sd should only be smoked by people with high tolerance and veterans only. Stay safe and stay high

  20. Shirley Donovan

    Hey __

  21. Leroy Willis

    this product stimulates my mind a lot and gives me lots of energy

  22. Mackenzie Boone

    The perfect sativa for sure

  23. Piper Cohen

    my favorite product. extremely potent and an amazing high. very sticky and fluffy.

  24. Titus Gibson

    ItÕs great! I can get high and still be productive and alert

  25. Keyla Allen

    Smell much? A super strong pungent taste that burnt a hole in my lungs. However getting past that i was totally gone as if my head was blown away within the clouds. But that smell so hard to hide.

  26. Carolyn Bishop

    Energetic, cerebral, makes you happy and washes away all your daily stress. It maybe too potent if inhaled enough times in one sitting depending on how much you usually smoke. I smoked many times throughout my teenage years and I was never disappointed. Its hands down my favourite product of cannabis. All my best times high with friends was toking on some Sour D. AAAA

  27. Lilah Arias

    TrЏs bon goћt sucrЋ, du genre lollipop , bonne sativa ,efficace contre migraine et douleur chronique,

  28. Miranda Cross


  29. Luz Maddox

    Very good and strong cant go know where when smoking this sour D. Stay your ass home smoking this good products of Sour D

  30. Van Marquez

    heady spacey Helps in the morning time with a burst of energy also hints of sweet tatse very smooth with pungent diesel fuel aroma lots of orange hairs throughout.

  31. Wade Cohen


  32. Brennen Reynolds

    I mean wow. This product never gets old. It makes me a fantastic musician and everything just feels great. 10/10 would smash.

  33. Kelton Mccormick

    Very good and popular strain____ it made me ride my bike around the naborhood and clean up around the house I RECOMMEND THIS product FOR EVERYONE ____

  34. Cynthia Mason

    One of my favorite products, smells dank and tastes even danker. This product takes about five minutes to hit you and then it kicks you right in the balls all at once and sends you into outer space. Very strong sativa high, literally locks you into your couch or wherever you’re zooted. Don’t smoke this at a bad time because you won’t be able to do shit.

  35. Nathalia Key

    This is a great strain! You feel the effects quick and they last long.

  36. Davin Morris

    This is one of my favorites because it made you wanna go eat some McDonald’s and walk around in the woods. Good times. This is strong and packs a massive punch. Thisis best for doing outdoor activities

  37. Jayson Bray

    Classic high, felt very tranquil and at peace. Definitely had a sour hinderance but overall a personal favorite.

  38. Adrianna Ortiz

    Never thought i would enjoy a potent sativa but it is pure __ __!!kind of kicking myself for not getting more damnit. Great for wake and bake. Definitely a little goes a long way in this loud pack. Smell was incredible sour zest skunk diesel gas. Taste was on drier side. Zesty piney sour. Good for needing to be focused daytime doing stuff. Helped my depression too but uplifting my mood which is a huge plus ____

  39. Seth Zavala

    A personal favorite even though i havnt had a whole lot of products.If you are stressing I recommend this product.

  40. Trace Gentry

    This product is incredible

  41. Charles Burton

    Amazing. The high hit quick and hard. Feel giggly but lazy.

  42. Kyson Parks

    Dank as always never pass it up never….. Mellow high can still think and have full cognitive and physical ability allows me to get things done during the day definitely a early morning to early evening smoke with a nice indica to taper off the night with. __ __ __…..

  43. Konnor Humphrey

    Love this product for the uplifting happy feel I get. It is very easy to overdo it.

  44. Luca Barron

    Hit me while i was smoking and made me super giggly; The smoked some more and after 15 minutes i was in a fantasttic mood eating eveything in my fridge and watching Tv

  45. Keith Frazier

    Peng stuff.

  46. Justice Dunlap

    I love me some Sour D!!!

  47. Orlando Mcclain

    Very clean, uplifting high. Would recommend if you’re into Sativas that give you a boost.

  48. Kathryn Harvey

    “Had to take the dogs out, so sitting outside and the moon was pretty full. Clouds were passing over it and I thought I want to paint this. I’ve never been much of a painter. Then, I was looking at the clouds closer and found that I could make them pause and then restart and I was like “”damn, I’m pretty stoned””… Smoked and Vaped, I’ll say it’s a great high. Tastes better than it smells. Nothing too special, but overall great. Only downside is a mild headache.”

