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Our YODA OG SYRINGE is a 2 ml graduated glass, containing the highest quality tetrahydrocannabinol on the market. It’s 100% hemp-derived and federally legal.

YODA OG SYRINGE is a highly viscous, clear to medium amber, translucent oil that will not crystallize. It is so viscous that at low temperatures it behaves almost like a solid. Because of this, you will not be able to push the oil out of the syringe without first heating it or you may end up breaking the glass syringe or the plastic plunger.

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YODA OG – THC Syringe

Our concentrates are made from the purest full spectrum distillate. These powerfully relaxing concentrates are made with 500 mg of concentrated THC. This means for every 1 mL of oil, you’re getting just over 15 mg of pure THC. Very well packaged to maintain freshness. Which further serves as a child proof package with California state compliance labelling. You can be certain that when you buy an EPIC tincture, you are getting the absolute best product available in the world. We take tremendous pride in says as much. After all our brand is EPIC, which means the tincture has to be EPIC.

Everyone of our products start with soil grown, indoor organic hemp flower.  This creates the most potent but also healthy flower from which we can craft our menu.  It is our belief that organic hemp flower is simply the best.

Organically grown flower won’t do much unless it starts with strong genetics.  It takes time and patience to create a genetic line of hemp flower that has great nose, great effects and looks the part.  With a healthy balance of cannabinoids.

We test every product we make throughout the entire product chain.  What we buy from other vendors gets tested and compared to their lab test results.  Purity and safety is something we will never compromise on.  It is the EPIC way.


Hemp effects everyone differently.  A lot depends on tolerance, age, energy level and even mood.  Start with a small dose and go up form there.









Mood Improvement



This is not a medical recommendation.  Please consult a physician if you have any questions before starting any treatment or hemp use.

Sleep Aid


Ache Relief


Reduce Restlessness







Concentrates, also called oils or extracts, is an umbrella term for a beloved form of hemp that offers an experience you can’t get from flower alone. A concentrate, oil, or extract is any product made when hemp flower is processed down into hemp oil, removing all parts of the plant except essential oils and cannabinoids.


We promise to always provide the highest quality products backed by unmatched customer service.  We will take every step necessary to ensure you get the finest five start treatment.  We will always provide transparency and detailed information on all that we manufacture and create.  It is our company ethos to ensure an amazing experience every time you interact with our company.  We may not always succeed but we will always do our very best.   This is our promise to you, this is the EPIC promise our company makes.



Please keep out of reach of children.  While some of our products only contain CBD which is generally safe for children.  A lot contain Delta 8 THC and other cannabinoids.  Do not operate heavy machinery and please do not drive while using our products.  Please consult a physician before starting to use any of our products.  And verify if there are any medication interactions with our products.  While hemp products are generally considered safe, please stop using them if you have any allergic reactions.  Also take time to learn about each product you plan on using before doing so.







What is Delta 8 THC?

Delta 8 THC is a hemp derived cannabinoid. It has become popular because of its similarity to delta-9 THC. Large amounts of THC are found in a majority of hemp strains.

How much Delta 8 THC is in this product?

Federally legal amount of 0.3%.

Who should use Delta 8 Concentrates?

Generally speaking concentrates are a more challenging product to use.  They normally require specialised equipment and experience.  If you are new to concentrates we suggest watching some YouTube videos on your concentrate of choice.  Then decide whats best for you.

Do concentrates smell like weed?

Some do have a small hint of weed smell.

I have a question that is not listed here. Where I can get an answer?

Have a look at our FAQ page in the top menu for more questions and answer.  And of course you are more than welcome to contact us directly.

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151 reviews for YODA OG


  1. Amelia Valdez

    This is a great stain. It really is a beautiful flower and tastes good.

  2. Javion Wilson

    “My review is for West Coast Diesel (WCD), my favorite diesel product. I mix WCD with a light indica to mellow out the negative effects diesels seem to have on me, e.g., anxiety, agitation, . WCD and Skywalker is a great combination for me, personally. East Coast Diesel was intense, would not recommend to the faint of heart and mind… Straight This makes me, well, sour and just generally unpleasant, unfortunately. Tried various SD hybrids and they worked great, love Blue Diesel and Sour Aurora.”

