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Is CBD sleepwear the new trend?

We are living through the astronomical rise of CBD-everything, from workout drinks to Mother’s Day-marketed gummies, so the Rec Room staff wasn’t too surprised to learn about CBD sleepwear through the PR fairies. Admittedly, it came with a collective Slack chortle. How would that even work? was the reigning, but sincerely curious, question. How would it dose us? How long would it last? 

"Don’t panic, it’s organic."

The 2020 IFAI Smart Fabrics Conference was big on the topic of CBD clothing, hosting a session called “Clothing: The Next Frontier for Drug Delivery” by the CEO of Nufabrx, a CBD ache relief clothing line, on the exciting possibilities of fabric to deliver medicine in the future. Nufrabrx actually weaves its CBD into the yarn, which releases gradually through contact with body heat, and lasts in potency for about 20 to 30 washes.

The sleep sets

HUE’s sleepwear sets come in black and grey, and def gave me that Fresh Crisp Stocking high when I opened the package. There’s a kind of film over the fabric, but I’m guessing that’s something to do with its CBD treatment. Unlike Nufabrx, it’s not clear if this set is woven with CBD threads or crop-dusted/infused with CBD oil. I appreciated that they were pretty low-key in their design, and have a chill hemp leaf design around the waist of the pants that kind of made me feel like a UCSB frat boy studying Poli-Sci, but would at least help me tell them apart from the other leggings I own.

After about 45 minutes of having them on, around 9 PM, I realized I was walking from room to room of my apartment kind of aimlessly. I realized I was super relaxed. I realized I felt… kind of stoned? “That’s wild,” said my roommate to my stoner bb brain.

The socks

I always have a hard time falling asleep. I have a history of falling into insomniatic cycles, and am generally high-anxiety (hence: the CBD sleepwear set freak-out), so the socks seemed like a better option for my testing the waters of CBD clothes.  I slid these babies on (which also come in blue, pink, and navy) and finally felt like I knew what my roommate was talking about with the “chill vibe” she got from her sleep set. I felt mellow, but not super drowsy, like a human sunset lamp. When I asked her how they went over, she said she barely felt anything. Another friend told me he wore his all day at work, and was starting to feel a little *too* mellow by the time he got home, but by no means incapacitated.

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