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  2200mg THC VAPE 

New Variable 2.2gram vape cartridge! Same great product with a new and improved variable battery.

::: Disclaimer: CALM POTENCY still has the old style and will transition to the new Square vape shortly :::

CRAMEL Vape Cartridge is a pure hemp derived vaping experience.  It has a sweet caramel flavour and a wonderful effect.  Made of the purest THC distillate and blended for the highest concentration possible. Available in both our relaxing CALM POTENCY and our strong blend EPIC POTENCY.

What is the difference between CALM POTENCY and EPIC POTENCY?

Created to give you just the right amount of calm in your life. The perfect blend of THC and other cannabinoids (CBD, CBN, etc.) to give you a relaxing effect without the feeling of being intoxicated. Perfect for relaxing and having a general sense of calm.

A very potent blend created to give you the best of both worlds with a strong effect. Loaded with natural THC and a powerful blend of organic cannabinoids (CBD, CBN, etc.). We can guarantee that you will not want to try anything else. Our Epic Potency is not for the new user.


CRAMEL Vape Disposable

Our vape disposables are made from the purest clear distillate.  Expertly extracted from the strongest organic hemp flower.  Craft using a proprietary blend of hemp derived terpineols.  Packaged in the 100% ceramic high quality vape cartridge.  All inside a child proof tube with California state compliance labelling.  You can be certain that when you buy an EPIC vape, you are getting the absolute best product available in the world.  We take tremendous pride in says as much.  After all our brand is EPIC, which means the vape has to be EPIC.

Everyone of our products start with soil grown, indoor organic hemp flower.  This creates the most potent but also healthy flower from which we can craft our menu.  It is our belief that organic hemp flower is simply the best.

Organically grown flower won’t do much unless it starts with strong genetics.  It takes time and patience to create a genetic line of hemp flower that has great nose, great effects and looks the part.  With a healthy balance of cannabinoids.

We test every product we make throughout the entire product chain.  What we buy from other vendors gets tested and compared to their lab test results.  Purity and safety is something we will never compromise on.  It is the EPIC way.


Hemp effects everyone differently.  A lot depends on tolerance, age, energy level and even mood.  Start with a small dose and go up form there.









Mood Improvement



This is not a medical recommendation.  Please consult a physician if you have any questions before starting any treatment or hemp use.

Sleep Aid


Ache Relief


Reduce Restlessness







Each vape product has its own unique blend of pure terpineols.   This proprietary formulation is what makes our vapes really stand apart.  Each terpine itself is hand selected from specialised manufacturers that ensure quality and purity with each batch.  The magic of terpineols is to take a normal vaping experience to another level.


We can’t overstate the importance of using a ceramic design cartridge while vaping.  We only use the best, most expensive Variable power disposable cartridges available on the market today.  This protects the user from any harmful chemicals while also providing a high potency vaping experience.

Further still EPIC goes one step above to protect children by utilizing child resistant packaging and child proof a on/off mechanism for the disposable cartridge.  This design is intended to make it nearly impossible for children to utilize.  We are proud to be Child-Resistant Packaging PPPA: Title 16 CFR 1700-1702 compliant.


We promise to always provide the highest quality products backed by unmatched customer service.  We will take every step necessary to ensure you get the finest five start treatment.  We will always provide transparency and detailed information on all that we manufacture and create.  It is our company ethos to ensure an amazing experience every time you interact with our company.  We may not always succeed but we will always do our very best.   This is our promise to you, this is the EPIC promise our company makes.



Please keep out of reach of children.  While some of our products only contain CBD which is generally safe for children.  A lot contain Delta 8 THC and other cannabinoids.  Do not operate heavy machinery and please do not drive while using our products.  Please consult a physician before starting to use any of our products.  And verify if there are any medication interactions with our products.  While hemp products are generally considered safe, please stop using them if you have any allergic reactions.  Also take time to learn about each product you plan on using before doing so.







What is the difference between CALM POTENCY and EPIC POTENCY?

CALM Potency

Created to give you just the right amount of calm in your life. The perfect blend of THC and other cannabinoids (CBD, CBN, etc.) to give you a relaxing effect without the feeling of being intoxicated. We like to compare this to a glass of wine and a warm blanket.