  3. Destiney Mayer

    “Let me tell you about This. I tend to stray away from Sativas cause IÕm a high-anxiety stressed out individual. This product changes everything for me ____ it allows me to stay awake at night when I donÕt feel like smoking indica and falling asleep at 8:30PM without any paranoia or anxiousness. ItÕs motivating and provides elation & sedation for day time use. Usually all products make me sleepy- even straight Sativas, I can sleep on. This one however will keep you awake in a good, relaxed & functional way. Highly recommend this strain- I will purchase it anytime itÕs available at my local dispensary. Good job with this one ____”

  4. Kathryn Gillespie

    Got a platinum vape 1g from dispensary in MI. Two or three pulls and I feel immediately. All my troubles fade away. Pain subsides. Great product for depression and pain.

  5. Jada Cohen

    Gas.. First time with it and was pleased.. Str8 fire

  6. Davin Bonilla

    Good reliable sativa. Gives me energy, great for daytime use has a diesel aroma. A must try if it’s never made it to your bowl.

  7. Cara Dixon

    I think finally i found the original This product. It is outdoor and it don’t have the indoor diesel headache.. It’s one of the smootest weed ever..great taste and great outdoor high..i bought 14 grams and then go and get 14 more..

  8. Jovanni Beck

    This is a strong product. I didnÕt know how to use my vaporizer well and took two really small puffs and I got really high. IÕve had bad cases of paranoia in the past with high THC products so IÕm more on the CBD THC balanced side of things these days just to be sure. Still a good product if you have high THC resistance and are looking for a rocket man kinda buzz. Not for me.

  9. Mollie Mora

    Not bad a lot of energy is fun, but the main thing is not to overdo it

  10. Martin Wolfe

    I smoked this right before a piano rehearsal and I will say it was not regrettable. High functioning for sure, but bad dry mouth. Felt like I was floating but in a relaxing way?

  11. Clare Compton

    This product is one of my top 10 favorite product. Anything that has SOUR in front ,like Sour Jack,.Sour Kush(aka Headband.),Sour Power. It taste sour, very diesel, like a chemical smell that is strong as gas when it hits your nose. Very good for my depression problem. I also smoke to sleep too. Can’t do it with this one, too strong, and when I do get to sleep the dreams are something out of a weird movie. I was playing jeopardy against 3 clones of myself while I was sleeping. Watch out this is strong can be overwhelming.The taste smoke is sour chemical gas explosion but not harsh on throat as some can be, and not one that makes me cough much. Great for creative, hunger, relaxing,possibly paranoia if you never smoked before, so watch out. Love it.Most of favorite products have no real idea of what is in them. Amnesia, Trainwreck,Chemdawg etc.

  12. Natalia Shepard

    My friend turned in to Rene Descartes on me for a little bit after the This. The Howitzer Cannon blew my damn mind.

  13. Jasmine Sawyer

    I find this product very spiritual, it will lift your vibration to another level, making you very psychic and non-physical. This can creat some great spiritual experiences, it will help open your third eye by relaxing that part of your brain, its fine for during the day but doesn’t give me the happiness that other sativas such as Jack Herer give me. It can also make me feel slightly tired after 2 hours.

  14. Marcel Vang

    “i have bipolar disorder, & when i first smoked This, i was manic. knowing that my mania can get really bad, i swore off all sativas & primarily smoked indicas, but my husband accidentally bought this one thinking he got an indica. i bit the bullet, & i actually really like it! i donÕt feel any energizing or uplifting effects like other people have reported here, but instead i felt extremely calm. every negative thought my brain threw at me dissipated into nothingness, so i understand why people use this for stress, depression, & anxiety. also, the first time i smoked this i had foot pain (i also have plantar fasciitis), & when it hit, it was like the pain was never there. no wonder cancer patients like This too. this product made me open to trying more sativas, & This ROCKS! other effects: a slow vibrating sensation in my throat & jaw while swallowing food, music through headphones sounding as if iÕm in a concert & the speakers are right next to my ear, primarily a head high with buzzing/vibrating effects focused on the center of my face”

  15. Renee Boyd

    The oil is great but this time the flower wins.. part of the enjoyment of This is the beautiful smell of the buds!! But love the effect just the same! Very amazing!

  16. Emmett Anderson

    the old school pungent smell of these buds bring me way back. the current lot is some of the stinkiest I’ve smelt in a while. Buds are coated with sparkling trichromes. Love this weed

  17. Alyvia May

    ThisStain is a very dominant sativa that can wake you up so fast and get to work. I blaze this product anytime I have a hard labor task at hand, such as painting, lawn care, and other activities. It gives you great energy. I blazed some Thisand hired help to paint my home from the inside, ending up grabbing a paint roller and started painting myself alongside with the hired help, lol.

