Bakersfield California Delta 8 THC Hemp Shipping, Dispensary and Delivery

Our Bakersfield California Delta 8 THC Hemp Delivery and Dispensary can be found easily on the map provided at the top of our site. You can call us at 713-981-7654 during normal business hours, 9am – 7pm M-F, 6am – 2pm Sat for more information. If you cannot find our place on the map just provide your postal code to us via email or by phone and we will be able to locate it for you.

Open your door to the world of retail hemp shipping, dispensary and delivery with the Delta 8 THC Bakersfield, CA location. This dealer is built to fit small spaces, and packed with features such as the powerful 1000 watt plant grow lamp, temperature dial for heat control, and ventilation fan for air flow. Welcome to the hemp team.

Trust in Bakersfield California Delta 8 for superior quality, customer service and industry knowledge. The Bakersfield CA dispensary of Delta 8 is proudly “Brought to you by Exhale Brands.” When you purchase from the Bakersfield Ca Delta 8 hemp delivery service ,you are supporting local growers “growers like your neighbor” and are joining the effort for global legalization. Also available on our website at is our premier testing facility for your medical marijuana needs where we offer lab test results proving the quality of our California grown hemp and hemp products.

The Bakersfield, California medical marijuana delivery service is happy to bring the happiness and comfort of legal marijuana products and locally grown medicine. With many different strains having unique effects on patient’s symptoms, all of our products are individually selected with you in mind. We take pride in our professionalism. Delta 8 is a great place to find top quality hemp.

The finest marijuana dispensary and delivery service in Bakersfield California, We are located in Keddie, CA. Our flowers are cured for three weeks with the strain on point and come in various sizes. Our products are growing daily and we strive to give all of our customers more bang for their buck. With our new location at 2120 East St.

Bakersfield California Delta 8 THC Hemp Shipping, Dispensary and Delivery

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