EPIC Potency

A very potent blend created to give you the best of both worlds with a strong effect. Loaded with natural THC and a powerful blend of organic cannabinoids (CBD, CBN, etc.). We can guarantee that you will not want to try anything else. Our Epic Potency is not for the new user. 

How much Delta 8 THC is in this product?

Federally legal amount of 0.3%.

Will I get high while consuming Delta 8 THC?

If you consume low to moderate amounts of Delta 8 THC you will not feel any sort of high.

Does the Delta 8 THC vape smell like weed?

Our vapes do not smell like weed, hemp or marijuana.  In fact they tend to smell more like their name sake.  RZBERRY for example will have a light fragrant raspberry aroma.

I have a question that is not listed here. Where I can get an answer?

Have a look at our FAQ page in the top menu for more questions and answer.  And of course you are more than welcome to contact us directly.

Additional information

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5% to 10%



133 reviews for CRAMEL


  1. Amira Flores

    minus 1 star because there are so many different versions and pheno’s these days of Thisit is out of control, u never know what you’re getting unless you’ve been smoking the product for years and know how the different variations of it smell. (then there’s “NYC This” with hazy and often-debated gentics that adds to the confusion) About half the This i’ve smoked (on the East and West Coast) has been very racy and extremely sativa-like in its effects – almost too racy for me, and i love super-sativas. The other half of the This I’ve been smoking (this mostly from Cali) tends to have a more relaxing, medical side, with a bit of couch-lock if overripe, but overall what I would describe as a more pleasant experience. It was also one of the very first products I ever grew and was very rewarding and easy from a grower’s perspective. I love this stuff, it’s all about finding 1 cultivator / dispensary / grower who you know is consistently selling the same exact diesel every time – they’ve got a bomb mother and they harvest proper and once you find that source stick with it. This is all in the details, and like any EXTREMELY POPULAR strain, there are a sh*tload of variations you will encounter, from state to state, and even from dispensary to dispensary. I just went around and bought grams at like 5 different dispensaries until i found one batch I liked, stuck with them, and my loyalty has been rewarded in consistently deliciously delightful This with no end in sight.

  2. Kennedi Clarke

    memories of my adolescence flood back as I dry herb vape this beautiful product in my 10 year old volcano. My ADHD ceases for a blip of time as I can clearly focus. This medicinal Magical herb has made me relax and not over analyze everything while also multitasking a million diffferent things. this herb makes me just focus on the enjoyment of life. My favorite product 10/10 will vape again.

  3. Felix Bird

    I wanna talk! anyone else wanna talk? let’s talk. Makes me extremely talkative and creative. after the effects kick in I feel euphoria and creativeness flowing through me. I am able to maintain a clear and focused head at work. I’m also constantly singing and dancing to the jukebox. its a great morning or going out smoke. totally recommend it to anyone with anxiety issues, depression, or even for people who just aren’t very social. I was still able to enjoy a calm and relaxing sleep.

  4. Brogan Fitzpatrick

    My kind of sativa. Energetic, but also completely spacey. For when you want to get things done, but also have a hell of a time doing them!

  5. Luka Maddox

    Hits incredibly smooth. No harsh coughing with this! The sativa effects kick in slowly and hit hard… You will be expirence maximum pain relief. Stress is out the window!! This will mellow you out while getting you ready for the days adventures! Great wake n bake.

  6. Moriah Wilkinson

    great energetic and ready to make something feeling. Took a trip to get it listening to music but on the way back i was free-styling and coming up with new songs. Ended up at home, smoked more then made a few beats then late finally went to sleep! Ready for the next week of smoking on this candy tasting bud!

  7. Melina Reeves

    ____I got this 78% 500mg from Cobra extracts. It came 2 for $75 (I got blue dream as well __). I have never seen anything quite like this specialty vape pens. It’s like a Mercedes key, lol, little square with a botton you push and it flips right out can take a few Puffs and slide it back into your pocket. It came with batteries and everything I needed to get the rig up and running. A wonderful investment and I highly recommend. It’s This the name speaks for itself and is a wonderful concentrate. Not only by impressing your friends when you bust it out but, by how great the concentrate was keep up the great work cobra____

  8. Lauryn Church

    lol all these reviews saying its oeoples favorite go-to product – well i guess im no different. if i see this on the shelf im bringing some home with me – nothing works better, faster, or for longer for me (chronic nausea and muscle spasm in stomach causing problems with eating). this might be a lil weird but i actually enjoy that diesel-ly taste. if you have pain from muscle tension or cant eat im just gonna echo everybody else here and tell you to jump on this shit. 11 out of 10 stars, probably my favorite product.