  18. Elias Wright

    Very strong feeling, long lasting too. Really good when wanting to focus.

  19. Elisa Fischer

    It helps with my pain a lot.

  20. Armani Jenkins

    A Òsoon to be sittersÓ weekend. Owning the moment at #1 is the legendary Mr Sour D!____ From rocking out in the pool to having fun dancing in the sun to some Ògirls nightÓ tunes!

  21. Kierra Chase

    I have tried the purple Thisand to my surprise found this to be a super kind and uplifting experience . I recently have acquired a cartridge of Thisoil with a whopping 79% thc content . Less is definitely more in this case . I greatly look forward to trying this out . The terpene profile is outstanding as well . Happy trails all

  22. Campbell Brennan

    oh. my. god. i smoked a small joint of this with my brother and i have never been so HIGH. i mean i was tripping so hard i had to concentrate on not laughing at literally everything. if you’re looking for a product to just totally relax to, this is the one. and it was surprisingly amazing for pain too. basically, a little goes a very very long way. probs not ur best product if u wanna be functional but i got a total creative boost & my anxiety & depression was nowhere to be found. fades gracefully as well, and lasts a pretty long time too.

  23. Trent Brandt

    This product is surprising for me. It was uplifting so much I forgot about bull going on in life and felt talkative and happy/content. But yet it was relaxing, sometimes sativas can give people anxiety and paranoia but I find it minimal. Compared to another product blue dream makes me feel out of it and itÕs kind of intense when testing high in THC. Either way I like this product a lot for relaxation, lifted spirits and a generally good feeling. It can be speedy but if you have a tolerance to cannabis you should be good!

  24. Yazmin Stephenson

    My favorite product so far. I’m usually someone who gets paranoid when I smoke but with Sour D. It makes me chatty, wake, and I actually want to be around people.

  25. Devin Boyd

    It’s aight

  26. Colt Barrett


  27. Tanner Fuller

    Great strain, intense wonderful flavor, very attractive phenotypes. Bright green colas, bright orange hairs, very crystally buds. Gleaf in Maryland did a fantastic job on this flower. In my opinion, this will be a contender this season for top products in Maryland.

  28. Aleah Wells

    amazing product 10/10

  29. Nola Meza

    Great strain! Very easy on the lungs and doesn’t have a bad taste at all. Cotton mouth sets in fast but the high is worth it! Immediate head high! And soon after everything becomes a giggle lol. Very next come down to the point you’re ready to get it on lol. Recommend to everyone that wants a Great High.

  30. Carlos Mack

    This stuff really lives up to it’s name. It smells sorta like motor oil. I thought the look of the bud was really interesting. Really keify and darkish in green. I felt energetic the entirety of the high and felt really positive while it wore off.

  31. Kendrick Wallace

    Great strain! Clear headed and just felt like I had to get things done. I’m no a huge fan of the diesel taste but that does not turn me off because the effects are exactly what I’m looking for.

  32. Neil Ryan

    This is my go to product for a wake and bake. Perfect to start the day with this product.

  33. Weston Reyes

    that shit is dank. had my whole block stankin. higher than four kites__

  34. Kinley Yoder

    I believe i have found either the product or descendant of a product i loved in the early 90s. Very clear headed and euphoric. Very energetic and uplifting. Superb for depression or if you just want a happy feeling. Potent but far from overwhelming for me. Wont keep you from taking care of chores or business. I vaped it so i cant comment much on taste but i do taste the diesel. Great morning med.

  35. Reyna Porter

    It mellow and relax nerves I’ll recommend to anyone __

  36. Arielle Blackburn

    I love how it hits this product i had it plenny of times it has like a gasy smell and the high creeps on you then hits you all at once

  37. Kenya Lopez

    This product is like the cocaine of weed. It makes you want to smoke jays after jays.

  38. Elsie Burnett

    Very good wake n bake flower. Imo, right up there with super lemon haze.

  39. Rebecca Harper

    This stuff is amazing! Love my people at Natures Medicines

  40. Elena Norman

    very great strain, makes me very imaginative. really relaxes your body. very nice crisp taste.

  41. Bryan Jensen

    I live in a non-compassionate state. We don’t have the luxury of knowing the specific products we are smoking most of the time. But this flowers specific smell and after taste… Unmistakeable!!! Will definitely turn you into a stammering rambling idiot tho!

  42. Donna Macias

    YIKES! didnÕt like this product whatsoever, tasted TERRIBLE. would want to gag after taking hits off my dab pen…. i felt like i ate way to much and I started gaining weight, didnÕt like it i felt VERY PARANOID. donÕt recommend 0/10

  43. Martha Mooney

    This product is my ideal product. I can get that amazing feeling, while still energetic.