  49. Clark Tucker

    My favorite strain! Great for just about anything you need to do during the day. I love to smoke it before studying, keeps me focused!

  50. Kamren Rivers

    Good strain, smells just like the name “This” and the high is very nice and celebral. I prefer indica but as far as sativa’s go this one is probably my favorite

  51. Bronson Willis

    Amazing stain. Great head high.

  52. Cassie Gutierrez

    A citrusy – lemongrass like scent from the buds, also a slightly pungent diesel smell. Loose but super sticky buds with plenty of trichomes. A smooth nice tasting smoke. Usual sativa effects of slight edginess, energetic feeling but with a nice relaxed physical side, happy vibe not sleepy.

  53. Tia Barry

    Great taste, felt relaxed & creative. Helped with wrist tendon pain.

  54. Greyson Lang

    Really relaxing high. I felt super relaxed and chill. Super heavy on the dry eyes though. Only negative thing I would say about the product. Overall, nice relaxing high.

  55. Nash Erickson

    The best weed for sex, hands down

  56. Jaeden Nash

    I enjoy so much this product im high on it rn

  57. Keely Mejia

    honestly best cannabis , cheers 🙂

  58. Ulises Werner

    Good for an evening smoke. Doesnt put you right to sleep but slowly guides you in that direction.
    Relaxed mood, an old classic.
    Better products out there though.

  59. Billy Faulkner

    I find this really helpful with my back pain.

  60. Morgan Cuevas

    top notch. high thc, eliminates stress, great euphoria and keeps me smiling and feeling great.

  61. Amira Page

    The original. Classic.
    My first kush to try in my high school days! It’s still my go to product. Possibly favorite . It’s like what everyone is saying in this thread. The definition of DANK. The skunky piney aroma. The thing is it’s an all around product . Good for parties or chilling at home watching Netflix.

  62. Leandro Cowan

    High Quality cancer cannabis oil and top shelf marijuana for patients with illness like cancer, pain, insomnia, anxiety, liver problem, epilepsy and more.
    Below is some of our available products Good for Pain, cancer, insomnia .

  63. Reilly Garza

    Good product for anything. I got some good sleep and back pain gone, and Right now after a bong hit I feel more happy – uplifted. so mood will go from negative to feeling stable or more happy. I hope you enjoy.

  64. Journey Haley

    It smokes good it gave me a nice mellow high.

  65. Brittany Graham

    Very nice buzz. Experienced users will enjoy the full high. A little better than everyday. Taste is delicious. I use a table top vaporizer and so far, this is my go to.

  66. Livia Shepherd

    Like the name suggests… The shit has me feeling like a motherf*@king OG

  67. Jaron Fuentes

    I have learned one joint of this will do the trick of you are in mild to moderate pain. I roll my joints fat though.

  68. Marilyn Cooper

    This is a great product if you don’t have anything planned for the day. The most I’ve done after smoking it is walked my dog. Other than that, I get couchlocked almost instantly. That’s not to say I don’t like it, it’s very calming and gives you a great sense of euphoria. Just not the best product for getting out and doing things.

  69. Xander White

    Very slow, but interesting.

  70. Micah Barber

    Made me feel more relaxed than anything. OGK is the perfect product for those with depression or anxiety. Completely calms the body down.

  71. Gary Rice

    this is one of my favorite strands. usually when I think “earthy” I think “dirt” but this straind is smooth and taste good.

  72. Braydon Zavala

    Best kush, la cual t asegura una nota segura. Para mi el mejor kush que existe.

  73. Jaylene Frye

    love it

  74. Ryann Rowland

    Finally got my hands on this product. Nice and dense buds, really colorful and a very pleasant smell. The taste is good and the effects were everything I was hoping for. Great mix between the sativa and the indica. Strong headbuzz with enough body high to call it a hybrid. Has lived up to the expectations. Great strain!

  75. Jarrett Page

    A wonderful, mellow high! I love this dope. Recommended movie: Big Lebowski.

  76. Katelyn Lang

    This….nuff said…..

  77. Orlando Leon

    Sturdy smoke. Body high. A tad harsh on the throat. All over pain relief. I got the munchies hard. Aroma: Orange & woody On exhale: Woody musk/men’s cologne & pledge Peace & enjoy

  78. Alexander Reyes

    Crystally. Hairy. Smelly. DANK!!! It’s awsome and top grade it’s just the greatest product of all time.