  9. Andres Daniel

    Thishas a particular flavor definitely my top 10 favorite products.

  10. Joshua Ortiz

    A very nice sativa hybrid, with classic sativa pointed buds, which are generally around mid sized. The smell is very distinctive and easily recognisable. Although some times the taste is sometimes to sour for my liking. The high is great for the day, although should be smoked in relatively low amounts as it is very strong.

  11. Jovany Juarez

    I get a very energetic, creative vibe. Slightly distracted, but it usually leads to me doing multiple things at once. Always euphoric, uplifted feels great.

  12. Manuel Velazquez

    “My copilot loaded this device that filtered the smoke through water with a pebble of This and immediately it was like I took a blast of grey goose vodka. Felt very chill and upbeat. This product is a total food magnet. I had two bags of nuts that I planned to use for a recipe and my co-chairman and I blew through both of them in 20 mins. I went outside and was looking into the sky and nearby I heard some rock music, perhaps a band practicing in their garage or a neighbor with a really nice stereo setup, anyhow suddenly my arms and body was moving in time with the drum solos, like I was controlling each drum with every movement in my joints. Then my neck started chickening and I felt like my neck was nailing all these guitar licks I could hear. I went inside soon after that happened. The burnout is pretty sudden, like you’re not paying attention and suddenly the brakes are slammed and your mom is putting her arm in front of you so you don’t fly out. Nice smoke, don’t recommend it if you’re like trying to fly under the radar at work or family dinner though.”

  13. Julia Rich

    me and my girlfriend just spent almost an hour looking for joint wraps we thought we had in our room. my favorite sativa by far

  14. Tristin Oconnell

    I’m really loving this product. A great bud to have when chilling with friends.

  15. Gavin Roy

    This is easily one of my favorite products. My dealer sold me 4 grams and it lasted about 2 weeks because it took so little to get high. Definitely brought out my creative side.

  16. Trevor Davila

    Great buds great high great taste____

  17. Markus Holt

    This is a pleasant product that is enormously helpful for a headache, yet not as uplifting as I hoped. It’s not overpowered intoxicating, but will surely leave you peppy. I don’t notice much of a diesel smell. When I exhale, it’s a pure citrus bliss. I give it 3 Green Iguana’s.

  18. Spencer Humphrey

    Fragrant and pungent woody smell. Felt it in my chest after first few pulls. Nice, relaxed vibe afterwards.Would definitely recommend

  19. Emilia Hernandez

    It make you feel confused and calm which arenÕt my usual ordeal but it hits you hard and then leaves, doesnÕt make you feel that high and only for a short amount of time.

  20. Laila Sloan

    no better product to wake and bake with in my opinion

  21. Summer Aguilar

    Very nice,Easy on the senses. I will definitely be getting more of this.

  22. Jonah Mcfarland

    This is one that’ll give you a good high. You get more effects than what are shown. Arousal is possible, sort of like a state of ecstasy, lagging is another good one, and very talkative is another one I’ve experienced. Cotton mouth is high with this one. But this is one of the better experiences I’ve ever gotten.

  23. Peyton Zimmerman

    Another legendary product helps after good days work or in the morning

  24. Elsie Greene

    Great product… Super high, with a nice smooth come down… but still vibbin 😉

  25. Nicolas Boyd

    I vape all my cannabis in a Solo vape, so that’s what I’m reviewing. Thisis a great product. It immediately hits you in the brain, but in a gentle way. I love how it can take me from a bad mood into a good one quickly. I can feel the energy move down my body and it makes me want to get up and move and do things. It also doesn’t make me look like I’m stoned AF, which is nice. I can’t say it takes away any of my pain (neuro & joint pain), but it makes me not think of it as much. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is that it’s one of the products that makes my tinnitus worse. One half Solo bowl lasts for over an hour with me. I can’t judge the taste as every product tastes the same for me…soap. Always has. It’s just me. Smell for me is tangy. Makes me think of hot mayonnaise in a weird way. It’s pretty gentle on your throat in a vape. Would probably make me cough if combusted. Gonna make some nice cookies!