  44. Emilee Valdez

    Amazing product. It get a me so hyped up and pumped. I went to a concert and went ham all night. Have fun with this one

  45. Aimee Morrison

    #1 hands down. I only buy other products when i can’t get sour. It only makes me miss sour even more. It’s a must have like toilet paper__

  46. Britney Francis

    This is my favorite product of all time! I remember when I first tried it. The smell was so strong even inside my bag closed up! When I smoked it I was immediately feeling the weight of the world just fall off. One of the few products for me that make me forget the world for awhile. I highly recommend this one! #420sweepstakes

  47. Harry Robles

    if it’s the right phenotype one of the best

  48. Louis Krause

    one of my favorite products but tends to chill me out more than give me energy

  49. Natalee Cabrera

    Not a sativa!

  50. Leon Woodard

    MY FAVORITE STRAIN! Helps with everything! I have some bad anxiety and depression and this cures this up like a charm. I like to use this for daytime.

  51. Louis Roach

    Amazing day product if you don’t smoke a lot of it. Super focused, relaxed, a lot of positive vibes. If you smoke a lot, giggly, munchies, lots of giggle fits. Overall great strain, will be smoking again!

  52. Joe Zavala

    Usually not a SD fan and picked up some from Einstein Buds. Wow I,m a SD fan now. Previous batches from other were always too much diesel taste for me. This was very good, just right amount of sweet & sour taste to me when smoked. When vaped love the sour smell. Nice buds, smokes gr8! For me last like most maybe 1 1/2 to 2 hours. Been at this for over 30+ years, so probably last longer for those that are newer at this. Over all this bud has become a gr8 day time use for me. Get a lot done on this little gem. I like mixing a good Indica with this like kryptonite or GDP then things are going good. My pain from my herniated disk is bearie.

  53. Luke Smith

    Over-rated. Ill take Super Lemon Haze over this any day.

  54. Lilia Green

    Notes of pungent lime and citrus followed by a piney diesel. After a day of manual labor it’s nice to smoke something which doesn’t put me to sleep. The Sativa works best for me when engaged in activities and creative endeavors. The medium level of THC keeps anxiety and paranoia low while lightly relaxing the body. This is a good choice for conversation or wake n bake.

  55. Ezra Greene

    great strain, and a personal favorite of mine.

  56. Lauren Malone

    Fantastic strain, I smoke it everyday before work xD

  57. Hannah Olsen

    Great multi-use strain! Chill and work!

  58. Nicolas Burton

    Wow this is one of the best I’ve tried . It’s as described without a doubt . Thanks Jordan .

  59. Ben Wiggins

    Yup. IÕm sold

  60. Xander Larson

    Nice strain, great body high (definitely more on the indica side), very relaxing efects.
    It has a good herbal smell, especially recommended for myrcene lovers.
    the only reason it’s not a 5 is because when i smoke it i get LOTS of hungry and it becomes almost insatiable. So if you don’t have any food close then you are screwed.

  61. Dana Nunez

    I fuckin love this shit. Makes my eyes super dry, but helps a lot with my back pain, insomnia, and depression/anxiety.

  62. Humberto Wiley

    This keeps me relaxed and awake.

  63. Malia Little

    I would love to try this product. The first 250mg vape cart I purchased was defective. I returned for another one and same thing happened. I take a deep draw, my pen lights up, but no vape. Is anyone else having this issue?

  64. Jenna Mosley

    this is a great product. functional yet high and feel great. only big flaw is cotton mouth and starvation. I have eaten my weight in food and am still starving.

  65. Miah Conley

    Disappointed in this one. No pain relief at all nor any type of buzz from it. I will be fair and say this was a vape not leaf. I really hoped to like it as it’s highly reviewed, but doesn’t seem to be a product for me.

  66. Carlos Durham

    Holy hell this thing smacked me across the face and i couldn’t even move. it really gets you in the mood to talk alot and get giggly.

  67. Iliana Wyatt

    The old weed that u donÕt get enough from .
    That kind of high that convinces u . Mellow and gets u hungry and sleepy in classical way .
    A safe choice for recreation.
    Evening smoke .

  68. Morgan Shea

    This was honestly one of the best products I’ve had. It had an amazing taste and smell. So heavenly __

  69. Veronica Garcia

    Great for RLS! Good pain relief, pretty good migraine relief. Great for romance (“relations”), IF you know what I mean… word of caution: in my vaporizer, effect goes from moderate to blitz in about two hits. Share and Enjoy!