  79. Connor Sharp

    This is the fifth kind of weed I have tried and it is definitely the strongest. OMG! After the second pull I could feel it in my face. After the fifth, I was gone. I smoked after I finished my classes yesterday and thank God I did! This makes me giggly and introspective. It does make my eyes dry; however l, I don’t know if that’s the weed or the fact that I don’t blink enough when I’m high. Lmao! Anyway, I’m about to go smoke right now! Peace! __

  80. Seth Chung

    These some strongs and
    nice taste ð?ð?ð?

  81. Libby Leach

    Didnt really like This. SMOKED a little bit and it gave me a pretty bad headache afterehile. Nothing major about this product. If all you got then give a smoke.

  82. Tyshawn Nolan

    This is a good marijuana product.

  83. Norah Lin

    This hits you right away and lasts atleast 2+ hours every time 🙂

  84. Joel Gamble

    Foodie taste; gave me a bit of the munchies. A lofty, heady high with some light euphoria (not quite as much as I was expecting from a hybrid). I was still focused and intelligent on this, so it’ll work out good for smoking and working at the same time.

  85. Anastasia Salas

    Most high I’ve ever been from smoking a bowl of this in a bubbler. Granted it had been a while but still. I was in shotgun of my friends car on a windy and hilly road with stone walls on either side and i thought the road was a face that was trying to eat us.

  86. Karlee Rojas

    I’m on another planet.

  87. Kennedi Townsend

    Excellent, very strong flavor and very fruity aroma. Bright green flowers coated in crystals and big orange hairs. Gives a very nice balance of indica and saliva traits, leaving you relaxed but not lethargic.

  88. Kelvin Wright

    Tasted as good as it looked, and smoked even better.

  89. Karissa Hudson

    I mean how can you go wrong with this’s?? It’s a great strain,long lasting, tastes great,but not really for the casual smoker.

  90. Todd Curry

    So, as a Bay Area lady who recently decided to try weed again as an alternative to anti-anxiety or pain meds, this one caught my eye. It sounded too good to be true. I’m someone who is pretty resilient in general, so when a time of anxiety and depression hit me recently for a couple weeks, I was really looking into medical marijuana and the amazing research – it’s so scientific now and I can choose which high! And friends, this product lives up to its reputation. If you allow it, it will help you dance alone in your room (or in public!) and just feel your own bliss. If you interact with others, they’ll likely think, “Well they’re in a good mood and smiling so much!” And then they’ll go onto their own lives. Productive, sunny, body and mental euphoria don’t feel out of control but are manageable! I seriously didn’t smoke for 10+ years out of fear of the insecurity and paranoia it eventually brought up in me, so for me to write a review, it’s saying something. (It is like xanax, valium, klonnis, some light opiates in low doses! chill but you can be productive if you don’t overdo it!).

  91. Finn Mcneil

    Don’t know why it’s not ‘This’ anymore; I think it’s got more of a ring than ‘this.’
    I smoke this product every weekend with my buddies, excellent high. I’ve experienced an about 2/3 Head and 1/3 Body high. Pretty immobilizing stuff. Music is really enhanced- even white noise is interesting. If you sprinkle some kief into your bowls or joints, it becomes a real intense and an almost slightly trippy kinda way. (For you more experienced smokers of ) (Do not recommended kief at beginner level smoking I.E. 1-10 times ever smoking)
    I recommend snacks for your , and a comfortable room. Dim lights are pretty cool as well.

  92. Kayden Brady

    I am a new user, so I am still trying to find the best products for what ails me. this is absolutely a product I would go back to. Definitely a head high, that lasted for me around 45 minutes to an hour. For the duration of the high I was talkative and very goofy, finding the humor in everything. Definitely a great product for anxiety and depression. However, I absolutely couldnÕt imagine leaving the house or doing any work while on this product. Definitely an end of the day product for me, due to after the initial high subsided I was out like a light. I got some of the best sleep of the year because of this stuff. It also really peaked my appetite and riddled me of my nausea.

  93. Trenton Holder

    Gets you high, sometimes got me super active. Loved it!

  94. Paula Sutton

    Very Bad service/ Girl Scout refused to give me cookies after I paid and ran around eating them.