  26. Kassandra Atkins

    Best weed ever made. Tastes like weed should. Excellent and just the right amount of tang. There’s not much more to say other than it’s one of the best

  27. Finnegan Mueller

    Nice happy-euphoric feeling from this product. My only complaint is that it is a very dense smoke. Difficult to casually smoke because the smoke is so thick. I found myself coughing more on this product moreso than other similar sativas.

  28. Abbey Casey

    Eliminating blown L3-4 disc, leg nerve pain. allows sleep. amazing taste.

  29. Yazmin Kline

    On it now… feelin good 10/10

  30. Paula Franco


  31. Alivia Berg

    Perfect smoke while studying for finals.

  32. Shaylee Randall

    Im a patient suffering from really heavy lack of appetite, due to stomach problems. This product makes me feel lifted, but not stuck. I feel relief from the pain and i gain a pretty good appetite throughout the day. Fav Sativa, Classic.

  33. Elvis Bernard

    I’m high

  34. Trent Murray

    Not over hyped at all. My favorite product so far. Very pleasant high. ^_^

  35. Matilda Bruce


  36. Victor Francis

    Classic gets the job done

  37. Nick Hartman

    This is a very fast response product. A few hits off the vape and I’m stuck in my couch. I know some love that feeling, but when I’m trying to get my day started this isn’t the product for me.

  38. Chandler Proctor

    decent nice laughing ur ass strain

  39. Fernando Powell

    one of the greatest weed product I have ever smoked, tied with blue dream and green crack, amazing head high, made me a bit sleepy

  40. Broderick Fletcher

    Since I did it 3 days in a row it was sort of weak..

  41. Lane Mcguire

    I really enjoy the smoking on Thisbut I’m one of those people that couch lock and sleep so it’s great for night smokes

  42. Cherish Avery

    Honestly my favorite product out there as of now.

  43. Hudson Dalton

    Hands down my favorite product for life. Gives me all the effect I want and smells and tastes amazing

  44. Natasha Lutz

    my favorite product if you ask me.____ smells like a gas station and pine cleaner.

  45. Maliyah Paul

    What a great treat. Used for that “after work” social high. Made for some really delicious dinners.

  46. Angela Jefferson

    Some of the best weed ever!

  47. Kelton Branch

    Sick ass bud! chiefed 2 bowls and I’m wayy baked, makes you giggly and happy, so it’s great at the end of a stressful day, definitely a one hit wonder if your looking for a strong buzz. But there is one downfall, ): it doesn’t last that long unless you make baked goods out of it or vape it, so I’ve been vapin’ this shit for weeks!

  48. Luciano Becker

    Straight gas.

  49. Cynthia Levine

    “One of the best smells ever. calyx to leaf ratio = 8.5 one large rip= good flavour. instant mind racing. two= Surrounded by fluff. diesel taste. three= nice and calm”

  50. Lizeth Valentine

    Really nice mind high. In full control of body and able to hold a conversation easily. Forgot sections of really high nights.

  51. Evelyn Lang

    oddly tastes like coconut on the exhale to me, very smooth high, creative and chill

  52. Kate Pugh

    Good stuff. My go-to when IÕm smoking by myself and having a night in

  53. Ryder Banks

    It is a classic, first product I ever tried and I still grab some whenever I can.

  54. Darryl Beltran

    Very productive feeling and I could definitely get a quick nut off while high off this. Smoking this really made me wanna write this review and made me kind of ballsy with the women I am currently involved with. I would definitely recommend this for anxiety because it most definitely calmed me down. You could also have a small drink and be okay to do about an hour of homework, one review, and a quick self-pleasuring . Great bud!!

  55. Rey Harding

    One of the best products o have ever tried.

  56. Brittany Palmer

    This is by far one of my favorite products. When i was first introduced to this strain, i instantly fell in __. Very down to earth mixed with a spiritual fulfillment. literally feels like heaven on earth with every hit it takes you higher meanwhile you’re still grounded, not stuck like other buds i’ve tested out. This product has the perfect blend. Strongly recommended for 1st timers.