  70. Glenn Blackburn

    Really love this bud and how it takes your breath away.

  71. Braeden Villarreal

    This product is very heady and makes you feel cozy in your own skin. Paranoia can happen easily just by thinking about it. Other than that, this is an amazing product. Would recommend for pain, depression, or insomnia. Hits really hard too!

  72. Rose Branch

    Very calming and euphoric. Affects hit right away. Great for during the __or_

  73. Russell Brennan

    First couple hits outa blunt and I could feel my muscles relax into a nice rubbery state. I have super bad anxiety and this is the only product I’ve had that made it go pretty much away. My body was buzzy all night and I had the best sleep I’ve had in a while. Not a strong cerebral effect for me but a nice one. Tastes sweet and piney earth. Great flavor!! Might be my favorite now idk

  74. Oliver Alvarado

    very tasty and definitely a stress reliever. love this strain

  75. Izayah Winters

    9/10 for me with this product it’s been very helpful for eating and for depression, i.e. No anxiety attacks or really much of any symptoms relating to my ptsd since I’ve been keeping this one in my rotation of meds. Recommending this highly to anyone out here looking for a product to keep on their shelf that is consistent with inducing hunger. Buy this in bulk and thank me later (:

  76. Gracelyn Finley

    Right away from the streets, the Original Gangster Kush hits you hard, nice potent brain strike, my personal favorite product.

  77. Roderick Wong

    Damn strong strain! For me it made much indica feelings.. First euphoria and then Couchlocked.. Very uplifting.. I will try more later, maybe i get that social buzz 🙂 At all effects depends also about grower..

  78. Marcos Rosales

    It’s grand. Tastes like fruity pebbles. Moderate amount of fronto.

  79. Orion Blake

    Yo ! i smoked the strain!! f yea!!!!

  80. Malik Reeves

    Nice and smooth I’m so proud to have it because I’m from EU and it’s forbidden here. 🙂 love the teast and a nice high

  81. Jenny Cochran

    Nice product but tiring high

  82. Miah Kline

    The This is an indicia product. A tremendous product for sleeping, stress, pain, and hunger. This medication is potent from the first smell all the way to medicated effect. The smell is a citrusy skunky smell. This is perfect product for someone who is looking for a medication that will have long lasting effects.

  83. Thalia Mora

    Its a product good for you if you’re adhd. This is more sedative type of bud so it can put you on your ass if you’re of a chiller vibe type. While me and my cousin have bipolar and severe adhd so it helps us out a lot with how much energy we have on a daily basis

  84. Natalya Park

    very good

  85. Reece Brady

    Potent, dense, and pungent with nice flavor & great efficiency.. A lovely late evening-to-early night hybrid product. Relaxing (and capable pain relief) within moments of starting to vape, without being too sleepy or leaving me to severely burned out. Since this is a rare find for me, to get pain relief, relaxation, and euphoria/mood all in one strain- to find it in something strong enough to get me medicated with ~ .2 gram of flowers -is nice indeed. I have heard a lot about this product being super top shelf and quite expensive, totally forget how much this contributed to my bill to be honest, but it was sold by the gram. Seems to be worth that bit extra, if its a product that you enjoy, at least occasionally and at the right price. Wouldn’t say it quite manages a spot in my top 10 all time or anything, at least not on the first time trying it, but it is good medicine and I look forward to seeing it and genetically -related products get more attention from breeders in the future.

  86. Jan Gonzalez

    Smoked 3/4 of a joint with a friend and it lasted for 6 hours, i ate so much that my sromach hurted like a kick in the balls. 10/10 would smoke again

  87. Edgar Fuller

    this is my favorite shit to smoke. it’s great for smoking with friends and you want an uplifting high. it’s great!

  88. Taliyah Curry

    as an ex-nfl player this is my stranded on an island go to. best tasting, best high & great for pain management. my dude always knows when I call what I’d like. love that diesel aroma after a nice hit. never gets old! love cali & love that This!

  89. Emma Bell

    This is simply the best. You’ve heard it in every rapper’s song, and you’re checking Leafly to see what’s up. This is, as the french say, the “crЏme de la crЏme”. It’s a nice heavy indica that lives up to its name. High tolerance, low tolerance, no matter; This has you covered.