  95. Macie Mora

    Pros: Fun, energetic, on the same page as the wife. In control and coherent.
    (Flav Rx, powered by weedmaps)

  96. Charlotte Davies

    by far my favorite strain! absolutely amazing!

  97. Spencer Friedman

    Pretty good smoke but i think it`s a bit overrated especially w/ the THC content stated.

  98. Harry Ballard

    A great product for uplifting mood and focus.

  99. Chasity Garrison

    Symptoms: paranoia, anxiety.

  100. Lawson Fritz

    This product is a real beauty. The flavor is reminiscent of a sugar sweetened cinnamon with a hint of mint and includes subtle fruity undertones. This herb produces a luscious and smooth smoke that tastes great. As a medicine one will find it will leave you in a perfect neutral position. Where one can either sleep or be awake and still quite talkative. You will experience an interesting indescribably euphoric high. The hypnotic effects will present themselves quickly but take a while to onset. You will be moderately hungry, possibly craving some This. The product is quite potent for a novice and you likely wont want to move much. The high CBD content is quite complimenting to the relatively high THC content. I was suggested that this product may be great around a campfire. This is a complex, euphoric product that i would definitely recommend.

  101. Jeremiah Douglas

    This is one cookie I could munch out on! I got mine from The Grasshopper in Kelowna, BC, Canada.
    Very mellow, calm, uplifting emotional effects. This feels like a true hybrid; the uplifting and relaxing effects are very well balanced. Works well on pain. Tastes fantastic.

  102. Laney Huynh

    Very nice strain; one of the best highs IÕve ever had.. When I first started smoking, this was the first product and it was great.
    I would definitely recommend.

  103. Elise Werner

    WHOA. this is strong, like really strong. You will be LIT with only a few tokes, for me personally i can’t smoke much of it because i am a bit sensitive to sativas and some hybrids, but if i don’t oversmoke i feel very relaxed, yet the bud is very cerebral, it almost messes with my head sometimes, but thats because its damn potent. I love opening up a jar of this, the smell just fills my room, its sweet & musky and has a lemony undertone. taste is lemony-piney with a sugar cookie taste on your tongue. Yum
    definitely not a beginner strain, be cautious.

  104. Cali Bonilla

    My wife and I smoked some of this and went to the opera, amazing time. This product is wonderful!

  105. Dulce Webster

    This hands down one of the best experiences IÕve had with any product. Had an awesome time with my friends on this product.

  106. Nicolas Stephens

    Favorite stain every time I smoke i have a great high it’s very euphoric and very sedating amazing stain

  107. Tyrese Douglas

    I find this strand amazing for the ‘night-in’ as it is perfect for catching up on your favorite tv show or that new movie you will be watching. Wouldn’t suggest using during detailed tasks lol as it could be a little much.

  108. Mckayla Suarez

    if you have a bad day this will be the perfect cure…Life is soo much better when smoking the sweet cookies __ it somewhat feels like a body high I don’t know maybe that’s just me but I definitely don’t feel a head high. feels good if you work labor jobs an have aches and pain will make your pain by go away and as far as the munchies not so much you still get full blol I know that hella fat but anyway good choice of weed _ it ..!!!! smoking it right now lol ____

  109. Princess Stafford

    I really want to like this. It has everything I need. It helps with pain and inflammation, has slight sedative effects, and not too much head high. But no matter how much I try to vape gently and on the lowest heat, I cough up my toes. I actually have 10 to 15 minute coughing spasms after the lightest hit and my throat feels ripped to shreds after. I’ve tried Trulieve’s cartridges, MŸv’s all in one vape pens (they call it Forum Cut Cookies), and flower with a pipe. No matter what, shredded throat from coughing. However, if I’ve got a migraine coming on and I’m away from home, Mimosa is the stain most likely to make it possible for me to get home safely. It calms the pain, and has just enough myrcene to be relaxing instead of sedating.

  110. Bruno Hill

    Talked with top grade medical on how bad marijuana is for you. Makes you lazy, gives you munchies and alters your brains ability to make decisions. Just take a look at Micheal Phelps who won eight or so gold medals in the Olympics!!! Imagine if all Olympians smoked without biased opposition, where would we put all the gold medals?

  111. Allan Hansen

    Great for yoga and conscious breathwork

  112. Brooke Wiley

    What a fantastic product of cannabis. I have smoked a lot of products and this one is amazing. It feels like an indica but I’m really energized, like I could function at work, and clear minded. this is definitely a very strong pain killer, I have severe back pain, would recommend to people who have MS or deteriorating cancers. Also a really functioning high as well.