  57. Mark Cummings

    I want to try it!!!

  58. Scott Woodward

    A classic product. I donÕt get it too often but it always gets me baked, and i can sleep or do work or whatever when smoking it. Great strain!

  59. Kylee Harmon

    I have had troubles sleeping for years. IÕm always up at 4:30 am ready to conquer the day, after a restless sleep. This definitely changed all of that. When I donÕt need to set an alarm, I sleep in! I always wake up feeling well rested. I donÕt wake up throughout the night at all and itÕs one of the best sleeps IÕve ever had. It has an earthy taste and gives a nice head high that lasts for hours. Definitely keeping this in my inventory.

  60. Glenn Hines

    This product is powerful!! There’s just no other way to say it!! I used OGK recently to help with pain and insomnia from my fibromyalgia, mainly in the evenings and at night. This just melted everything away. Absolutely intense… It relaxed my body to the point where either the pain wasn’t there, or I didn’t care that it was there (take your pick). This eased my depression, and stress as well. OGK also relaxed me to the point where it was easier to fall asleep. I couldn’t tell if it made me tired, or intensely relaxed, or some combination of the two. I felt content and happy. The euphoria opened up my mind quite a bit, where the universe was fully present, almost as if I could stretch out and touch it.
    Definitely recommend OGK, as you get some nice intense feelings. Not one I would use if I had to go somewhere though….

  61. Anne Woods

    Chill high, little too hungry

  62. Cherish Pace

    One of my all time favorites! Great head and body high!

  63. Gillian Davenport

    Definitely one of my fav products.
    Really long and great high!

  64. Jaxon Clements

    Good strain, overrated of , because most new growers don’t understand how dank other products can be also. This product has many roots. Not just varieties, but yes, multiple OGs popped up when the name caught on. Original Gangster (socal small no stem purple cedar) Ocean grown (mountain kush of norcal) OverGrow (weed sewer from east coast) Getting a good pheno from seed is rare. Someone at some time decided that Norcal This not only smelled like Pinesole but super lemon pine sole, so now lots of This is cured with lemons in the jar, so much as Ive seen lots of dispensaries selling low grade hydroponic with infused lemon scent, passing it off as various California genetics. Seed banks will put a popular name on any unstable lotto beans,and growers think they need to add stuff when the smell is missing.. If your Cannabis smells overly of lemons rather that skunky, you might be dealing with some fake og. Same applies to anything that smells less like weed and more like the original scent (all natural weed smells at least a little the same)

  65. Dayton Gibson

    I slept like a baby afterwards

  66. Kamren Macias

    Always a goody. Great for the end of a stressful week. Taste is amazing as well.

  67. Addisyn Conway

    i like This good stuff

  68. Gunnar Douglas

    28 year old product. love it. Great genetics!

  69. Lesly Glass

    very nice strain,one of the best that I had in a long time.

  70. Valentino Hester

    I know I had it, but I don’t remember what happened.

  71. Jayvon Wang

    Long head high.

  72. Kenyon Johnson

    Very strong smell when packaged as well as lit

  73. Vincent Washington

    Dope at dope I ever smoked.

  74. Jaidyn Landry

    a product for the real OGs, get man high he forget where he is so lean he buys 2 student mcdonalds meals and 20 nuggets you smoke a few zoot of the This and things start to get real – go bake some off and have a good time ______

  75. Jaiden Mcknight

    This is a great product if you’re wanted to feel relaxed, but no amount of couch lock: it’ll keep you functioning but feeling upbeat. Overall, a really nice product.

  76. Lucian Lutz

    This: a good dependable high; makes my body, my limbs, feel funny; I felt more confident; one time I was very bored but that’s my fault not the strain’s fault, it’s just to say I should find an activity to do next time on Ogk.

  77. Johan Gallagher

    So… This. A friend who taught me about the ways of the weed praises it so much I had to try it. And I did. First of all, My God this product has THC. It blows you away by how much % it has! The Munchies you get are incredible and it gets you so relaxed, you forget about every tiny little bit of problem you may have. But there is a but and its a big one. It gives me the most powerful couch lock ever and the day after I smoke I feel like I don’t care about anything (and sometimes its school/work day!) Having said that, the sativa-like effects it has are good, I use this on weekends whenever I want to relax, play Xbox, eat and just sleep early after my gaming . I usually smoke this whenever Im talking with a friend because this product makes me talk (but couch lock!) so… SMOKER BEWARE.