  90. Ashanti Booker


  91. Damien Velez

    This is most definitely one of my all time favorite products. it provides a nice, deep, and euphoric high. For me the product provided a combination of both a body and head high. although, i don’t recommend this for first time users or light weights. it could cause you to have a panic attack but don’t don’t get your balls in a twist, you’ll be wanting to do again right after you first try it. it’s great for sitting around a fire with you circle of dope smoking friends.

  92. Asa Rich

    Strong smoke gas taste when you inhale exhale is kind of fruit/gas great product #Approved

  93. Harley Moon

    It Was Just Okay. Smooth High That Came On Quick And Lasted All Night. Lot Of Head Thumping, Not A Headache Though. Very Bland Though, I Probably Wont Get It Again.

  94. Kaylyn Ellison

    Easily one of my favorite products. It also finds it’s way into the genetics of many other of my favorites. A heavy indica, it’s a go to for pain & relaxation at the end of the day. I have a hard time using it earlier unless I’m having a chill day. I always enjoy the taste, smell & look of the kush family products…what can I say, I’m a big Kush fan. Better for folks with a higher tolerance.

  95. Quentin Hoover

    Incredible product. Knocked me out after one rip from a bong. Kept smoking with some kief sprinkled on top and I am absolutely blazed out of my mind. Gave me munchies like no other, though. I seriously cannot stop eating. Great for insomnia, too. Makes you real lazy later on in the high, but first it just gives you a mindfuck. Gave me really bad cottonmouth too and NOTHING gives me cottonmouth anymore.

  96. Summer Juarez

    One of my new favorites, I love the high.

  97. Tristian Griffith

    its was ok kind of dry an crumbles very bad but definetly a nite time relaxer

  98. Lennon Orozco

    great for relaxing with a buddy and some music!! i recomond using a pipe its alot better on the taste and the throat! nice mellow decently long affects, not for new smokers

  99. Cale Wiley

    This has a pure and invigorating aroma reminiscent of candy and sweets in general. this remains my all time favorite because it puts me in a creative state of mind where nothing else matters but what IÕm doing. I become one with nature when taking photographs, and as light as ever regarding my mood.

  100. Jakobe Goodwin

    my back up when guerrilla glue isn’t available. good flavor but for me a little too relaxing

  101. Mckenna Page

    Not a bad product. Taste nice but not exceptional in the mouth. The buzz is another story. Quite powerful… I’m writing those lines while very high on it for the third time. You can be productive except during the 30 more intense minutes of the buzz when you become too introspective unless social stimulation. A walking meditation is a good idea in those moments. I would initiate someone to cannabis with that product even if it’s a quite intense start because anxiety melt away very suddenly. Really earthy and peanuts in taste.

  102. Tate Page

    Apparently this is a very ‘hot’ product right now. I’m guessing it ties into the actual Season of Girl Scouts peddling their wares. Regardless, it was a good product. It was not very strong but it was pretty much what the budtender explained to me. Very chill effects! Good recommendation to us ‘newbies’. Nice body high yet my head is clear. Oh, and my shoulders are not tense anymore. Got it from Hercules Health Center…

  103. London Gallegos

    this always chill me out and lift my mood almost immediately. A nice heady high that doesn’t knock me out.

  104. Uriel Avery

    A very popular newcomer that’s grown worldwide as a staple in the community. High sativa effects which personally gives me too much paranoia and makes my heart race. I can’t enjoy this one but I have had it on multiple occasions as well as multiple crosses; its too earthy/spicey which I hate in a product already ruining the enjoyment before the effects even kicked in. No one is the same and many people love everything about this so dont take this review personally but I’m not the only one so just proceed with caution as it is a powerful one.

  105. Yosef Shea

    Nice high. Im baked

  106. Kaiden Mays

    As first-time customer, Harborside budtender highly recommended this product. And WOW was he right! Feel clear headed, non-drowsy, no cotton-mouth. I think this product might be my new favorite.

  107. Marianna Acosta

    Nice breakthrough on the Co2 inhaler. You can use anywhere and regulate the amount of intake. Good for those that do not want to smoke or deal with paraphernalia, plant, or concentrates.

  108. Savion Lin

    Got 3.5g of this for a concert in San Francisco. Did a LOT of shopping around before settling on this, as I wanted to have the absolute most potent stuff for this show. And I gotta say the hype did NOT disappoint. Good god this stuff is near psychedelic! A little tough to break up (very dense), but a definite 5/5. Lately I’ve been seeing all sorts of new “Cookies” products out there (Orange Cookies, Platinum Cookies, etc), but I have yet to get around to any of those yet. But assuming you’re able to get your hands on legit this, you won’t be disappointed…

  109. Reece Chase

    ALL-TIME FAVORITE STRAIN, Y’ALL. this gives a clear, euphoric high that makes you giggly, happy, and creative. Music is amazing, food is delicious, and life is great. Grab a group of people you love, order a pizza, and play some deep beats. Please smoke this strain!!!!!!!!!