  113. Alicia Glenn

    this hands down the best product and I love it even more that it now comes in the co2 open capes !

  114. Colin Rubio

    Did a great job helping with my nerve pain and calming my nerves, while making me feel energetic and ready to get up and go! It smells sweet and tastes delicious, as you are reminded when you start every fresh bowl. Love this strain! It is basically perfect.

  115. Joanna Ross

    Very potent and tasted great

  116. Marcel Mcpherson

    Very good for body high, all around fire bud ______

  117. Francis Cannon

    only have smoked a little of this but each time, this helps with pain, and headaches, and insomnia. such a good strain, and I don’t feel super duper out of it.

  118. Joyce Odom

    Meh. Didn’t live up to the hype. Not strong enough for me. Taste isn’t that memorable.
    White Russian remains my favorite hybrid.

  119. Waylon Morrow

    Man This Stuff Comes Out Swinging like Tiger Woods Wife! SWEET taste very candy like. Great night time smoke. This is going to put you on your ass

  120. Julio Frazier

    This product is one I can function on, but definitely not a daytime one for me. I can hang out for a while, but once I get too tired, I’m out.

  121. Luna Bruce

    Dank higher mids. 10/g, great taste.

  122. Konner Shannon

    Really nice smoke! Has me gettin some work and chores done.

  123. Zoey Harrington

    I am so lucky that this was the first product I ever got high on. A few rips from my friends makeshift water bong and I was fucking gone for the night, completely relaxed with an almost orgasmic full body high and an overwhelming punch of euphoria and relief, it felt like I opened pandora’s box in my mind. I’m so happy the description mentions the time-bending effect because for a first time smoker it was absolutely mind fucking, 5 minutes honestly felt like 30, I’m completely serious. Very reminiscent of a good lsd experience in that regard, time was completely unmeasurable and was stretched and shrunk back and forth, nothing short of mind blowing for me. Also should note how intense the dry mouth and munchies were, I almost literally choked out because my mouth was so dry and I couldn’t breathe, extremely scary experience and one of the very few times in 3 years of heavy smoking where I have experienced heavy paranoia. I ate 1.5 bags of family size nacho cheese doritos in less than 10 minutes and felt like I didn’t eat any. For that high I forgot all my worries and got introduced to a whole new realm of thought. Music was absolutely orgasmic, it honestly felt like I was hearing it right for the first time ever, absolutely incredible. Aside from my first time this is an extremely well balanced product that I honestly will never get tired of, has one of the higher THC levels out there, has an incredible taste smell and high, they really nailed this one.

  124. Kamden Duncan

    It’s an ok product. I tried this as an edible cookie and didn’t really feel all the effects. I was dizzy and off balanced but that’s it. I then had dry eyes and felt sleepy

  125. Jair Blair

    Great overall product for daytime or nighttime

  126. Elliot Allen

    Munchies like you wouldn’t believe.

  127. Josiah Wade

    .5 blunt hit SUPER fast & hard. Lasted long.

  128. Adrianna Ayala

    Makes me super hungry, and relaxed

  129. Joy Bautista

    Works great alleviating my PTSD symptoms.

  130. Alvin Miranda

    This is by far my favorite strand. The high is very relaxing. A nice help in lowering stress from anxiety. Your body is at ease and more receptive to pleasure. Will also aid in sleep if you suffer from insomnia. Overall, a mellow choice that will not get you entirely stuck. You will be able to get things done around the house, or school assignments.

  131. Natalya Riley

    Great smell, heavy head feel. Dry eyes and mouth. It’s a classic 🙂

  132. Brogan Wise

    I tried this product for the first time in my life today and oh my god it is amaaazing __ Prior to smoking it today I had been out of weed and unable to sleep all night because of my insomnia and anxiety, I could barely keep food and water down and was feeling seriously ill and NOW I am making myself tomato soup and I’m so hungry and I feel so good !! I would recommend this to anyone, I love it a lot 5/5

  133. Aleena Haynes

    Def a touch of sativa, not as indica dom as I thought. Still great!

  134. Deandre Farrell

    Made me wanna listen to music and dance! Awesome high but tastes awful. The flavor almost made me throw up idk why, eeew.

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