  78. Emily Willis

    good but I be sleepy

  79. Rebecca Mckee

    good all around product. very great smoke

  80. Eva Luna

    Made me see my own skeleton, and think about how I would die and decompose into an empty skeleton. Things are good.

  81. Valery Hughes

    Nice all over buzz

  82. Esther Chen

    A really heady kush. Great stoney feeling, bright flavor, and super nice effect.

  83. Jamarion Bennett

    1st time having smoked anything in almost 21 yrs. Was told this would help relieve anxiety n stress. I thought i was gonna die with 1/2 a very small bowl. Make sure you know what the dispensaries are giving you b/c this is NOT what i signed up for, the Indicas, Hybrids and Sativas were all marked wrong in accordance with this sites info. Next time Im cross referencing all the info. I was stoned off my a$$ and had to take a xanax to get the horrible high (massive racing heart rate) to go away. Even then it took 2 hrs. If you’re looking to get high well this one will do it..again Ive been off the weed circuit for cpl decades so could be Im way sensitive to effects. Overall I did not like it, taste like sh1t..way to strong for me personally.

  84. Ronan Vang

    The cotton mouth is UNREAL.

  85. Kayla Carrillo

    Five rips from the bong and I’m GONE!! This flower is real stinky, but the colors are awesome, mostly purple with strands of brown and green, super enticing! The high is strong and cerebral, but clear, plenty of energy and creativity. Awesome anytime flower. Very potent product I love every time!

  86. Savannah Sandoval

    I really like this product. I use it in my convection vape and it’s really pleasant tasting. I feel like it goes straight to my eyes and everything looks more vibrant. The burn out isn’t too much of a drop either. Munchies are crazy though with this one, I’ll agree on that.

  87. Victoria Harding

    Great strain, love the taste, which is only second to the effects of G.S.C, __

  88. Keagan Kaiser

    One of my new favorites, medical this has blown away any cookies I’ve seen previously. Nice mix of head and body but man it hits hard and quickly. Don’t smoke this before you need to do anything, unless you want to do it real slow.

  89. Jazlyn Gallegos

    BE CAUTIOUS. Just tried this product for the first time the other day and it knocked me on my ass. I’m a seasoned smoker and I’m not exaggerating when I say it was the most high I’ve been in a very long time. As a gym goer this took all of the soreness and fatigue. This is a fantastic product but be forewarned that it is much stronger than you may anticipate and it may take some time for the effects to set it.

  90. Tamia Mccarty

    Beautiful looking strain, very intense earthy, cookie, sweet smell, has a calming body effect with an uplifting presence, the taste is by far the best part. I sampled the Forum Cut Cookies in particular. Awesome experience…my favorite cookie product hands down. Rating 9.5 out of 10

  91. Laney Brock

    this is one of my top 3 products (medical). ** Use: severe, chronic, spine & joint pain / muscle spasms. Works quickly. It’s best for day, but doesn’t keep me awake if I use it later.
    ** Effects: Relaxing. Nice, clear head high. A good, cheerful mood, without being too talkative, giggly or spacey. Able to focus, talk, or read. Easy on throat & no coughing when vaping flower.

  92. Chaz Andersen

    Love this product for after work… helps melt the day away

  93. Kane Weaver

    I smoked this product before I went to clean my apartment. Was at a friendÕs house and he and his girlfriend wanted to smoke before taking a nap. I had a product called Northern Lights (a heavy indica) which I let them smoke and I decided to smoke some This. I had this intense head high after my second bowl that hit me like a truck. I got kinda stuck for a minute on their couch, lost in thought while my friends hit the bong packed with the other product. They fell asleep about 20 minutes later, I went back to my apartment and cleaned the whole thing. I did my laundry, I put a couple tapestries on my walls that IÕd received for my birthday, brought some groceries inside, and I took a shower. By far one of the most productive highs. My tolerance is also that of a monsterÕs so for it to last as long as it did off of a couple bowls was a nice surprise.