  110. Marcelo Lynch

    Really good blended with Sour Diesel!!!

  111. Peyton Petty

    This is one of my favorite products, it is always bringing munchies to the max and also easing stress during the day and helping put you to sleep at night! Always tastes very good as well as the smell!

  112. Maren Collier

    Not bad — a bit too energetic for nighttime though. I was up pretty late from it and could have stayed up much later. Definitely more head than body, probably 90/10 mix. Made my diaphragm feel a bit tight but not overwhelmingly so. Not exactly what I am after — no painkilling effect for me — but it’s not bad for daytime use.

  113. Coby Lawrence

    However this is consumed, be forewarned that a fuse is lit as soon as this is taken in. One may think it’s meh or so-so BUT WAIT… If smoked, in around 10 minutes after consumption, you will be jolted into the stratosphere wondering what in the fuck?? This one was a rollercoaster of ebbs and flows with soaring euphoria mixed with classic sativa space cadet vibes, which mellows off after 2-3 hours of pure sedated relaxation.
    Not for amateurs because it can easily be over consumed due to a delayed high.
    Get set…. Ready…. GO! Thats this in a nutshell.

  114. Augustus Benjamin

    The first thing is the head high. Your mind is elevated, you have the ability to laser-focus on anything, and youÕre smiling. Enjoy this phase by doing something mentally stimulating. Life is awesome. After an hour and a half to two hours, the mental cloud clears and the couch starts looking reeeeeally good. Do something relaxing. The come-down is slow and cozy. No paranoia or anxiety in my experience with this; good vibes are my only companions.

  115. Edith Doyle

    I’ve tried traditional this as well as a Hemp CBD variation. This product relaxes the body without the sluggish mind. in higher doses you’ll begin to feel more of the indica effects.

  116. Esmeralda Austin

    Gives me a nice body buzz/tingle along with the cerebral head high as well. For me, I prefer to use this product after work or anytime I’m trying to unwind late afternoon or evening. It does hit my body hard after about an hour or so, so I typically like to be somewhere I can just be lazy or lounging. Also makes me hungry af.

  117. Kelly Lester

    I have been using this lately for my pain, during the day- it was recommended to me as a way to remain more motivated, and awake while still receiving the strong medicinal aspect, melting the spasms, and making most of my pain vanish. I was reluctant to try this product because of its lineage of Durban Poison (a product which makes me question existence, and gives me solipsistic thoughts, and lots of anxiety) however, so far it has been relatively safe, however- this product is heavily intoxicating for me, it isn’t as much of a mind trap for me. So, I sound like a broken record by now- but sativas and I traditionally don’t mix well, with a few exceptions, and even hybrids can make me feel pretty uncomfortable but this one this, despite having sativa leanings hasn’t been a problem.
    The flavor is unique, it tastes and smells like a lot of caryophyllene. Kinda weird, but not bad. In fact, I will say the flavor is good. It is a sweet flavor, and I think I can take some citrus also- so maybe some limonene in the this strain!
    Daytime OR Night-Time Medical (Euphoria)

  118. Kadin Robertson

    the hype if real. but be careful. lot of places have it and not good. but the right place that cares can produce a bud with the big four. smell,taste,look,and ones of best highs I have had.

  119. Tyrone Jackson

    great flavor great smell

  120. Karson Costa

    Love this relaxing (but not couch locking) product.

  121. Bridget May

    This product definitely has a presence! It makes me hyper aware of my heartbeat and breathing, making it ideal for some relaxing activity like yoga or cooking (or leaving Leafly reviews like me). ____________

  122. Xiomara Hanson

    This product has a huge reputation and doesn’t disappoint, I’ve had tons of this and have never had a bad batch. Every puff is an intense flavor of sweetness you can’t explain. You just have to try the product for yourself. There are quite a few different varieties of cookies and those are all outstanding as well. A very great strain, easily in my top ten favorites.