  94. Esther Wells

    I was fine for the first 5 minutes then hit a brick wall… It was like a 50 pound blanket layed on me pushing me further into the void of my couch. Its perfect.

  95. Jaylyn Alvarez

    Taste good, smells nice and potent. Keeps your mind moving and your energy up. I’d recommend this to anyone.

  96. Giana Brock

    After trying this (this) a couple of times, I would definitely say this is in my top five. My first few experiences with it, it gave me a nice head and then body high. From the reviews that I read I didn’t think It would put me to sleep but it did (which I didn’t mind). I recently tried it again because I have been having severe neck and back pain; I dislike taking pills so I thought I would try this and boy did it work. I could feel the muscles relax and the pain subside which was a big relief; I also feel asleep a few hours later. The only downside that I could say is that you will experience a slight dry mouth after smoking this and you might feel a little sluggish once you awake. A little goes a long way.

  97. Kaylyn Mckee

    This have been popular for a minute but for some reason I never go around to giving it a try. That all changed this week. Like it says up top these bright green buds are covered in sticky icky trichomes and orange hairs. What really sold me is the high! I had a few hits from my new chillum and settled into some Ancient Aliens. It was pretty entertaining for about half an hour and then I was compelled to hunker down and get some internetting done. What I ended up with was three blog posts and a whole bunch of scheduled social media posts. This shit put me in the zone! Not only did the this give me laser focus for my work it also gave me a creative jolt. Being high on this is kinda like how a delicious cup of coffee picks you up in the afternoon.
    I havenÕt found a product this appealing since I ran across some JackÕs Cleaner a couple of years ago. IÕm officially addicted to This! Next time you hit up your favorite medical dispensary of recreational store make for damn sure you pick up some this if they have it.

  98. Mireya Carney

    This is an AMAZING product. Perfect Indica/Sativa cross. It smells so sweet it is crazy, unlike any bud I have ever had. I could hold a nug of this under my nose for hours and it would never get old. I have been both vaporizing and smoking my this, and the high is fantastic. It makes me feel happy, creative, a bit euphoric, sleepy, and energized. I like it a lot because I can smoke it in the morning and have a good, active day, or right before I go to bed, which gives me a fulfilling rest. I would highly recommend this strain, it is one of a kind!

  99. Yoselin Schaefer

    Currently high off of this product. Smoked some J’s and did some bong rips with a pal and the high knocked me on my ass. Very strong euphoric high and relxation. Good for before bed use as well. Top 3 product that I have ever smoked.

  100. Briana Gilmore

    I recently hurt my knee and this was the move when looking for pain relief. I felt very relaxed and was able to enjoy my day with little noticeable pain.

  101. Devan Gordon

    White and purple hues dominate this dark green bud. 3/4’s of the way into the bowl and im blowing out the phattest smoke clouds, gently rocking my head back and forth in slow motion feelin as cool as al capone. Stick Figure on the speakers..

  102. Brady Gonzalez

    this product is extremely powerfull actually made me feel like things were warping as if on shrooms

  103. Nina Bright

    Grassroots this from Curio. outstanding taste and effect. Long lasting. relaxation and comfort is how I describe it…

  104. Hayley Bradshaw

    I have tried so many products try to find the perfect one for me. I have found it this! This weed will definitely arouse you. I also love the way it relaxes me, I havenÕt slept so good in years. I wake up feeling great. I definitely recommend this product.

  105. Trevor Duncan

    Thank heaven for little girls and there cookies. This shit ain’t for kids. Very mellow buzz, buzz hit nice for like 10 minutes. Nice go to product. You know ur like should I get this or this. Unless it fits ur needs pick the COOKIES/

  106. Breanna Chan

    Very mellow product –
    Easy going very functional –
    Slight sweetness in taste –
    Very strong smell –
    Reliable product –
    Not top shelf –
    Bottom Line : everyone seems to be die hard about this strain, while I admit the title is great, and similar products I have had could be considered top shelf, this one, for me, just does not live up to the hype

  107. Ronin Goodwin

    This is the best one for me. The taste is exceptional. It’s not so sleepy as you can expect.

  108. Jayce Zuniga

    this product is definitely a favorite as iÕm always looking for it if a plug has in near me. this is an amazing product i think every weed smoker needs to try. it combines the happiness and focus of a sativa with the soothing relaxing calming properties of an indica leaving u with an amazing product that could be smoked at almost any time. this product also helps wonders with insomnia, and lack of appetite

  109. Laci Woodward

    nerve calmer

  110. Deshawn Bruce

    Very headed danky knock you socks off made me hungry would get again

  111. Shayla Barnes

    Some superb herb right here you can tell by the purple and the smell, gets you into a great head space as well as body vibe

  112. Eleanor Jenkins

    Finally got my hands on some of this in a pre roll. It is a soft, balanced yet powerful high. A little bit goes a long way which is great for a a quick attitude adjustment.

  113. Davin Cordova

    Def a staple of the cannabis communist now!! It’s going to be the purple haze or northern lights of the next generation of patients/stoners…everyone will be using this…lol I passed girls selling This n couldn’t help but laugh…I wish those cookies had an extra kick like this!!!

  114. Clarissa Raymond

    This – 5.0_
    This is definitely one of my favorite products. Never disappoints. I was smoking a joint during the afternoon on my patio and wow it was amazing. I felt very euphoric and just wanted to embrace the earth. It had me smiling ear to ear (: I definitely recommend this product to be smoked outside around nature so you can feel the full euphoria experience. I would consider this to patients with stress and depression.

  115. Layton Carpenter

    My favorite product.

  116. Abraham Ford

    Very upbeat, mental buzz

  117. Ulises Waller

    I got a gram to try from my local dispensary. This is very popular and wanted to just have some at the time. This wasn’t the best grown or same crosses, but wrong genetics. I will be looking for a different phenotype!

  118. Casey Jennings

    Awesome strain, just relax and enjoy the hit.

  119. Jaylyn Russell

    love the feeling I get when I smoke this product. very relaxing

  120. Derrick James

    110% one of my favorite products great powerful taste almost like diesel but with less of a pungent taste never earthy and can come in an array of beautiful colors __

  121. Lauren Conner


  122. Cristal Hogan

    it slight twangs of cranberry I was met by a strong celebrial full body high soon after consuming the product

  123. Malaki Banks

    I never review .. but this weed was amazing .. cost 7 dollars (for the one that grown out from the sun and not lights.) .. definitely my weed every day . recommend for everyone.. you will enjoy ..

  124. Kamari Acevedo

    It’s one of my favorite. Great energy and helps relieve my hip pain.

  125. Holden Padilla

    Very pretty purple buds with green thrown in there. The smoke tastes almost minty in the after taste. product is supposedly “Thin Mint this”. Id buy it again.

  126. Landen Callahan

    Second favorite product… Amazing sweet smell and taste ..

  127. Charlize Harris

    got a free 7g nug from a lovely Sikh gentleman at vape on the lake in Toronto. this bud taste great and is cerebral and powerful in effect

  128. Alexus Stevens

    It’s a good product to intake with friends

  129. Caiden Hardin

    Impressive flower for an even more impressive price. The smell and taste is nice. Purchased the flower back to back or three times no, it was twice. Invest like a boss and your return will record no loss.

  130. Zara Andersen

    Great smoke- Large bowls dont end like hay- great day ender, or party starter! SLABCO has consistantly come through with some of the greatest specinens i have seen of this already genetically beautifull product.

  131. Rowan Dorsey

    never get this high before_has higher THC than most of the Sativa products. At least I think it is better than jack herer or Durban poison

  132. Beckham Bell

    this is my first time trying this and let me tell you its safe to believe the hype about this product I was hesitant to try it as I am naturally a down chill person so I usually don’t enjoy Indica I stick with sativas but this may have won me over I had a really nice head high and a relaxed body but I wasn’t couch locked at all I was able to clean and cook normally this product also helped alleviate my back pain it didnt take it all away but it dulled it significantly and helped me relax enough to sleep the only negatives I experienced is severe dry eye and dry mouth but overall I love this girl and she will become a staple in my med cabinet

  133. Lina Burns

    this is a pretty yummy product there are hints of mint in it, best product for pain relief iÕve ever tried and is a very good appetite stimulator, great strain

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