  123. Phoenix Maxwell

    My favorite strain, super strong relaxed high

  124. Abagail Hester

    relieved my headache quickly…
    Eye stress relief was instant Inflammation was relieved from my sinuses to my knees Pain relief is clearly evident Head space has improved dramatically IÕm post concussive with multiple permanent physical injuries… and I was having a shitty day 🙂

  125. Lucia Love

    love it

  126. Maria Hamilton

    Best product I’ve had in a few months and I go through tons. This one made me feel like I was in a different dimension. It’s a very calming one and keeps me feeling optimistic. But if you can get some of this bud b sure to support our Girl Scouts because they sell the best cookies around:):):)

  127. Terrance Valdez

    Two hits…heady high

  128. Cailyn Wise

    great product to vape!

  129. Arthur Fisher

    After hearing all the buzz about this strain, we decided to give it a try. After smoking a small joint, we felt felt like we could run a marathon. Great stuff.

  130. Corinne Griffith

    All around great product… Love it in concentrate

  131. Giovanny Bradley

    powerful head high, makes thinking really clear for me. definitely a great product to use when you’re feeling down or sad, it’s an instant mood boost.

  132. Shiloh Kennedy

    This is some of the best weed I’d ever had I had one blunt and I was feeling good. Very lazy and major couton mouth. Well I don’t ember most of the high any more so I’m done

  133. Valerie Rivera

    Very sweet, great aroma. All I can say is its fantastic…

  134. Elsa Carson

    Very good relaxing high. I was able to get all my daily work done and then have time to vape some and feel like I was going to pass out! love this strand

  135. Hezekiah Wells

    Very social and super nice body high. Love the hybrid ratio. Perfect mix.

  136. Dorian Summers

    AMAZING !!!! I feel extremely relaxed and stress free with this product ! another one of my favorites !!

  137. Jaylene Robles

    this one is perfect for a day at the beach or tossing the football around i really liked how it made me feel active and alive 🙂 Great for the outdoors and day time smoking !

  138. Clara Welch

    Strong munchies

  139. Jazlene Sandoval

    I’ve been smoking mostly cookie products since they got popularized in the bay. Very dense and hard nuggets that are easy to break apart. Every good batch of cookies I’ve had have had purple tips on the nugs. Sweet flavor, very fruity and clean. The effects are very good for pain relief and relaxation. Great for temporary anxiety relief and overall just a very balanced product. Instant classic. I go with the platinum cookies for more indica though.

  140. Immanuel Clay

    That shit can smell up a room in twenty minutes without even being smoked. But when it is smoked, it can smell up a neighborhood in twenty minutes. Great fucking effects. One of my favorites.

  141. Efrain Shannon

    The bud was so tight but dried perfectly. I read it’s sweet. I would say it smells sweet before smoking. but a nice smooth pungent earthy flav with maybe a tiny bit of sweet. or skunk. hard to tell. great buzz like everyone else is saying on there profile

  142. Lyric Livingston

    this has been my favorite product for almost a year. it has a great earthy aroma. has light green with dark spots and bright hairs. very effective for sleeping or chilling out.

  143. Cynthia Sandoval

    New Favorite this packs a huge cerebral sativa high then settles into a relaxed confident relaxed but productive state.

  144. Alyson Mcclain

    A brief pungent aroma is evident after opening the nitrogen sealed container from Honest. Then a warm spice, and brown sugar sweetness develops with a hint of pepper on the back end. The taste is creamy and lingers on the palate, with a minty aftertaste on the exhale. The high is energetically cerebral, but not paranoia inducing, with a nice warm body rush.

  145. Tyrell Benitez

    I tried this product out for the first time yesterday, I’ve got to say it does have somewhat of a distinct flavor to it. Definitely is NOT something to pass up, this high has you feeling on top of the world but towards the end it can couch lock you if not controlled.

  146. Perla Rivas

    Great smell and flavour! Definitely one of my favourites. Not as long lasting as I would hope but an amazing product nun the less!

  147. Jamar Newman

    this is a really good product to relax ..I love the earthy pungent taste of This. almost taste like a pepper ..good couch High in my opinion

  148. Lilliana Tate

    Awesome weed for chronic/severe nausea and pain.

  149. Dominik Montes

    Enjoyed this over the of a few weeks off in the summer. Thoroughly enjoyed. Conducive to video gaming and munching. Occasional anxiety / panic, but overall a great high!

  150. Enrique Ali

    Very relaxing. Felt the stress melt away.

  151. Isis Hobbs

    Slow at first then sort of slips inside of you. Great for relaxation when the end goal is a nap. Probably could smoke very little and not nap, but thatÕs not my style. Has sort of a a thin mint flavor but more about the clean airy chocolate notes at the end. Warm. Rich.

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